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Fallen gingko nuts that stink of vomit have provoked articles and editorials in South Korean newspapers as officials in the countrys capital grapple with how to get rid of them, it appears.最近韩国报纸上出现了不少关注掉落的银杏果臭气熏天的文章和社论,貌似韩国首都首尔的政府部门终于打算出手解决银杏果臭味扰民的问题。The gingko tree is famous for its spectacular yellow leaves in autumn which become a tourist attraction in some districts. The problem is that while Seouls thousands of gingko trees produce nutritious nuts that are tasty when cooked, acid in the husks produces a smell thats offensive to the noses of local residents, the Korea JoongAng Daily reports. With over 114,000 gingko trees in the city, one-in-10 being female trees which produce the nuts, the smell can be overpowering in the autumn months. The problem is made worse by the fact that the trees are city property, and picking the fallen fruit is theft, meaning they are left to rot in the streets, the Korea Herald says.银杏树因在秋天身披金黄叶片的景致而闻名,这成了某些地区吸引游客的亮丽风景。据韩国《中央日报》(JoongAng Daily)报道,首尔市内有数以千计的银杏树,结出的银杏果营养丰富,煮后食用相当美味。然而,银杏果的果壳中含有的酸散发的恶臭令市民苦不堪言。鉴于首尔街头有11.4万多棵银杏树,其/10为能够结果的雌树,到了秋天,恶臭难忍。《韩国先驱报》(Korea Herald)称,首尔的银杏树是城市公共财产,捡拾掉落的银杏果属于盗窃,因此市民只能任凭掉落的果实烂在街上,这使情况变得更糟。One solution to the problem is to transplant the female trees elsewhere, and this operation - starting in November - will cost up to 25bn won, and will initially concentrate on bus stops and areas where people congregate. However, the Herald argues, it would be better - and cheaper - for the no-picking law to be lifted so that ;the public will appreciate a chance to gather some berries... since they are prized delicacies of the season.; As it is, the city employs 446 people to shake the trees and collect the nuts before they start to smell.解决方案之一是将雌银杏树移栽到其他地方。该工程将于11月启动,耗资50亿韩元(约合1.4亿人民币),并先集中处理公交车站等人群聚集处的银杏树。不过,《韩国先驱报》辩称,更有效也更经济的方案是取消严禁私自捡拾银杏果的规定。如此一来,“市民将感激政府给予了捡银杏果的机会,因为银杏果是美味的时馐。”目前,首尔政府聘用46人负责在果实未散发出臭味前摇动果树,收集银杏果。Its an issue thats not unique to Seoul. Last year, Japanese officials handed out nuts to residents, but admitted that the smell is the price to pay for such a beautiful autumnal display. Kim Bong-ho of the University of Seoul agrees: ;Ecologically, nutritious fruits tend to smell bad,; Kim said.银杏果臭味扰民的问题并非首尔独有。去年,日本政府官员向市民分发银杏果,却也承认,这种臭味是收获如此美不胜收的秋景所必须付出的代价。首尔大学的金奉镐(Kim Bong-ho)同意这一说法,金奉镐表示:“从生态学角度讲,营养丰富的果实往往气味难闻。”来 /201510/403541Chinese engineers have developed a cash machine that uses facial features - instead of the traditional PIN number - to identify card owners.中国的工程师研发了一种靠脸部识别而不是传统的PIN码来识别取款人的设备。The device, which is jointly developed by Tsinghua University and Hangzhou-based TzekwanTechnology, is able to scan the users faces to ensure they are the genuine holders of the bank account.这套设备是由清华大学和杭州锌昆科技联合研制的。它能够扫描用户的脸部进而确认其是否为真正的账户持有者。The cutting-edge technology was unveiled during a press conference on Saturday, reported thePeoples Daily Online.这项前沿技术在周六的一场新闻发布会上被披露出来并被报道于中国日报上。When a user inserts a bank card into the device, the built-in camera will immediately start scanning his or her facial features.当使用者插入卡时,设备中的内置摄像头将立即扫描使用者的面部特征。A small window will pop up on the upper left corner of the screen to show the process.一个小的窗口会从左上角蹦出来来演示这一过程If the face of the user does not match the ID photo that is used to open the account, then the user wil I not be able to withdraw funds from the account/ says a bank spokesman to Shanghai-based Dragon TV.一位发言人对东东方卫视说道:;如果使用者面部与开户时所使用的身份照片不符将无法从账户里取款;However, this also means only the owner of the card - not even their friends or family - will be able to get money from these cash machines.然而,这也意味着只有开户本人,即使是本人的朋友,家人也不能从取款机里取款。Gu Zikun, Chairman of Tzekwan Technology, claims the device is the worlds first cash machine to be equi pped with the facial recognition function.梓昆科技主席谷志昆称这套设备是世界上第一个装有脸部识别功能的取款机。Gu says: Our facial recognition technology has passed the certification by authoritative industry experts and is authorised to be used in the financial services industry.谷说到:;我们的脸部识别技术已获得权威的行业专家颁发的书,并被授权应用于金融务业。The cash machine also represents Chinas first independent intellectual property rights in financial security protection.这套取款机也代表了中国首个具有自主知识产权的金融安全保障产品。Apart from the innovative recognition system, the device can also exchange Chinese Yuan to as many as 256 foreign currencies.除了装有全新的识别系统外,这套设备同时也能够将人民币兑换56种外币。Chinas central government has placed an emphasis on information and financial security.中国中央政府一直强调信息和金融安全。Gu Zikun says this new machine has passed its certification and will soon be used in the market place.谷志昆称这套设备已经获得书很快将投入市场。来 /201506/381044

US officials are expressing concern about a possible military build-up by Russia in Syria, warning that Moscow’s efforts to bolster strongman President Bashar al-Assad could add to a refugee crisis in Europe and complicate the US’s own efforts to combat jihadi militants.美国官员对俄罗斯可能在叙利亚展开军事集结表示关切,他们警告称,莫斯科方面持叙利亚强人总统巴沙尔阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)的努力可能会加剧欧洲难民危机,并会让美国自身打击圣战武装分子的努力复杂化。The US concern hinges on reports that taken together imply Russia has decided to step up its involvement in Syria and might do everything from conduct air strikes against Assad regime opponents to deploy more military advisers on the ground.美方的关切源于多份报道,这些报道总体上暗示,俄已决定加大对叙利亚的介入,而且可能会采取各种各样的措施——从对阿萨德政权的反对者实施空中打击,到向叙利亚境内派遣更多军事顾问。Secretary of state John Kerry called his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, on Saturday to register US anxiety at media reports suggesting an “imminent enhanced Russian military build-upin Syria.上周六,美国国务卿约翰克John Kerry)与俄外长谢尔盖拉夫罗Sergei Lavrov)通电话,正式提出美方对那些暗示“俄即将扩大在叙军事集结”的报道感到担忧。“The secretary made clear that if such reports were accurate, these actions could further escalate the conflict, lead to greater loss of innocent life, increase refugee flows and risk confrontation with the anti-ISIL coalition operating in Syria,the State Department said in a weekend statement, referring to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, known as Isis.美国国务State Department)上周末发表声明称:“国务卿明确表示,如果这些报道是准确的,这些行动可能令冲突进一步升级,导致更多无辜人员丧生,催生更多难民,并可能与在叙境内展开行动的反ISIL联盟发生冲突。”ISIL即“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”。Reports over the past week have had Russian troops fighting on the ground in Syria, Russia increasing the flow of arms to the Assad regime in recent months and also beginning work on upgrading facilities at an airfield near the port city of Latikia. That work has included setting up a mobile air traffic control unit and building housing facilities, it was claimed.过去一周有报道称,俄罗斯军队在叙展开了地面战斗,俄在近几个月里增加了对阿萨德政权的军火供应,并着手升级叙港口城市拉塔基亚(Latakia)附近一处机场的设施。报道称,相关工作包括设立一个移动空中交通管制单位,以及建造居住设斀?US officials say they do not yet know what Russia’s intentions are but the fear is that the Latikia airfield could serve as a launch pad for air strikes or even a base for an increased Russian military presence on the ground.美国官员表示,他们还不清楚俄方的意图,但他们担心,拉塔基亚机场可能被用作发起空中打击的平台,甚至可能被用作俄增加地面军事存在的一个基地。Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, on Friday denied both that his country’s armed forces were fighting in Syria and that Moscow had decided to bolster its support for the Assad regime. “We are looking at different options, but that, what you are talking about, is not on our agenda yet,he told reporters. “To say that we are y to do that today is premature.”上周五,俄总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)既否认俄军在叙利亚作战,也否认俄政府已决定加大对阿萨德政权的持。“我们在研究各种选项,但你们所谈论的事情还不在我们的议程上,”他告诉记者说,“眼下就说我们已准备好那么做还为时过早。”Analysts say the evidence on the ground points to some increased Russian support for the Assad regime recently but that it may be premature to say there has been any change in policy.分析人士表示,实地据表明近来俄加大了对阿萨德政权的持力度,但现在就说俄方政策已发生变化或许还太早。来 /201509/397468

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