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嘉善县第一人民医院打溶脂针多少钱7 Simple Exercises Busy People Can Do Anywhere, Anytime大忙人也可以随时随地开始的7种简单运动Looking for quick, easy ways to get in shape? Thereare simple exercises to help tone your body withouthaving to go to the gym. Want to know the bestpart? They can be done anywhere, anytime! These exercises only take a few minutes to complete, requireno outside equipment, and are easy to master. No matter if you’re at work, at home, or on the go, theseeasy-to-follow calisthenic exercises are sure to make you break a sweat.你是否一直在寻找一种既简单又快速的保持苗条身型的方法?现在为你提供几种无需到健身馆,就可以进行健身的简单运动。想知道它们最大的好处是什么吗?那就是你可以随时随地开始健身。这些运动只需几分钟就可以完成,不需要室外设备,容易上手。不管你是在办公室、在家、或者是在路上,这些简单易学的健身操动作都可以让你大汗淋漓。Calf raises提踵Doing calf raises will help strengthen your gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. In other words, calf raisesstrengthen your lower legs. There are a lot of different ways to do calf raises, but one of the easiest—andmost effective—is doing the standing raise. This further details how to do a stationary calf raise:提踵训练可以帮助加强腓肠肌和比目鱼肌。也即是说,提踵动作可以增强小腿力量。提踵动作有很多种方法,但是最简单的方法之一——也是最有效的方法——就是站立提踵。这段视频将会更加详细讲述怎样站立不动的提踵。Chair dips手撑椅子上下降法Where there’s a chair, there’s a way! Chair dips are great for strengthening your triceps and can be donejust about anywhere. Like other exercises, there are varying techniques that can either increase ordecrease resistance. This shows the different variations on this tried-and-true classic:有凳子就有方法!手撑椅子上下降法有益于加强肱三头肌,且随处可以锻炼。像其他动作一样,在增加或减少阻力时需要不同的技巧。视频可以将这个经得起检验的经典动作的各个阶段的变化详细展示出来。Lunges弓箭步Because you’re using your own body weight, lunges both strengthen your lower body and increase overallflexibility. Lunges can be done anywhere: You can lunge when you walk to the kitchen; you can lunge to thedriveway as you get the paper in the morning, and you can even lunge when you walk from your desk to thewater cooler at work. Here’s another that shows the ins and outs of lunging:因为你一直运用整个身体的力量弓箭步既可以加强下身的力量也可以增加整个身体的灵活性。弓箭步随地可做:你可以用弓箭步走到厨房去,你还可以拿着早上的报纸,以弓箭步走到车道去等车。甚至工作的时候,你还可以以弓箭步从你的办公桌走到沸水冷却器处接水喝。这个视频将会详细地告诉你弓箭步动作的知识。Squats深蹲The most important thing to keep in mind when doing squats is having proper form. Squats are one of themost effective full body exercises around because they simultaneously work to build muscle and burn fat. Try using a chair as a reference point as to how far down you should go:深蹲时要记得最重要的是动作要正确。深蹲是最有效锻炼全身的动作之一。因为它能同时锻炼肌肉,燃烧脂肪。可以拿张凳子作为参考来衡量你应该蹲下到什么程度。Planks平板撑法Looking for effective exercises to tighten your core? Planks are great at strengthening both your abs andyour back–all you need is a flat surface. Remember to time how long you can hold it, and then try to add afew more seconds every time thereafter. Here’s a guide on how to perform a basic plank:还在寻找一种可以全身绷紧的有效训练吗?平板撑法有益于加强背部和腹肌,这个方法只需要一块平整的地面。记得记录你能坚持的时间,并尝试每次超越几秒。这里可以告诉你怎么做一个基本平板撑法。After you’ve mastered the basics, try adding side planks to your routine.在你掌握了这些基础之后,可以尝试在将侧向平板撑法加到你锻炼中。Arm circles手臂旋转法Worried about flabby arms? Arm circles are great at toning while simultaneously strengthening your arms. They can be done with varying intensity, all of which will help you feel “the burn.” Here’s a beginner’s guideto help get you started:担心手臂肌肉松弛吗?手臂旋转法可以有效地使手臂肌肉绷紧同时增加手臂力量。你可以可以用不同的力气转动,只要这些动作能让你感到“燃烧”的感觉。这里有初学者指导来帮助你开始。If you’re at work, try to grab a book or a binder for some extra weight.工作的时候,可以试着拿本书或者订书机来增加重量。Bur pees立卧撑The most high-intensity exercise on this list, burpees are often referred to as the cornerstone to anyworkout because they are guaranteed to produce results. This aerobic exercise helps strengthen yourentire body by utilizing almost every muscle group. There are many different ways to perform a burpee, butthe easiest one is quite possibly the best. As with every other exercise, proper form is a must.这是本次介绍的7中运动中强度最大的一种运动。立卧撑通常会被作为其他训练的基础,因为这个动作确实有效。这种有氧运动通过运动身体上的每一块肌肉来帮助增强整个身体。可以使用多种不同的方法来练习立卧撑,但是最简单的方法也许就是最好的方法。跟其他的运动一样,动作正确是最重要的。The above exercises are proven classics that require very little room and no equipment. While it may nottake you long to master each exercise, the incredible array of different methods to employ is endless. Onceyou feel comfortable with the basics, begin applying the advanced techniques and embrace the burn. Keeptrack of the amount of time or reps you do for each one and continually strive to increase it.上面介绍的运动都是一些不需要大空间和设备就可以锻炼的运动。每一项也不需要话费很长时间来学会,几种方法按不同顺序排列组合来锻炼收获是无穷。一旦在这些基本锻炼中感到舒适,你就可以使用先进的健身仪器来酣畅淋漓的健身了。记住你每一个动作都做了多长时间和几次,然后慢慢地增加次数或时间。In addition to the exercises above, why not make exercising a part of your everyday routine? For example,take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, and instead of wasting the gas going to the grocery store whynot walk or ride your bike instead. Getting in shape doesn’t require the use of a Gold’s Gym membership,all it takes is a little gumption, a bit of creativity, and a lot of willpower.除了以上所提到的运动之外,为何不降将一些其他的运动作为你日常生活的一部分呢?例如:上班的时候可以爬楼梯而不是搭电梯,与其浪费汽油开车去商店,为何不步行或者骑自行车去呢。保持苗条并不要求你一定要一张金色的健身卡,你要做的就是坚持,一点点的创新还有强大的意志力。 /201407/310077嘉兴怎样去纹身 嘉兴曙光脱毛

嘉兴曙光整形美容医院纹眉多少钱 As one of his generation#39;s best wizards, Harry Potter ended up enrolling in the prestigious Hogwarts School. For those less magically gifted, China#39;s Hebei province now has a fallback option.作为同代人中最好的魔法师之一,哈利#12539;波特(Harry Potter) 就读的是大名鼎鼎的霍格沃兹魔法学校(Hogwarts School)。对于那些魔法天赋不高的孩子,中国的河北省目前提供了一个备选学校。Located in the industrial city of Shijiazhuang, the Hebei Academy of Fine Arts may not have games of Quidditch, talking paintings or classes in wand-waving. But its campus does have various castle-like qualities similar to the school at the heart of J.K. Rowling#39;s hit #39;Harry Potter#39; series--including tall turrets and a 100-meter bell tower--that have earned it the nickname #39;Asia#39;s Hogwarts.#39;位于工业城市石家庄的河北美术学院(Hebei Academy of Fine Arts)或许没有魁地奇球赛(Quidditch)、会说话的图画或学习使用魔杖的课程,但是它的校园里有着各种各样的城堡,与J.K.罗琳(J.K. Rowling)《哈利#12539;波特》系列小说中的校园如出一辙,核心建筑包括高耸的塔楼和100米高的钟楼,由此赢得了亚洲霍格沃兹的称号。The school didn#39;t return calls for comment.该学院未予置评。State broadcaster CCTV paid a recent visit to the campus and spoke to the principal, Zhen Zhongyi, who said that the campus#39;s design was based merely on European Gothic architecture; that is, not intended to hew too closely to the realm of Harry Potter. The campus cost nearly 400 million yuan ( million), the broadcaster reported, and will enroll its first students this fall.中央电视台(CCTV)最近访问了这个学院,并采访了校长甄忠义。甄忠义说,校园设计仅仅是汲取了欧洲哥特式建筑的风格;也就是说,并不想模仿哈利#12539;波特书中的魔法学校。据CCTV报道,校园的建设耗资接近人民币4亿元(合6,400万美元),今年秋季即将迎来首批学生。Like most other countries around the world, the Chinese love for the bespectacled Harry Potter is legion, and has sprouted a whole genre of fan fiction by turns amusing and strange, including #39;Harry Potter and the Waterproof Pearl,#39; #39;Harry Potter and the Porcelain Doll#39; and #39; Harry Potter and the Chinese Overseas Students,#39; the last in which Chinese wizards fight Voldemort alongside Harry Potter. The book has also found an audience among Tibetan-language ers, following the efforts of one translator, who renamed the main character Harry Podder, which in Tibetan means #39;brave.#39;和世界大多数国家一样,哈利波特在中国也有大批粉丝,他们还创作了一系列有趣古怪的粉丝作品,比如《哈利#12539;波特与防水珍珠》(Harry Potter and the Waterproof Pearl)、《哈利#12539;波特与瓷娃娃》(Harry Potter and the Porcelain Doll) 、《哈利#12539;波特与中国留学生》(Harry Potter and the Chinese Overseas Students)等等,最后这本小说讲述了中国魔法师与哈利波特一同对抗伏地魔(Voldemort)的故事。这本书在西藏地区广受欢迎,源于一位译者将主人公的名字改为Harry Podder,在藏语里意为勇敢。So deeply has the novel penetrated Asia that earlier this year, even a diplomatic spat between China and Japan was littered with references to Ms. Rowling#39;s series. The incident kicked off in January, when the Japanese ambassador to the U.K. penned an article declaring that China risks playing #39;the role of Voldemort#39; in Asia, citing concerns about Chinese movements in the East China Sea. For his part, meanwhile, the Chinese ambassador to the U.K. retorted with his own fantasy allusion, saying that the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo--home to a number of war criminals but still regularly visited by Japanese officials, and more recently Justin Bieber--was #39;a kind of horcrux, representing the darkest parts of that nation#39;s soul.#39;这些小说早已深入亚洲读者的内心,甚至今年早些时候中国和日本之间的一场外交争端中也夹杂着罗琳作品的痕迹。事件始于1月份,日本驻英国大使发表文章,对中国在东中国海(中国称东海)的举动表示担心,认为中国有成为亚洲“伏地魔”的风险。与此同时,中国驻英国大使反驳了上述言论,他表示,东京的靖国神社(Yasukuni Shrine)是藏匿日本这个国家灵魂最黑暗部分的魂器。靖国神社供奉着日本许多战犯,但日本官员仍定期参拜,最近贾斯汀#12539;比伯(Justin Bieber)也前往参观。No word yet on how tough the competition is to get into Hebei#39;s Hogwarts-like campus. In the meantime, Chinese Internet users are lavishing their affections on another school, one in the U.S. that#39;s free and whose acceptance rates rival Harvard#39;s--which, coupled with an unusual pedagogy, they see as having its own kind of magic.目前尚不清楚进入这所河北霍格沃兹学校的难度有多大。而中国网民更青睐另一所美国的学校,这所学校不仅免费入学,而且录取率堪比哈佛大学(Harvard),再加上不同寻常的教学方式,都使这所学校看上去魔力四射。 /201405/300442嘉兴市中医院治疗痘痘多少钱嘉兴注射美白针多少钱



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