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盐城做包皮手术多少钱啊响水县中医院男科医生盐城治疗包皮过长哪家最好 北京周日新开通4条地铁线路201212/217635大丰市妇科预约

盐城/输卵管伞部粘连盐城包茎环切术费用 The generation that is fighting the Vietnam war are the baby boomers.参加越战的这代人正是婴儿潮一代The biggest ever American generation.也是数量最为庞大的一代Over 50 million new Americans born in 15 postwar years.逾五千万美国新生儿在战后15年间诞生This huge generation are unlike any Americans who have come before,这数量庞大的一代人不同于以往的任何一代and their influence and attitude toward society他们对于社会的态度和影响are destined to change the face of America.注定将改变整个美国的面貌The 1960s were inevitable.60年代这代人的改变是必然的The greatest generation came home with fixed idea of what life should be about,最伟大的一代[二战中的一代] 固守着人生价值的信念凯旋And they were so busy putting their own lives back together again in a traditional fashion他们忙着从战争的阴霾中走出 回归原来的生活that they werent paying attention to the changing sensibilities of their children.根本无暇顾及下一代细微而敏感的心理变化America in a way reinvents itself every 10 or 15 years.美国每10到15年就会发生一次蜕变And that reinvention is always feared by the generation that came before.而这种蜕变往往是被上一代人所恐惧与排斥的June 1969,upstate New York.Woodstock.1969年6月 纽约州北部 伍德斯托克音乐节A weekend concert for over 100,000 ticket-hoders,这原本是一场容纳10万人的周末音乐会was over run by nearly half million baby boomers.却挤满了近50万婴儿潮一代的乐迷Over a million more tried to get in.还有100万在四周守候It is the worlds biggest ever music festival这是世界范围内空前盛大的音乐节and become the boomers coming out party,并成为了婴儿潮一代年轻人的交际盛会a signal to America of the generational change taking place.标志着美国新一代成为了社会的主流Coming from the society culture that was fairly buttoned up and prim and proper to one that suddenly was what we had Woodstock.我们原本刻板拘泥一本正经的社会文化 突然间闯入了伍德斯托克音乐节We had hippiedom.闯入了嬉皮士We had free love.闯入了自由性爱Baby bombers had a huge tremendous impact婴儿潮这代人深深地影响了on how we view the world and how we view society.我们对世界的看法 对社会的看法But the baby boomers arent just rebeling against their parents values.然而他们反抗的并不仅仅是其父辈的价值观People begin to attempt to affect from the streets the highest levels of foreign policy.他们开始试图用街头游行的方式向对外政策的最高制定者们施压The baby boomers want an end to the Vietnam war,婴儿潮的一代人想要越战结束and they take their protest to the street.并在街上游行抗议示威The willingness to stand up for what you believe in,为自己的信仰挺身而出in mass demonstrations of revolt,进行大规模的示威游行thats very American.这才是真正的美国精神In the Vietnam war, people were unwilling to die,在越战中 人们不愿违背自己的意愿for something they didnt believe in.为他们并不持的战争卖命 /201304/234266江苏盐城协和医院妇科预约

盐城市第四人民医院治疗男性不育多少钱Polish Leather Shoes. Is your footwear looking a little worse for wear? Have a quick look at our expert led guide to getting your leather shoes looking as good as new.擦皮鞋。你脚上的鞋子是否有些破损了?来看一看专家的建议吧,让你的鞋子迅速焕然一新。Step 1: Clean1.清洁First put down some newspaper and remove the laces . This makes the shoes easier to polish.地面上铺上报纸,把鞋子放在报纸上,然后把鞋带解下来,这样擦鞋的时候更容易些。If your shoes are a bit dirty, brush off any mud with an old nail brush. Wipe with a damp sponge if the the dirt is not lifting.如果鞋子有点脏,用刷子清除掉泥土。如果污点不能完全清除,可以使用湿海绵。If your shoes are very dirty clean with some water. Work all the way around from toe to heel, covering the side of the soles as well.如果鞋子非常脏,可以用水进行彻底的清洗。Then leave to dry naturally. Only polish shoes that are absolutely dry, damp shoes wont absorb the polish in the same way.然后让鞋子自然晾干。只有干透的鞋子才行,湿鞋子不能吸收鞋油,鞋油擦上之后没有任何效果。Step 2: Deal with scuffs and scratches before polishing2.擦鞋油之前处理刮痕和擦痕If the leather has lifted and torn, repair with a thin layer of rubber based glue under the tear. Leave it to dry of a few seconds, then smooth the leather back over.如果皮鞋起毛了或者破损了,可以使用胶水和橡皮进行修补,等几秒钟之后把起毛的部分压平。TOP TIP高级技巧Roll the side of a pen over the tear to completely smooth it back into place. This will create a better finish than if you use your fingers.用铅笔将皮鞋破损处压平,效果要比用手指好很多。Remove any excess glue by rubbing with a little crepe rubber or an ordinary pencil eraser.用普通的铅笔橡皮擦去多余的胶水。If there are any deep scratches, fill with a little wax polish before the next stage如果擦痕过深,可以在擦鞋油之前先涂上一些蜡。Step 3: Wax on3.打蜡Shoe polish is available in wax or cream. Always go for wax as it is more durable. Take a brush and circle it around the edge of the tin picking up a little on the bristles. Dont scoop it out from the middle, as it will dry out, wasting the polish at the side.鞋蜡和奶油都可以用来擦鞋。记住,每次擦鞋前都要上蜡,因为这会使鞋油效果更持久。上蜡时每次用刷子蘸一点儿,不要取太多,因为鞋蜡容易变干,一次取太多容易浪费。Apply the polish by rubbing in small circular motions. Work your way around until the whole shoe is covered. Then leave them, allowing the shoes to absorb the polish. The longer you leave them the better - ideally overnight.用画圆圈的方式在鞋子上擦油,擦遍整只鞋子。然后把擦好的鞋子放在一边,让它慢慢变干,放置的时间越久,效果越好,通常情况下一整夜最好。Step 4: Wax off4.除蜡To get the wax off, use the bigger softer brush to remove excess polish from the shoes. Work with a rapid back and forth action to buff the leather. You will see that the shoes gradually begin to shine. The more you work them, the shinier they will be.为了清除掉鞋子上多余的蜡,要用大一点的软毛刷来回快速地擦,将鞋擦亮。你会看到鞋子逐渐变亮,而且你刷的次数越多,鞋子就越亮。Step 5: Bulling5.提高亮度If you want to create a really high shine, dip a soft cloth into the polish then apply to the shoe in small circles. This is called buffing. Keep working, the longer you rub the higher the shine. Then use the second, soft brush to buff.如果想让鞋子变得很亮,用块布蘸着鞋油去擦,这叫做抛光。同样擦的次数越多,鞋子就越亮。然后用第二步,软毛刷擦拭。Step 6: Re-lace6.重新系好鞋带Th into the two bottom holes and pull the laces level. Next weave the laces up through alternate holes so that the outer lace is always laying horizontally. This will stop the laces rubbing across each other, and also give an even pull.从最下端的鞋眼开始,将鞋带两边长度持平。先穿外侧的鞋带,这样鞋带会显得整齐有序,而且也可以减少鞋带之间的擦。To prevent your laces from coming undone, tie in a normal bow, then use one lace-end to tie a simple knot around one of the bows. This will secure it, but still be easy to untie when you want将鞋带打成结,易结易解就好。Step 7: Maintenance7.保养When not wearing your shoes, try to keep them on a shoe tree. This will stop the vamps, the part at the front of your shoes from becoming creased.不穿的时候,要把鞋子放在鞋撑上,这样可以防止鞋面变形。You should aim to polish your shoes very well at least once a month, then they will only need a quick brush before each wearing.擦完之后应该使鞋子保持一个月的锃亮效果,那么这一个月里你每次穿鞋之前只需要快速一擦即可。Thanks for watching How To Polish Leather Shoes谢谢收看本期“擦皮鞋技术”节目201208/196985 One week and a metre of snow later, the headland is visible again,一周后积雪已达一米 海岬再次显身and the team are raring to get back to the ice edge.摄制组迫不及待要回到冰面边缘They follow their old route back through the frozen maze他们沿原路返回 穿越冰冻的迷宫and, with no leopard seal in sight,沿途并未看到一只海豹its time for another attempt with the pole cam.又该再次使用长杆镜头了Its cumbersome,过程很繁琐but it allows the team to capture underwater images不过可以让摄制组拍摄到水下画面without having to risk the icy water themselves.而不用亲自冒险进入冰冷的海水That is OK? Thats perfect.可以吗 非常好They are coming. I can see some.他们来了 我能看到几个Penguins coming in the hole. This is awesome. This is great.企鹅正钻入冰洞 真不可思议 太棒了The aim now is to film the penguins dramatic exit from the hole.现在要拍摄企鹅从冰洞钻出的精时刻The only problem...which hole?唯一的问题就是 哪个冰洞These penguins keep outsmarting us.这些企鹅不断挑战我们的智商We tried to switch holes to film them coming up一待我们换个冰洞准备拍摄and they all just completely came up behind us.它们就从我们身后鱼贯而出Whatever the crew try theres无论摄制组采取什么手段always someone who hasnt the script!企鹅却总是不让你如愿拍到John has been filming but he cant view his slow motion shots约翰一直在拍摄 但在上传至电脑里前until theyre downloaded to a computer.他无法看到慢速镜头While he waits, Didier seizes his chance.在他等待时 迪迪尔抓住了机会Come, my friend. Come.过来啊 朋友 来If you cant beat them, join them.要是你打不过别人 就加入他们Its time to go scuba diving in the coldest waters on the planet.该在全球最寒冷水域进行潜水了I will see you on the other side.我在另一边等你The team are 300 miles from help摄制组距离救治点近500英里and have only a small hole as their lifeline to the surface.只有一个小洞能让他们逃出水面A magical world opens up.一个梦幻世界即将呈现For the first time,现在 迪迪尔第一次Didier now shares the penguins perspective from beneath the ice.领略到企鹅在冰下的视角 /201211/210688盐城协和医院妇科体检盐城/利民康复医院治疗慢性肠炎多少钱



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