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Louis and Marie Antoinette seemed路易和玛丽·安托瓦内特似乎happy and relaxed in public.在万众瞩目下快乐悠闲But, behind the smiles,但是在他们的微笑后there was a problem with the royal marriage.皇室婚姻却摇摇欲坠A big one.危机四伏The marriage was in one way a disaster.从某种方面来说他们的婚姻格外不幸If you say that the point of the marriage was to produce heirs如果你认为他们的婚姻是为了who would combine the blood of the Austrian royal family诞下能结合奥地利and the French royal family,与法国皇室血脉的继承人well, that wasn#39;t going to happen,那就大错特错了cuz poor Louis XVI simply couldn#39;t,因为可怜的路易十六就是无法wouldn#39;t or didn#39;t try to consummate the marriage.不愿或者根本没有试图圆房A king and queen sex life, or lack of one,国王与王后所缺少的性生活was an important matter of state,对国家来说十分重要so it didn#39;t take long for news of Louis#39; failings in the bedchamber所以关于路易床第无能的流言to sp around Versailles.很快就在凡尔赛流传开来 Article/201206/186835

It started in a swamp.凡尔赛宫的建造始于一片沼泽It was here, in a stretch of mosquito-infested marshland,就在这片蚊虫滋生的泽地里that Louis, the 27-year-old King of France,27岁的法王路易decided to construct his new palace,决心建造他的新殿near a small and unremarkable country town called Versailles.比邻平凡的乡下小镇凡尔赛His courtiers were far from impressed.他的幕僚们大为惊讶It was almost as though Louis,路易似乎had deliberately picked the worst possible site for his magnificent palace,故意为自己宏伟的宫殿 定下了最糟糕的选址in order to prove to the world that his will was greater than nature.以此向世界展现他的意志超越自然Louis had a sentimental reason for choosing Versailles.路易选择凡尔赛亦有感性因素It was the site of his father#39;s old hunting lodge,这里是他父亲旧日的狩猎行宫and as a boy, he#39;d played and hunted here.孩童时期 路易曾在此玩耍狩猎The original chateau of Louis#39; father was on top of a hill.路易父王曾经的行宫坐落在山头The problem, if you wanted to turn it,若要把它改造成规模巨大的宫殿into a whacking great palace,即将面临的问题就是was that you weren#39;t going to be building on flat land.无法将宫殿建造在平坦地面上Louis was told, this is not a great place,幕僚纷纷建言 此地并非for a big expansion of your father#39;s chateau.扩建父王行宫的最佳选址As a monarch with absolute power,作为绝对专权的君主Louis wasn#39;t used to being told what to do.路易既不习惯于听命于他人And he didn#39;t much like it.也不屑于此From the outset, Louis was thinking big.从一开始 路易便心怀宏图伟业He started by hiring the greatest architect of the age,他开始雇佣当代最伟大的建筑师Louis Le Vau, to transform the hunting lodge,路易斯;勒沃 要求他into the palace of his dreams.将狩猎行宫变为梦幻殿宇 Article/201203/175055

在法国戛纳电影节上,中国的《画皮2》公布了一段新的预告片,演员和剧组成员在周末举行了一场新闻发布会。At the Cannes Film Festival in France, Chinese director Wuershan has been giving movie buffs a sneak preview of ;Painted Skin 2;, the sequel to his 2008 hit thriller. Cast and crew members of the Chinese fantasy held a news conference over the weekend.Called simply ;Painted Skin 2;, the movie picks up where the 2008 award winner left off.Wuershan, director of ;Painted Skin 2;, said, ;Like the first one, this movie deals with love and sacrifice. The main character is played by the same actress, and the other main actors like Zhao Wei and Chen Kun are also from the first movie. So I think audiences will be very familiar.;The director and cast are in Cannes to promote the film.The story of the sequel is once again set in a mythological ancient realm. It features high octane fight scenes, special effects, and elaborate costumes.Chen Tingjia, actress of ;Painted Skin 2;, said, ;I really like the costumes. I think they create a very mysterious aura and involve a lot of animal elements. I can definitely say we haven#39;t seen this before.;Although the cast and crew are hoping to drum up international interest, the movie is quintessentially Chinese, and differs from many western fantasy films.Painted Skin 2 is set for release in China in June. Article/201205/183298

因害怕遭到欧盟的又一次反垄断处罚,微软将在欧洲销售剥离了IE浏览器的Windows 7系统。Windows 7 to ship without IE in EuropeMicrosoft says it will send the newest version of its Windows operating system in Europe without its Internet Explorer web browser. The move is to counter pressure from European regulators.Microsoft will instead offer IE separately and on an easy-to-install basis to both computer manufacturers and users. The reversal comes shortly before the European Commission is due to rule on antitrust charges brought against Microsoft in January. The world's largest software company is charged wit abusing its dominant position by bundling its IE, shielding it from head-to-head rival products. Earlier the EU fined Microsoft 1.7 billion euros for bundling its media player, and forced the company to release a Windows version without it. Article/200906/74121

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