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A superb imperial matchlock musket will be sold at Sotheby#39;s in London in November with an estimated price of 1.5 million pounds (.85 million).一把精致的御制火将于11月在伦敦苏富比拍卖会上拍卖,其估价达到了150万英镑(185万美元)。This rare and exquisitely produced musket is the first Chinese firearm with an imperial reign mark to be offered at auction.这把罕见且制作非常精美的火是拍卖的第一个具有皇家统治标记的中国火器。According to The Guardian, the musket was manufactured in the 18th century, specially produced for Qianlong Emperor (1711-99) in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).根据《卫报》报道,这把火是在18世纪专为清朝(1644-1911)乾隆皇帝(1711-99)制造的。It is decorated in gold and silver, and inscribed with Chinese characters meaning ;supreme grade, number one; on its barrel.这把火以金银装饰,筒上刻着意为“特等第一”的字样。Robert Bradlow, the senior director of Chinese works of art at Sotheby#39;s in London, said that the musket represents the pinnacle of Chinese imperial craftsmanship, and it is ;one of the most important Chinese treasures; ever auctioned at Sotheby#39;s.伦敦苏富比中国艺术品高级总监罗伯特·布拉德拉表示,这种火代表了中国御制工艺的巅峰,是苏富比拍卖的“中国最重要的宝物”之一。Emperor Qianlong, reigning from 1735 to 1796, was an avid hunter and art collector, who possessed a wide variety of imperial muskets.1735年至1796年统治中国的乾隆皇帝是一个狂热的猎人和收藏家,拥有各种各样的御制火。 /201610/475031

A 12-year-old boy who was apparently trying to drive across Australia has been stopped by police 1,300km (800 miles) into his journey.日前,一名试图驾车横穿澳大利亚的12岁男孩,在行驶了1300公里(折合800英里)后被警方拦下。The boy was pulled over in Broken Hill in the New South Wales outback last Saturday after a patrol noticed the car#39;s bumper dragging on the ground.上周六,这名男孩在新南威尔士州境内的布拉肯山附近被拦了下来,当时一辆巡视警车发现他的车的保险杠拖在了地面上。Police said the boy had been attempting to drive 4,000km from Kendall in NSW to Perth, Western Australia.警方表示,该男孩试图从新南威尔士州的肯德尔开往4000公里外澳大利亚西部的珀斯。He was arrested and taken to Broken Hill police station. His parents, who had reported him missing, picked him up last Sunday.随后,该男孩被警方逮捕,并被带到了布拉肯山派出所。之前报告了他失踪的父母,已于上周日把他接走了。;He#39;d taken the family car,; Det Insp Kim Fehon told the Australian Associated Press. ;His parents reported him missing immediately after he left home, so they were looking for him.;高级警官金·费洪在接受《澳大利亚联合新闻报》采访时表示:“这名男孩开走了家里的车子。他的父母在他离家后马上就报告了他的失踪,并一直在找他。”It is unclear how the boy was able to make the journey, alone and unnoticed, across all of New South Wales and through remote and often hostile terrain.目前还不清楚该男孩是如何单独横穿新南威尔士州各地偏远、困难的地形而没被发现的。A NSW Police spokesman told the B it was possible he could face charges under the Young Offenders Act.新南威尔士警方一位发言人向B透露,根据青少年犯罪法例,他可能会面临指控。 /201705/506896





  What are the most difficult and useful things people have to learn in their 20s?二十几岁的人最该学也最难学的是什么?These are the most difficult things I#39;ve learnt/am still learning.这些是我已经学会的、还在学的最难的事情。1.There are always going to be people who are smarter, better looking, more sociable, and just all around ;better; than you. In fact, you#39;ll learn there are LOTS of people who fit that description. To be happy, then, you have to learn to accept yourself and your shortcomings.1.总会有比你聪明,比你好看,比你更擅长社交的人,到处都是比你好的人。事实上,许多人的确名副其实。开心点,你要学着接受自己和自己的缺点。2.Success does indeed come from hard work. Hard work without talent doesn#39;t ensure success, but talent without hard work ensures mediocrity.2.成功的确需要努力。缺乏天赋只靠努力可能不会成功,但是只靠天赋不努力,注定碌碌无为。3.It#39;s unlikely you#39;ll become anything close to your wildest ambitions, simply because you#39;ll learn everyone has big ambitions, and there#39;s only so many slots in this world.3.你不太可能实现你最大的梦想,因为你会知道每个人都有大大的梦想,而世界上只有那么多位子。4.Idealism aside, money opportunity and therefore matters. Relationships and power matter more.4.别太理想主义,钱就等于机会,所以钱很重要。人际关系和权力更重要。5.Friendship isn#39;t forever. Social and economic status does create divides and strains in even the oldest relationships.5.友谊不是永远的。即使在最长久的朋友之间,社会地位和经济状况也会造成你们之间的分歧和关系紧张。[/cn6.Your parent(s) basically gave up their freedom to raise you, and deserve a medal. You know this because with only one job on your plate, you aly have no time.6.你的父母基本上是放弃了他们的自由来把你养大的,他们值得获得回报。你深知这一点,因为你只有把眼下这份工作做好,已经没时间可以浪费了。7.Adult life is about learning to live with ambiguity. Remember when you thought you#39;d have it all sorted out by 30? No. Whether it be your career, your relationships or your beliefs, you will always question whether you are making the right choices and will have to deal with regret.7.成年人的生活是飘忽不定的。还记得你曾经想30岁的时候你就能安定下来吗?不会的。这是否会是你的事业,你的爱人,你的信仰。你会经常问自己到底有没有做出对的选择,还有,如果你后悔了要怎么办。8.Metabolism slows.8.新陈代谢会变慢。 /201703/495704


  Step1.Grab your dumb phone as soon as you wake up,before stretching and having a tall glass of water,and start looking at all the shit everyone else is doing in life to make themselves feel more important and posting it on their wall so this way you can start to feel insignificant when your postings aren’t as exciting as theirs.(I suggest Instagram or Facebook to start).步骤1,在你醒来做伸展运动并且喝一大杯水之前,抓住你沉默的手机,看看社交网络上其他人在做哪些对于他们而言重要的事,顺便点个赞;但如果你自己发的状态无人问津,那么你就会产生一种不被人关注的失落感(我建议看一下Instagram或者Facebook)。Step2.Ask”why”.Stupid questions like “why am here”I will give you a hint...so you can die dumb-ass.Truth is no one but you asks why.Do something you have never done before, punch yourself in the face...as hard as you can...make your nose bleed...taste in the back of your throat.That is living and experiencing in the finest sense.If you have time to ask why ,you have time to punch yourself in the face.步骤2,问“为什么”。如果你问“为什么我在这”这种愚蠢的问题,我会给你一个提示......你可以去死了笨蛋!事实是别人都没问、只有你问了为什么。倒不如做一些你之前从来没有做过的事......给自己几巴掌......用你最大的力气打.......打到你鼻子流血......尝一下你喉咙深处的血的味道吧。那是生活和历练的最好的形式。如果你有时间去问为什么,那么你不如那这时间狠狠地给自己一拳。Step3,Think that there is a purpose to your life.There is not.You are born,you will experience,you will die.Your friends are not here to validate you,just to provide you with experiences.Your phone isn’t here to make you a better person,and in all possibility,it is probably the reason that you are having such a miserable life.Get off that fucking thing,go outside and take a walk in the rain...No one has died from walking in the rain.步骤3,认为你的生活是有目的的。而实际上生活往往没有什么目标。你出生,你体验很多事情,你也会去世。你的朋友不是来验你的存在的,而是给你带来更多精力的。你的手机不能让你变成一个更好的人,十有八九,它往往是你过得如此悲惨的原因。关掉手机吧,出去散散步。如果外面在下雨,就在雨中走吧......没有人会因为在雨中行走而死的。Step4.Keep collecting things.Things are like weights that weigh you down and keep you in the can’t.I would love to move but I can’t.I would love to travel but I have this house with all the stuff and I can’t.For everything you own,consider it a 250lb weight.Pair of extra shoes,500lbs.college degree,250lbs,extra pair of pants 250lbs,60 inch flatscreen LCD-250lbs.The more shit you own,the fatter you are.The less likely you can get out of bed and go to the gym because you have all these shit weighing you down.Fuck the clutter and get rid of it,most or some.步骤4,保持收集东西的习惯。收集的东西就像负重一样,能压倒你,让你一直处在“不能”之中。我很乐意去搬家但是我不能。我想去旅游但是这间房子里有我所有的物品所以我不能去。把你所拥有的每一样的东西都想成250磅重物。一双多余的鞋,500磅。本科学位250磅,多余的裤子250磅,60英尺超薄液晶显示屏250磅,你有越多的杂物,你就越胖,你就越不可能从你的床上爬起来去健身房锻炼,因为这些都在压着你。或多或少地摆脱这些没用的杂物吧。Step5.Self doubt:”Am I good enough?”,”Am I qualified enough for this job?”.”and I really the love of his/her life?”Doubting yourself for even one millisecond is an essential way to fuck up your day,your month and potentially even your life.This is the fastest way to kill yourself,your dreams,your family,your friends,any relationship you have ever had.Questioning is good:”what was James Brown second album?how was Prince influenced by James Brown?”Doubting is stupid.Self doubts are reasons your life suck goat balls.Live your life,accept your going to piss people off and say what you feel.Never ever doubt yourself and if you do ,punch yourself in said face.步骤5,自我怀疑。“我做的够好吗?”或者“我有资格获得这份工作吗?”又或者“我是他/她生命中的真爱吗?”哪怕你只有一毫秒的时间在怀疑自己,都是在浪费你的一天、一个月、甚至是你的一生。这是杀死你自己、你的梦想、你的家庭、你的朋友还有你所有一切关系的最快的方法。问问题是很好的:“詹姆斯·布朗的第二张专辑怎么样?王子受詹姆斯·布朗的影响有多深呢?”但怀疑则是愚蠢的。自我怀疑只是你虚度人生的借口罢了。过自己的生活,接受你对其他人的不满并且说出你的想法。永远不要怀疑你自己。如果你怀疑了,那就狠狠地给自己几巴掌。Wake up.kick ass and be awesome.sleep and repeat.醒醒吧。拍拍屁股,你仍然很酷。睡觉然后重复新的一天。 /201611/479205。


  Calendars turned into luxuriously illustrated books, with a twist of interactivity, are highlights of China#39;s book scene at the end of the year.配有精美插图、带有一些互动性质的“日历书”成为年末国内书市的亮点。The most popular is the Palace Museum Calendar, which has sold 1.3 million copies since it was first issued in 2010. The first printing of the 2017 version - 300,000 copies - is sold out.最流行的当属故宫日历,自2010年首次发行以来已经卖出了130万册,其2017年版本首批印刷的30万册已经销售一空。The calendar is inspired by Chinese zodiac animals, and is illustrated with photos of relics from the Palace Museum#39;s collection. For 2017, the Palace Museum Press is offering a bilingual version with English and Chinese.故宫日历的灵感来自于十二生肖,配以故宫馆藏文物的图片。2017年,故宫出版社将提供中英文双语版本的日历。;We saw a need abroad for understanding Chinese cultural traditions,; said Wang Guanliang, director of the office that plans the calendar. ;We didn#39;t expect that the market treats our publications as collectibles.;“我们看到国外了解中国文化传统的一种需求,”设计该日历的编辑室主任王冠良说道。“我们没有想到市场把我们的出版物当作收藏品。”;Most of the calendars are like art books. For young ers, they are portable, affordable, and chic to have,; he added.他补充说道:“大多数日历都像艺术书一样。对于年轻的读者来说很便携、价格实惠且别致。”The Plants and Animals Calendar of guokr.com for 2017 is full of cute animals, with a QR code for each day offering updated online content. 而由果壳网出品的2017年动植物日历则主打可爱的小动物,每日配以二维码,提供最新的在线内容。 /201612/485279


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