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and so through the stories they can connect to the animals所以通过这些故事他们便能和动物们在情感上建立联系and be inspired by the animals,cuz the animals have healed so to coney同时也受到动物们的激励 因为动物们都能痊愈得那么快amazing job you are doing and the story is a great story how you got started你的工作是一个很棒的工作 你怎么起步的故事也是一个很棒的故事and your fiance is working with you Jay and hi Jay而你的未婚夫也陪你一起干 杰 嘿 杰Its really a cool thing so we want to help you out because they need money这确实是一件很酷的事 所以我们想要帮助你走出困境 因为 他们需要钱and they are helping so many animals that need to be taken out of horrible situations他们正在帮助一些急需 被带离困境的动物们So we have friends at Tonic.com who have been so extraordinarily generous with us for any occasion when they know somebody needs money在Tonic.com上我们有一些朋友 无论何时当他们得知有人需要经济资助的时候 他们都表现的异常的大方I know you are trying to raise 100 thousands dollars to rescue some dairy cows我知道你正在筹集10万美元 来救助奶牛场的一些奶牛们there give you 50 thousand dollars right now,OMG现在给你5万美元 天啊alright and we can help,everything you donate helps是的 我们可以伸出援手 你所捐赠的任何一样东西都有用please log on to our website to learn,how you can help the Gentle Barn reach their goal of raising 100 thousand dollars请打开电脑登陆我们的网看看你能为“温柔之乡” 的筹集10万美元的梦想做些什么and go to our website and you have to log on to the Gentle Barn来到我们的网站 你得先打开电脑来到“温柔之乡”because when you see the stories and when you see everything they are doing for these amazing animals因为你会了解到那些故事 你会看到他们为这些可爱的动物们所付出的一切and go visit if you can its an amazing experience and bring your kids to learn more about that如果有可能去参观一下那里吧 那确实是一个美妙的地方 带上你的孩子让他们也有更多的了解any way congratulations.Simon Cowell will be here after this无论如何 恭喜 西蒙·考威尔马上就会来到这里 /201606/448497泉州丰泽区医院排名泉州第三医院 怎么预约they dont know what they are gonna get,They dont know if they are gonna have any food他们不知道接下来会面对什么 不知道放假自己会不会有食物Any food until they come back to school-right,And if it wont for you they wont even have that回校前都不一定吃得上东西 是这样 如果不是你 他们连平时都吃不上But you actually decided to take matters into your own hand and do this实际上你是用自己的一己之力来解决这些问题I really wanna challenge any school out there any teacher any principle我无意冒犯其他任何一所学校里的 任何一位校长 任何一位老师to take a look at Sherrie and see what shes doing但我要说 看看Sherrie吧 看看她做了什么Tell us about it call us and say,Ive decided to be inspired by this woman给我们打个电话然后说 这位女士启发了我because you really are you are remarkable,You are a remarkable person因为你真是个非比寻常的人 一个不平凡的人So Sherrie does not know this,But we have a lifefeed that some people wanna say hello to you right nowSherrie不知道 其实有人想现场连线跟你问好They stayed late today,There are your student.Hi Ginny, Hi Ellen,Hi kids他们今天熬夜等你 看 是你的学生们 你好Ginny 你好Ellen 孩子们好They are so excited,Its late there for them,So they are all watching the show and love you so much They are so grateful他们非常开心 现在那边已经很晚了 他们一直在看节目 他们非常爱戴你 感激你We are gonna take a break,We have some more stuff to talk to you about,Well be right back.Hello kids我们稍事休息一下 我们还有更多的东西聊聊 马上回来 孩子们好I realize I can have you on the show,I can make sure that people know about you我意识到我可以请你做嘉宾 这样能让更多的人认识你Then I thought I know a lot of people,so what they wanna do because you are doing this is give you. Oh my god然后我又想到我认识很多人 因为你的善举 所以他们想要做的是 送给你这个 天啊 /201605/446621泉州正规的人流价格

永春县妇女医院属于几级医院泉州丰泽区看不孕不育费用听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):Michigans 1st Congressional District is huge - almost 25,000 square miles - and it is where, with the pending retirement of Republican Congressman Dan Benishek, former Marine Corps General Jack Bergman – a Republican – is facing former Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson.Bergman upset two establishment Republicans in the August primary and still hasnt mended fences with the local GOP. Well see if he can build the campaign organization and get-out-the-vote operation necessary to win. Republicans in the District say he hasnt yet.But, campaign organization is something Johnson knows - fundraising, door-knocking and get-out-the-vote-efforts are things he worked on as former Party Chair. Its Just Politics with Zoe Clark and Rick Pluta. The 1st District is considered one of the most competitive districts in the country - even though the Cook Political Report ranks it R +4.That means, all other things being equal, Republicans start with a four-point advantage.In other parts of the state, Republicans are fretting over whether Donald Trump will drag down the GOP ballot. But, in northern Michigan, Trump appears to be polling pretty well.Hillary Clinton, however, is quite unpopular. As is President Obama. Congressional Democrats were hoping that, with the right candidate, they might just have a chance to pick up this seat once Obama was no longer at the top of the ballot.But the Clinton name does not seem to add an advantage in the 1st. But thats likely a small comfort to Trump, because elections in Michigan are won and lost with the big population in southeast Michigan.But that does mean Hillary Clinton has to do that much better in metro Detroit to win Michigan.That is good news for northern Michigan Republicans and bad news for northern Michigan Democrats looking to draft off the top of the ticket on Election Day.But its not impossible for Ds to win. Democrat Bart Stupak held the 1st Congressional District seat for 18 years. Stupak is a former cop, pro-life and pro-gun rights.Lon Johnson fits part of that profile. He is a hunter and a gun-owner. But he is pro-choice. And he is closely associated with President Obama. He is married to Obamas former fundraiser, Julianna Smoot. Johnson even once granted a presidential request to play the Easter Bunny at the White House egg roll.There are plenty of political issues that could be argued, but it seems a lot of this campaign is focused on which candidate has the best claim to be a true northern Michigander.Johnson was raised in downriver Detroit and has an apartment in the city. Bergman has a place in the western U.P., but also has ties dating back ten years to New Orleans. Has a home in Louisiana. And he seems to like to winter there.Northern Michigan and the 1st Congressional District is a vast area but voters here want that local connection.But, like everywhere else, candidates dont entirely control their destinies. The top of the ticket can be decisive. Voters views of Trump and Clinton play a huge part in their fates.201609/467207In the late 1980s, Marc Ramirez played football for the University of Michigan.While he was playing he was able to eat pretty much whatever he wanted and stay healthy.Then he graduated, and without all that physical activity, he started gaining weight and developing health problems.Twelve years out of college, Ramirez was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Over the next decade, he developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, psoriasis and more.In 2011, Ramirez and his wife, after seeing a documentary about the harmful effects of animal foods, decided to go vegan. He told us that move radically changed their lives.;Once we adopted this lifestyle in December of 2011—after, again, being sick for a decade—I was off all five of my medications in two months, and in three months I had lost 45 pounds,; Ramirez said.GUESTMarc Ramirez is a former football player for the Michigan Wolverines. He and his wife now run a nonprofit organization called Chick and Bean, promoting the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.201606/450153泉州丰泽新阳光妇科医院做人流怎么样Just like that.If you see a news report that you think I should see.就像那样 如果你看到一则新闻 觉得我应该看看Please send it to me.I love these things.Here is something you should see.请把它发给我 我好这口 下面的视频你也应该看看Ah, last weekend we sent one of our assistant Jason to a restaurant with a birthday cake for his grandma.嗯 上周末我们派了一位助理杰森 去一家餐厅 带上给他奶奶做的蛋糕And he asked people to hold it.But the cake was rigged.然后他让别人帮他拿着 但是蛋糕被做过手脚So that it would immediately fell off the tray.But the cake was rigged.端着会立刻从托盘上滑下来 于是他又做了一个And he brought his grandma with him to Chilis.My grandmas.Beautiful.他还带上了奶奶去Chilis 这是给我奶奶的 真漂亮Actually I am looking to take a quick picture.Can you hold it quickly for me?Beautiful.事实上我正想给它拍一张照 你能帮我端一下吗 当然If you just lower so I can get it over.And 3, 2... Oh... Oh.Hi, grandma.你能放低点吗 我可以拍下整个蛋糕 准备 3 2 噢 噢 你好 奶奶Oh, my birthday cake?My grandma comes, its her birthday.No.啊 我的生日蛋糕 我奶奶要来了 今天是她的生日 不Jason, what did you do to my cake?We dropped it. I am sorry.杰森 你对我的蛋糕做了什么 我们弄掉了 抱歉Its all right. It looks okay.Oh, man.Do you have an interview?Yeah?没事的 它看上去还好 天哪 老兄 你有一个面试吗 什么Do you have an interview?Yeah. - Good luck in.Yeah. - Good luck in.你在等面试吗 是的 -祝你好运 谢啦老兄 -你能帮个小忙吗Just hold it quick.My grandmas birthday.Here it is.Oh...Grandma.只是端着它而已 (今天是)我奶奶的生日 拿好了 噢 奶奶Jason, what did you do to my cake?We just got a little messy, gradma.杰森 你对我的蛋糕做了什么 我们只是出了点小意外 奶奶Well get this Here.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday dear grandma.Happy Birthday to you.这个我们还是可以用 给你 祝你生日快乐 祝你生日快乐 祝你生日快乐 亲爱的奶奶 祝你生日快乐I dont think so.Can I say something? - Yeah.Youre on the Ellen Degeneres show right now.Thanks, buddy.我并不如此认为 听我说 哥们 -怎么了 你上了艾伦秀 谢谢你 老兄Elbow high five, thanks for being a good support.You want some cake? Oh, Im fine, thank you.- Good luck on your interview. Thank you.用肘击个掌 谢谢你的持 你想尝一点蛋糕吗 哦 不用了 谢谢 祝你面试顺利 谢谢Oh he clapped in everything. So sweet!Well be right back.哦 他什么都可以拍得精 真贴心 我们马上回来 /201602/425333泉州宫颈糜烂大概需要多少钱

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