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Blood-splattered drivers and skeletons riding shotgun await ;lucky; customers in a taxi company spooky Halloween campaign in Fukuoka.在某出租车公司在日本九州福冈市近日进行的令人毛骨悚然的万圣节活动里,浑身血迹斑斑的司机和坐在副驾驶席上的骷髅静候着;幸运;客人的到来The Lucky Taxi company launched the campaign on Oct to create greater enthusiasm Halloween in the city on Kyushu in Japan.这家名为;幸运出租车;的公司于本月日推出了这项活动,旨在为该市营造更热烈的万圣节氛围From Oct. 9 to 31, drivers will put on special make-up to further ;scare; and delight passengers and pedestrians.为进一步;吓唬;和取悦乘客及行人,司机将在9日至31日期间化上特殊妆容Their cars are specially painted the occasion.他们的汽车是专门为这个情景而喷涂的;Some passengers are surprised at how gaudy the taxi interior is,; said one driver, Mitsuru Yamaki, 58.其中一名司机、今年58岁的山木美鹤表示:;一些乘客对出租车内部的华丽情况非常惊讶;Only two cabs are painted in the Halloween vein in the city so anyone spotting one can be considered lucky.由于福冈市内只有两辆出租车被装点成了万圣节的风格,任何看到这种出租车的人都会被认为是幸运的 5。

  • How often have you visited a historical site and been stunned that someone would be so selfish as to carve their names into it? This type of vandalism might seem to be the product of modern narcissism. But in reality, the human urge to leave their mark goes back millennia.还记得你有多少次在游览历史遗迹的时候看见有人将他们的名字刻在上面而对这种自私的行为感到震惊吗?这种故意毁坏文物的行为看起来是自恋的现代人独有的,但实际上,早在几千年前,人们就已经急着留下属于自己的印记了. Medieval Church Graffiti. 中世纪教堂涂鸦The medieval church was powerful in a way that today churches can only dream of. We might imagine that this would lead to them being inviolable, but even a cursory glance at medieval churches will show how untrue this is. Any surface in reach is likely to be marked in some way—in either pious devotion or distracted doodling. Some of the graffiti looks as if it was inspired by the sermons the vandals were listening to. Crosses, angels, and the Virgin Mary all appear etched into the walls and pillars of churches. Perhaps this was a m of worship those unable to speak the Latin of the mass or too illiterate to write out their faith. Other ms of graffiti speak of graffiti as prayer. Medieval ships are a common motif. It has been suggested that these may have been made as a m of prayer of protection those on the sea. Portraits of individuals also turn up. Kings and queens often feature, as do saints, but images of common men and women can tell us lots about the clothes and appearance of people who would otherwise be gotten.中世纪教堂所具有的权利之大,是现今的教堂想都不敢想的在我们的观念中,中世纪教堂都是神圣不可侵犯的,但只要看过实物,哪怕只是匆匆一瞥,就会知道事实并非如此在教堂中,只要够得着的地方都或多或少都被涂画过了——有虔诚的誓词,也有无意义的涂鸦一些涂鸦的灵感看起来是受了布道者的启发——教堂的墙上很多地方刻着十字架,天使,圣母玛利亚——这可能也是一种崇拜的形式,是那些不能用拉丁文说弥撒或不会写字的人表达信仰的方法也有一些其他样式的涂鸦表现的是祈福的愿望——中世纪海上贸易繁荣,据推测有些涂鸦是为海上的船员们祈福的一种方式当然,也有些涂鸦是个人肖像,比如国王和王后,还有圣人不过归根结底,还是那些普通人的画像涂鸦能更好地展现当时芸芸众生的穿着打扮和精神风貌9. Pompeian Prostitutes9. 庞贝娼妓Many depictions of Ancient Rome show it as a glittering citadel of white marble. In fact, the Romans were as earthy and real as any living people. The proof of this can be seen engraved in the walls of Pompeii. The ancient city was destroyed by a volcanic eruption that ironically preserved it far better than any other Roman site. Pompeii boasted an impressive number of brothels to cater to all tastes. These houses can be recognized from the stone beds packed into tiny rooms and erotic frescos showing guests what was on the . When customers staggered out into the street, or even while they were engaged in their cubicles, they liked to leave notes about the joys of their visit. ;Hic ego puellas multas futui,; one man wrote—;Here I have f—ked many girls.; Anothers left a review: ;Murtis bene felas;—;Myrtis, you suck well.; ;Rufa ita vale quare bene felas.;—;Rufa, may life be as good as your sucking.; Not all customers were as pleased with their service: ;Sabina felas no belle fasces.;—;Sabina you are sucking it, but not well.; One man seems to have become disillusioned with the whole profession, as this graffito on a brothel shows: ;Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!;人们对古罗马的描述通常是白色大理石铸就的光辉城堡但事实上,罗马人和普通人一样粗俗现实,据就刻在庞贝城的墙上我们知道,庞贝城毁于一次火山爆发,但讽刺的是,正是因为这一点,庞贝古城保存得比其他罗马遗迹还要完整庞贝城里曾有大量的妓院,可满足顾客各种品味无论是挤在小房间里的石床,还是被当作“菜单”展示给嫖客看的色情壁画,这些妓院处处可见“风情”嫖客晃到大街上时,甚至还在小房间里快活时,就会留下对消费过程的评价“Hic ego puellas multas futui,”一个男子写下,——“我在这里上了很多女孩”另一个道“Murtis bene felas”——Myrtis,吹得一手好箫“Rufa ita vale quare bene felas.”——Rufa,愿人生和你吹的箫一样好但并不是所有的顾客都对务满意:“Sabina felas no belle fasces.”——Sabina,虽然你在吹,但技术不好还有一个男人似乎对这个行业彻底失望了,因为这家妓院的涂鸦写着:“哭泣吧,女孩们我的老二已经不想要你们他现在渴望着男人的永别了,奇女子们!8. Vikings—Hagia Sophia8. 维京传奇——圣索菲亚大教堂Sometimes, graffiti can be deeply revealing about the world of those who made it, and sometimes, it is more revealing of human nature itself. The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is one of the grandest religious structures in the world. It was begun in 53 and has been a church, a mosque, and museum over the course of the centuries. It has also been a writing pad Vikings. On a marble banister is a string of runes left at some point in the ninth century. While the years have worn it away, the name Halfdan can still be made out. One ing of the rest of the inscription could be that it simply says ;Halfdan was here.; In a different part of the building, another runic graffito has been found, badly eroded. All that can really be is the name Arni or Ari—another Viking with a fondness leaving his own name in stone. It seems likely that these men served in the Varangian Guard, an elite corps of troops used by the Byzantine emperors. This body was made up mostly of Scandinavians, who apparently brought their runic writings with them.有时候,涂鸦揭示的是绘画者的内心世界,而有时候,它更多地揭露人性本身伊斯坦布尔的圣索菲亚大教堂是世界上最大的宗教建筑之一它始建于53年,在之后的数个世纪里被当作为教堂、清真寺和图书馆可以说,它是维京传奇的见者在公元9世纪某时,有人在一根大理石栏杆上留下了一串北欧文字尽管时光荏苒,它惨遭侵蚀,不过其中的“Halfdan”这个名字还是依稀可见只是通过上下文联系,这串文字可能只是简单的“Halfdan到此一游”在教堂的另一个侵蚀严重的地方还发现了一个北欧文字,只能看见一个名字,有点像Arni,也有点像Ari——是另一个热衷于在石头上留名的维京人,估计是瓦兰吉人,拜占庭皇帝的精英卫士因为这些精英卫士大部分由斯堪的纳维亚人组成,他们显然很喜欢到处播散他们的北欧文字7. Tower Of London7. 伦敦塔When people are locked up long periods, graffiti can be a tempting way to pass the time. Just check out the desks in detention room. The Tower of London is a castle that has long been used by English monarchs as both a place of safety themselves and a place to keep troublemakers out of the way. These noble prisoners often took their chance to leave a reminder of their existence in case they never walked out of the prison. Some of the graffiti is simply a name. A ;remember me.; Others are whole sentences such as a Latin inscription left by Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel in 87, which says, ;The more affliction we endure Christ in this world, the more glory we shall get with Christ in the world to come.; Noble crests and insignia also abound on the walls. Other prisoners seem to have undermined their defenses with their graffiti. One man who was imprisoned on a charge of sorcery took the time to scratch a detailed horoscope in his cell.当成为阶下囚时,涂鸦是打发时间的好办法,不信的话去看看拘留室的桌子吧伦敦塔长期被英国君主作为自己的城堡或关押麻烦鬼的地方贵族囚犯们常在这里面刷存在感——因为他们可能永远也出不去了一些涂鸦仅仅是一个名字或是一句“记住我”也有一些是一句完整的拉丁文,比如87年阿伦德尔的伯爵Philip Howard则留下的:“此生为我主受尽折磨,来生方与其共享荣耀” 还有些墙上写满了贵族家徽和印章而且似乎有些囚犯在创作涂鸦相当“放飞自我”,比如一个被控告巫术的人在牢里不慌不忙地刻下了占卜图的所有细节6. Alexamenos Graffito6. 亚历克门罗涂鸦In 1857, an excavation on the Palatine Hill in Rome turned up a piece of graffito in the plaster of a wall. Weve aly seen that the Romans were not shy with the things they were willing to write on a wall, but it seems they were not afraid of blasphemy either. The Alexamenos Graffito, dating from around AD 0, may be the earliest depiction of Jesus—and it is not flattering. The Alexamenos Graffito shows a figure hanging from a cross with a man at the base looking up. Text, in Greek, says ;Alexamenos worships his god.; What stops this being a standard image of the crucifixion is that the person on the cross has the head of a donkey. This shows some of the aggression toward the relatively new Christian religion that must have existed at the time. Tertullian, an early Christian author, refers to the idea that ;our god is the head of an ass.; The graffito is also an important source on the act of crucifixion as it was made at a time when people would have seen criminals nailed up by the roadside.1857年,人们在挖掘罗马帕拉蒂诺山的时候发现墙里的石膏上有一块涂鸦我们已经见识过罗马人什么都敢往墙上写的“美德”,但似乎他们对亵渎行为也不以为意亚历克门罗涂鸦可追溯到公元0年,可能是对耶稣基督最早的描述——而且还不是什么赞美之词亚历克门罗涂鸦画的是一个人在低处向上看着挂在十字架上的人,涂鸦下方用希腊文注释“亚厉克门罗崇拜上帝”不过它和标准的基督受难像没有半毛钱关系,因为十字架上的人是个驴头这表明当时基督教还是个新教的时候,受到了不少的攻击早期的基督教作家德尔图良就提出“我们的上帝是驴脑袋”的说法创造这个石膏像的时候人们还多是将罪犯用钉子钉死在路边,所以看起来,这幅涂鸦很可能是“钉十字架”这种刑罚的重要来由 5695。
  • A: There's a major problem with room 5.B: I'm sorry to hear that. Please tell me the exact problem.A: This room is overrun with cockroaches.B: There has been an occasional silverfish in the hotel, sir.A: I stopped counting at nine.B: Sir, this hotel just passed a thorough insect inspection with flying colors.A: Your inspector needs spectacles. The fact is that cockroaches are running rampant.B: I apologize, sir. Just a second, while I transfer you to my supervisor. 01。
  • A pet parrot accidentally poisoned three dogs by mimicking their owner voice and feeding them grapes, which is poisonous to canines.日前,一只宠物鹦鹉通过模仿主人的声音引来小并喂它们吃了会令其中毒的葡萄,最终使三只小意外中毒Grapes contain a substance which can cause acute renal failure in dogs, and can quickly kill them.葡萄中含有一种会导致严重肾衰竭的物质,并很容易快速致死The parrot threw the fruit to the dogs while Mrs. Finch was out with her family the afternoon. When she arrived home, the three dogs had aly become unwell.在主人芬奇夫人午后出门时,这只鹦鹉把水果扔给了小们吃而当她回到家时,这三只小已经开始不对劲Mrs. Finch noticed a bunch of grapes was missing from the fruit bowl and, realising what had happened, quickly rushed all three dogs to Portland Vets.当芬奇夫人发现一串葡萄从果盘中消失了以后,她就明白事情是怎么回事了,于是她迅速带着三只小赶往波特兰宠物医院The housewife said: Peaches flies freely around the house but returns to her cage when Im not home. She a fantastic mimic and she must have called each dog over by name to be fed and then dropped the grapes in front of them from her cage.这位家庭主妇表示:“Peaches(这只鹦鹉)平时在家里随便飞,但我不在家时她会回到自己的笼子里去她很擅长模仿,所以她一定是喊着每只的名字,把它们引过来吃东西,然后又从笼子里把葡萄丢到它们面前”It was a worrying time while they were being treated but Im so grateful to the team at Portland Vets and it great to have them safely home. Grapes are now banned from the house.“三只接受治疗时我十分担心,但是好在最后它们平安回家了,我非常感谢波特兰宠物医院的医疗团队从今以后家里禁止再买葡萄”Vet Anna Garvey, who treated the dogs at Portland Vets, said: In cases of poisoning, speed of response is really important so Mrs. Finch did the right thing coming to us quickly. It meant we could flush out most of the toxins bee they had a chance to cause serious harm to the dogs.给小提供治疗的波特兰宠物医院兽医安娜·加维说道:“在中毒的情况下,反应的速度是非常重要的,芬奇夫人第一时间来我们这里是正确的选择这意味着我们在毒液对造成严重伤害前,就可以把大部分有毒物质都冲出来” 5995。
  • At 65, most people are thinking about getting a senior citizen bus pass. But Montana woman Ethel MacDonald, that when she took up tour cycling.大多数人在65岁的时候都在考虑拿到一个老年巴士通行了但是对于美国蒙大纳州的埃塞尔·麦克唐纳德来说,这正是去骑行的好时候Fourteen years later, the retired French teacher has covered more than ,000 miles across Europe and North America and she not stopping yet.这位退休年的法语老师已经在欧洲及北美骑行超过一万英里,并且现在还在继续CNN spoke to her by phone in Galway, during her recent tour of Ireland coastline.与CNN记者进行电话采访时,她正身处盖尔伟,沿着爱尔兰的海岸线骑行I like what I like to do without having to wait someone else to be y, explains the 78-year-old woman.这位78岁高龄的老人说道:“我最喜欢的事,莫过于在无需迁就他人的同时随心所欲”The appeal of biking alone on the open road, she says, is ;just feeling like Im my own boss.;当谈及在开阔的公路上独自骑行的感受时,她表示,“感觉自己才是自己的老板”She began tour cycling in , beginning with France Atlantic coast.她从年开始骑行,法国的大西洋海岸线就是她的起点Aside from trips round her native ed States, she wheeled her way through the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia and beyond.除了在自己土生土长的美国旅行之外,她更是走过了荷兰、德国、斯堪的纳维亚等国家地区 9360。
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