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盐城妇科检查多少钱盐城哪家医院治疗不孕不育最好盐城市中医院割包皮 You#39;ve finally finished the book your co-worker recommended, so what to next?你终于读完了同事推荐的那本书,接下来要读什么呢?If it is 5 a.m., chances are that you#39;re reaching for a romance novel -- especially if you#39;re in Texas or Georgia. By early morning, thrillers might start to look more appealing. And if Philip K. Dick is your favorite author, books about beer are probably more up your alley than anything about wine or liquor.如果当时是凌晨五点,你很可能会选一本言情小说――特别是如果你住在得克萨斯或佐治亚州的话。到了清晨,惊悚小说或许会开始显得更有吸引力。如果菲利普#12539;K.#12539;迪克(Philip K. Dick)是你最喜爱的作家,关于啤酒而非葡萄酒或烈酒的书籍可能更符合你的口味。These are some of the insights from Scribd Inc. and Oyster, two startups that offer unlimited e-book rentals for a monthly subscription fee. Scribd, Oyster and Entitle Books -- which just launched in December -- are tracking er behavior in hopes of churning out recommendations of exactly what you#39;ll want to pick up next.这些都是来自Scribd及Oyster公司的见解,这两家初创企业以按月付订阅费的模式提供无限量的电子书租阅务。这两家公司和刚刚在去年12月上线的Entitle Books都在跟踪读者的阅读行为,希望借此就读者接下来想选什么书做出精准的推荐。About 50% of the U.S. population owns a dedicated e-er, according to a Pew Research study released last month. In addition, 28% an e-book last year, up from 23% the previous year.皮尤研究中心(Pew Research)在1月份发布的研究指出,美国约有50%的人拥有一部专门的电子书阅读器。此外,去年有28%的人读过一本电子书,高于前年23%的比例。The services are expanding. Scribd, a San Francisco-based site that started selling monthly e-book subscriptions in October, announced Jan. 22 that its app is available on Amazon#39;s Kindle Fire and Kindle Paperwhite. After running exclusively on Apple#39;s operating system, New York-based Oyster plans to expand to Android later this year. And Entitle is considering adding an all-you-can- feature to complement its current #39;book of the month#39;-style subscription service.此类务还在逐步拓展。Scribd在1月22日宣布,该公司的应用可在亚马逊(Amazon)的Kindle Fire和Kindle Paperwhite上下载。这家总部位于旧金山的网站从去年10月开始推出按月付费的电子书订阅务。位于纽约的Oyster也计划在今年晚些时候扩展至Android系统,此前它的应用只能在苹果(Apple)的操作系统上运行。此外,Entitle还在考虑新增“所有你能读的书”(all-you-can-)这一功能,以补充其现有的“本月热门书籍”式的订阅务。Subscription services are popular because they #39;reduce the emotional burden#39; of purchasing, says Julie Haddon, Scribd vice president of marketing. Buying a book creates pressure to finish and get your money#39;s worth, she adds. In addition, people might try to save money by buying a cheaper book instead of the one they really want.Scribd营销副总裁朱莉#12539;哈登(Julie Haddon)指出,订阅务之所以大行其道,是因为它们可“减轻(买书的)精神负担”。她说,买书会造成带来压力,让人感觉必须把它读完才能物有所值。此外,人们可能会为了省钱而买一本比较便宜的书,而不是去买他们真正想读的书。The challenge is that the selection of books can be limited. Of the five main publishing houses, only HarperCollins books are available on all three services. Entitle also has a contract with Simon amp; Schuster. (HarperCollins is a subsidiary of News Corp., which also owns The Wall Street Journal.) The three also carry books from hundreds of smaller publishers.这三家公司面临的困难在于可供选择的租阅书数量有限。在美国五大主要出版社中,只有哈珀柯林斯(HarperCollins)的图书是上述这三家企业全都提供的。Entitle还与Simon amp; Schuster签订了合约。(哈珀柯林斯为新闻集团(News Corp.)的子公司,后者也是《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)的母公司。)这三家电子书租阅公司还提供来自数小出版社的图书。Brian Konash, 34, who works at Web startup Squarespace in Manhattan, joined Oyster two months ago because it didn#39;t cause the buyers#39; remorse he experienced when purchasing Kindle e-books. #39;You#39;ve aly paid for the service, so you can as much as you want,#39; he says. #39;With other models, there#39;s that little financial bite each time you want to buy a book and you worry that it#39;s going to be a dud.#39; Mr. Konash, who has been picking books based on the site#39;s suggestions, predicts he#39;ll up to 10 more books a year beyond his usual 25.今年34岁的布赖恩#12539;科纳什(Brian Konash)是曼哈顿网络初创企业Squarespace的职员,他在两个月前订阅了Oyster,因为它不会使他产生买家常有的懊悔感,而他在购买Kindle的电子书时就曾有过这样的感觉。他说:“你已经为这些务付费,所以你想读多少就能读多少。如果是其他模式的话,每次你想买本书都会有些经济上的小顾虑,而且你还会担心那本书会让你失望。”科纳什一直根据Oyster的建议挑选书籍,他预计自己一年的阅读量会比往常的25本最多可多出10本。An all-access subscription #39;lowers the activation energy for ing,#39; says Oyster CEO Eric Stromberg. Reading often has a high #39;activation energy#39; because there#39;s a time gap between wanting to a book and then actually getting your hands on it, he says. #39;When you can order a book and instantly get it on your tablet, you can hear about the book and then it right there,#39; says Willem van Lancker, Oyster#39;s chief product officer.Oyster的首席执行长埃里克#12539;斯特龙伯格(Eric Stromberg)称,无限量订阅“会减少激发阅读动力时所需的能量”。他说,阅读往往需要很强的“激发能量”,因为从你想读一本书到真的着手去读它之间有个时间差。该公司首席产品长威廉#12539;范朗克(Willem van Lancker)说:“如果你能在订了一本书后马上就能通过平板电脑收到,那么你可能刚刚听说一本书,就可以马上在平板上阅读。”#39;From the publishing perspective, the biggest problem is how to get people to care about a new book,#39; says Otis Chandler, CEO of Goods, a site where people share what they#39;re ing and post recommendations. Goods, which was acquired by Amazon in March, uses an algorithm that recommends books that users with similar taste have enjoyed.Goods首席执行长奥蒂斯#12539;钱德勒(Otis Chandler)指出:“从出版的角度看,最大的问题是如何让大家对一本新书产生兴趣。” Goods网站为人们分享并推荐自己所读书目提供平台,于去年3月被亚马逊收购。该网站利用某种算法来推荐喜好相似的用户都喜欢读的书。Oyster and Scribd ask ers to rate books, what they call an #39;active signal.#39; They also track #39;passive signals,#39; such as the percentage of a book that a er finishes and the click rate, or how many people who are shown a book click through to learn more. The companies use that information among other factors to recommend books.Oyster 与 Scribd会邀请读者给书评分,这被他们称为“主动信号”。他们还会跟踪“被动信号”,比如某本书被读者读完的比例和点击率,或者看到某本书的人中有多少会点击它去了解更多信息。这些企业就借助此类信息再结合其他因素来推荐图书。Active signals represent what we wish we , while passive signals are more honest, says Jared Friedman, Scribd chief technology officer. A lot of people give a 5-star rating to #39;The Great Gatsby,#39; while they devour, but don#39;t necessarily rate, thrillers like #39;The Da Vinci Code,#39; for example. (Scribd declined to discuss data on specific books.)Scribd首席技术长贾里德#12539;弗里德曼(Jared Friedman)称,主动信号代表我们希望自己去读的书,而被动信号则更为诚实。比如说,许多人会给《了不起的盖茨比》(The Great Gatsby)五星的评分,但他们在专心阅读诸如《达芬奇密码》(The Da Vinci Code)之类的惊悚小说时却不一定会给它们评分。(Scribd拒绝谈论有关具体书籍的数据。)Other findings: Self-help might be a popular market, yet only about 20% of people who start such a book finish it. More than 80% of people who crack the pages of a mystery novel will find out who did it.其他发现还包括:励志类书籍或许是个热门领域,但是选择此类图书的读者只有约20%的人会把它读完。阅读悬疑小说的读者有80%以上的人能解开谜底。People trudge through biographies at 20 pages per hour, while they at three times that speed for erotica. And higher #39;acceleration factor#39; -- or how much ers speed up as they get closer to finishing -- correlates with higher average rating for a book. One of the highest acceleration factors comes from Kurt Vonnegut#39;s #39;Cat#39;s Cradle,#39; which ers start speeding through at the halfway mark, Mr. Friedman says.人们阅读自传作品的速度仅为每小时20页,读色情作品的速度则是这个速度的三倍。较高的“加速因子”――即读者快要把书读完时的加速幅度――与书籍较高的平均评分有关。弗里德曼透露,库尔特#12539;冯内古特(Kurt Vonnegut)的《猫的摇篮》(Cat#39;s Cradle)是加速因子最高的作品之一,读者在读到一半时就开始加快阅读速度。All three companies allow users to hide their ing behavior from other customers, but users can#39;t opt out of their behavior being collected by the company itself. Entitle, however, says it keeps track of browsing and download information only.上述三家电子书租阅企业全都允许用户向其他用户隐藏自己的阅读行为,但他们无法选择不让这些公司收集他们的阅读行为。不过,Entitle称它只记录用户的浏览和下载信息。Personalized recommendations drive 10 times more browsing traffic than lists based on themes such as #39;globe-trotting memoirs#39; or #39;bad role models#39; that replicate racks at the front of bookstores, Scribd#39;s Mr. Friedman says. The company is interested in combining algorithms with lists to create a list of best sellers that someone would, based on past ing behavior, find interesting. Another possible approach is to suggest different books or genres depending on time of day to take advantage of what the company knows about time-based preferences.Scribd的弗里德曼称,与模仿实体书店的排行榜、按照“环游全球回忆录”或“坏榜样”等主题制定的榜单相比,个性化的推荐带来的浏览流量是前者的10倍。该公司有意将算法与排行榜结合在一起,制定一个根据读者以往阅读习惯判断可能会让他们感兴趣的畅销书排行榜。另一个可能的方法是,利用公司掌握的不同时段内读者阅读喜好的变化情况,在一天当中的不同时段推荐不同的书籍或体裁。At Wilmington, N.C.-based Entitle, the algorithm doesn#39;t just crunch behavior signals, but #39;s#39; through a book#39;s text to pull out different topics, genres and subjects, says Bryan Batten, chief executive of Entitle, which used to be known as eReatah Inc.Entitle首席执行长布赖恩#12539;巴滕(Bryan Batten)说,对该公司而言,算法不只是用以分析行为信号,还要“解读”整本书的文本来提取不同的话题、体裁和主题。Entitle的总部位于北卡罗来纳州的威明顿市(Wilmington),原名为eReatah。There#39;s also a patent-pending service called #39;if these books had a baby,#39; where users can input two books and find a third with similar themes. For example, the #39;baby#39; of Joseph Heller#39;s #39;Catch-22#39; and Leo Tolstoy#39;s #39;Anna Karenina#39; is Fyodor Dostoevsky#39;s #39;The Brothers Karamazov,#39; but the product of #39;Catch-22#39; and Walter Isaacson#39;s Steve Jobs biography is a book called #39;Dealers of Lightning,#39; about engineers at Xerox Corp.还有一项正在申请专利的务名为“假如这些书还有后代”(if these books had a baby),用户输入两本书的书名便可找到第三本主题相似的书。比如说,约瑟夫#12539;海勒(Joseph Heller)的《第二十二条军规》(CATCH-22)与列夫#12539;托尔斯泰(Leo Tolstoy)的《安娜#12539;卡列尼娜》(Anna Karenina)的“后代”就是费奥多尔#12539;陀思妥耶夫斯基(Fyodor Dostoevsky)的《卡拉马佐夫兄弟》(The Brothers Karamazov),而《第二十二条军规》与沃尔特#12539;艾萨克森(Walter Isaacson)的《乔布斯传》(Steve Jobs)的后代则是《创新未酬》(Dealers of Lightning),这本书讲述了施乐公司(Xerox Corp.)工程师们的故事。Entitle operates on a tiered model: two books for .99 a month (the most popular plan), three for .99, and so on. For customers, the upside is being able to keep the e-books, even if they cancel the service.Entitle采用了分级模式运营:每月付费9.99美元可读两本书(最受欢迎的方案),付费14.99美元则可读三本书等等。对消费者而言,好处是即使他们取消了务也能保留这些电子书。The services, of course, compete with the library. But libraries have had limited e-book offerings and there are often waits for the books. Robert Wolven, co-chair of the American Library Association#39;s Digital Content Working Group, says demand has increased significantly in the past 18 months. He says he doesn#39;t see the startups as a threat.当然,这些务与图书馆产生了竞争。图书馆可提供的电子书数量有限,而且往往需要等待才能拿到书。美国图书馆协会(American Library Association)数字内容工作小组(Digital Content Working Group)联席主席罗伯特#12539;沃尔温(Robert Wolven)称,过去18个月中读者的需求急剧增长。尽管如此,他认为那些初创公司并不构成威胁。While libraries#39; budget for e-books has been growing, licensing restrictions mean that popular titles often aren#39;t available, says Laura Girmscheid, research manager for the trade publication Library Journal, which recently released its fourth annual report on e-books in libraries. This, combined with holds on e-books, is the largest hurdle preventing people from using library e-books more.图书馆行业刊物《图书馆杂志》(Library Journal)的调研经理劳拉#12539;吉尔姆沙伊德(Laura Girmscheid)称,尽管图书馆的电子书预算一直在提高,但由于许可限制,他们常常拿不到热门书籍。这个因素,加上电子书的获取有延误,成为阻碍大家更多地利用图书馆电子书的最大障碍。#39;It#39;s just not convenient for instant access,#39; Ms. Girmscheid says.吉尔姆沙伊德说:“它不方便即时获取。” /201403/279309Lobster, long considered a luxury, is becoming a little more ordinary. 向来被视为奢侈享受的龙虾开始变得越来越普通了。Soaring supply and falling prices for whole live lobster, along with new food trends, are changing how people eat the crustacean -- perhaps for the long term. 整只活龙虾的供应量飙升,价格下跌,加上新兴的饮食潮流,导致人们食用这种甲壳类动物的习惯正在变化――也许会持续很长时间。Sandwich shop Quiznos, like other inexpensive chains, is adding more lobster dishes alongside its subs. Golden Corral, the buffet-style restaurants, has put lobster on the for the first time. Grocery stores from Whole Foods to Wal-Mart are stocking new lobster items such as frozen tails and cooked claws. 和其他平价连锁餐厅一样,三明治餐厅Quiznos正在加入越来越多的龙虾菜品。自助餐厅Golden Corral首次将龙虾加入了菜单。从全食超市(Whole Foods)到沃尔玛(Wal-Mart),许多超市都在采购冻虾尾和熟龙虾爪等龙虾新品。The most expensive restaurants are going beyond classic whole lobster or lobster tail and putting the crustacean in dishes such as pasta, soups and even chips. 最昂贵的餐厅在经典整虾或龙虾尾之外的菜品上下功夫,把龙虾加进了意大利面、汤甚至是薯条里头。It is rare dynamic in today#39;s food world: Supply of lobster is plentiful and pushing down prices. This comes at a time when rising commodity costs are boosting the price of foods like beef and coffee. And much of the most popular seafood is being severely overfished. The supply of North Atlantic lobsters has steadily climbed for over a decade. 这在如今的餐饮界是罕见的现象:龙虾的供应充足,压低了价格。此时正值大宗商品价格的升高提振了牛肉和咖啡等食品的价格。大多数受欢迎的海鲜品种也遭到严重的过度捕捞。北大西洋龙虾供应的稳步攀升已持续了10多年了。Supply is likely growing because of a combination of factors. Warming water in recent years may be boosting lobster population. Fishermen are following regulations that protect young and egg-bearing lobsters. And there has been a decline in recent decades of natural predators such as cod, which eat baby lobsters. 龙虾的供应不断增加可能源于多种因素的共同影响。近几年海水水温升高可能导致了龙虾数量的增多。渔民也在遵守保护小龙虾和产卵龙虾的规定。近几十年来,鳕鱼等捕食龙虾仔的天敌的数量也有所下降。Lobster fishermen groups in the U.S. and Canada, the main areas where lobster is caught for the American market, say retail prices have fallen. In the past two years, the average price that Maine fishermen are paid for whole live lobster has been under per pound, down from a high of .63 in 2005, according to the Maine Department of Marine Resources. 美国市场的龙虾主要来自美加地区。这两个国家捕捞龙虾的渔民组织表示,龙虾的零售价格有所下滑。据缅因州海洋资源部(Maine Department of Marine Resources)统计,过去两年中,缅因州渔民出售整只活龙虾的均价一直在每磅三美元以下,2005年时则高达4.63美元。Lobster prices can vary widely across the country. Many restaurants buy in bulk to lock in a good price. 龙虾价格在全美各地不同地区价格相差较大。许多餐厅均大批量采购,以锁定比较优惠的价格。#39;When you increase supply by 80% in five years,#39; it is hard for prices to keep up when consumer spending is weak, says Patrice McCarron, executive director of the Maine Lobstermen#39;s Association, which represent the state#39;s fishermen. 缅因州龙虾业者协会(Maine Lobstermen#39;s Association)执行理事帕特里斯#12539;麦卡伦(Patrice McCarron)说,“如果在五年内供应量增加80%”,到消费者出疲软的时候,价格就很难保持增长步伐。该协会是代表该州渔民的组织。There are signs lobster prices are beginning to inch up. In 2013, prices paid to Maine fishermen rose slightly to an average of .89 per pound from .69 per pound in 2012. The amount of lobsters caught started to level off. 有迹象表明龙虾价格开始上涨了。2013年,缅因州渔民出售龙虾的价格从2012年的平均每磅2.69美元升至平均每磅2.89美元。龙虾捕捞数量开始呈平稳状态。Inexpensive chain restaurants have jumped at the chance to add lobster#39;s premium image to their s. 平价连锁餐厅抓住机会将龙虾的“光辉”形象加入了菜单之中。Golden Corral bought 200,000 pounds of frozen lobster tails last August. It paid .79 per tail, or about a pound -- an approximately 20-year low for the restaurant, says Bob McDevitt, senior vice president of franchising for the 500-location Raleigh, N.C.-based chain. (By the time a restaurant buys lobster, its price has gone up as the supply chain can include wharf fees, a cut for dealers or wholesalers and processing-plant costs.) Golden Corral去年8月购入了20万磅冻虾尾。该连锁集团总部位于北卡罗来纳州罗利(Raleigh),在全美各地拥有500家店。集团高级副总裁鲍勃#12539;麦克德维特(Bob McDevitt)说,每只龙虾尾以3.79美元的价格购入,约每磅13美元――大概是他们20年来购入的最低价。(到餐厅购买龙虾的这一步时,价格就已经抬高一些了,因为要加上供应链环节的费用,包括码头费、经销商或批发商的分成以及工厂加工成本。)Golden Corral is now thawing the tails for a limited-time special, a common practice with tails served at inexpensive restaurants. (The tails have a 12-month frozen shelf life, Mr. McDevitt says.) The special is timed to lure diners after a cold winter that kept them eating at home, he says. At .99 a tail, the company isn#39;t making a profit on the special, but it is likely to boost sales of buffet dinners, he says. Golden Corral目前用冻虾尾做限时特价,这是平价餐厅的普遍做法。(麦克德维特说,这种虾尾的冷冻保存期为12个月。)他说,搞特价是为了吸引因为寒冬一直在家里吃饭的人。他说,每只虾尾售价3.99美元,餐厅并不盈利,但有可能会提振自助晚餐的销售。Among national chains, lobster appeared on 35% more s in 2013 compared with 2009, according to Datassential, a research and consultancy company based in Chicago. 据芝加哥菜单研究咨询公司Datassential统计,在全美的连锁餐厅中,2013年有龙虾的菜单较2009年多出了35%。At many high-end restaurants, classic whole lobster and tail dishes are seen as passe and therefore offered less #39;despite the price drop,#39; says Maeve Webster, senior director at Datassential. Instead, lobster rolls, lobster salad and lobster bisque are growing in popularity. Datassential高级总监梅芙#12539;韦伯斯特(Maeve Webster)说,在许多高档餐厅,经典的整只龙虾和虾尾菜品被认为已经过时,所以“尽管价格下降”,但餐厅的供应减少了。而龙虾卷、龙虾沙拉和龙虾浓汤则越来越受欢迎。When off-the-boat prices for lobster were plummeting about two years ago, Gramercy Tavern in New York switched to a lobster supplier who buys directly from Maine fishermen, reducing the restaurant#39;s cost per pound by about , says Howard Kalachnikoff, executive sous chef at the one-Michelin-star restaurant. Gramercy Tavern is buying lobster for .25 a pound, or comparable with the best cuts of beef, allowing chefs #39;a little bit more experimentation,#39; he says. 纽约米其林一星餐厅Gramercy Tavern行政副总厨霍华德#12539;卡拉奇尼科夫(Howard Kalachnikoff)说,两年前龙虾的下船价大幅下滑后,餐厅换了一个直接从缅因州渔民手里进货的龙虾供应商,每磅成本下降了约三美元。他说,Gramercy Tavern以每磅8.25美元的价格购买龙虾,与最好的牛肉价格相当,这样厨师们“就会有更多的实验空间”。Lobster is on the in a pappardelle, chorizo and mussels dish; in a salad with winter squash; as a base for sauce on a flounder, a wild rice dish; and incorporated into an airy chip served with lime aioli. 在该餐厅的菜单上,配有西班牙腊香肠和贻贝的宽意面中有龙虾,笋瓜沙拉中也有。在一道含菰米和比目鱼的菜品中,龙虾是酱汁的主料,配酸橙蒜泥蛋黄酱的薄薯片中也是以龙虾为原料的。The priciest restaurants #39;do not lower [ prices] when lobster gets cheaper,#39; says Jordan Elkin, president and founder of Homarus, which buys live lobster directly from Maine fishermen and sells to about 300 high-end restaurants in New York, including Gramercy Tavern. Those restaurants know diners will pay a premium for lobster, Mr. Elkin says. 龙虾供应公司Homarus总裁及创始人乔丹#12539;埃尔金(Jordan Elkin)说,最贵的餐厅“不会在龙虾降价的时候下调菜品价格”。该公司从缅因渔民手中直接购买活龙虾,为包括Gramercy Tavern在内的约300家高档纽约餐厅供货。他说,这些餐厅知道,食客愿意花高价吃龙虾。At L2O in Chicago, a seafood restaurant where the lowest-priced dinner is a prix fixe meal for 0 per person, lobster is now more often paired with pricey ingredients, says Matthew Kirkley, the restaurant#39;s chef. 在芝加哥海鲜餐厅L2O,价格最低的晚餐是每人140美元的一份套餐。餐厅主厨马修#12539;柯克利(Matthew Kirkley)说,现在龙虾更多地和昂贵的食材搭配在一起。#39;I#39;m serving sweetb and truffles with lobster,#39; because of his current a pound wholesale price (which doesn#39;t include overnight shipping by FedEx), says Mr. Kirkley. Usually pairing #39;0-a-pound black truffles#39; with pricey lobster in one dish would be cost prohibitive, he says. 柯克利说,“我们用小牛胰脏和松露配龙虾”,因为目前批发价是每磅八美元(还不包括联邦快递(FedEx)的隔夜送达运费)。他说,通常一道菜中用“600美元一磅的黑松露”搭配昂贵的龙虾就会导致成本过高。The lobster eaten most often in the U.S. is Homarus americanus, the only species with two large claws that is caught along the north Atlantic coast in Canada and the U.S. 美国最常食用的龙虾是美洲鳌龙虾,这是唯一一个拥有两个大钳子、在加拿大和美国的大西洋北海岸捕捞的品种。Because of differences in weather, fishing seasonsand fishing regulations, most hard-shell (and therefore easily shipped) live lobster is procured in Canada, while most soft-shell lobster (sold live in New England, but difficult to ship longer distances) is caught in the U.S. (A lobster has a hard shell before it molts and then grows a new soft shell.) 由于气候、捕捞季节和捕捞规定的差异,大多数硬壳(因此也就容易运输)活龙虾都是在加拿大捕捞,而大多数软壳龙虾(在新英格兰州鲜活售卖,但不易长距离运输)都在美国捕捞。(龙虾在脱壳前有一层硬壳,脱壳后会长出新的软壳。)A large amount of soft-shell lobster caught in New England is sent to processing plants in Canada, destined to become frozen tails or precooked knuckle and claw meat. 在新英格兰州捕捞的大量软壳龙虾都被送往加拿大的加工厂,被制作成冻虾尾或半成品的关节肉和钳肉。In summer, when fishing is easiest, New England is flooded with inexpensive live soft shell lobster that doesn#39;t make it to other parts of the country. 在捕捞最容易的夏季,新英格兰州有大量便宜的、不会被运往其他地区的软壳活龙虾。Canada#39;s lobster industry has faced supply levels that are #39;up about 50% in the last 10 years,#39; driving down prices, says Geoff Irvine, executive director of the Lobster Council of Canada, which represents buyers, shippers, processors and fishermen. 加拿大龙虾委员会(Lobster Council of Canada)执行理事杰夫#12539;欧文(Geoff Irvine)说,加拿大的龙虾产业供应水平大幅升高,“过去10年上涨了约50%”,导致了价格的下降。该委员会是代表龙虾购买商、运输商、加工商和渔民的机构。Whole Foods Market Inc. paid less for its frozen lobster tails last year, then dropped its price to shoppers, says a spokeswoman for the store, who declined to give specific pricing details. 全食超市发言人说,公司去年购买冻虾尾的价格有所下降,于是超市零售价也进行了下调。该发言人拒绝透露具体的定价情况。Wal-Mart in the past 12 months added three new lobster products, including a frozen lobster tail and cooked whole lobster, says a spokeswoman for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 沃尔玛发言人说,公司在过去12个月新增了三种龙虾产品,包括冻龙虾尾和整只熟龙虾。While it is unlikely to challenge home cooks#39; love of chicken as a quick, cheap, easy dinner, the lobster industry is trying by investing in new high-pressure machines to burst raw lobster meat from its shell into an easy-to-cook form. 尽管龙虾不大可能挑战普通家庭对快速价廉便捷的鸡肉的热爱,但龙虾产业正在努力。各公司纷纷引进新的高压设备,将龙虾肉从壳里剥离出来,加工成方便烹饪的形式。 /201404/284297盐城/市协和医院流产手术多少钱

盐城治疗精囊炎到哪家医院Diana Briske will never forget the day Snuggles attacked.62岁的戴安娜#12539;布瑞思克(Diana Briske)是明尼苏达州罗切斯特市(Rochester)的一位退休人士,她永远也不会忘记斯纳 丝(Snuggles)伤人的那一天。The calico cat was getting her regular evening petting when she suddenly bit into Ms. Briske#39;s right hand. The wound didn#39;t bleed, so Ms. Briske simply washed it out. The next morning, though, her hand was swollen and painful. She went to a doctor, who sent her directly to the emergency room.那天晚上,这只花斑猫在像平常一样接受主人爱抚的时候,突然咬住了戴安娜的右手。当时伤口并没有流血,所以戴安娜就简单用水冲洗了下。但到了第二天早上,她的手就又肿又痛。戴安娜去看了医生,医生直接把她送进了急诊室。Ms. Briske spent 10 days in the hospital, where surgeons repeatedly drained and cleaned the injury. #39;I never dreamed in a thousand years I#39;d need hand surgery#39; from a cat bite, said the 62-year-old retiree from Rochester, Minn.戴安娜在医院住了10天,那里的外科医生反复为她的伤口脓肿引流并进行清理。她说:“我这一辈子做梦也没想到,就因为被猫咬了一次,我竟然需要做手部手术。”A new study by researchers at the Mayo Clinic has found that of 193 patients who came in for cat bites on their hands over a three-year period, 30% had to be hospitalized for an average stay of 3.2 days. Most of those admitted, like Ms. Briske, needed their wounds surgically cleaned to eliminate infections, according to the study, published this month in the Journal of Hand Surgery.梅奥诊所(Mayo Clinic)研究人员进行的一项新研究发现,在三年的时间里,193名因手部被猫咬伤而前来就诊的病人中,有30%的人不得不住院治疗,其平均住院时间为3.2天。该研究论文于本月发表在《手外科杂志》(Journal of Hand Surgery)上,论文还称,大多数被收治的病人,如戴安娜,他们的伤口都需要手术清理以消除感染。#39;Cat bites can be very serious, and when you do get an infection, it can be very difficult to treat,#39; said Brian T. Carlsen, a Mayo surgeon who was an author of the study. That#39;s particularly true with a hand injury because of the structure of the tendons and joints, he said.该研究的一名作者、梅奥诊所的外科医生布莱恩#12539;T.卡尔森(Brian T. Carlsen)说:“被猫咬伤会非常严重,当你真的感染后,将会很难治疗。”他还说,如果是手部被咬伤,因为其肌腱和关节的结构,情况更是如此。An estimated 45.3 million U.S. households had cats in 2012, up from 38.4 million in 2006, according to the American Pet Products Association. Pets may reduce stress in, and lift the mood of, their owners, some studies suggest. But a growing body of research, in fields ranging from psychology to parasitology, points to possible health concerns.据美国宠物产品协会(American Pet Products Association)称,2006年,全美有3,840万户家庭养了猫,这一数据在2012年估计升至4,530万。一些研究表明,宠物可能会减少主人的压力并改善他们的情绪。但越来越多的研究――从心理学到寄生虫学领域――都指出了宠物可能带来的健康问题。Cats#39; sharp teeth often penetrate deeply, creating punctures that may not appear serious but can easily harbor bacteria that live in the animals#39; mouths. Cat bites represent around 10% to 15% of emergency-room visits tied to animal bites, according to the Mayo paper. Cat scratches can also cause infections, doctors say.猫的尖牙经常会深深穿透被咬对象,造成一些可能看似并不严重的伤口,但它们却易成为生长在动物口中那些细菌的温床。梅奥诊所那项研究的论文指出,在因动物咬伤而到急诊室就医的患者中,有10%到15%的人都是被猫咬伤的。医生们还称,被猫抓伤也会引起感染。Dogs are involved in a far larger percentage of bite-related emergency-room visits, but they tend to pose a different type of hazard. They will often create a bigger wound, but they don#39;t have the needlelike effect of cat bites that can plant bacteria deep in the flesh, doctors say.在因动物咬伤而到急诊室就医的病例中,被咬伤占的比例更大,远远超过猫伤,但一般会造成另一种类型的危险。医生们说,咬的地方常常会形成一个更大的伤口,但它们不会像猫咬那样具有针扎似的效果,后者会将细菌深深地“种入”肉体内。For reasons that aren#39;t clear, research has suggested a possible link between cat bites and human depression. David A. Hanauer, an associate professor at the University of Michigan Medical School, analyzed electronic health records of around 1.3 million patients seen by the university#39;s health system and found that 41% of those treated for cat bites were also diagnosed at some point with depression. #39;There definitely is an association there,#39; said Dr. Hanauer. But, he said, #39;we don#39;t know why,#39; and the link doesn#39;t necessarily imply causation. The research was published in August in PLOS ONE.研究已表明,在猫咬伤和人类抑郁之间可能存在着某种关联,其原因目前尚不清楚。密歇根大学医学院(University of Michigan Medical School)副教授大卫#12539;A.哈诺尔(David A. Hanauer)分析了由该校医疗卫生系统收治的约130万病患的电子健康记录,结果发现因为猫咬伤而就诊的病人中有41%的人也被诊断为患有某种程度上的抑郁症。哈诺尔士说:“这其中绝对存在著有某种关联。”但他也称,“我们不知道原因”,而且这种关联并不一定就意味着因果关系。这项研究的论文于去年8月份发表在《公共科学图书馆综合卷》(PLOS ONE)上。Cats also pick up parasites from the environment and can pass those along to people. Around 10% to 20% of people in the U.S. are infected with Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite cats can get from eating infected animals, such as rodents and birds, and then shed in their feces. It typically has little impact on healthy people. But it poses a danger to the fetuses of pregnant women, which can get a syndrome whose symptoms include blindness and mental disability, and to people with weakened immune systems, who may suffer central nervous system damage.猫还会从外界中带来一些寄生虫并将其传染给人类。在美国,大约有10%到20%的人都感染了刚地弓形虫。如果猫进食了遭受感染的动物――如啮齿动物与鸟,猫就会染上这种寄生虫,然后通过粪便排出。对健康的人群而言,这一般没什么影响。但它却会对妇肚子里的胎儿以及那些免疫系统功能低下的人群构成危险,前者会患上一种综合症,其症状包括失明与智障,而后者的中枢神经系统则可能会遭受损伤。A number of studies in recent years have suggested a possible association between toxoplasma infections and an increased risk of serious psychological issues in humans, including schizophrenia and suicidal behavior. #39;There#39;s moderate evidence#39; of a link, said Robert H. Yolken, a professor at Johns Hopkins University who co-wrote a 2012 analysis examining research on toxoplasma and schizophrenia. One possible reason is that the parasite might boost the presence of the chemical dopamine in the brain, he said. Also, he said, any potential impact is likely more significant if the infection occurs at a young age.近年来大量的研究已表明,在弓形虫感染与人类严重心理问题风险攀升――包括精神分裂症和自杀行为――两者之间可能存在着某种关联。约翰霍普金斯大学(Johns Hopkins University)教授罗伯特#12539;H.约肯(Robert H. Yolken)说,“目前有一些据”表明这种关联的存在。约肯于2012年与他人合着了一篇探讨弓形虫与精神分裂症研究的分析。他说,一个可能的原因是,寄生虫也许会增加大脑中化学物质多巴胺的分泌。他还称,如果感染发生在幼年期,任何潜在的影响都可能会更为显著。Animal experts say proper precautions should minimize health risks from owning a cat. #39;The presence of a cat in the house poses very little risk#39; for toxoplasma infection, said Jeffrey L. Jones, an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People shouldn#39;t get infected if they are careful with litter boxes and wash and thoroughly cook their own food.动物专家们称,适当的防护措施应该能将养猫的健康风险降至最低。美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)流行病学家杰弗里#12539;L.琼斯(Jeffrey L. Jones)说:“让一只猫在家里出没几乎不会形成(弓形虫感染)的风险。”如果人们能够小心地处理猫砂盆,并彻底清洗、煮熟他们自己的食物,就应该不会染上弓形虫。#39;If you practice good hygiene, you#39;ll be fine,#39; said Aaron Glatt, an infectious-disease specialist who is chief administrative officer at Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre, N.Y.纽约洛克维尔中心区(Rockville Centre)莫西医学中心(Mercy Medical Center)首席行政长、传染病学专家亚伦#12539;格拉特(Aaron Glatt)说:“如果你能践行良好的个人卫生习惯,就没有问题。”One possible health benefit of cat ownership: a #39;pet protective effect#39; against allergies and asthma, which has surfaced in some studies. Kids who grow up living with a cat appear #39;less likely to develop allergy#39; to the animals, which, like other allergies, can be a trigger for asthma, said Matthew S. Perzanowski, an associate professor at Columbia University#39;s Mailman School of Public Health.养猫可能带来的一个健康好处是:一种能够抵御过敏和哮喘的“宠物保护效应”,一些研究已经指出了这一效应。哥伦比亚大学梅尔曼公共卫生学院 (Columbia University#39;s Mailman School of Public Health)副教授马修#12539;S.帕札洛斯基(Matthew S. Perzanowski)说,那些和猫咪一起长大的孩子似乎“更不易对动物产生过敏”。动物跟其他过敏源一样,可能会引发哮喘。Humans can avoid other cat-related health problems by treating the animals properly to reduce the danger of attacks. For instance, if a cat shows signs of stress, such as putting its ears back, lashing its tail or crouching, people shouldn#39;t approach it and should make sure it doesn#39;t feel trapped, said Katie Lisnik, an official with the Humane Society of the ed States.通过正确对待猫咪来减少它们袭击的危险,人类能够避免其它与猫相关的健康问题。比如,美国人道协会(Humane Society of the ed States)官员凯蒂#12539;利斯尼克(Katie Lisnik)说,如果一只猫表现出遭受压力的迹象,如竖起耳朵向后折拢、摆动尾巴或蜷缩蹲伏,人们就不该接近它了,而且应该确保不要让它觉得自己陷入了困境。Indeed, Ida Lyke blames herself for the bite she got from her cat Sylvester. After she broke up his fight with another cat, Ms. Lyke, who lives in Claremont, Minn., and was also part of the Mayo study, tried to pick him up. He latched onto the bottom of her right hand. Ms. Lyke ended up in the hospital with a serious infection. Still, the 79-year-old kept Sylvester after the incident. #39;He was just a lovable kitty,#39; she said.的确如此,艾达#12539;莱克(Ida Lyke)就因为被自己的猫咪西尔维斯特(Sylvester)咬伤而感到自责。现居明尼苏达州克莱尔蒙特(Claremont)的莱克也曾参与梅奥诊所的那项研究。在莱克将打架斗殴的西尔维斯特与另外一只猫拉开以后,她试图将他抱起来,他却紧紧揪住了莱克的右手根部。莱克因而严重感染,最终不得不入院治疗。即便如此,这位79岁高龄的老人在此次事故之后还是养着这只猫。她说:“他只是一只招人怜爱的小猫咪。” /201403/278744响水县人民医院妇科专家 Neil Clark Warren has a bold ambition. He wants “people to have a job they love and a marriage they wouldn’t change for anything”. For the 79-year-old founder and chief executive of dating site eHarmony now wants to match job hunters with employers.尼尔#8226;克拉克#8226;沃伦(Neil Clark Warren)有一个大胆的愿望。他希望“人们拥有一份自己热爱的工作和一段他们拿什么也不会去换的婚姻”。这位80岁的交友网站eHarmony创始人和首席执行官,现在希望实现求职者与雇主的配对。The dating marketplace is crowded. Online dating, once stigmatised, is now mainstream.交友市场已经饱和。曾背负骂名的在线交友正变成主流。Eharmony, founded in 2000, today competes with niche sites catering for users from vegetarians to Ayn Rand fans, as well as social media and apps such as Tinder. Though Dr Warren patently sees his site, which claims to have been responsible for 600,000 marriages, as a cut above those facilitating mere hookups. “Tinder and eHarmony are in two different businesses. Tinder is very superficial; it’s based on looks.”Eharmony创建于2000年,如今与其竞争的是一些专门务于各类细分用户(从素食主义者到艾恩#8226;兰德(Ayn Rand)的粉丝)的网站以及社交媒体和Tinder等应用。然而,沃伦士显然认为自己的网站优于那些只是安排约会的网站。该网站声称促成了60万桩婚姻。“Tinder和eHarmony处于两种不同的业务。Tinder非常肤浅;它基于外表。”Dr Warren wants to broaden eHarmony’s appeal and become a “relationship company”. Not just making love and job matches but also fixing retirees up with advisers and the isolated with friends. He sees loneliness as one of the biggest problems in modern society. Technology, he concedes, is a double-edged sword, both contributing to and combating isolation.沃伦士希望拓宽eHarmony的吸引力,使其变成一家“关系公司”。不仅撮合爱情和工作,还会帮助退休人士与顾问、孤独人群与朋友牵线。他将孤独视为现代社会的最大问题之一。他承认,科技是一把双刃剑,既导致了孤独,也能被用来战胜孤独。But first he is going after the jobs giants, LinkedIn and Monster. In December eHarmony’s subsidiary Elevated Careers will launch in the US. Dr Warren believes there is an untapped market of unfulfilled professionals. “Over 70 per cent of employees identify themselves as not engaged or actively disengaged from their jobs. We think we can reduce the amount of turnover and raise the level of productivity for companies by matching candidates with the right job, in the right career, with the right company.” He insists he can counter the modern career pattern of serial jobs in multiple companies and turn employees monogamous.然而,首先他要效仿那些猎头巨擘LinkedIn和Monster。今年12月,eHarmony的子公司Elevated Careers将在美国创建。沃伦认为,怀才不遇的专业人士市场尚未被开发。“超过70%的员工认为自己没有投入到工作中或者根本无心工作。我们认为,我们可以通过帮助求职者找到合适的工作、合适的职业、乃至合适的公司,来降低企业的流动率并提高生产率。”他坚持表示,他能够应对现代职场中连续跳槽、供职于多家公司的模式,让员工对企业忠诚。The fallout of those who flit from job to job is far-reaching, he says. His wife’s father, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, moved jobs 17 times. “That has an impact”, he says. “When a person is unhappy at their job#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;it affects their home life, their marriage, their personal relationships, their relationships with their co-workers#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;[It has] a negative effect on the productivity of the organisations for which they are working.”他表示,员工不断跳槽的影响深远。他的岳父、一位麻省理工学院(MIT)毕业生换了17份工作。“这是有影响的,”他表示,“如果人们对工作不满……这会影响他们的家庭生活、婚姻、私人关系、与同事的关系……(这)会对他们所在企业的生产率造成负面影响。”So for the past two years he has set social scientists and technology employees to work on the criteriaand algorithms that will help employees and employers find “the one”. The dating site asks subscribers to answer about 150 questions to help identify values and personality. So Dr Warren envisages a questionnaire to unearth a candidate’s skills, expectation of culture and personality.因此,过去两年,他聘请社会学专家和科技员工开始研究相关标准和算法,帮助员工和雇主找到匹配的“另一半”。该交友网站要求用户回答约150个问题,以帮助确定他们的价值观和性格。因此,沃伦士设计了一份问卷,透视求职者的技能、文化预期和个性。Few recruiters do well on matching an employee with a company culture, he says. “The majority of the workforce change jobs for reasons directly related to company culture. It is imperative we bring candidates verifiable company-culture data that matches to their core work values so they can find the best possible opportunities to experience a meaningful and emotional connection with their work.” The details of such data remain secret.他表示,招聘机构一般做不到让员工与企业文化匹配。“大多数员工换工作的原因与企业文化直接有关。我们必须为求职者提供能够符合他们的核心工作价值观的可以查的企业文化数据,这样他们就能找到最佳可能的机会,与自己的工作产生有意义的、情感上的联系。”这些数据的具体细节仍是机密。Dr Warren knows about being faithful to one career. He worked as a relationship psychologist for 40 years before setting up eHarmony. Originally from a small town in Iowa, he went to a school attended by only 17 pupils. He was the only child in his class. “I came both first and last,” he jokes. His father was a “true entrepreneur” who, says Dr Warren, “owned the town”.沃伦懂得对一项事业忠诚。他在创建eHarmony之前,做了40年的婚恋心理学家。他来自爱荷华州的一个小镇,他所在的小学只有17个学生。他们班只有他一名学生。他开玩笑说“我既是第一个到,也是最后一个到。”他的父亲是一位“真正的企业家”,沃伦表示,他“是这个小镇的所有者”。Dr Warren’s brother-in-law took an interest in him as a teenager and encouraged his intellectual curiosity – no one else in his family had been to university. He studied at Princeton Theological Seminary before doing a PhD in clinical psychology at the University of Chicago.沃伦的夫在他十几岁时对他产生了兴趣,鼓励他对知识的好奇——他家里其他人都没上过大学。他先是在普林斯顿神学院(Princeton Theological Seminary)攻读,而后在芝加哥大学(University of Chicago)获得临床心理学士学位。His interest in relationships came from his Christian beliefs but also a sense that despite their 70-year marriage, his parents were incompatible. “My father was brilliant, very vital. He liked to talk about big things like the Middle East but my mother couldn’t keep up with him. They didn’t talk about much.”他对婚恋的兴趣来自于他的基督教信仰,也来自他的人生经历。他的父母尽管结婚70载,但并不相配。“我父亲聪明,非常有活力。他喜欢讨论大事,比如中东问题,但我母亲跟不上他。他们交流不多。”He says the relationship still worked very well for their children: “They never said anything sarcastic to each other.” But his parents’ example instilled in him the belief that a “long marriage is not necessarily a great marriage”.他表示,对于子女而言,他们的关系仍非常不错:“他们从不互相挖苦。”但父母的例子让他深信:“长久的婚姻不一定是美满的婚姻”。So Dr Warren set up as a marriage counsellor, seeing more than 7,700 people over the decades. The counselling only confirmed his convictions that divorce was due to incompatibility that should have been evident before the wedding. “I thought people had found the wrong person. They had never received any training about who they should meet.”于是,沃伦成为了一名婚姻顾问,几十年来有超过7700人向他咨询。辅导工作强化了他的信念:导致离婚的不和谐因素本应在结婚前就显而易见。“我认为,人们往往找错对象。他们从来没有接受过任何培训,告诉他们应该找什么样的另一半。”Pre-marital counselling did not seem to work. “I never had one couple cancel their wedding as a result.” He recalls one session in which the man told his fiancée: “Nothing this man says will stop me marrying you.”婚前咨询似乎不管用。“从来没有一对情侣因为咨询过我而取消婚礼。”他记得在一次咨询中,一位男子告诉他的未婚妻:“这个男人说的任何话都不会阻止我娶你。”It was this that set him – together with his son-in-law – on the idea of matchmaking online. Dr Warren had also reached a point in his career when his work had become “samey”. Despite diversifying into writing relationship books and running seminars, he craved stimulation. So in 2000, just before the dotcom bubble burst, the pair managed to raise .5m funding.正是这一点让他(以及他的女婿)产生了在线做媒的想法。当时沃伦的事业也到了“单调乏味”的时刻。尽管他会撰写有关婚恋的书籍,还举办研讨会,但他渴望刺激。于是,在2000年,就在网络泡沫破裂之前,两人成功筹集到了250万美元资金。It was difficult to find subscribers at the start, he says, because internet dating was relatively new. The first users tended to be those living in sparsely populated areas so there were a lot of long-distance relationships. But gradually, the California-based site grew.他说道,一开始很难找到用户,因为当时互联网交友还是一个相对新鲜的事物。首批用户往往是那些居住在人口稀少地区的人,因此有很多异地恋。但逐渐地,这个以加州为大本营的网站开始壮大。In 2007 he stood down from the privately owned company and moved to Maine with his wife to enjoy their 30-acre grounds, complete with golf course, swimming pool and tennis courts. Despite trying to stay active, he got bored, and, convinced that his company had lost its way, returned as chief executive.2007年,他从这家私人所有的企业退下来,与妻子搬到缅因州,享受30英亩的田园空间,包括高尔夫球场、游泳池以及网球场。尽管他努力保持活跃,但他还是感到了厌倦,他认为他的公司迷失了方向,于是回去重新出任首席执行官。During retirement he a lot of books about comeback kings such as Starbucks’ Howard Schultz and Steve Jobs. He felt “glad to have a chance to run the company as he wanted it”. In doing so he cut his staff from 320 to 190 and says the reorganisation is aligned with his views on job-matching. “We matched people with the right jobs in our own company.”退休期间,他阅读了很多有关王者归来的图书,例如星巴克(Starbucks)的霍华德#8226;舒尔茨(Howard Schultz)以及史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)。他“很高兴有机会按照自己的意愿来管理这家公司”。在此过程中,他将员工从320人裁减至190人,他表示,重组与他有关工作配对的想法是一致的。“我们在自己的公司实现了员工与合适职位的匹配。”Dr Warren also believes he has made his “peace with same-sex relationships” after the company created a partner website for gay singles, called Compatible Partners, as a result of court cases that said eHarmony violated discrimination laws upholding equal rights regardless of sexual orientation. “We welcome everybody,” he says.沃伦士还认为,他与“同性婚恋讲和了”,此前该公司为单身同性恋者创办了一个同志交友网站,名为Compatible Partners,这源于一些法庭诉讼,这些诉讼称,eHarmony违反了反歧视法,这些法律持不同性取向的人士拥有平等权利。他表示:“我们欢迎所有人。”Can the 79-year-old grandfather keep on working? “I don’t think I’ll ever retire. I was bored in retirement.” He hopes, however, that the company’s chief operating officer will take over when that day eventually comes. “He’s a verb and I’m a noun.” What does he mean? “I’m more of a visionary and he’s more of a do-er.”这位80岁的祖父还能继续工作吗?“我认为我永远不会退休。我厌倦退休。”然而,他希望,当那一天最终到来时,公司的首席运营官将接替他。“他是动词,我是名词。什么意思?“我在更大程度上是一位梦想家,而他在更大程度上是一位实干者。” /201410/337059盐城/市城南新区宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的

盐城市第三人民医院治疗阴道炎多少钱Elizabeth has had enough of life as a City lawyer. Now, in her mid-thirties, she has decided to change careers. “Life is short,” she says, wincing at the cliché.伊丽莎白(Elizabeth)受够了在伦敦金融城当律师的工作,年届35岁的她决定转行。为此她颇为感慨地说了一句老掉牙的话:“人生短暂!”As the first person in her family to make it to university, Elizabeth – who does not want to use her real name – had felt obliged to follow through with a sensible profession. Her twenties were consumed by office all-nighters, finding her way and proving herself. When she hit her thirties, while the hours continued to be punishing, she felt able to lift her nose from the grindstone and evaluate her career. “I am not as engaged in my work as my peers,” she reflects. To make partner she would have to crank up her commitment – and she just cannot bear to do that. So in her spare time she studies psychology, in anticipation of switching professional tracks.作为家里第一个上大学的孩子,伊丽莎白(她不希望用自己的真名)感到有必要从事一份“现实”的职业。在20岁到30岁这段时期,她经常加夜班,兢兢业业地工作,努力明自己的能力。步入而立之年后,虽然工作依然忙碌,但她觉得可以缓一口气,评估一下自己的职业。她若有所思地说道:“我不像其他同事那样投入工作了。”如果她想成为合伙人,就要更加拼命,而她就是受不了这么拼命。因此她在闲暇时间学习心理学,期待有朝一日能够转行。She admits to feelings that border on depression but views them as a “productive indication” that she no longer wants to be a lawyer and desires a job with “more meaning”. A “midlife crisis” is how she views it.她承认自己濒临抑郁,但认为这样的情绪是“有益的暗示”,表明自己不想再当律师了,而是想要一份“更有意义”的工作。她认为这是一种“中年危机”。“Midlife crisis” is not a clinical disorder. However, Dr Michael Sinclair, a consultant psychologist based in the City, has observed increasing numbers of thirtysomethings experiencing profound anxiety about their career choices and lives. “These are problems more commonly associated with people in their mid-forties thinking about mortality. They are coming out of recession, a period of being single-minded. They are burnt out and asking ‘what’s the point of work?’”“中年危机”并非一种临床上的疾病。然而,在伦敦金融城工作的咨询心理学家迈克尔#8226;辛克莱士(Dr Michael Sinclair)发现,在30多岁这个群体中,越来越多的人对自己的职业选择和生活深感焦虑。“这些问题在45岁左右的人身上更为常见,这个年龄的人会思考人必有一死这样的问题。人们刚刚经历了经济衰退——那是一个必须老老实实工作的时期。现在他们感到疲倦不堪,自问‘工作的意义是什么?’”Louise Matthews, a work and lifestyle blogger and former personal assistant in recruitment and insurance, believes that the “midlife crisis is beginning earlier these days”. She suggests it could be “because we have too much choice and information coming”, which can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction but also paralysis. “It can be pretty overwhelming.”经常写有关工作与生活的客、曾在招聘和保险行当做过个人助理的路易斯#8226;马修斯(Louise Matthews)认为,“如今中年危机开始得更早了”。她表示,这可能是“因为我们有太多的选择和信息”,从而导致不满足感,但同时也让人麻木。“它可能会把人压垮。”The notion of a midlife crisis, is contentious. Coined in 1965 by Elliot Jaques, a psychologist, he described it as “the adult encounter with the conception of life to be lived in the setting of an approaching personal death”. In popular mythology it is generally characterised by fortysomething men swapping families and jobs for sports cars, hair plugs and young girlfriends – all rather silly.“中年危机”的概念存在争议。心理学家埃利奥特#8226;雅克(Elliot Jaques)在1965年发明了这个词,他将其描述为“成年人遇到了人生的概念,人生就是个体在不断接近的死亡到来前度过的那段时间”。按照流行的观念,它通常的特征是四十多岁的人不惜牺牲家庭和工作来换取跑车、植发和年轻女友——都是相当愚蠢的事。However, research published earlier this year found an average midlife dip in happiness – or subjective wellbeing as it is described by economists – happened between 40 and 42. Professor Nattavudh Powdthavee, co-author of the longitudinal research across three countries, says this confirms previous studies that show a hill-shape relationship between age and the use of antidepressants. It builds on research, published in 2012, that found chimpanzees and orang-utans also experience a U-shape in happiness (as reported by zookeepers rather than the apes themselves). Prof Powdthavee says this suggests there could be biological explanations behind the midlife nadir. He sees this as a reason to be optimistic. “When you know this, you can go through the period thinking at some point it will get better.”然而,今年早些时候发表的研究结果显示,中年人幸福感——或者说是经济学家所称的“主观幸福感”(subjective well-being)——下降一般发生在40岁到42岁之间。纳塔武#8226;鲍德塔威(Nattavudh Powdthavee)表示,这实了以前的研究结果,即年龄与抗抑郁药的使用存在“山型曲线”的关系。鲍德塔威与人合作在3个国家开展了这项纵向研究,该研究基于2012年发表的一项研究结果,即黑猩猩和猩猩的幸福感也经历了U型曲线(这是由动物管理员而不是猩猩自己报告的)。鲍德塔威表示,这表明中年低谷背后可能有生物学上的原因。他认为这个发现给了人们乐观的理由。“当你知道这一点的时候,你就可以想,总有一天会好起来的,从而安然度过这一时期。”Mid-life crises can manifest themselves in different ways. “It is a transitionary phase,” says Dr Derek Milne, a psychologist from Newcastle University and author of Coping With a Mid-Life Crisis. “It can be intermittent or express itself as vague disquiet.”中年危机可能有不同的表现形式。英国纽卡斯尔大学(Newcastle University)的心理学家德里克#8226;米尔恩士(Dr Derek Milne)表示:“这是一个过渡阶段。它可能是间歇性的,或者表现为隐约的心神不宁。”米尔恩士著有《如何应对中年危机》(Coping With a Mid-Life Crisis)一书。Dr Hannes Schwandt of Princeton University believes midlife, unlike infancy and old age, is under-researched. Last year, he published research focused on “unmet expectations”. It found the young are optimistic – perhaps even “over-optimistic” – while those in their forties and fifties feel regret, before making their peace in older age. “Perhaps people in middle age can learn from the elderly who feel less regret and have adapted,” he suggests.普林斯顿大学(Princeton University)的汉内斯#8226;施万特士(Dr Hannes Schwandt)认为,与针对儿童和老年人的研究不同,有关中年的研究明显不足。去年他发表了关于“未实现的期望”的研究报告。该报告发现,年轻人很乐观——甚至是“过度乐观”——而四五十岁的人总是抱有遗憾,然后再老一些才会内心平和。他表示:“或许中年人可以向那些不再怀有强烈遗憾心理、已经适应现实的老年人学习。”The fallout from midlife malaise might make people less productive, notes Dr Schwandt. Employers might therefore want to take note. “It could improve peoples’ wellbeing if we acknowledged the problem,” he says.施万特士指出,中年危机的影响可能导致人们的劳动效率下降。为此雇主可能会重视这个问题。他说:“如果我们承认这个问题,就有可能提高人们的幸福感。”Jodie Rogers, a careers coach, says work is a source of crisis for her middle-aged clients. “They ask themselves what legacy they are leaving behind. They start to feel bad about feeling discontented. They have a job and pay cheque, they don’t know if they have the right to seek more. There is a real tug of war between the feeling they should be satisfied with their life and wanting to do something more meaningful.”职业指导顾问乔迪#8226;罗杰斯(Jodie Rogers)表示,对她的那些中年客户来说,工作是一个危机感的源头。“他们问自己能给后世留下什么。这种不满足感开始让他们感到不安。他们有工作,有薪水,但不知道是否有权寻求更多。他们左右为难,不知道是应该安于现状,还是应该做一些更有意义的事情。”Paul Dolan, professor of behavioural science at the London School of Economics, and author of Happiness by Design, believes we need a mix of purpose and pleasure in order to feel truly happy. In a forthcoming paper, he argues that much of the economic literature on midlife crises focuses on our evaluations of what makes us happy rather than our actual experiences. In other words, the stories we tell ourselves about what makes us happy – that a prestigious job is good – even if our day-to-day experience of the work makes us miserable.伦敦政治经济学院(LSE)的行为科学教授保罗#8226;多兰(Paul Dolan)著有《设计幸福》(Happiness by Design)一书,他认为,要真正感到幸福,我们既要怀着目标,也要保持心情愉悦。他在一篇即将发表的论文中提出,许多关于中年危机的经济学文献聚焦于我们自认为的幸福理由,而不是我们实际的体验。比如说,我们告诉自己,体面的工作让我们感到幸福,即便实际上我们的日常工作让我们感到痛苦。Other experts, however, dismiss any connection between age and crisis. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, sees age as a “social construct, highly dependent on the individual”. The attraction of seeing midlife as a period prone to crisis, she says is akin to horoscopes: “It gives you certainty. It gives an excuse and an expectation.”然而,有些专家对年龄和危机存在联系的说法不以为然。马萨诸塞大学阿默斯特分校(University of Massachusetts Amherst)的苏珊#8226;克劳斯#8226;惠特伯恩(Susan Krauss Whitbourne)教授认为,年龄是一种“社会建构,在很大程度上取决于个人”。她表示,认为中年容易出现危机的说法具有像星座学说一样的吸引力:“它带给你确定感,提供一种借口,一种预期。”She does, however, think that today, more people want to express their true sense of self in their job.然而,惠特伯恩也认为,如今更多的人希望在工作中展现对自我的真实感知。Elizabeth agrees – she says her parents are baffled by her career dissatisfaction: “They say it is a luxury of my generation. They never thought of enjoying their careers – they just got on with it.”伊丽莎白对此表示赞同,她说,父母不理解自己为何对职业感到不满:“他们说,职业满足感是我们这代人的奢侈品。他们从未想过在职业上获得享受,他们只是按部就班地工作。”Many people, says Prof Whitbourne, fantasise about dramatically quitting their jobs. But, she says, “it is better to make baby steps towards a change”.惠特伯恩表示,许多人幻想着突然辞职。但她表示,“一点一点地做出改变会更好”。Dr Sinclair agrees: “People can be too goal-focused. They have ticked off making money and career goals, and wonder what next?” He helps them to understand life is not about ticking off their goals but living by their values. Rather than resign, they may find that making small changes in their jobs, for example collaborating with colleagues or mentoring a junior employee, can make work feel more meaningful.辛克莱对此表示赞同:“人们可能过于看重目标,在完成赚钱和职业方面的目标后,他们不知道下一个目标是什么?”辛克莱帮助人们明白,人生的意义不在于完成一堆目标,而是要活出价值来。与其辞职,还不如在工作中做出小改变,比如与同事合作或者指导初级员工,这可能让人觉得工作更有意义。 /201409/332008 As the creative director of the French children’s clothing company Bonpoint, Christine Innamorato spends a lot of time thinking about fashion. But interior design, she said, deserves just as much attention.作为法国童装品牌邦布朗(Bonpoint,法国顶级童装奢侈品牌——译注)的创意总监,克丽丝汀·那莫瑞图(Christine Innamorato)把大把的时间花费在了思考时尚这件事上。但是室内设计也值得同等的关注,她说。If you’re trying to create a happy, comforting environment, “the decoration of a child’s room is very important,” said Ms. Innamorato, 48, speaking through an interpreter. That’s why her company has a dedicated team of antiques shoppers to furnish its 110 stores around the world, she said. In fact, she added, “When we show a nice dress in an armoire, sometimes the moms just want to buy the armoire.”如果你想要打造一个快乐、舒适的环境,“儿童房的装修非常重要。”48岁的那莫瑞图通过翻译这样表示。这就是为什么她的公司里有一专业的古董买手团队,为全球110家店面布置家具,她说。事实上,她补充道:“当我们在一个大衣柜里展示一件漂亮裙子时,有时妈妈们只想要买那个衣柜。”But beyond furniture, “the quality of light is very important, and makes a big difference,” she said. “It has to be warm and cozy. It’s all about good energy.”除家具之外,“灯光的质量也非常重要,而且真是会大不一样,”她说,“灯光必须温暖舒适,给人好的感觉。”In New York for the opening of a new Bonpoint store in SoHo, Ms. Innamorato took time out to shop for the most comforting sort of lighting: night lights.在纽约,邦布朗要在SoHo开一家新店,那莫瑞图花时间实地勘察了店面,找到最舒适的一种布光:夜灯。At the Schoolhouse Electric amp; Supply Co. showroom in TriBeCa, she admired the Ion C-Series lamps in the window: bare bulbs with exposed filaments on brightly colored bases.在位于翠贝卡区(TriBeCa)的Schoolhouse Electric amp; Supply Co.,她对橱窗里的离子C系列(Ion C-Series)灯具喜爱有加:裸灯泡和暴露在外的灯丝,拧在色鲜艳、五颜六色的基座上。“The light is just soft enough for a child’s night light, but it would also be good for an adult,” she said. “I would use a number of them together.”“作为孩子的夜灯,这种光线足够柔和,但对于一个成年人来说也很好,”她说,“我想要把它们好几个放在一起用。”At Babesta, she studied a large, playful lamp modeled on the cartoon character Miffy. “It’s funny, but it’s also comforting,” she said of the bunny-shaped form.在巴贝斯通(Babesta,一家纽约童装店——译注),她看到一座好玩的巨大台灯,是以卡通形象米菲(Miffy)为原型制作的。“它非常有趣,光线也很舒适,”她如此评价这只兔子造型的灯具。And because it was so much bigger than the average night light, she added, “You could put it on the floor or on a table next to the bed.”因为这款灯比其它夜灯大得多,她补充道,“你可以把它放在地板上,或者床边的桌子上。”She also liked the GummiLights by Jellio, battery-powered lamps made to look like oversize gummy bears.她还喜欢Jellio设计的GummiLights这款灯,是靠电池供电的,造型像超大尺寸的小熊软糖。Candy for the eyes, she called them: “You almost want to eat it.”这是个养眼的东西,她这么称呼这款灯,“你几乎想要吃掉它。”And at Kikkerland, in the West Village, she picked out the Moon night light.而在西村(West Village)的仙源(Kikkerland,美国一家品牌家居店——译注),她拿起一款月亮夜灯。A small, plug-in model, it was one of the simplest she chose. But as a design inspiration, the moon is “ideal for a night light,” she said. “It’s a nice invitation to dream.”这是一款小巧的即插式模型,是她挑选的灯具里最简单的一款。但是,作为设计灵感的月亮,是“最完美的夜灯”,她说,“是对美梦的绝佳邀请。” /201407/308996射阳县不孕不育多少钱盐城/协和男科网上预约挂号



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