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襄阳市哪个皮肤病医院能治疗阴茎敏感襄阳市第四医院耳鼻喉科Little Optimism For Crucial Zimbabwe Negotiations津巴布韦三党谈判成败事关重大 Negotiators from Zimbabwe's three political parties are meeting in South Africa to try to reach agreement on an amendment to the constitution that would enable the formation of a government of national unity. In the streets of the capital many people are aware that this is a crucial make or break round of negotiations. 津巴布韦三个政党的谈判人员正会集在南非,试图就一项宪法修正案达成协议,该修正案将使全国团结政府得以组成。首都哈拉雷的街上有许多人都认识到这次谈判是成败的关键。In Harare's streets, many people know that a constitutional amendment is necessary to enable formation of a government of national unity. If it is agreed upon, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai will become prime minister of Zimbabwe.  在哈拉雷的街上,许多人知道,需要有一项宪法修正案才能组成全国团结政府。如果达成有关协议,那么争取民主变革运动主席茨万吉拉伊就将成为津巴布韦总理。Negotiators in South Africa are faced with two amendments, one written by the ministry of justice and one by Mr. Tsvangirai's MDC. 在南非的谈判人员面临两项修正案,一项是司法部拟写的,另一项是茨万吉拉伊的争取民主变革运动拟写的。The two are very different and this gap, analysts say, will be difficult to overcome, as the amendment has to accurately cover the Global Political Agreement signed on September 15 by leaders of the three parliamentary parties, Mr. Mugabe, Mr. Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara.  这两项修正案大不相同,分析人士说,将很难克它们之间的分歧,因为有关修正案必须确切地涵盖“全球政治协议”,这项协议是议会三党领导人,即穆加贝、茨万吉拉伊和穆坦巴拉在九月十五号签署的。Lawyers say that the 37-page MDC document is a well crafted piece of legislation which widens the democratic scope of the agreement, and addresses many of its imperfections. 律师说,长达37页的争取民主变革运动的文件是精心制定的一项立法,它扩大了有关协议的民主范畴,并且弥补了有关协议存在的许多不足之处。But they warn, some of the clauses, particularly those involving human rights, were not agreed by President Robert Mugabe during negotiations, and, therefore are likely to be rejected again by Mr. Mugabe's negotiators. 但是他们警告说,某些语句,尤其是涉及人权的言辞,在谈判中可能得不到穆加贝总统的赞同。所以穆加贝的谈判人员很可能会再次拒绝接受这一文件。In the streets of Harare, many people say they know these negotiations are crucial. 哈拉雷的街道上,许多人说,他们知道这些谈判至关重要。One professional man said while these negotiations represent hope, if the talks fail he believes the MDC will have to become more militant. 一位专业人士说,虽然这些谈判代表着希望,但是如果谈判失败,那么他认为争取民主变革运动将不得不采取更为激进的路线。"The next round of talks is a ray of light of hope to the ordinary Zimbabwean," he said. "This comes back to the core principles of the MDC of narrowing their options of removing the dictator through democratic means. Mugabe knows he cannot go it alone."  他说:“下一轮谈判对于津巴布韦平民百姓是一线希望的光芒。它返回到争取民主变革运动的核心原则,即缩小他们通过民主手段罢免独裁者的选择余地。穆加贝明白他不能一意孤行。”"The people are frustrated. They have been stretched to the limit. It needs a stimuli to put light into the frustrations of the people and that stimuli can only come about by the people in the MDC presidium to mobilize the people, in the bank queues everywhere, the people are ripe for change," he added. “人民极度失望。他们已经被压榨到了极限。需要有一种给陷于绝望的人民带来光明的刺激因素,而产生那种刺激因素的唯一途径是通过争取民主变革运动的领导人来调动民众,津巴布韦各地前都有人排成长队,民众要求变革的时机已经刻不容缓。”A clerk at a security company said that these talks were crucial Zimbabweans. 一家券公司的雇员说,这些谈判对津巴布韦人至关重要。"I think this should be the last round of talks, and if they are not going to agree upon that amendment, then I don't think that it will be of any use to have any other talks," the clerk said. 她说:“我认为这该是最后一轮谈判了,如果他们不能就有关修正案达成一致的话,那么我认为再举行谈判也是徒劳无益的了。”She was gloomy about the future should the talks on the amendment fail and said Zimbabweans would then have to wait until Mr. Mugabe, who is nearly 85, died.  她认为,如果这次谈判失败,则前景暗淡,她说津巴布韦人到时候只能等待现年八十五岁的穆加贝去世了。"It means we are going to suffer more than we are suffering right now if the UN is not going to do anything. If nature doesn't take its course we are going to die," she said. "We don't want to die and we don't want to fight anyone. Because we thought that he was going to listen to reason on his own, and now we don't know what to do." 她说:“那意味着如果联合国袖手旁观的话,我们就将比现在受更大的苦。如果自然不按照规律行事的话,那么我们会比他早死。我们不想死,而且我们也不想再斗争了。因为我们认为穆加贝只会独断独行,听不进他人意见。所以我们现在感到束手无策。”If these talks fail to produce a constitutional amendment there will then be no basis for establishing a government of national unity. 如果这些谈判不能产生一项宪法修正案,那就没有组成全国团结政府的基础。As a result, several people said they may have to go to war to end Mr. Mugabe's rule. 有几个人说,结果他们可能不得不为了推翻穆加贝的统治而打一场仗。A street vendor selling vouchers for mobile phones said people would have to change tactics and fight for a new government.  一个在街上卖手机卡的小贩说,人们可能必须改变策略,要为组成新政府而斗争。"People are dying and the issue of having another round of talks should come to an end and so many people are complaining about the credibility of the talks," the vendor noted. "Mugabe needs a militant approach if he fails the dialogue. The suffering and the crisis in Zimbabwe is unprecedented. This must come to an end as soon as possible."MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa cautioned against any optimism about the outcome of the talks until all the party's demands were met.  争取民主变革运动的发言人沙米撒提醒人们,在本党的一切要求尚未得到满足之前,不要对这次谈判的结果盲目乐观。If the talks fail, no one is sure what the next step will be. If they succeed then Mr. Tsvangirai will be sworn into office. The amendment will be presented before parliament a month later where it will voted on. A two-thirds majority is needed in the parliament for a transitional government of national unity to be a reality. 如果这次谈判失败,谁也不知道下一步将发生什么。如果这轮谈判成功,那么茨万吉拉伊将宣誓就任总理。有关修正案将在一个月后被呈交议会进行表决。需要有议会中三分之二的多数才能真正建立全国团结政府的过渡政府。200811/57210襄阳生殖医学 They call it the super car club. Porches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis driven by China's super wealthy. "Well, let's just say, my father is very rich. That's all I can tell you." The son of an iron steeling magnate and a self-made media tycoon are among the princes and princesses of Chinese industrial kings."Most girls drive automatic" this woman says, "but I think manual is more interesting"So cars are their toys and this is where Chinese millionaires come out to play on this race track. They can go up to 160 kilometers per hour.The part of a growing class of young elites writing the miracle of Chinese economic growth. China now has more known billionaires than any country besides the ed States. The average age is dropping and their tastes becoming more refined. China is now the second largest market for luxury goods in the world. This one of a kind of Ferrari sold for 1.8-million dollars at auction in Beijing. It was painted in Song dynasty style--porcelain to woo a Chinese buyer."This is a young market. Average age of Ferrari customer world wide is 45,50 years old. In China, it's 34 years old."Other luxury car brands are arriving up in China too, thanks in part to government stimulus. Sales of BMW, Audis and Mercedes are all way up. Including China's hefty luxury and import taxes, these cars cost up to 3 times what they would in other countries.What they're doing is that they're displaying their wealth, they are displaying their social level within society, but also they want to just have fun and they believe they've earned it.All right, now, it's our turn. Needless to say this is my first time in a Lamborghini, let alone an orange Lamborghini. Here we go.“When people see us in these cars. They think we are cool." says this man, "When I am driving, I feel cool."Showing off? Maybe. Shifting in the high gear? Definitely. For better or for worse, this is life in Chinese fast lane. 11/88898UK Sinks into Recession英国宣布经济陷入衰退 Britain has officially sunk into recession, with its economy shrinking by 1.5 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. This comes amid the growing financial crisis around the world. 英国正式陷入了衰退,去年第四季度的增长收缩了1.5%。这个消息是在金融危机还在世界各地继续扩大的时候发布的。It's official - the British economy is in recession. Government figures released Friday show the economy contracted by a larger than expected 1.5 percent in the last three months of 2008, after a 0.6 percent drop in the previous quarter.  英国经济陷入衰退现在是正式的了。英国政府星期五公布的数据显示,在2008年的最后三个月,英国经济收缩了1.5%,超过了预期。在第三季度,英国经济下滑了0.6%。Britain's finance chief, Chancellor Alistair Darling acknowledged the economy had taken a sharper downturn than anticipated. 英国财政大臣达林承认,英国经济滑坡的程度比预期的还要糟糕。"If you look at today's figures, what you're seeing is a very significant fall in industrial production and that's been caused because world trade has really fallen away very rapidly over the past few weeks and months," said Chancellor Darling. 他说:“如果你看今天的数据,你所看到的是工业生产上出现的很大下滑。这是因为全球贸易在过去几个星期和几个月的时间里出现了急剧减少所造成的。”What started as a crisis in the financial sector in Britain continues to infect the wider economy. Unemployment is accelerating sharply, with nearly two million people now out of work, the housing market remains severely depressed and retail sales are weak. For the U.K., Friday's figures show the biggest decline in nearly 30 years. 英国始于金融行业的危机继续对更广泛的经济造成损害。失业率正在急剧攀升,现在将近有2百万人失业,住房市场仍然极为低迷,零售销售也相当疲软。 But, Chancellor Darling was quick to point out Britain is certainly not alone. 不过,财政大臣达林很快的指出,英国并不是唯一处于这种状态的国家。"We're facing this problem everywhere," he said. "America has been in recession for a year now, even Germany, Italy, Japan. Countries in the Far East are seeing a substantial slowdown in growth." 他说:“我们大家都面临这个问题。美国陷入衰退已经有一年的时间了,就连德国、意大利和日本也陷入了衰退。远东国家的增长也出现了严重的滑坡。”The British government has moved to bail out failing banks and has put in place a multi-billion dollar stimulus package to shore up the ailing economy, including a cut in the national sales tax and help for businesses, homeowners and low-income families. 英国政府已经采取了行动,对提供救助,而且制订了几十亿美元的刺激方案来撑萎靡不振的经济,包括削减全国销售税以及对企业、房屋拥有者以及低收入家庭提供帮助。Prime Minister Gordon Brown says these measures will work, but he says there needs to be a coordinated international effort. 英国首相布朗表示,这些措施将会起作用,不过他说,国际社会需要采取协调一致的努力。"What we need is a degree of international cooperation here, so that all countries who are affected by this can work together to do similar things," he said. 他说:“我们需要的是一定程度的国际合作,这样所有受到危机影响的国家可以共同采取类似的行动。”Mr. Brown says he is talking with world leaders about ways to overcome this crisis. 布朗说,他正在同世界各国领导人讨论克这个危机的途径。Britain is due to host the next financial crisis summit of the G-20 group of industrialized and emerging economies in April. 英国将在今年4月主办下一次由工业化国家和新兴经济体组成的20国集团金融危机峰会。01/61490老河口市第一医院宫颈糜烂怎么样

枣阳妇幼一二医院不孕不育预约Barack Obama's Middle East policy巴拉克.奥巴马的中东政策From Oslo to Benghazi从奥斯陆到班加西A Nobel prizewinner’s voyage of discovery 一个诺贝尔和平奖获得者的发现之旅WHEN he collected his Nobel peace prize from Oslo in December , Barack Obama acknowledged the oddity of receiving such an honour while commanding the American-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also made it plain that the use of force might be justified on humanitarian grounds—as, in his view, it had been in the Balkans in the 1990s. To that extent, at least, he had prepared the ground for Libya. It has nonetheless come as a shock to many Americans to find themselves plunged so abruptly into a new war in an Arab country. How did that peaceable Mr Obama get them into this? 年12月,贝拉克奥巴马在奥斯陆领取诺贝尔和平奖时承认,他在指挥着美国领导的在伊拉克和阿富汗的战争之时,获得这样一项荣誉比较奇怪。他还坦言,在人道主义立场下使用武力可能是正义的,比如,在他看来,20世纪90年代在巴尔干半岛使用武力就是如此。至少在那种程度下,他已经对在利比亚的立场埋下了伏笔。但是,许多美国人对迅速投入到对一个阿拉伯国家的战争中感到吃惊。温和的奥巴马怎么会把他们卷到这种状况?From the very beginning of his presidency Mr Obama had little choice but to run an active policy in the Middle East. He needed to extricate American forces from Iraq (the better to prosecute the war in Afghanistan); he faced the continuing challenge of Iran’s suspected nuclear-weapons programme; he had to carry on the fight against al-Qaeda; and, like many presidents, he inherited an explosive stalemate in Palestine. But to these pressing practical demands he added a broader aspiration: repairing the damage done by George Bush’s reaction to the attacks of September 11th 2001 on America’s relations with the Muslim world, especially with the Arabs. 从奥巴马担任总统的那一刻起,他就没有什么选择,只能在中东推行积极的政策。他需要从伊拉克撤出美军(比继续进行在阿富汗的战争要好);他面临着怀疑伊朗在实施核武器项目的持续挑战;他不得不展开对基地组织的打击;跟许多总统一样,他也接手了在巴勒斯坦的火药味十足的僵局。但是,在这些迫切的实际要求之外,他添加了一个更广泛的愿望:修补美国与穆斯林世界尤其是阿拉伯国家的关系,这些外交关系由于乔治布什对2001年“911”袭击的强烈反应而遭到破坏。In June Mr Obama gave voice to the aspiration in a speech in Cairo, where he was the guest of the then dictator, Hosni Mubarak. He told his eager audience that he was seeking “a new beginning” based on “mutual interest and mutual respect”. He also spoke at length about democracy, and the controversy generated by America’s push for it in the wake of the Iraq war. Mr Obama’s argument was that “no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other”. America did not presume to know what was best for everyone. But that did not lessen his commitment “to governments that reflect the will of the people”. 年6月,奥巴马在开罗的一篇演讲中表达了上述愿望。在那里,他是当时的独裁者胡斯尼穆巴拉克的贵宾,他对热切的听众说,他在谋求一种建立在“共同利益和相互尊重”之上的“新的开端”。他还用较大篇幅谈论民主,以及在伊拉克战争后美国推动民主所引发的争议。奥巴马的观点是,“没有那种治国体制可以由一个国家强加给另外一个国家”。美国没有认为自己知道什么体制对每个人来说都是最好的,但是这也没有弱化他对“体现人民意志的政府”的承诺。201104/132964襄阳四院男性医院 Japan’s hopeless politics无望的日本政治Nuclear options核的选择The uncanny stickability of Japan’s prime minister日本首相超长的忍耐力Jul 30th 2011 | TOKYO| from the print editionALREADY enduring its sixth prime minister in five years, Japan is overdue a seventh. Naoto Kan, the man at present on the inside of the revolving door, only stayed there by promising at the beginning of June to step down soon, in return for a stay of execution at a parliamentary no-confidence vote. For both the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and his comrades in the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) the way he is lingering over his departure is exasperating.尽管五年之内日本经历了六位首相,但是任然期待新首相的上任。现任首相菅直人在处在旋转门之间,之所以还在位,是因为六月初称其在不久就会下台,以换取国会终止不信任的投票。无论是反对党自民党还是同僚的民主党,都对他这种迟迟不愿卸任的方式感到愤怒。For rival politicians (a category that includes virtually all of them), it is also rather frightening. As Japan struggles to cope with the disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear-power plant, Mr Kan has nailed his colours to the anti-nuclear mast, arguing that Japan needs to reduce its dependence on atomic energy. Oddly he later watered this down, by saying he was only expressing a personal view not a government policy. But other politicians fear that, rather than quit, he may call an election, campaign on the future of the nuclear industry and (such is the popular hostility to it) win. Goshi Hosono, an avowedly pro-nuclear DPJ technocrat whom Mr Kan appointed as minister in charge of the nuclear mess, says it is “not a good idea” to test the public on this issue.对于对手(事实上包括所有人)来说,这十分可怕。日本正在全力应对福岛第一核电站泄漏灾害,菅直人坚持反核的立场,表示日本应减少对核依赖。随后又弱化其态度,称仅代表个人观点,而非政府的政策。但是其他的政客们则担心他不会弃权,而会继续参选,借反对核工业发展(大家都反对这点)而获胜。菅直人任命的公开拥核的民主党技术官员Goshi Hosono称,用核问题测试民众态度,这个想法的确不怎么样。201108/147312襄樊红十字医院男科咨询

樊城人民医院阳痿早泄多少钱North Korea Notifies World Agencies of Satellite Launch Plan北韩通知国际机构4月发射卫星 North Korea has told international agencies it will conduct its planned launch of what Pyongyang says is a satellite in early April. 北韩通知国际机构说,它准备在4月上旬按计划发射“卫星”。North Korea's launch of a long-range rocket became all but inevitable as Pyongyang informed international agencies it will put a satellite into space sometime between April 4 and 8.  北韩发射远程火箭已经是不可避免的了,平壤通知有关国际机构说,它将在4月4号到8号之间向太空发射卫星。A North Korean announcer speaking on state-run media says Pyongyang has informed the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Maritime Organization and other international organizations of the launch. He says they have been given what they need to know to ensure the safety of airplanes and marine vessels in the region of the planned launch. 北韩的广播员在国有媒体上说,平壤已经通知了国际民航组织、国际海事组织以及其他国际有关机构有关它发射卫星的消息。广播员说,这些机构已经得到了他们所需的信息,以保发射所涉及地区的飞机和船只的安全。Authorities with those agencies say they are now preparing a formal safety advisory for aircraft and sea vessels in the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Japan in the vicinity of North Korea. They say they expect North Korea to conduct the launch during daylight hours. 这些国际机构说,他们准备向北韩发射所覆盖的太平洋和日本海等地区的飞机和船只正式发出安全告示。他们说,预计北韩在白天进行这次发射。South Korean analysts say the North's notification of its plans is aimed at lending legitimacy to the launch, which Pyongyang says is part of a space research program. But South Korean, Japanese, and U.S. officials are skeptical about the North's plan and suspect the so-called satellite launch is in reality a way to test a long-range rocket. 韩国分析人士说,北韩发射卫星的通知是为了让这次发射合法化,平壤说,这是太空探索项目的一部分。但是韩国、日本和美国的官员怀疑这个所谓的卫星发射实际上是为了试射远程火箭。South Korea Unification Minister Hyun In-taek is Seoul's key official on North Korea policy.  韩国统一部部长玄仁泽是韩国有关北韩政策的重要官员。He says circumstantial evidence indicates the launch involves a long-range missile rather than a satellite. He adds, the technology for both are almost identical. 他说,间接的据显示,这次发射的其实是一枚远程导弹而不是什么卫星。他说,发射卫星和导弹的技术几乎是相同的。South Korea warns any long-range launch by the North will be a violation of a U.N. resolution passed in 2006, when North Korea conducted long-range missile and nuclear weapons tests within months of each other. That could trigger more sanctions against the impoverished state.  韩国警告说,任何北韩进行的远程试射都将违反联合国2006年通过的决议。当时北韩在几个月内相继发射了一枚远程导弹和一枚核武器。这次发射可能会引发更多对北韩这一贫穷国家的制裁。Japan has announced it will extend its unilateral sanctions against North Korea if it launches the rocket.  日本宣布,如果北韩进行试射,日本将延长其单方面对北韩的制裁。The U.S. Navy conducted media tours Friday of its U.S.S. Chafee Aegis Destroyer, docked in South Korea as part of an annual joint military drill with the South's forces. The vessel has the technological potential to shoot down a North Korean ballistic missile, something neither the ed States nor Japan have ruled out doing. Pyongyang has warned such a shootdown would result in war. 美国海军的宙斯盾级驱逐舰正在韩国港口准备参加和韩国举行的年度联合军事演习。这艘驱逐舰有反击北韩弹道导弹的技术能力,美国和日本都没有排除会这样做的可能。平壤警告说,击落他们发射的卫星将意味着战争。03/64457 Paul the octopus backs England 2018 bid Paul the octopus, theoracleof the World Cup in South Africa, has become an official ambassador for Englands bid to host the tournament in 2018, organizers said Friday.Paul, who was hatched in England but has spent the last two years in an aquarium in western Germany, joins footballers David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and singers Noel Gallagher and Sting in backing the bid.;Paul has spent the last two years of his life in Germany, but he is definitely a proud Englishman and is therefore delighted to put his support behind England 2018,; said Nicola Hamilton, manager at the Weymouth Sea Life Centre in southern England, where Paul was born.;We have had a number of football approaches from around the world but Paul was only ever going to choose his homeland.;She said Paul had officially retired from predicting matches, a skill that won him worldwide fame during this years World Cup when he correctly predicted the outcome of seven Germany games and that Spain would win the final.;With his predicting days behind him Paul is now concentrating on a number of new projects and the England 2018 campaign is something we are sure he feels passionately about,; Hamilton said.Following his prediction success, Paul has signed a book deal, is due to appear in a film and is the face of a range of merchandise, with theproceedsto be donated to charity, according to the England 2018 bid team.A delegation from world football body FIFA arrives on Monday for a four-day visit to assess Englands bid.England is competing with Russia, the ed States, Australia, and joint bids from Spain and Portugal, and Holland and Belgium to host the 2018 tournament.The winning bids for 2018 and the 2022 World Cup will be revealed on December 2.Vocabulary:oracle: any person or thing believed to indicate future action with infallible authority(神谕,权威)proceeds: the profits or returns from a sale, investment, etc.(收益,进款)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112023襄阳哪里有剪包皮的地方东风汽车公司襄樊医院包皮手术怎么样



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