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Robotics, once the stuff of science fiction, is aly in economic reality for workers around the world.机器人技术,一种曾属于科幻的东西,已经成为了现实,帮助世界范围内的工人们进行工业生产。But automations ability to do the jobs humans do faster, better and cheaper carries a price, says World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.不过,世界行长吉姆·金表示,与人类相比,自动化能将工作做得更快、更好且成本更低,是有代价的。;Accelerations in technology are changing the landscape.“技术上的发展进步正在改变情形。We estimate that two thirds of all jobs that currently exist in developing countries will be wiped out by automation.;我们估计,目前存在于发展中国家的所有工作,将有三分之二被自动化技术夺走。”That represents millions of workers in countries that now provide much of the low price labour for consumer goods from clothing to smartphones.这意味着,在那些目前提供大量低廉劳动力的国家,数百万工人将失业,包括装制造、智能手机组装等领域。But the loss of livelihoods could have far-reaching repercussions including the mass migration of displaced workers.但生计的丧失将产生深远的影响,可能导致大量流离失所的工人进行大范围的迁徙。Its a situation of right for both opportunity and conflict, says economist Diane Lim at the conference board,在这种情形下,既能带来机会,也会引发冲突,经济学家戴安娜·林说道,a global business research organization.她是一家全球商业研究机构的董事会成员。;You know, some countries are gonna be capitalizing on that by saying Come here, we need you to do work here.“你们知道,有些国家正在利用这一点,说‘来这里,我们需要你在这里做工作。’And other countries are going to put up a stance and says No, we dont want you.然而其他国家可能采取的立场是‘不,我们不需要你’,And so its gonna affect the global economy.;所以会影响全球经济。”The World Bank says its an urgent issue, given the many serious conflicts around the world世界表示,这是一个紧迫的问题,因为世界各地的许多冲突十分严重,including the worst refugee crisis since the second World War.包括第二次世界大战以来最严重的难民危机。Lim says automation will force us to redefine human labour.林说,自动化将迫使我们重新界定人力劳动。;Just because we have automation replacing those types of jobs doesnt mean automation can replace all kinds of jobs.“自动化仅仅能取代某些类型的工作并不意味着自动化可以取代各种工作。So in particular, there is gonna be growing demand for all kinds of service-providing industries rather than goods-producing industries.因此,特别是对各类务提供行业,而不是商品生产行业的需求将不断增长。(There is room for the human touch still?) Yes.;(人类还有是有用武之地的是吗?)当然。”The World Bank says its unclear how fast automation will cut jobs, but Kim says the time to act is now.世界表示,自动化将会在多长时间内削减人类工作还不清楚。但是金表示,我们必须现在就采取行动。;And so for every country in the world,“所以对于世界上的每一个国家来说,we have to think very seriously about what is the investments we need to make right now必须非常重视我们现在所需要进行的投资,in order to prepare ourselves for the economy in the future.;以便为今后经济发展做好准备。”The U.S. has not been immune.美国也受到了影响。Most studies suggest automation, not trade was responsible for most of the manufacturing jobs lost between 2000 and 2010.大多数研究表明,2000年至2010年间大部分制造行业工作岗位的丢失,都应归因于自动化而非贸易。201706/512509Patriotism. Theres a word thrown around a lot.“爱国心”,这是个被用到泛滥成灾的字It inspires passionate debate and is worn like a badge of honor. And with good reason.它会引发充满的讨论,也会被视为荣誉徽章一般来别在身上。是有些好理由。Because it means love and devotion for ones country.因为它代表了对自己国家的衷心热爱与忠诚奉献。Love. For a word designed to unite, it can also be pretty divisive.爱。身为一个被设计来“使人结合”的单字,不过同样能造成分裂You see, theres more to patriotism than flag sequined onesies, and rodeos, and quadruple cheeseburgers.你知道,爱国心不仅仅是国旗、西部牛仔和四层干酪汉堡Patriotism is love for a country, not just pride in it.“爱国心”是对于国家有爱,而不光只有骄傲But what really makes up this country of ours? What is it we love?但什么才真正组成了我们的国家?我们爱的到底是什么?Its more than a huge rock full of animals like cougars and eagles, right?它绝对不只是一块充满动物的大石头,比如说美洲豹和老鹰,对吧?Its the people. Do me a favor and close your eyes for a second. I want to try something out.我们爱的是人。帮我个忙,闭上眼睛几秒钟。我想做个测试。Picture the average U.S. citizen.想象一个美国公民Think about it. How old are they? Whats their hair like?想象一下,他们几岁?他们有什么样的头发?How much can they bench? Got one? Ok.他们可以举起几磅?想出来了吗?很好So, the chances are the person youre picturing right now looks a little different to the real average American.所以,你想象出来的这个人很有可能跟真正的“美国公民”有段差距There are 319 million U.S. citizens. 51% are female.有三亿一千九百万美国公民,51%是女性。So, first off, the average American is a woman. Cool huh. Is that what you pictured?所以首先标准美国人应该是一名女子,酷吧,这跟你想象的符合吗?54 million are Latino. 40 million are senior citizens. 27 million are disabled. 18 million are Asian.五千四百万拉丁裔,四千万高龄公民。两千七百万残障人士,一千八百万亚裔。Thats more people in the U.S. than play football and baseball combined.比所有在美国玩美式足球与棒球的人加起来都多9 million are lesbian, gay, bi, or transgender.九百万的女同志、男同志、双性恋与跨性别者。More than the entire amount of people that live in the state of Virginia.比所有住在弗吉尼亚州的人还要多。Around 10 million are redheaded. 5.1 million play Ultimate Frisbee. And 3 and a half million are Muslim.一千万的人是红头发。五百一十万人玩极限飞盘,三百五十万穆斯林。Triple the number of people currently serving in the ed States military.比现在在美军役的人多出三倍。Almost half the country belongs to minority groups.整个国家大概有一半的人都属于少数族群People who are lesbian. African American. And bi. And transgender. And Native American.女同志、非裔美国人、双性恋、跨性别者以及美国原住民。And proud of it! We know that labels dont devalue us, they help define us:并且为此骄傲!我们都知道标签并不能够贬低我们的价值keeping us dialed in to our cultures, and our beliefs, and who we are. As Americans.他们让我们定义自己是谁:帮助我们深深浸濡在我们的文化以及信仰,和“我们究竟是谁”之中,以美国人的身份。After all, whats more American than the freedom to celebrate the things that make us us?毕竟,还有什么比“能自由庆祝我们之所以为我们”更有美国风格呢?I mean, its stitched into the stars and stripes of this country,我是说,它已经镶嵌在这个国家的星星以及条纹上了,from the Constitution to Gettysburg, to our motto, ;E Pluribus Unum;, from many, one.从美国宪法到盖茨堡,再到我们的箴言“合众为一”,自纷乱分歧,合而为一。Its even in our countrys name – the UNITED States.它甚至深植在我们的国名当中:美利坚“合众”国This year patriotism shouldnt just be about pride of country. It should be about love.就在今年,“爱国心”不该再只是以我们的国家为荣。更该是爱我们的国家。Love beyond age, disability, sexuality, race, religion, and any other labels.超越年龄、身体残疾、性倾向、种族、信仰以及任何其他标签的爱Because the second any of us judge people based on those labels, were not really being patriotic, are we?因为在以标签来批判别人时,我们就不是真正的爱国了,对吧?So lets try this one more time. Close your eyes, picture that average Joe or Joan, or Juan, or Jean-Luc.所以,让我们再试一遍,闭上眼睛,然后想象一个乔或乔安,或是一个胡安或约翰路克The real people who make America America.也就是那些让美国之所以为美国的人。And this year, whenever you feel the urge to don star spangled shorts,而今年,不论你是超想买些有着闪亮小星星的短裤,or set off fireworks the size of my biceps, to show love for our country,或放个跟我二头肌一样大的烟火来庆祝对于我们国家的爱,remember that to love America is to love all Americans. Because love has no labels.切记,爱美国,就是要爱所有的美国人。因为真正的爱,没有成见。201704/503762While some of the information was taken verbally by Williams scribes,其中一些信息 由威廉的书记员以非书面形式记录记录下来some must have owed its existence to Saxon records.而另一些 定是出自撒克逊人之手The most extraordinary paradox about the Domesday Book关于《末日审判书》最著名的悖论就是is that what we think of as a monument to the power and strength of the Normans它虽被视为诺曼权力与力量的象征owed itself to the advanced machinery of government left in place by the old Anglo-Saxon monarchy.却是靠着盎格鲁撒克逊人的君主制 所留下的先进的政府运作系统 才得以完成And it was thanks to this that the data was collected at such lightning speed,less than six months.也是靠着它 所有信息几乎在不到六个月的极短时间内统计完毕The results were presented to William here at Old Sarum,结果呈交到了待在老塞勒姆的威廉手中an ancient Iron Age fort inside which hed built a spectacular royal palace.在这个铁器时代的堡垒中 他建起了一座壮丽的皇家宫殿When he took hold of the Domesday Book,it was as though william had been handed the keys to the kingdom all over again,威廉拿到《末日审判书》时 就如同他再次掌握了 整个王国的命脉as if hed re-conquered England,but this time statistically,就好像他又一次征了英格兰 不过这次是数据统计之上because its information was more impregnable than any castle.因为这些信息比任何城堡都要牢不可破It was called The Domesday Book, after all,because it was said its decisions wereas final as the Last Judgement.要知道 这本书叫《末日审判书》 是因为 据说它的调查结果 就相当于;末日审判;的结果The Church itself holds Wenlock.教堂拥有温洛克地区There are 20 hides, four of which are exempt from tax under King Canute.土地共有二十海茨 其中四海茨 在卡纽特国王统治时期免交赋税There are 15 slaves,two mills serve the monks, plus one fishery.这里有十五个奴隶 两座供养修道士的磨坊 一座渔场Enough woodland to fatten 300 pigs,and two hedged enclosures.Value now twelve pounds.三百头散养在大面积林地中的猪 还有两处围栏 现价值十二英镑 /201608/461651

栏目简介:Dozens of expats have been helping traffic police officers in downtown Jingan today. Its all part of efforts to educate foreigners about the citys traffic rules. Cui Huiao tells us more.201703/492625

I have a cat. Her name is Cameo, shes adorable, and recently she peed inside of a potted plant.我有一只叫Cameo的喵,她非常可爱,最近她总去盆栽里嘘嘘。But can you imagine how amazing it would be if she could roar… while peeing inside of a potted plant?但是你能想象她一边在盆栽里嘘嘘一边嘶吼的场景么?Shed be like, ;give me some treats; and then like ferocious roar... it would be so cute!就像是说,“我要小鱼干”,然后开始嘶吼...那一定会非常可爱吧!But domestic cats cant roar. Only four species in the cat family can: lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars.但是家猫可不会嘶吼。只有四种猫科动物可以:狮子、老虎、豹子和美洲虎。Heres the weird thing, though: zoologists are pretty sure those four species of cats cant purr.不可思议的是,动物学家非常确信,这四种猫科动物不会发出呜呜声。So even though my cat cant roar, the reason probably has a lot to do with the things in her throat that let her purr.所以尽管我的喵不会嘶吼,但是她可以发出呜呜声,这一定与她喉咙里的某些东西有关。Now, we still arent - this is amazing - totally sure how cats purr.如今,我们依然无法确信猫是如何发出呜呜声的。Theres no, like, ;purr box; that we can locate in a cat,并没有“呜呜箱”这种东西能够用于定位一只猫,and no ones ever stuck a purring cat in an MRI to find out exactly whats happening.也从来没有人能够在MRI中困住一只猫,乖乖的让我们检查其中奥秘。But weve known for a while that it probably involves the larynx, aka the voice box.但是我们一直都知道,这可能与喉(也称喉头)有关。Back in 1834, a British zoologist named Richard Owen noticed that 1834年,一位名叫理查德·欧文的英国动物学家发现there was an anatomical difference between the cat species that purred and the ones that roared会呜呜的猫和会嘶吼的猫有结构上的差异:roaring cats had a more flexible hyoid.嘶吼猫类有着更加灵活的舌骨。The hyoid is a structure that supports the tongue and larynx. In humans, its horseshoe-shaped.舌骨是撑舌头和和喉头的一个构造。人类的舌骨是马蹄状的。Its basically the first bone under your chin in the front of your neck,舌骨基本上是位于你脖子上边,下巴底下的第一块骨头,although, you shouldnt be able to feel it from the outside, so maybe dont go squeezing up around in there.虽然,你可能从外边摸不到它,但是也不要挤压它。On the murder shows, its how they know people called strangled when they got killed.在仿谋杀秀上,他们正是通过这一点来判断死者是被勒死的。Theyre always like, ;the hyoid is broken! Thats how we know that the murder was the squeezy neck kind.;他们通常都会说,“死者舌骨破裂!是被勒死的,这是谋杀案。”In cats, the hyoid is more of a hook that hangs down and connects the back of the skull to the front of the larynx and the base of the tongue.对于猫科动物来说,舌骨是钩挂和连接背骨与前部喉头的吊钩,位于舌根部。In most species of cat, including the domestic cat, the hyoid bone is very … bony.大多数猫科动物包括家猫,它们的舌骨非常...瘦窄。Its said to be completely ossified, meaning that its fully hardened bone.据说也非常僵硬,这就意味着它们的舌骨是完全坚硬的骨头。And all of the cats that have a completely ossified hyoid can purr, but dont roar.所有拥有僵硬舌骨的猫都能发出呜呜声,而无法嘶吼。The cats that do roar dont have a fully ossified hyoid, meaning that it hasnt fully hardened into bone, so its a lot more flexible.会嘶吼的猫都没有僵硬的舌骨,这意味着它们的舌骨还没有完全硬化成骨头,因此更加灵活。The tissue is more like the ligaments that normally connect bones to each other.组织就像是韧带,通常连接着每块骨头。Owen thought that flexibility was the key to roaring.欧文认为灵活性是嘶吼的关键。Roaring is a low, deep, resonant sound, so cats need long vocal folds to do it, just like people with longer vocal folds have deeper voices.嘶吼是一种低沉而洪亮的声音,因此猫科动物需要很长的声襞才能嘶吼,就像有着更长声襞的人类,他们的声音更加低沉。And Owen figured a more flexible hyoid was what let a cats vocal folds stretch enough for them to roar.欧文发现更加灵活的舌骨使得猫科动物能充满伸展它们的声襞并发出嘶吼声。For a long time, pretty much everyone agreed with this idea.一直以来,相当多的人都同意这个观点。They also assumed that hardened, bony hyoids were the reason why all the species of cat that couldnt roar could purr.他们也假定坚硬和瘦窄是解释所有种类的猫能发出呜呜声而无法嘶吼的原因。But there is one exception: the snow leopard.但是也有例外:雪豹。Snow leopards dont have a fully hardened hyoid — they have the more flexible kind that lions do. But they cant roar.雪豹的舌骨并非完全坚硬——它们和狮子一样拥有灵活的舌骨。但是它们却不会嘶吼。And even though weve known about the snow leopard exception since at least 1916, scientists didnt really question the hyoid idea until the late 1980s.尽管我们至少在1916年就知道雪豹这个例外,但是直至1980年代末,科学家也没有真正质疑过舌骨概念。That was when researchers realized that there is another difference between cats that can roar and cats that cant:从那时开始,研究者才意识到会呜呜和会嘶吼的猫科动物之中还存在其他差异:roaring cats have thick pads of tissue on their vocal folds.嘶吼猫科动物的声襞中的衬垫组织较厚。The pads make their vocal folds longer and heavier, which allows them to vibrate more slowly and make a lower-pitched sound.衬垫使得它们的声襞更长、更重,让它们可以缓慢的颤动并发出更加低频的声音。Only lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars have these pads, with no exceptions — not even snow leopards. So roaring isnt entirely about the hyoid bone.只有狮子、老虎、豹子和美洲虎才拥有这种衬垫,无一例外——就连雪豹也是。所以,嘶吼并不仅仅与舌骨相关。Sure, the extra flexibility might help, but they also need that extra tissue that our domestic cat friends dont have.当然,额外的灵活性或许也有帮助,但是它们也需要额外的组织,而这些是家猫所没有的。These pads also help explain why cats that roar cant purr. When cats purr, they vibrate their vocal folds about 26 times per second.这种衬垫也能够解释会嘶吼的猫科为何不会呜呜。但猫呜呜时,它们的声襞每秒颤动26次。There seems to be some mechanism in their brains that controls the vibrations.似乎在它们的大脑中存在一些机理以控制颤动。As they inhale and exhale, the vocal folds open and close, which is what makes the purring sound.当它们吸气呼气时,声襞的张合使它们发出呜呜声。Its like how you can make that motorboat sound by vibrating your lips, except they do it inside of them with their vocal folds.就像是,你可以通过唇部发出类似托艇的声音,而它们是用它们的声襞在内部发声。But the extra padding that allows lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars to roar would dampen the constant vibrations that theyd need to purr.但是额外的衬垫能够让老虎、狮子、豹子和美洲虎嘶吼,却抑制了声襞的连续颤动使它们无法发出呜呜声。The females of those species do make purring-like noises when theyre in heat,这些种类的雌性确实可以发出呜呜声——像是遭受炎热时发出的声音,but those noises dont seem to be quite the same as true purring. Theyre closer to a growl.但是这些声音和真正的呜呜声还不太一样。它们更像是咆哮。So, my cat cant roar because her vocal folds just arent shaped for it.所以,我的喵无法嘶吼,因为她的声襞不允许。But she can purr, and thats pretty dang cute and I like it.但是她会呜呜,真是太TM可爱啦,我喜欢。Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow, and thanks to Patreon patron Janet Neidlinger for asking about how cats purr!谢谢观看这一期的科学秀,谢谢Patreon 赞助人 Janet Neidlinger关于猫如何发出呜呜声的提问!If youre curious about why cats purr in the first place, check out our where I explain that its not necessarily because theyre happy.对为什么猫会呜呜好奇?请点击我们的视频,我们能够为您解答——没必要解释太多,因为她们开心。201706/515523

Hey good morning嘿 早上好Can you call me through the office of Late Late show please你能通过“深夜秀”办公室打电话给我吗Late Late Show“深夜秀”Guys Im stucked in the worest traffic伙计我这交通很糟糕Im just...Im come off the road我只是...我在路上了I dont know where I am但我不知道我在哪this I dont know if I can get in for todays meeting我不知道能不能赶上今天的会议I really dont...will you make it to rehearsal?我真不知道...你要带着它去排吗Ill try my best. Wait.我尽快赶过去Hang on. Im off. Ill call you back.等等 我会回拨给你Sia! Its James! James! Howre you doing? Awesome!希亚 我是詹姆斯 詹姆斯 你还好吗 好极了Im over here! No no! Oh. No! Oh我在这里 不不是 噢 不对不对 噢Listen, can you help me get to work?听着 你能送我去上班吗Of course. Id love to.我很乐意Im really good at directions.我方向感很好的All right. Im riding a car.好吧 我来开车No thats not the... Turn...turn around.我在车里 不对 转过来Wait there. Wait there.在那儿等着 原地等着Ill come and get you in.我去把你接进车里Oh, my gosh. No. Turn around.我的天 转过来Okay. Im just—are you okay?我只是——你还好吗?Okay. Im just—are you okay?我只是——你还好吗?Im great. Theres a curve. Okay?好极了 这有个台阶There you go. You step on it. OK. I found it.到了 你得踏上来 好的我上来了Got it. Yeah, there it is.好的 是的 车就在这儿Hey! Girl. Listen anytime. Listen, anytime.你好呀伙计 好的Such a relief I saw ya. I got you covered.见到你真让我安心 我知道Yeah, yeah, I got ya covered.是的 我替你解忧了Sounds great James.听起来不错詹姆斯Party girls dont get hurt Cant feel anything, when will I派对女孩不会受伤 我麻木无感 何时才能学乖I push it down, I push it down我控制自己 压抑自己Im the one for a good time call Phones blowin up, theyre我纵情享乐 电话响起 有人狂按门铃ringin my doorbell I feel the love, I feel the love我从中感受到爱意 感受到爱意1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink一二三 一二三 干杯 一二三 一二三 干杯1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink Throw em back, till I lose coun一二三 一二三 干杯 循环往复 直到不省人事Im gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier我在吊灯上恣意摇摆 在吊灯上尽情腐坏Im gonna live like tomorrow doesnt exist, like it doesnt我要放浪形骸 如同明天不复存在 如同它不复存在exist Im gonna fly like a bird through我要飞翔 像一只鸟儿the night, feel my tears as they dry穿越黑夜 感受泪被风干Im gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier我在吊灯上恣意摇摆 在吊灯上尽情腐坏But Im holding on for dear life wont look down wont open my ey我正为了生命而坚守 头颅高昂 双眼紧闭keep my glass full until morning light, cause Im just holding o斟满酒杯 迎来天明for tonight. Now, the last time I因为我只为今夜而坚守 上次saw you was after a red carpet event and you were wearing,我看见你是在一个红毯走秀之后 你戴了一个……rather than a bow, a witchs hat.不能说是蝴蝶结 它更像是一顶巫婆帽a big hat with the hair on it.一顶带着头发的大帽子With the hair on it. Yeah.带着头发 对But then when we got inside, you took the hat off. Yeah但是我们进去里面时 你又把那顶帽子摘掉了So we were face to face.所以我们就面对面了I dont wear this unless there are cameras around. Of course.除非周围有人照相 我是不会戴那个的 这样啊I only wear this to try to maintain a modicum of privacy.我戴这个只是为了保持一点儿隐私Talk me through the choice to do that.讲讲你是怎么决定这么做的Well, I was a singer aly for ten or eleven years to mediocre success. Yeah.嗯 我已经当了十年 十一年左右的歌手了 业绩平平 嗯And I was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and I sobered up而且我是个酒鬼 还是个瘾君子 之后我清醒过来And decided I didnt want to be an artist anymore because it was destabilizing in some ways.决定不再继续做艺术家了 因为我变得小有名气了 而这个职业从某种程度上来说不太稳定I thought what doesnt exist in pop music at the moment, and it那时 我思考了流行音乐中缺少的成分was mystery, I was, like, you know, there is pictures on那就是神秘感 你知道的 就像instagram上instagram of everyone at the dentist.每个人看牙医时的照片一样神秘Yeah, but its a different style when youre的确 但当你和唱片公司talking to record companies or P.R. people and things like或者公关人士交谈的时候 又是另一番风格That. No. In fact—was that even insulting or were people like yes!是这样吗 不是的 实际上——难道居然会有这种侮辱 或者有人这样说这样做正好!Dont show your face! Yes!别把脸露出来!I would be distaught if someone said I tell you how we can make you a star, James—cover that up.如果有人这么对我说 我会抓我教你一个成名的方法“把你那张脸遮起来”There is a common theme in your songs which is like a sort of—whoa, oh!在你的歌曲里 有个共有的旋律主题 就像——Yeah, I love doing that.没错 我喜欢写这种How do I get that?我怎么能唱出这种You mean—It feels like Im making it tight or something.哦 你的意思是 听起来就好像 我在拉紧声带Okay. I have no idea what you just said.明白了 我不太懂你刚才教我的I will stay up through the night.我将彻夜不眠Yeah, but you sing it like this是的 但你唱得有点像……Do you believe in aliens?你相信有外星人吗?How do you know that? I know stuff.你怎么知道的 我知道很多事儿You know, I only believe in你知道 我相信它们Them because I watched a of the ex Canadian Minister of就是因为 我看了一个视频 加拿大前防卫部部长Defense saying plainly he knows for a fact that the American直截了当地说 他知道美国政府government are working with five different alien races, and my正在研究五个不同种族的外星人blood ran cold and I thought that guy is the ex-Canadian Minister of Defense.我觉得很害怕 然后我想到这家伙可是加拿大前防卫部部长啊Hes not just like some guy on YouTube.他可不是YouTube上随随便便的一个什么人But youve never seen an alien? Ive never seen.但是你从来没看到过外星人吧 从没有Maybe I have. Maybe theyre just among us.也许我见过 可能它就在我们之中呢I hope Im here if they come and, b, that theyre我希望它们出现的时候我还在世上 其次 它们很善良really nice and talk about lovely things and, c, that they和我们谈论可爱美好的事物 再就是 他们只想only want to go on the ;The Late Late Show.;参加我的“深夜秀”节目Yeah. The ;The Late Late Show; is the one we want.不错 我们很需要“深夜秀”Thats all I ask of aliens.这就是我对外星人的全部疑问You are a beauty. A beautious thing.你真美 真是个美人I actually feel great.我的确感觉不错The best way to describe it.不会有比这更好的形容了Im hugging my head right now.我正抱着我的头Do you know what I feel like?你知道我的感觉了吗?I feel like Im just here, not even James anymore.我感觉我就是希亚 已经不再是詹姆斯了This Is powerful.这舞跳得真有力量Im still breathing, Im still breathing我依然安好 我仍在呼吸Im still breathing, Im still breathing我依然安好 我仍在呼吸Im alive Im alive我还活着 坚强地活着Im alive Im alive我还活着 坚强地活着There are people there and you cant see them.人在那边 你看不到她们If we cut their heads in half, they would have our wigs.如果我们把她们的脑袋砍掉一半 她们就会要我们的假发了Is this true that you can carry a dozen eggs in both hands?这个是真的吗 你能用双手捧住一打鸡蛋In both hands, yes.两只手的话 可以的I can do six per hand.我可以一只手捧六个Youre double jointed.你有双重关节You found out the weirdest things about me.你发现了我最奇怪的地方I have a ring on.我戴了个戒指Three. Keep going. Im so shaky.现在放了三个 继续放 我的手都在颤Youre just nervous.你只是紧张了Last egg. Ready? Yep.最后一颗 准备好了吗?好了Oh, my god! Im doing it!哦 我的天 我做到啦You shout it out, but I cant hear a word you say Im talking loud, not saying much你放声咆哮 但我毫不理会 放话挑衅Im bulletproof, nothing to lose fire away, fire away我刀不入 是亡命之徒 开吧 开吧ricochet, you take your aim fire away, fire away子弹弹开 你再次瞄准 开吧 开吧you shoot me down but I wont fa I am titanium你射中我 但我不会倒下 我是金刚不坏You shoot me down but I wont fa I am titanium你射中我 但我不会倒下 我是金刚不坏I am titanium high five.我金刚不坏 来击掌Do you need to see Sias I.D.?你需要看希亚的件吗?I trust you. Youre very trustworthy.我相信你 你很值得信任Thank you so much. Thank you for getting me to work.非常感谢 谢谢你送我来上班201705/510327

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