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As exciting as going to Mars will be, there is one future journey that is even more awe-inspiring, a trip through time. One of the most provocative science fiction ideas of all time is the notion of traveling through time itself. It may not be as far-fetched as you think. ;Time is only a kind of space. We can move forward and backward in time just as we can move forward and backward in space. To prove this theory, I invented a machine to travel through time. ; Dr Ron Mallet dreams of inventing the first actual time machine. Hes aly published radical new theories about life, space and time. Now, hes y to move his dream beyond science fiction.登录火星将是何等的振奋人心。未来的旅程是一次穿梭时空的旅行,这将会更加令人惊叹。历史上最刺激的科幻小说概念就是穿越时空。也许这并没有你想的那样遥不可及。“时间只是空间的一种。我们可以在空间里来回移动,同理我们也可以在时间里前后移动。为了明这一理论,我发明了一个时光机器。”罗恩· 马利特士梦想着成为发明真正的时光机器的第一人。他曾就生命和时空问题发表过极新式的理论。现在他正准备超越科幻小说,来实现这个梦想。;My father was a television repairman. And he loved electronics and he gave me a lot of inspirations by giving me scientific toys like gyroscope and crystal radio sets. He was 36 when he died. About a year after he died, I came across a book that changed everything for me. If I could go back in time, then I could see him again. ;Dr Mallet decided at that moment to become a physicist. He began studying black holes, quanta mechanics and the revolutionary ideas of Elbert Einstein.“我的父亲是电视机维修工人。他爱与电子产品打交道,他给我带来很多灵感,因为他总是给我买电子玩具,比如说陀螺仪和晶体收音机。他36岁时就去世了。他去世后一年,我读到一本改变我一生的书。如果我能回到过去的时间里,我就能再看见他了。”从这一刻起,罗恩· 马利特就立志成为一名物理学家。他开始研究黑洞,量子力学和爱因斯坦的革新思想。;Einstein said that time was something that could be changed. It wasnt something that was fixed. Normally we think of time as a straight line going from the past, the present to the future. If space is being twisted vigorously enough, then that time line will be twisted into a loop so we can go from the future back into the past.;“爱因斯坦说过,时间是可以改变的。时间不是固定的。一般我们认为时间是一条直线,从过去走到现在,再从现在走向未来。如果空间能被足够的外力扭曲,那么时间也能扭曲成圈,这样我们就能从未来回到过去。”According to Einstein, as you approach the speed of light, time slows down. If we can somehow go faster than light, time might reverse itself.根据爱因斯坦理论,当你接近光速运动时,时间就会慢下来。如果我们快于光速,时间就会倒流。原文译文属!201208/195916A study finds that air pollution is worse for the heart than the lungs. The American Heart Association published the findings in its magazine, Circulation. Researchers used information given by more than half-a-million adults. The information is from a continuing study by the American Cancer Society on cancer prevention. The study included people thirty and older living in cities where officials kept records on air pollution.一项研究发现,空气污染对心脏的危害比对肺部的危害更严重。美国心脏协会在其主办的杂志《循环》上刊登了这项发现。研究人员采用了50多万人的信息,这些信息来自于美国癌症协会对预防癌症的持续研究。这个研究调查了三十岁以上的人群,他们所在的城市有关于空气污染的官方记录。During the sixteen-year period, one in five of the people in the study died. The scientists found that heart disease caused about forty-five percent of the deaths. Only eight percent of the people died from diseases of the breathing system. The researchers compared the information with air pollution records from more than one-hundred-fifty cities. The scientists controlled for things that increase the risk of heart disease, like smoking and being overweight. Still, they found a stronger link between air pollution and heart disease than respiratory disease.在长达16年的研究期间,有五分之一的人死亡。研究人员发现其中45%的人死于心脏病。只有8%的人死于呼吸系统引发的疾病。研究人员还对比了150个城市的空气污染记录。科学家们排除了增加心脏病发病几率的其它控制因素,例如吸烟和体重超标。尽管如此,他们还是发现空气污染对心脏病的影响要比呼吸道疾病更大。原文译文属!201303/232450Wislawa Szymborska维斯瓦娃·希姆尔斯卡Wislawa Szymborska, poet, died on February 1st, aged 88维斯瓦娃·希姆尔斯卡,诗人,2月1日去世,享年88岁WHEN Wislawa Szymborska won the worlds top literary prize in 1996, her friends called it the “Nobel disaster”. This was not just because she had spent an uncomfortable night before the award ceremony in the bath: the bathroom was the only part of her quarters in a grand Stockholm hotel in which she could manage to turn on the light. Nor was it the “torture” she felt in having to make a speech—one of only three she had given in her life. The real disaster was the trauma of fame and fortune. It was years before she could publish another poem. Her fans delight in her Nobel prize was mixed with disappointment that it had rendered her mute.1996年维斯瓦娃·希姆尔斯卡荣获世界最顶级的诺贝尔文学奖时,她的朋友们管这事儿叫做“诺贝尔灾难”。在诺奖颁奖典礼前夜,她下榻在斯德哥尔大酒店,然而在这里她能打开的灯只有浴室的,结果她只好在浴室里度过了一个难捱的夜晚。灾难的原因还不止于此,发表演讲对她来说也是一种“折磨”,要知连带这一次,她的一生中也只做过三次演讲。然而真正的灾难却是名利的负累。获奖数年之后,她才发表了另一首诗篇。她的粉丝既为她的获奖而欣喜,又因她的获奖而有些失望,因为这使她变得沉默。Like many Poles who survived the war, Ms Szymborska ily accepted communism in early life, seeing it as a salvation for a ruined world. Early poems praised Lenin and young communists building a steel works. Later she blamed her own “foolishness, naivety and perhaps intellectual laziness”, but some found it hard to forgive her for signing a petition in 1953 backing a show trial of four priests.与许多在二战中活下来的波兰人一样,年轻的希姆尔斯卡欣然接受了共产主义,相信共产主义将把世界从废墟中拯救出来。她早年的诗篇歌颂了列宁和年轻的共产主义者们,描绘了他们建造钢铁厂的情景。虽说后来她责备了自己当时的“愚蠢、幼稚、也许还有一些思维上的惰性”,但有些人还是不能原谅她在1953年时的所作所为,当时她在一份持公开审判四名牧师的请愿书上签了名。Her ironic and individualistic spirit was ill fitted to the grey conformity of “peoples Poland”: the Nobel citation said she wrote with the ease of Mozart and the fury of Beethoven. Playful, subtle and haunting, her poetry could never be in harmony with the socialist realist style dictated by the countrys cultural commissars. She mocked their intolerance of dissent in a poem on pornography:她喜欢讽刺、崇尚个人主义的精神与“人民波兰”的死气沉沉和整齐划一格格不入:诺贝尔评委会说,她的诗有着莫扎特的恬然与贝多芬的愤怒。富有趣味、难以捉摸又耐人寻味,她的诗永远也无法与国家文化部政委指示要求的那种社会主义式的现实风格和平相处。她在一首关于色情文学的诗中嘲讽了波兰当局的党同伐异。Theres nothing more debauched than thinking.没有什么比思想更加放荡This sort of wantonness runs wild like a wind-borne weed on a plot laid out for daisies.这样的放纵犹如乘风的种子在即将雏菊盛开的野地之上肆无忌惮地奔狂Communism she likened to the abominable snowman—horrid and unreal—though she stayed in the party until 1966, hoping “to try to fix it all from the inside”. That, she said later, had been another delusion.她将共产主义比作喜马拉雅雪人,一样的可怕而不真实。虽然她直到1966年还仍然留在党内,希望“从党内修正”,但她后来说过,这又是一个不切实际的幻想。Ms Szymborska was 16 when Hitler and Stalin carved up Poland between them. “Old age was the privilege of rocks and trees,” she wrote. Although not a mainstream dissident, her poems distilled the essence of individual stubbornness in the face of what the party bosses said was historical inevitability.希姆尔斯卡16岁时,希特勒和斯大林瓜分了波兰。“长寿是石与树的特权。”她写道。面对瓜分,这被共党领袖称作的历史必然,即使她并非主流的异见分子,她的诗还是表现出个体不屈顽抗的本质。I believe in the refusal to take part.我相信拒绝不参与的权利I believe in the ruined career.我相信那已经被毁的事业I believe in the wasted years of work.我相信白费掉的多年苦工I believe in the secret taken to the grave.我相信被带入坟墓的秘密These words soar for me beyond all rules without seeking support from actual examples.这些告白为我展翅高飞,飞过一切的束缚,不必寻求实例的持My faith is strong, blind, and without foundation.我的信仰坚强、盲目、没有根据Scepticism was her watchword. She eschewed political causes; her fight was “against the bad poet who is prone to using too many words”. Her favourite phrase was “I dont know”. She told the Nobel audience: “Its small, but it flies on mighty wings. It expands our lives to include the spaces within us as well as those outer expanses in which our tiny Earth hangs suspended.” Without it, she said, Isaac Newton would have gobbled apples rather than pondering the force that makes them drop. Her compatriot Marie Sklodowska-Curie would have “wound up teaching chemistry at some private high school for young ladies from good families.”怀疑主义是她的口号。她远避政治;她的斗争是针对那些“会用词太多的差劲诗人”。她最喜欢的词组是“我不知道”。她在诺贝尔颁奖礼上对观众这样说,“怀疑是渺小的,但有着坚强的翅膀。它扩大了我们的生活,包括我们生存的空间,和我们渺小的地球悬挂在的外太空。”她说,没有它,艾萨克-牛顿当时也许只是狼吞虎咽地吃了那个苹果,而非思索是什么力量让苹果掉落下来。她的同胞玛丽-居里也许最后只是在某所私立女子贵族高中教化学。An accretion of answers的累加It was the same for poets. Each poem was a kind of answer, but as soon as the last full stop hit the page the result seemed inadequate. “So the poets keep on trying, and sooner or later the consecutive results of their self-dissatisfaction are clipped together with a giant paper clip by literary historians and called their ‘oeuvre.”对诗人也一样。每首诗都是一种,但落笔的最后一个句号也无法给出一个完满的。“所以诗人们在不断地尝试,或早或晚,由于自我的不满足而不断给出的会被文学历史学家用一个巨大的纸夹夹在一起,人们管这叠纸叫做他们的“毕生心血”。Her own output was slender in quantity and lean in style. For all her erudition, she did not come across as intimidatingly brainy (unlike some other Polish post-war poets). Schoolchildren learn her poems by heart, like this one about a bereaved pet.希姆尔斯卡一生所写的诗并不多,风格也较为单一。尽管她学多识,她并为给人一种聪明到可怕的感觉(这与一些其他的波兰战后诗人不同)。小学生背诵她的诗篇,例如这首诗,是关于一只死掉的宠物猫。Die—you cant do that to a cat.死亡——你不能对一只猫这样做Since what can a cat do你看,一只猫能做什么in an empty apartment?在一个空荡荡的公寓里Climb the walls?爬墙?Rub up against the furniture?跑到家具上?Nothing seems different here这儿似乎没什么不同but nothing is the same.但又没什么是相同的Nothings been moved没什么东西被搬走了but theres more space.但地方却变大了And at night-time no lamps are lit.而且到了夜晚,再无灯亮Invented words and syntactic tricks made some of her poems for Polish-speakers only. But her translators, chiefly Clare Cavanagh and Stanislaw Baranczak, did a fine job, particularly in the New Yorker, which has published 16 of the best.自造词和句法变化的把戏让她的一些诗只能被说波兰语的人欣赏。但她诗的译者,主要是Clare Cavanagh和Stanislaw Baranczak,却做得很好,特别是在《纽约客》上,这本杂志已经刊登了她最优秀的诗歌中的16篇。Her humour was mischievous: the lavatory seat in her Cracow flat was made of barbed wire encased in clear plastic. Asked why she had published so little—her entire canon was only some 400 poems—she replied gently that she had a waste-paper basket. Success left no dent in her reclusive modesty, and she would never claim that her external life was interesting. Imagine trying to make a film of a poets “hopelessly unphotogenic” life, she said: “Someone sits at a table or lies on a sofa while staring motionless at a wall or ceiling. Once in a while this person writes down seven lines, only to cross out one of them 15 minutes later, and then another hour passes, during which nothing happens Who…could stand to watch this kind of thing?”她的幽默带着恶作剧的性质:在她克拉科夫的公寓里,她抽水马桶的座板是由透明塑料包住的棘铁丝做成的。她发表的所有诗只有差不多400篇,当被问及为何如此之少时,她温和地回答道,这是因为她有一个废纸篓。成功并未对她隐士般的谦逊造成任何影响,而她也永远不会将她的物质生活称为有趣。当设想如果要拍摄一部影片,讲述一位诗人“极端无美感”的生活时,她说,“就是一个人坐在桌子边上,或者躺在沙发上,一动不动地盯着墙或是天花板。偶尔这个人写了七行诗,15分钟后就又划掉了其中的一行,一个小时后又划掉一行,在那之间其他什么事都没发生。谁会愿意去看这样的片子?”Who, indeed? But plenty and love the results of her self-imposed solitude.究竟谁会愿意看呢?不过她把孤独强加给自己后所作的作品,倒是不乏读者和欣赏者。201205/183068

And then, deep in the Crimea forest, the war comes to Freundlichs camp.然后,在克里米亚的密林里,战争来到了弗雷德里奇的营地。Freundlich suddenly sees some uniformed Russian officers come to his camp and asking him for his papers.弗雷德里奇突然看见一些穿制的俄罗斯军官来到他的营地,向他索要文件。Hearts starts going beat beat beat.心跳开始加速。Russians come over to see what they are doing and realize these are Germans with a telescope.俄国人过来看他们在做什么,并且意识到这些德国人带着望远镜。And they start tearing down his equipment.之后他们开始拆除设备。;Get off my equipment. I have to observe the eclipse.;“离我的设备远一点。我必须观察日食。”These are our possessions now.这是我们的财产了。Your country declared war on us.你的国家向我们宣战。You have nothing to say.;你没什么好说的。”They arrested them immediately.他们立即逮捕了他们。Theres no question asked and they are considered spies.毫无疑问,他们被认为是间谍。;Herr Freundlich, you are now a prisoner of war.; ;What?;“赫尔·弗雷德里奇,你现在已经是战俘了。“什么?”Campbell, an American, is neutral.而坎贝尔,作为美国人则保持中立。And the Russians allow them to continue to observe the eclipse.而俄国人允许他们继续观察日食。They have come all this way, spend all this money, survive the fact that war broke out and clouds ruin their plans, total failure.他们来到此地,花了这么多钱生存下来的事实却是战争爆发,云摧毁了他们的计划,彻底的失败。Not only does Campbell fail to get his photograph, but hes forced to abandon his state-of-the art equipment.坎贝尔不仅没有得到他的照片,而且他被迫放弃先进设备。Because hes an American, Campbell is not arrested. But he leaves for home a defeated man.因为他是个美国人,坎贝尔没有被逮捕。但是他却以失败者的身份返回家乡。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/180505

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