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  • Vice President Joe Biden says the US is prepared for a military solution if no political settlement can be found to the ISIL problem.美国副总统拜登表示,如果找不到政治解决方案准备使用军事方式。He was talking at a press conference in Istanbul where he met the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.在伊斯坦布尔,拜登会见了土耳其总理达武特奥卢,并在新闻发布会上讲话。The two talked about Syria, Islamic state militants and Kurdish separatists, a priority issue for Turkey, a country that shares a border with Syria and faces security threats both internal and external.两位谈及了叙利亚、伊斯兰国武装分子以及库尔德分裂分子,土耳其优先考虑的问题,国家领土与叙利亚接壤,面临内部和外部的安全威胁。We do know that it’s better if we reach a political solution but we are prepared,We are prepared, if that’s not possible, to have a military solution to this operation in taking out Daesh. Again,ISIL is not the only existential threat to the people of Turkey. The PKK is equally a threat and we are aware of that.我们知道,如果我们达成政治解决方案是更好的,但我们做好了准备,如果政治方案不可行则采用军事手段消灭达伊沙(Daesh)组织。我再一次说明,ISIL不是土耳其人民的唯一威胁。库尔德工人党同样是威胁,我们都知道。Biden agreed with Turkey that as far as he is concerned there is no difference between ISIL, the PKK and al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda group fighting against the Syrian government, adding that they are all terrorist groups.拜登同意土耳其,就他而言伊斯兰国(ISIL)与库尔德工人党(PKK)以及努斯拉阵线(al-Nusra)没有区别,基地组织打击叙利亚政府,并补充道他们都是恐怖组织。译文属。 /201601/423711。
  • In the first 24 hours, 2.65 million books are bought in the ed Kingdom and 8.3 million books are sold in the ed States.在发售的头24个小时内,英国共卖出265万本新书,美国共卖出830万本。Thats over 7000 copies a minute.每分钟卖出7000本以上。What ers find at the end of the last book is that this has been a story about the redemptive power of love.读者在最后一本书的结尾会发现什么,这是一个关于赎回爱的力量的故事。But if you dont want to know the ending this is the time to look away for a couple of minutes.不过你要是不想知道结局就让目光离开几分钟吧。I felt it would be a betrayal of the character if I showed Harry doing anything other than living what all along he has discovered to be true which is that love is the strongest power there is.我觉得如果我让哈利做了其他任何事都是对人物的一种背叛,他活在他一路上所发现的真谛里,即爱是最强大的力量。And I thought a lot about people who had been through terrible things like wars and having to come home and rebuild and espouse normality after seeing horrors has always seemed to me such a courageous thing to do.我考虑过许多经历过悲惨事件的人们,比如战争。他们回到了家,重建家园,在见恐慌以后追求正常的生活,这对我来说是多么勇敢的事。And climbing back to normality after trauma is much, much harder... Its much harder to rebuild than to destroy.在受创后恢复常态是加倍困难地去重建比直接毀灭还困难。In some ways, it wouldve been a neat ending to kill him某方面,直接杀死他是个更简单的结局。A neater ending to kill him.杀死他会更加简单。But I thought it wouldve been a betrayal because I wanted my hero, and hes my hero to do what I think is the most noble thing.但我想这会是一次背叛,因为我想让我的主人公,他就是我的英雄,让他去做我所认为最高贵的事。So he came back from war, and he tried to build a better world, I suppose as corny as that sounds.所以他从战场返回,我想他试图去建立一个更美好的世界,虽然听起来寡淡无味。Both on a small scale, for a family, and a larger scale.同时具有小范围如家庭和大范围的意义。Jo ends the series by giving Harry a family.乔给了哈利一个家庭以此作为结尾。Shes worked out the future of all the surviving characters and draws out a family tree for the Potters and the Weasleys.她已经安排了所有幸存人物的未来去向,还画了一幅波特家和韦斯莱家的家谱。Victoire, whos in the epilogue, she is so named because she was born on the anniversary of the battle that finished it all.维克托娃,她在尾声那一章就是这么叫的,因为她在那场结束一切的战斗纪念日出生。Which is the second of May, if anyones been paying attention.也就是5月2日,如果有人注意到的话。And then, Charlie hadnt children or marriage.然后是查理,他没有结婚生子。Is he gay? Dumbledores gay.他是同性恋吗?邓布利多是同性恋。I told a er that once, and I thought she was gonna slap me.我就告诉过读者一次,我觉得她当时想抽我。But I always saw Dumbledore as gay.但我一直把邓布利多设定为同性恋。Um, no, I dont think Charlies gay. Just more interested in dragons than women.不,我觉得查理不是同性恋。相对于女人,他只是对龙更感兴趣 。Percy married Audrey. Dont you think thats a very Percylike wifes name? And they had Molly and Lucy.珀西和奥黛丽结婚,你不觉得这名字就是珀西妻子的类型吗?他们之后生了莫莉和露西。And then Fred. Poor Fred died in 1997.然后是弗雷德,可怜的弗雷德死在了1997年。201511/412501。
  • On the front, where a Byzantine coin would have had the emperor, it has a full-length figure of the Caliph, Abd al-Malik. And on the back, where the Byzantines would have put a cross, there is a column with a sphere at the top.在第一枚金币的正面,通常的拜占庭货币放置帝王像的地方,是哈里发阿卜杜勒马利克的全身像。这是已知最早的穆斯林画像。金币背面,拜占庭人铸十字架的地方,铸着一个顶着圆球的圆柱。Al-Malik is shown full-figure, standing and bearded, wearing Arab robes and a Bedouin scarf headdress, with his hand resting on a sword at his waist. Its a fascinating image. Its a unique source for our knowledge of the dress and the regalia of the early caliphs, and its probably the oldest known depiction of a Muslim. His pose is menacing, he looks as though hes about to draw his sword, and the lines below his waist are almost certainly meant to represent a whip. What we have is an image to inspire fear and respect, an image that makes it clear that the eastern Mediterranean now has a new faith, and a formidable new ruler. A letter from one of his governors echoes the images implicit message:阿卜杜勒马利克的全身像为站姿,他长须,着阿拉伯袍,戴贝都因式头巾,腰悬宝剑,一手搭在剑上。这幅像十分精,是我们了解早 期哈里发饰与王权象征的唯一途径。他威风凜凜,仿佛就要拔剑在手。 腰下的线条应代表着长鞭。像的目的是要让人产生敬畏,表明地中海东部如今已有了新的信仰以及威严的新统治者。他手下某位官员的信函也应和了图像暗含的信息:;It is Abd al-Malik, the commander of believers, a man with no weaknesses, from whom rebels can expect no indulgence! On the one who defies him falls his whip!;阿卜杜勒马利克,信徒之统帅,无懈可击的领袖,对叛徒绝不手软!他的鞭子会抽到与他对抗的人身上!He cuts an impressive awe-inspiring figure-although a less reverential source tells us that he had such appalling halitosis, that he was nicknamed the ;fly-killer;. But, bad breath or not, Abd al-Malik was the most important Muslim leader since Muhammad himself, because he transformed what might have been merely a string of ephemeral conquests into an abiding state, a state that would survive in one form or another until the end of the First World War.他的模样十分庄严,但据野史记载,他有极为严重的口臭,以致有“苍蝇杀手”的绰号。但无论如何,他都是自穆罕默德之后最伟大的穆斯林领袖,是他将这一片原本可能只是短期征的领土变成了统一的国度,以不同的形态一直延续至一战结束。Abd al-Malik was a new breed of Islamic leader. He had no personal memory of Muhammad, and he shrewdly saw how best to exploit the administrative traditions of earlier empires-especially Rome and Byzantium-in order to establish his own, as Professor Hugh Kennedy, of the School of Oriental and African Studies, explains.阿卜杜勒马利克不同于以往的伊斯兰领袖。他没有亲身接触过穆罕默德。而且他狡猾地从早期帝国,尤其是罗马和拜占庭帝国的统治经 验中吸取了最好的传统来建立自己的国家。伦敦亚非学院的休肯尼迪教授解释道。201508/393840。
  • If the stress of school is causing you to snap at your roommate, this guide will give you both some much needed space.如果学校的压力导致你对舍友歇斯底里,下面的指引将帮助你划分出必须的私人空间。You Will Need你需要Tall bookcase较高的书架Spring-tension shower rod弹簧淋浴杆Bed sheet or shower curtain床单或浴帘Hinged divider铰接分频器Cork boards软木板Bed canopy or mosquito net罩篷或蚊帐Lumber木材Pocket door kit工具箱Drywall不涂泥灰的石墙Soundproof tiles隔音砖Lag bolts方头螺栓Hospital curtains (optional)医院用窗帘(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Rearrange furniture1.重新安排家具Use large bookcases and dressers to break up the room into separate areas or zones to study, sleep, and watch TV.使用大的书架和梳妆台将房间分割成独立的区域,用于学习,睡觉和看电视。STEP 2 Use shower rods2.使用淋浴杆Use spring-tension shower rods and curtains or simple bed sheets to create privacy areas.使用弹簧淋浴杆和窗帘或者简单的床单来打造私人空间。Spring-tension shower rods dont require drilling or screws and can hold several pounds if using heavier curtains.弹簧淋浴杆不需要钻孔或螺丝,如果使用比较重的窗帘,可以撑几磅的重量。STEP 3 Purchase a hinged divider3.购买铰接分频器Purchase a three-panel hinged divider to block light and muffle sounds; attach optional cork boards for more note-posting space.购买有三个控制板的铰接分频器,阻隔光线和噪音。在更加私人的区域安装软木板。STEP 4 Hang a bed canopy4.悬挂罩篷或蚊帐Hang a bed canopy or mosquito net and reinforce it with a lightweight sheet to gain more privacy.悬挂罩篷或蚊帐,再悬挂一张比较轻薄的床单,获得更多隐私空间。Check out a hospital supplies store for hospital curtains that can be mounted easily from a drop ceiling.到医院用品商店购买医用窗帘,可以从吊顶开始悬挂。STEP 5 Build a false wall5.打造假墙Build a simple wood frame for a pocket door, cover it with drywall or soundproof tiles and temporarily bolt it to an existing wall using lag bolts.制作一个简单的木框架,用于制作门架,覆盖上石墙或隔音砖,或者用方头螺栓将它固定在已有的墙上。The Great Wall of China has been called the longest cemetery in the world because of the millions of people who died constructing it.中国的长城被称为世界上最大的墓地,因为数百万人在建造过程中死亡。视频听力译文由。201503/364195。
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