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Bush to Meet Israel's Olmert on Wednesday布什总统周三会晤奥尔默特   President Bush will meet Wednesday at the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. They will review progress in the Middle East peace process. 布什总统星期三将在白宫会见以色列总理奥尔默特,他们将评估中东和平进程的进展情况。This will be their second round of talks in less than one month, following Mr. Bush's trip to Israel in May for ceremonies marking the 60th anniversary of the nation's founding. 这将是布什和奥尔默特在不到一个月里的第二轮会谈。布什5月访问以色列,出席以色列建国60周年的庆祝仪式。Presidential spokeswoman Dana Perino says the informal discussions at the White House will focus on the peace process. 布什的发言人佩里诺说,两位领导人在白宫举行的非正式会谈将着重讨论和平进程。She says the administration is doing all it can to get a Palestinian state defined before the end of the year, noting the president and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice are keeping in close touch with all the parties involved. 她说,布什政府正竭尽全力在今年年底之前使巴勒斯坦国得到确认。她说,布什总统和赖斯国务卿正在跟所有各方保持着密切联系。"We continue to be engaged to try to help them, but we are not going to be able to solve the problem for them," said Dana Perino. "They are going to have to continue to work together." 佩里诺说:“我们继续接触,设法帮助他们,但我们不会为他们解决问题。他们必须要继续合作。”She says the process is long and difficult, but stresses the two sides are not giving up. 她说,和平进程长期而艰巨,但以色列和巴勒斯坦双方不会放弃。"And we know that their governments are talking to one another - the Palestinians and the Israelis," she said. "But there is a lot of tension, a lot of historical complexities that enter into this. But I believe that the president will see from Prime Minister Olmert that they continue to negotiate in good faith. And this president is going to push them, because the Israelis and the Palestinians both have to live up to their 'roadmap' obligations, if we are going to reach the goal of defining a state by the end of the year." 佩里诺说:“我们知道巴勒斯坦人和以色列人的政府在保持联系。但双方的关系仍然很紧张,其中涉及很多错综复杂的历史问题。但是我相信,布什总统将敦促奥尔默特总理,让他们继续本着诚意进行协商。布什总统将督促他们这样做,因为如果我们要在今年年底达到确立巴勒斯坦国的目的,以色列和巴勒斯坦都必须履行他们‘路线图’的义务。”Perino says the Israelis have security concerns and the Palestinians are worried about announcements of new settlement activity.  佩里诺说,以色列有安全顾虑,巴勒斯坦则对宣布新的定居点活动表示担忧。Israel said Sunday that it plans to build almost 900 new housing units in disputed East Jerusalem, a move that prompted sharp criticism from the Palestinian leadership. 以色列星期天说,它计划在有争议的东耶路撒冷新建约900所房屋。以色列的决定招致巴勒斯坦领导层的尖锐批评。Just prior to his departure for Washington Prime Minister Olmert discussed housing and other issues in Jerusalem with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. 以色列总理奥尔默特启程前往华盛顿之前同巴勒斯坦主席阿巴斯就耶路撒冷定居点和其它问题举行了会谈。President Abbas told reporters it will be difficult to reach a peace agreement if the building does not stop. 阿巴斯对记者说,如果新建定居点的活动不停止,达成和平协议将非常困难。At the White House, Dana Perino agreed that settlement activity is a big problem. 佩里诺在白宫表示,定居点活动的确是个大问题。"Our position on the settlements is that we don't believe that any more settlements should be built, and we know that that exacerbates the tension when it comes to the negotiations with the Palestinians," said Dana Perino. 她说:“我们在定居点问题上的立场是,我们并不认为有必要新建定居点。我们知道,在同巴勒斯坦进行磋商的时候,新建定居点问题会加剧双方的紧张关系。”During a session with reporters, Perino was also asked about the Israeli leader's political troubles and the impact that could have on the peace process. 佩里诺还回答了记者的提问。有记者问到以色列总理奥尔默特目前在政治方面面临的麻烦,以及可能给和平进程带来的影响。"As far as I know the Israelis and the Palestinians have continued to have talks in good faith while all this discussion in the press has gone on in Israel," she said.Prime Minister Olmert is at the center of an evolving corruption investigation involving alleged cash payments from an American Jewish businessman. 以色列总理奥尔默特目前正在被调查有关腐败的事件。这起调查案涉及一名犹太裔美国商人据称给了奥尔默特大量现金。Perino refuses to say if it would be discussed during the prime minister's private talks with President Bush. But she also notes that Mr. Bush has long said the Israeli and Palestinian people have set a goal, and the peace process is bigger than just one person. 佩里诺拒绝布什和奥尔默特在私下会谈中是否会讨论此事。但是她说,布什一直表示,以色列和巴勒斯坦人民已确立目标,和平进程比某个人更重要。 200806/41034

The importance of packaging包装的重要性A: OK, everybody, attention please. Lets begin. The agenda of the meeting today is to discuss the package for our newly-developed Anti-wrinkle Fast Response Eye Cream. Any ideas? Any opinion is encouraged. So do not hesitate to speak your mind out.A: 好了,大家注意了。咱们开始开会吧。今天会议的议事日程使我们大家来讨论一下我们新开发出来的抗皱速效眼霜的包装问题。大家有什么意见?任何想法都可以,所以请大家大胆说出自己的想法。B: Our product is cosmetics and our target consumers are women. Women pay more attention to the exterior appearance. And very often they will buy something pretty rather than useful. So I think the exquisite and tasteful design is of primary importance.B: 我们的产品是化妆品,我们的目标消费者是女性。女性朋友比较注重外表,通常她们都会买一些漂亮的东西而不是实用的东西。所以我认为精致的外观和优雅的设计是十分重要的。C: I can not agree with you more. But I would like to add one point here. Our product will be sold all over the world. Therefore culture must be taken into account in terms of packaging. People from different cultures will have different taste. We can not ignore this point.C: 我十分同意你的说法。但是在这儿我想再强调一点。我们的产品是要销往世界各地的,因此在设计包装时必须要把文化因素考虑在内。不同文化背景的人品味不同,我们不能忽视这一点。B: Security at the same time is of great importance, too. I mean we have to mark the ingredient conspicuously on the package so that people will see whether they are allergic or not to our product.B: 同时,安全问题也非常重要。我的意思是说我们应该把产品的组成成分标记在包装的醒目出,这样的话大家能够仔细阅读看是否对我们的产品过敏。A: Anything else?A: 还有别的吗?C: I think before we fix it down about the packaging, we have to do some market research. The target consumers of our Anti-wrinkles Fast Response Eye Cream are the middle-aged. Therefore we have to know what color they like, what kind of style they prefer, etc. . Only in this way can we make the packaging satisfy the local market.C: 我认为在我们定下来包装的设计之前一定要做一下市场调查。我们的目标消费者是中年女性,因此我们应该了解一下她们喜欢什么颜色,喜欢什么样的风格等等。只有这样我们才能使我们的产品满足当地消费者的需求。A: Sounds great. Next we are putting what we said just now into practice. Lets make a poll to collect some useful information for our packaging. Thank you so much. Now lets call it a day.A: 听起来不错。下一步我们就是要把刚才说过的话付诸行动。我们做一个民意调查来获取一些有益于我们包装设计的信息。非常感谢大家,我们的会议就到这里吧。 /201603/430541When making a speech to a small audience, know who you are talking to, pay attention to the people in the audience, but don't focus too much on them and don't monitor their facial expressions.When addressing a large group of people or a large auditorium, remember to embrace everybody and try to, even if you're using a microphone, try to project your voice as much as possible.People often have the misconception that they can't use notes and they can't use a script. The reality is that some of the best speakers use notes and scripts. The difference is you have to deliver rather than . And by delivery it means that you look up from your words, you ahead, you don't depend on your script the entire time, but it's there to guide you. If you are talking to a sympathetic audience, it's okay to say "I am a little nervous". They'll forgive you.Women tend to have a problem with long hair. If you have long hair and you are going to speak, push it back, pin it back.Men have a problem with pockets. They don't know what to do with their hands. If you are going before a group of business people, you're not going to be wanting to wear a pair of jeans. On the other hand, if you are going in front of an informal group, you want to have them identify with you and be more casual. So when you get up to speak, it's really important for you to remember that you have something to say, you have the right to say it and people want to hear what you have to say. 200809/47301

Beijing Working to Improve Health Care for Foreigners Ahead of Olympics中国正在为北京奥运推动献血运动  Beijing health officials are promoting a blood drive to ensure there is an adequate supply of a type of blood that is far more common among non-Asians. It is the latest in a long list of preparations that the city is making as it gets y for the 2008 Summer Olympics. 中国卫生官员在推动一个献血运动,确保充足供应某种血型的血液。非亚洲人具有这种血型的人远远多于亚洲人。这是北京当局为2008年夏季奥运会所作准备的清单上最新的一个。Beijing is in the midst of an Olympic blood drive. Advertising posters line inner city bus stops shelters and are plastered on subway station walls. 北京正在发起一场奥运献血运动,在市区巴士车站的候车亭和地铁车站的墙上都张贴着广告标语。The city has a shortage of Rhesus, or Rh-negative blood - a strand rare in China, with only three of every 1,000 Han Chinese being Rh-negative. 北京缺少Rh阴性血,这种血在中国很少见。每一千名汉人当中才有3个人是这种血型。China expects around 500,000 foreign visitors to come to Beijing during the Olympics. Roughly 15 percent of Caucasians, and 10 percent of black Africans are Rh-negative, a large portion of those who will make up a majority of tourists during the Games. 中国预计会有大约50万外国人在奥运会期间来到北京,欧洲白人当中大约15%的人是这种血型,非洲黑人当中10%的人是Rh阴性血。奥运会期间,到北京去的游客当中很大一部分是欧洲白人和非洲黑人。Rh refers to an antigen that humans either have or do not have on the surface of their red blood cells. Those who have it are Rh positive. Those who do not are Rh negative. It is important in transfusions that both donors and recipients have the same types. Rh指的是一种人体内的红血球细胞表面可能含有的抗原。含有这种抗原的是Rh阳性血,不含这种抗原的是Rh阴性血。在输血时,确保献血者和接受血液的人都是这种血型,这很重要。Zhu Ruiquan of the Beijing Red Cross says he needs extra supplies of the blood to cover the increase in visitors expected in the city during the games. 北京市红十字会的朱瑞权说,他需要额外的Rh阴性血供应,以因应奥运会期间预计会到北京的更多来访者。"We need to get prepared for them in case there are some accidents or some problems, so we are y to handle them," he said. 朱瑞权说:“我们就要为他们做好准备,万一发生一些事故或问题的时候,我们要做到有备无患。”Zhu's organization has set up mobile blood centers across Beijing to help to collect 16 liters of Rh-negative blood that he wants to have on standby for the Olympics. 朱瑞权的组织在北京各处建立了流动采血中心,帮助采集他希望为奥运会准备的16升Rh阴性血。Many Chinese are motivated to donate blood because, with China's user pays medical system, donors receive blood transfusions for free. 许多中国人有献血的动机,因为中国的医疗保健系统是需要使用者付费的。而献血者则免费接受输血。Yet the need to cater to foreigners's blood type for the Olympics has prompted even more people, those like like Gao Xiaoyang, to donate. 然而,由于需要因应为奥运会来北京的外国人的血液,这促使更多的人去献血。高小阳就是其中一位。"Donating blood is the duty of every citizen, also by donating blood we can help build a better Olympics. It is how we can contribute to the Olympics in our own way," he noted. 他说:“献血是我们每个公民的义务,而且我们献血能够保北京更好地举办奥运会,为北京奥运尽自己的力量。”But Red Cross nurses say some Chinese are reluctant to give their blood. They remember a commercial blood-selling scandal in which China's supply of clinical blood was tainted by HIV and other potentially deadly diseases. 但是,红十字会的护士说,有些中国人不愿献血。这些人还记得过去一次商业性卖血的丑闻。那次丑闻导致中国医务用血沾染艾滋病毒和其他可能的致命疾病。During the 1990's poor peasants sold blood to illegal collection agencies. In these unsterilized centers, blood was often collected from several people at the same time and mixed together in a container where the plasma was removed. The remaining blood was often given back to the donors, mixed with the contaminated blood of others. 在1990年代,穷苦农民向非法采集血液的机构卖血,在这些未经彻底消毒的采血中心,工作人员经常同时从几个人身上采血,然后把血液混到一个容器中,从血液中去除血浆。剩余的血液已经跟含有病毒的血液混在一起,再被输回到献血者身上。Red Cross nurse Xu Min says Chinese tradition can also be a barrier to donating. 红十字会的许敏说,中国的传统也可能是献血的一个障碍。"There is an old mindset in China - people think one's blood is very precious," she explained. "People think it is very precious. It is too precious to give away. They are worried that blood cannot be reproduced after donating it. This old way of thinking needs to be changed." 许敏说:“中国人有一些传统观念,有些人认为血液很宝贵,认为血液很珍贵。有人还怀疑血液能否再造。”These days, donating blood is being encouraged. But just in case there is not enough by the time of the Olympics, the Red Cross says it has a registry of 400 Rh-negative donors who can be called upon to donate in case of an emergency. 这些天来,当局鼓励献血。但是万一到奥运会时还没有足够的血液,红十字会说,它有400名Rh阴性血的献血者的登记,发生紧急情况的时候可以叫这些人献血。China is making intense preparations to ensure that the Olympics showcase its brightest achievements. Ensuring enough Rh-negative blood is just the latest attempt to avoid mishaps over health and food safety that would tarnish its image during the games. 中国正在紧锣密鼓的作准备,确保奥运会展示中国最耀眼的成就,确保拥有足够的Rh阴性血不过是当局的最新努力,当局要避免在保健和食品安全方面发生事故,这类事故一旦在奥运期间发生将损害中国的形像。200803/32443Cheney Holds Talks With Palestinian Leaders美国副总统与巴勒斯坦领导人会晤 U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney met with Israeli and Palestinian leaders on Sunday. On a trip the West Bank, Cheney warned Palestinians that continued violence against Israel will hurt efforts to create a Palestinian state.  美国副总统切尼星期天同以色列和巴勒斯坦领导人举行会晤。切尼在访问约旦河西岸的时候警告巴勒斯坦人,如果他们继续从事针对以色列的暴力活动,将会损害创建巴勒斯坦国的努力。Cheney traveled to the West Bank city of Ramallah Sunday where he met with moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and with Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. In remarks following the talks with Mr. Abbas, Cheney said the U.S. is strongly committed to the establishment of a Palestinian state. However, he said Palestinian violence against Israel could doom any chance for a future Palestine.  切尼星期天前往西岸城市拉马拉,他在那里会见了温和派巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯和总理法耶兹。切尼会见阿巴斯以后表示,美国坚决致力于建立巴勒斯坦国。但是他也表示,巴勒斯坦人针对以色列的暴力活动可能破坏巴勒斯坦未来的机会。"Terror and rockets do not merely kill innocent civilians, they also kill the legitimate hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people," Cheney said. "A negotiated end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one that addresses the legitimate national claims of both peoples, would have limitless value. Years of mistrust and violence have achieved nothing, and the extremists who have stood in the way of a settlement have only caused grief and suffering for the Palestinian and Israeli peoples."  切尼说:“恐怖和火箭攻击不仅杀害无辜的平民,它们还扼杀巴勒斯坦人民合法的希望和渴望。通过谈判结束巴、以冲突,处理巴、以两个民族拥有合法国家的问题,这些都具有无限的价值。多年的猜忌和暴力没有任何结果,阻碍和平解决的极端分子只能给巴勒斯坦和以色列人民制造悲伤和痛苦。”In his remarks, Palestinian President Abbas condemned rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip that target towns in southern Israel. He also called on Israel to ease its restrictions on the Palestinians.  阿巴斯主席在讲话时谴责从加沙向以色列南部城镇发射的火箭攻击。他还呼吁以色列缓和对巴勒斯坦人的限制。Mr. Abbas says peace will not come to the Middle East as long as Israel continues to build settlements in the occupied West Bank and kills Palestinians in their own territory.  阿巴斯说:“只要以色列继续在它占领的西岸地区建造定居点,继续杀害在自己家园的巴勒斯坦人,中东就不会实现和平。Palestinian and Israeli negotiators have been holding a series of talks since late last year, aimed at reaching a peace agreement by the end of this year. However Palestinians say the talks have not resulted in any progress when it comes to stopping Israeli settlement building in the West Bank, or easing restrictions on Palestinians' freedom of movement.  自去年年底以来巴勒斯坦和以色列的谈判代表一直在举行一系列谈判。目的是在今年年底之前达成和平协议。但是巴勒斯坦人说,这些谈判在停止以色列在西岸建造定居点和放松巴勒斯坦人的自由旅行方面没有导致任何进展。Israel says Palestinians must do more to stop terrorism, including the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.  以色列表示,巴勒斯坦人必须采取更多行动,制止恐怖主义,包括制止来自加沙的火箭攻击。A spokesman for Hamas militants who control Gaza criticized Cheney's visit, saying it was designed only to offer support for Israel's actions against the Palestinians.  哈马斯激进组织目前控制着加沙。该组织发言人批评切尼的到访,说这次访问的目的是持以色列对巴勒斯坦人采取的行动。Hamas militants defeated Fatah forces loyal to Mr. Abbas last year, taking control of Gaza and effectively splitting the Palestinian territories in two.  去年哈马斯激进组织击败了忠于阿巴斯的法塔赫力量,控制了加沙地带,从而实际上把巴勒斯坦领土一分为二。Mr. Abbas says any reconciliation must be contingent upon Hamas agreeing to restore his authority in Gaza, something Hamas leaders have so far been unwilling to do.  阿巴斯表示,两大巴勒斯坦组织要和解,哈马斯必须同意恢复他本人在加沙的权威。到目前为止,哈马斯领导人还不愿这样作。Efforts to reconcile Palestinians appeared to take a step forward on Sunday when Hamas and Fatah representatives meeting in Yemen agreed to hold direct talks aimed at resolving their split.  星期天,化解巴勒斯坦两派之间争端的努力似乎取得一步进展,哈马斯和法塔赫的代表在也门会晤,双方同意举行直接谈判,以解决分歧。No date has been set for the talks, but the issue is expected to be on the agenda at the upcoming Arab summit in Damascus scheduled to take place at the end of March.  现在还没有为谈判设定日期,但是预计在即将在大马士革举行的阿拉伯峰会上将讨论这个问题。峰会计划在3月底举行。200803/31896

China Leaves Footprints in Space中国宇航员成功完成首次太空行走 A Chinese astronaut has made the historic first step in outer space for his country. With the successful spacewalk, China has become the third country, after the ed States and Russia, to do so.一名中国宇航员为中国向外太空迈出历史性的一步。翟志刚成功进行太空行走以后,中国成为继美国和俄罗斯之后的第三个进行太空行走的国家。Cheering erupted in the control room when Chinese astronaut Zhai Zhigang opened the hatch of the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft and went outside.中国宇航员翟志刚走出神舟7号轨道仓,进入太空的时候,地面的控制室里爆发出一片欢呼声。His emergence from the module was captured by cameras mounted on the outside of the space ship and broadcast live to millions of Chinese viewers.安装在航天器外部的录像机把翟志刚进入太空的场面记录下来,然后实况播放给地面上数以百万计的中国观众。Zhai, who became China's first-ever spacewalker, waved to the camera at this historic moment.刚刚成为中国太空行走第一人的翟志刚挥舞著中国国旗,他说,这是一个历史时刻。Zhai says he sends greetings to the Chinese people and all the people in the world. Shortly afterwards, his teammate handed him a Chinese national flag, which he also waved for the camera.Outside the craft, Zhai recovered a scientific experiment that official Chinese media said were solid lubricant samples. The ship also will release a satellite that will circle the orbiter and send back images to mission command.在航天器外面,翟志刚从太空中取回一个科学试验,中国官方媒体说,那是一些固体润滑材料。航天器将向太空投放一枚卫星,这枚卫星将环绕航天器飞行,向使命指挥中心发送图像。For his 20 minute spacewalk, Zhai wore a Chinese-made Feitian suit, which is being highlighted as the first indigenous space suit.翟志刚进行了20分钟太空行走,他身穿中国制造的飞天宇航,中国强调说,这是第一套中国自制的宇航。It cost nearly .5 million, has 10 layers and weighs about 120 kilograms. 成本高达近450万美元。这套宇航有10层,重量大约是120公斤。The Feitian is like a mini space ship. It provides pressurized atmosphere, oxygen and temperature control to keep astronauts alive in outer space, while still allowing them to carry out their tasks. The suit also protects wearers from radiation and small flying meteoroids.飞天宇航就象一个微型宇航器。它提供加压大气,氧气,还配有温度调节,能保持宇航员在太空中生存,同时完成他们的任务。宇航还保护宇航员免受幅射和微小的宇宙微粒的打击。One of the Shenzhou 7 astronauts, who did not actually exit the craft, wore a Russian-made Orlan space suit. Chinese authorities say Russian experts have been on hand to support the entire mission.神舟7号的另一名没有离开航天器的宇航员穿着俄罗斯制造的太空。中国当局说,俄罗斯专家在指挥中心准备随时协助持整个使命。Shenzhou 7 launched Thursday night from the western province of Gansu, and is due to land in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia Sunday. 神舟7号在星期四晚间从甘肃省发射升空,按计划将在星期天在内蒙古地区着陆。Official Chinese media report the country's ultimate goal is to build a permanent space laboratory and a larger-scale space engineering system. The chief designer of the Shenzhou spacecraft system, Zhang Bainan, is ed as saying China is planning to begin mass production of the spacecraft starting from the Shenzhou 8 mission.中国官方媒体报告说,中国的最终目标是建造一个永久的空间实验室,和一个大型太空工程系统。神舟飞船系列的主要设计师被引述说,中国计划从神舟8号开始批量制造太空飞行器。200809/50860

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