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抚顺市顺城妇幼保健院男科医生抚顺人民医院包皮术后线头怎么样City officials around the country are trying to figure out how to make changes in their communities to adapt to climate change.Researchers from the University of Michigan and the University of North Carolina looked at 44 of these climate adaptation plans, and found they were a mixed bag.Missy Stults is a Ph.D. candidate at U of M in the Urban and Regional Planning Program and the School of Natural Resources and Environment.She says in the Great Lakes region, city officials are mainly concerned about excessive rainfall events.;Heavy precipitation events leading to localized flooding, storm water overflows. Those are really the main issues, at least in the Midwest,; she says.Stults says they examined stand-alone climate adaptation plans.;What that means is these 44 communities created a plan solely focused on understanding how theyre vulnerable to climate change, both existing impacts as well as future impacts, and then they created a plan focused on solutions to those different impacts,; she says.She says there are a lot of other ways communities can plan for climate change, so this group of plans from 44 cities is just a small subset.Strengths and weaknessesStults says there were strengths in some of the plans.;They do a really great job of drawing on different fact bases. What I mean by that is theyre pulling reports from the U.S. federal government or local universities. Theyre also doing a really good job at selecting a wide array of strategies to prepare.;That could mean changing infrastructure in a city to make it better able to withstand heavy wind or flood events, or creating green rooftops or permeable pavement that allows storm water to soak in instead of running off into a drain.;So thats great, theyre thinking about lots of different things they can do within their powers to become more resilient; were excited about that,; she says.But theres a flip side.;We dont see a lot of detail about how theyre going to implement these strategies. So theyre putting these great ideas forward, but theyre not substantiating that with detail about whos responsible for implementing, how theyre going to fund these strategies, how theyre going to evaluate whether these strategies are effective,; says Stults. ;So that leaves us really questioning whether these plans are going to translate into actions on the ground that are going to create more resilient communities.;There are barriers to putting these plans in place.She says funding, of course, is a big one.;We just dont have the amount of capital needed to really invest at scale in climate adaptation. And there are a lot of discussions that are happening within philanthropy, at the private scale, at the federal government, to really try to figure this out.;And she says a lot of local governments have had to cut staff in recent years.;The Great Recession hit local governments really hard, so they laid off a lot of staff. And now youve got people that are, really in my eyes, theyre kind of heroes at the local level that are fighting the fight to make sure you have your trash being picked up, that youve got good drinking water thats coming out of your faucet, but then theyre also responsible for planning for climate change, this big issue,; she says.And so theyre basically doing the job of two and a half to three people, so theres just not a lot of capacity to take on more work. So weve got to overcome a lot of hurdles in that space.;But Stults says they also found that local officials acknowledge climate change is real.;Stakeholders believe its happening, and that belief is really strong at the local level, because its where you see the impacts: because you flood ... and you need to prepare for a flood. Or its hot, and you have to prepare for heat,; she says.The study was published in the journal Nature Climate Change.201605/441075抚顺治疗男性尿道炎需要多少钱 The PRI had hoped to win a majority in the summer’s elections, but it fell short by 11 in the 500-member Chamber of Deputies and by four in the 128-member Senate. In any case, some of the most important reforms will need changes to the constitution, which require a two-thirds majority in Congress.革命制度党希望在拿下今年夏季的国会选举,但在500人组成的众议院(Chamber of Deputies)中离多数票差11票,而在128人的参议院(Senate)中差了4票。无论如何,最为重要的改革促使需涉及宪法改革,而后者需要国会三分之二的多数票通过。However, Mr Pena has reason to be optimistic. The opposition PAN shares much of Mr Pena’s agenda, and together the two parties have a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress. A new power to fast-track two bills per congressional session will help. A lot will depend on who ends up leading the PAN, which is restive and rudderless after finishing third in the presidential election. The handover period between July’s election and December’s inauguration has been a model of presidential co-operation. Mr Calderon’s crackdown on Mexico’s vindictive criminals has given him a personal reason to stay on good terms with the new government, to make sure of the protection he and his family will need when he leaves office.即便如此,裴纳尼托也有理由乐观。因为其反对党国家行动党与裴纳尼托的议程大致吻合,而该两党已占了议会三分之二的多数席位。而总统被赋予在两院各增二票的新权力也能起到一定作用。但许多结果将取决于国家行动党的最终领导人。在本次总统中,该党仅位列第三,其后更是纷争不断、群龙无首。六月大选的交接期与十二月接任之间,是以两位总统联合的模式管理。卡尔德隆总统曾对墨西哥恶犯予以严厉制裁,这使得他个人有理由与新政府和谐相处,以确保其离职后自身与家人的人身安全。Fighting on two fronts两组前线作战Mr Pena’s main problem in Congress may well be his own party. As this special report went to press Congress was about to pass a labour-law reform, which among other things would make hiring and firing easier. But linked measures to make Mexico’s over-mighty unions more transparent and democratic were voted down by congressmen from Mr Pena’s own PRI, which has strong ties to unions. If the unions cannot be tamed, Mr Pena’s other reforms—to open up the monopolised energy sector and overhaul the tax system—may be similarly diluted.裴纳尼托在议会的主要问题来自其自身党派。在本报道付诸印梓之时,墨西哥议会即将通过一项劳动法改革方案,该法案尤其突出的一点是放宽了雇佣关系。但与之相关的一些法案却遭到裴纳尼托的革命制度党反对,因为法案中要求增加墨西哥工会的透明度和民主度,而这些本身强势的团体与革命制度当关系密切。若无法让工会听话,那么在开放垄断的能源部门、彻底整改税制等裴纳尼托推行的措施上,其效果也将受到削弱。The runner-up in the election was the left-winger Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, known as AMLO, who came a very close second to Mr Calderon in 2006 but lost to Mr Pena by 6.8%. After both defeats he claimed fraud. The evidence is thin. The left has about a quarter of the seats in Congress, but many of its congressmen have little patience with AMLO, whose magnetic personality repels as many voters as it attracts.本次大选的“亚军”是来自左翼势力的洛佩斯·奥夫拉多尔(Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,人称AMLO)。2006年的大选上,奥夫拉多尔惜败于卡尔德隆,而本次大选则差了裴纳尼托6.8%的持率。经历两次失败后,他声称选举存在舞弊,但据并不充分。左翼势力占据国会约四分之一的席位,但其中大部分人对奥夫拉多尔失去耐心,因为他的人格魅力让一些选民趋之若鹜的同时,让另一些避之不及。The government may also face opposition outside Congress. Though a majority of the political class now seems to be convinced of the need for economic reforms along the lines that Mr Pena proposes, the same may not yet be true on the street, in the public universities or in much of the press. “Mexico is a country where doctrine and principle matter more than practical considerations and results,” says Enrique Krauze, a historian. The state-run oil monopoly is the sort of sacred cow that could emit a deafening, destabilising moo if Mr Pena tried to tether it. Mexico City aly sees an average of 14 protests a day.同时,墨西哥政府还面对议会之外的反对势力。尽管政治阶级的多数已相信裴纳尼托提出经济改革的需要,但墨西哥的大街小巷、公立大学以及媒体报社并非如此。“墨西哥是一个教义信仰高于切实想法与成果的国家,”某历史学家克劳泽(Enrique Krauze)称。国营垄断的石油部门就如同一头圣牛,若裴纳尼托设法拴之,这头圣牛将会发出震耳欲聋的不详之哞。目前,墨西哥城每天平均已有14起游行抗议。The internet is making politics more unpredictable. During the election campaign Mr Pena paid a disastrous visit to a university and fled after being heckled. This gave rise to an anti-Pena student movement calling itself YoSoy132, or “I am the 132nd” (the initial protest was led by 131 students). It is now capable of summoning large crowds via Twitter and Facebook to march against Mr Pena (and often, it seems, for AMLO). During Mexico’s independence celebrations on September 16th anonymous hackers took down several government websites.而由于因特网,墨西哥的政治也更加难以预测。竞选期间,裴纳尼托曾造访墨西哥某大学,却因遭诘难而仓皇离开,最终悲剧收场。这次访问还引发一场“反裴”学生运动,参与者自称YoSoy132,即“我是第132人”(首次游行由131名学生发起)。而今,通过推特网(Twitter)和脸谱网(Facebook)也能组织其“反裴”游行(这些游行似乎大多持奥夫拉多尔)。而在墨西哥9月16日独立日庆祝之际,匿名的网络黑客还搞垮了数个墨西哥政府网站。So it will not be an easy ride. Mr Krauze remembers that the optimism when the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA) came into force in 1994 was quickly punctured by the Zapatista uprising in Mexico’s south on New Year’s Day. “We thought we were there in the first world, on the final lap of our historic marathon. Then on January 1st we woke up to the astonishing news of a rebellion in Chiapas,” he says.因此,改革之路丝毫不易。据克劳泽回忆,1994年北美自由贸易协定(NAFTA)正式生效后不久,墨西哥南部的萨帕塔主义者于元旦日发动动乱,给协定带来的乐观情绪蒙上一层阴影。“当时我们还认为自己已步入第一世界(常指发达国家,译者注),进入历史长跑的最后一圈。没想到元旦那天,恰帕斯(墨西哥东南边境州,译者注)的争辩新闻让我们又清醒过来。”Mexico has form in turning triumph to disaster, and could yet do so again. Its economy remains dependent on the fortunes of the ed States, and financial crises in Europe make investors jittery. Promised reforms will depend on persuading entrenched interests to accept them. Corruption and bad government, especially at the local level, may cause good initiatives to fall at the last hurdle. And the drug war is by no means over. But Mexico deserves a fresh look—not least because its economy is revving up, as the next article explains.墨西哥历来会从胜利跌至灾难,这次可能也不例外。其国内经济仍相当依赖美国,而欧洲金融海啸也可能让墨西哥的投资商犹豫不决。政府承诺经济改革的实现前提,仍然是说既得利益者们同意。政府贪污腐败(尤其是地方级政府)也可能成为改革最后一环的失败原因。另外,缉毒战争也从未停止。但墨西哥值得我们重新评价,其原因之一正是其不断加速的经济增长,详情请看下一篇文章。翻译:沈骜译文属译生译世201608/462917辽宁抚顺人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱

抚顺包皮去哪里比较好The marriage market婚姻市场Got to have a J.O.B.必须要有一份工作Women still most want to marry men with money女性仍然最想嫁给有钱的男人JANE AUSTENS characters took it for granted that men with money made more eligible mates. “A man like that is hard to find, but I cant get him off my mind,” lamented the female vocalists of ABBA. A new study from the Pew Research Centre, a think-tank, finds that little has changed. Fully 78% of American women who have never been married say it is “very important” that their future spouse has a “steady job”. By comparison, only 46% of men mind much what their future spouse does for a living.简·奥斯丁笔下的人物想当然地认为越是有钱的男人越适合做伴侣。“这样的男人是很难找到的,但是我无法将他们踢除出我的脑海。”ABBA中的一位女歌手这样说道。智囊团尤皮研究中心的一项新研究显示,女性在这方面的思想几乎没有改变。未婚美国女性中,有78%的人认为未来配偶拥有“一份稳定的工作”是“十分重要的。”相比之下,只有46%的男性介意他们未来的配偶以什么为生。Wrenching changes in the labour market, combined with these ancient preferences, have shaken up the marriage market. Women are much more likely to have jobs than they were half a century ago; men, somewhat less so. Women today find it easier to cope without a male bwinner. At the same time, many find the pool of potential husbands less appealing.劳动市场的痛苦的变化以及一些古老的偏好动摇了婚姻市场。相比于半个世纪之前,女性更有机会参加工作,而男性却稍稍减少了一点。现在的女性发现即使没有男性养家,生活也很容易对付。同时,许多女性发现潜在丈夫没有那么大的吸引力了。In 1960 young, never-married women were spoilt for choice. For every 100 of them aged 25-34, there were 139 young, never-married men with jobs vying for their attention. In 2012 there were just 91. For some groups, the gap is much bigger. Young never-married black women outnumber young never-married black men with jobs by a startling two-to-one (see chart). This helps explain why although African-Americans are more likely than other races to say they value marriage, only 26% of black women are actually married, compared with 51% of whites.在1960年,年轻、未婚的女性是有极大的选择余地的。每100位25到34岁的女性,就有139位年轻、未婚且有工作的男性争抢着吸引她们的注意。而到了2012年,只有91位这样的男性了。对于某些群体,这样的差距可能更大。年轻未婚的黑人女性与年轻未婚且有工作的黑人男性的比例竟高达惊人的2:1。这就解释了为什么尽管非裔美国人强调他们比其他种族更在乎婚姻,然而相比于白人女性51%的结婚率,黑人女性只有26%。The raw ratio of bachelors to bachelorettes varies with age. There are 118 unmarried 25-year-old men for every 100 single women, since women are more likely to marry older partners. Around the age of 40, the ratio is roughly even. From then on, the surplus of men turns into a deficit: by the age of 64 there are only 62 unmarried men, with or without jobs, for every 100 unmarried women.单身的男女比例随着年龄的不同而变化。每100位单身女性就有118位未婚的单身男性,因为女性更愿意嫁给年长的男性。到了40岁左右,这个比例更加明显了。从那个年龄段开始,盈余的男性变成了赤字:到了64岁,每100位未婚女性,只有62位未婚男性,且不管他们是否有工作。Overall 20% of Americans 25 or older, the highest share ever, have never said “I do.” That is partly because they are marrying later. Kim Parker, one of the studys authors, reckons that kids are more cautious these days, whereas lovebirds of yore “used to leap into the unknown together.”总体来说,美国25岁以及以上的人,有20%从来没有说过“我愿意”,这一比例创下了历史最高。部分原因是他们晚婚。研究中心的一位作者金姆·帕克说,如今的孩子们更加谨慎了,而昔日的情侣则是选择“一起走向未知的世界。”But some Americans are never marrying at all, either because they prefer not to, or because they cant find the right person. Pew predicts that by 2030 28% of American men who were aged between 25-34 in 2010—and 23% of women—will never have tied the knot. In 1980 only 6% of 45-54 year olds had never been hitched. For men with not much education, the picture is especially grim. Among young American adults with a high school certificate or less, there are 174 never-married men for every 100 never-married women. The difference largely reflects the difficulty poorly-educated men have finding work.但是有些美国人却一生都不结婚,有的是因为自己不愿意,而有的则是因为找不到合适的对象。皮尤研究中心预测,2010年25-34岁的男性到了2030年有28%仍然未婚,而女性则有23%。在1980年,45-54的年龄段中,只有6%的人未婚。对于那些没有受过多少教育的男性来说,情况尤为严峻。对于那些只有高中或以下学历的未婚女性来说,每100位就有174位未婚男性。这样的差异很大程度上反映了低教育程度的男性找工作十分困难。Men and women with college degrees are still highly likely to wed and stay that way. But the cost of college can delay the day when young people feel they can afford an engagement ring, let alone a family. A third cited their finances as the reason they were not yet hitched, compared with just 20% of those over 35. As one Eminem fan at a recent music festival inAtlantaromantically put it “Im just trying to sort things one at a time. Ive got a girlfriend but Ive also got college debt.”拥有大学学历的男性和女性然然很有可能结婚并保持下去。但是上大学的费用会推迟他们的婚期直到年轻人认为自己可以负担得起一枚订婚戒指,更不用说是一个家庭。超过35岁的人有20%是因为财政紧张而没有结婚,而他们则有三分之一是出于这个原因。就像在最近亚特兰大的一个音乐节上,埃米纳姆的一个粉丝浪漫地说:“我只是想一次性解决问题,我有女朋友,可我也有大学债务。” /201409/332891抚顺第三医院不孕不育收费好不好 抚顺矿务局职工医院治疗阳痿多少钱

新抚妇幼保健院治疗尿道炎多少钱Campaign organizers活动组织者The political genie政治中的“阿拉丁神灯”New and mysterious, the campaign organiser is credited with mighty powers活动组织者们被认为有一种新的、神秘的伟大力量ROBIN MCGHEEs desk is a library of transatlantic electoral wisdom. “The Audacity to Win: The Inside Story and Lessons of Barack Obamas Historic Victory”, s one title. “Respect, Empower, Include”, urges another, a manual for Democratic Party activists in Colorado. Mr McGhees choice of literature is apt: although he works for the Liberal Democrats in Bristol, his job as a professional campaigner is an American import.罗宾·麦吉的书桌像是一个跨大西洋的选举智慧的图书馆。读取一个标题,“无畏的胜利:内幕和巴拉克·奥巴马取得历史性胜利的经验教训”。给另一个在科罗拉多州的民主党积极分子们一个指南,“尊重,授权,包容”。麦吉先生对文学的选择是恰当的:尽管他为布里斯托尔的自由民主党工作,但他作为一个职业竞争者的工作可以说是从美国进口的。Organisers are fairly new to Britain: parties have generally concentrated their paid staff in London, leaving the ground war to candidates and volunteers. But that is changing. The three main parties were all deeply impressed by Mr Obamas presidential machines in 2008 and 2012, which used professional campaigners to cultivate a decentralised army of self-starting local volunteers. All three now have organisers in their target constituencies and in some seats they aly hold. Party bosses talk about these hires, who tend to be recent graduates, in reverential tones. “Ah,” they chide sceptical journalists, “but you havent considered our organisers.”组织者对英国来说是陌生的:各党派都将他们的成员集中在伦敦,把麻烦留给了候选人和志愿者。但是这种现象正在发生变化。在2008年2012年,三个主要党派都被奥巴马的总统竞选团队深深的影响了,就是用职业竞选者对当地分散的志愿者进行培训。如今,这三个党派在他们的目标选区和已经持有一些席位的地区都有组织者。党派的领导者们常常用一种可敬的语气谈及这些雇工,因为他们往往都是应届毕业生。“啊”,他们斥责那些有怀疑态度的记者们,“你们没有考虑过我们的组织者。”The life of these political operators has its hardships. They receive only basic training before being dispatched to the sticks. On arriving in constituencies, often with little local knowledge, a new organiser must be part management consultant, part social worker, fixing problems and soothing activists egos. The hours can be long. Some work from rented bedrooms, coffee shops or, in one case, the clinic of a Labour-supporting psychiatrist. Most endure it all out of party loyalty and personal ambition, seeing organising as the springboard to a political career.这些政治操盘手们的日子过得也颇为艰辛。在他们被派遣到目的地前只接受了基础训练。一到达目的选区,一个对当地不甚了解的组织者经常要时而兼职管理顾问,时而扮演社工,以解决问题同时安抚活动家们的自尊心。时间可能会很长。从租借房间或是咖啡厅,到某些情况下,甚至到一个持工党的精神病专家的诊所去工作。最能忍受这些的,都是处于对党的忠诚和个人的抱负,把组织活动看做政治生涯中的跳板。For their employers the advantages are more immediate. Prospective MPs increasingly enjoy high-flying jobs (often elsewhere in politics) before running for office, so may have less time to run their own campaigns. Local party machines even in crucial marginal seats can be doddery, disorganised and dominated by the few truculent oddballs inclined to turn up to meetings. Organisers can purportedly inject a dose of youthful dynamism into such outfits. They report to national headquarters, so faithfully enact party strategies. They must also hit monthly canvassing targets. The Labour Party circulates rankings comparing organisers results. Paddy Ashdown, a pugnacious grandee, polices the performance of their Lib Dem counterparts.对于他们的雇主来说,带来的益处是更直接的。未来的国会议员在竞选公职前,越来越享受有挑战性的工作(通常是政治中的其他领域),因此,他们可能只有很少的时间运作自己的竞选活动。当地正处于关键边缘时期的政党组织,就会被那些有意将会议声势放大的好斗的有心人士控制,变得只有毫无生气的散兵游勇。而组织者可以给这些组织注入新鲜活力。他们向全国总部报告,并切实的制定党的政策。他们还必须达到每月的游说目标。工党还发布对组织者进行的排名。帕迪·艾什顿,一个好斗的名门望族人士,监督他们自由民主党对手的各方面表现。Three million wishes三百万个愿望Organisers also contribute computer know-how. Some elderly local activists are not comfortable using the snazzy voter databases purchased at great expense by party headquarters. Hiring people like Mr McGhee ensures that the new technology does not go to waste. In his Bristol office, he scrolls through voter categories, selecting “Labour-leaning”, “pensioners” and “Bishopston ward” and generating a list that can be beamed, via an app, to canvassers mobile phones.组织者们还要提供电脑技术的援助。一些年纪较大的地方活动人士不习惯使用由全国总部花大价钱购置来的选民数据库。雇用像麦吉先生这样的人确保了新技术不会被浪费。在他布里斯托尔的办公室,他通过滚屏浏览选民类别,选择“劳工意向”,“退休人员”和“毕晓普斯顿的病房”并且生成一个列表,并将这列表通过一个应用程序传送到游说者的手机中。Besides persuading existing party members to get their act together, organisers are supposed to recruit new ones. Following the Obama playbook, that means asking members to invite friends, relatives and co-workers to meetings on local issues like bus services and child care. “A bit like a pyramid scheme,” says one British party strategist, only half-joking. Churches, mosques, neighbourhood watch schemes and trade unions also provide routes to prospective supporters. Partly for this reason (but mostly in response to a vote-rigging scandal in a candidate selection last year) on March 1st Labour reformed its long-standing relationship with the unions to give local parties and organisers direct access to individual union members.除了说现有的党员来共同行动,组织者们还要招募新人。而由奥巴马的“剧本”可知,那意味着成员要去邀请他们的朋友、亲人和同事来参与会议,讨论有关巴士务和儿童保育等当地话题。“有点像传销”,一个英国的党派战略家半开玩笑的这样说道。教堂、清真寺、邻里守望计划和工会也给未来的持者们提供路线。部分因为这个原因(但大部分是为回应去年在候选人竞选中的选举舞弊丑闻),在3月1日,工党和工会改变了其长期合作的关系,这给予了当地政党和组织者们对个别的工会成员直接访问的机会。But the new methods may not be all they are cracked up to be. Americas earnest, decentralised political culture does not always appeal to starchy Britons. In the last two presidential elections, Mr Obamas supporters held hundreds of house parties at which they implored their friends to support the campaign. In his ill-fated bid for the leadership of the Labour Party in 2010, David Miliband attempted to import this practice to Britain. Few supporters took up the invitation, which was widely mocked.但新方法可能并不像他们吹捧的那样。美国式的认真的、分散的政治文化并不总是吸引着拘谨的英国人。在过去的两次总统选举中,奥巴马先生的持者们举办了数百次的家庭聚会以恳求他们的朋友来持这个选举。大卫·米利班德曾试图尝试将奥巴马在2010年几经波折的争取工党领导的方式引进英国并予以实施。而其结果却是几乎没有人接受此邀请,这件事也作为笑话流传开来。And though campaign organisers are meant to revive local political volunteering, they might have the opposite effect. The arrival of one of these miracle-workers in a constituency risks giving harried candidates and disengaged activists the perfect opportunity to dump boring grunt work like canvassing and envelope-stuffing on the new recruit. If they do, organisers could end up speeding the professionalisation of politics, which they were supposed to be reversing.虽然活动组织者的意愿是为了振兴当地的政治自愿活动,但他们可能会产生相反的效果。在候选区从这些创造奇迹的工作人员中过来的一个能给那些忙碌的候选人和积极分子带来摆脱像游说和招募新人等枯燥繁重工作的机会。如果他们这样做,组织者们可能会停止加速政治的职业化,这正是他们所期望被扭转的。译者:张娣 校对:邵林 译文属译生译世 /201510/403415 抚顺治疗前列腺肥大医院哪家好抚顺曙光男科医院评价咋样



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