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15. Visitors and Extra Tenants (1) 15.访客和多余的房客(1)A: I have a question about my one-room apartment.A:我对我的一室公寓有个疑问。B: What do you need to know?B:你想知道什么?A: Am I allowed to have extra people living with me?A:允许有多余的人和我一起住吗?B: You are only allowed one roommate, but theyll need to have an application on file.B:你只被允许有一个室友,但是他们需要有文件申请。A: Will I be charged extra for any additional people?A:我要为新增加的人多付钱吗?B: Yes. And youll also need special permission for that.B:是的。而且你需要得到特别的批准。A: Are my visitors allowed to use any of the facilities?A:我的访客允许使用这里的设施吗?B: Yes, but you have to be present with them.B:是的,但你必须在场。A: Are occasional guest sleepovers fine?A:偶然有客人在这里过夜可以吗?B: As long as it is occasional, it should be no problem.B:如果是偶然的话,就没问题。A: Thank you. That is all I needed to know.A:谢谢你。这就是我需要知道的。B: Alright. If you have any more questions, dont hesitate to ask. B:没关系。如果你有更多问题,随时来问我。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/413651

Julia: So were talking about your wedding, Nathan. Was it a stressful experience for you?朱莉娅:内森,我们之前谈了你的婚礼。那对你来说是紧张的经历吗?Nathan: Yes, I think you could say that it was pretty stressful in several ways. The first one was a kind of stupid thing was that a long time ago Id broken a tooth and a couple of days before I got married, the tooth got stuck in a chocolate bar and broke again. So Id been to an emergency...内森:对,从很多方面来说,可以说非常紧张。第一件愚蠢的事是,我很久之前断了一颗牙,就在我结婚前几天,那颗牙卡在了巧克力棒上,然后又断了一次。所以我去看了急诊……Julia: You looked pretty then?朱莉娅:之后你看起来还好吗?Nathan: Yeah, Id been to an emergency dentist session to have a new cap stuck on but I was really worried that (a) I couldnt speak properly because my mouth was still a bit getting used to the shape of the tooth and I was worried that the tooth was going to fall off but also Im not very good in front of large groups of people and I had to, I had to do some speeches and I hadnt really...内森:还好,我去看了牙医急诊,换了新的牙冠,可是我非常担心我不能正常说话,因为我的嘴还在适应那颗牙的形状,我很担心牙会掉,而且我不太擅长在很多人面前说话,可是我在婚礼上还要讲话……Julia: You made a speech?朱莉娅:你要讲话?Nathan: Yeah, I didnt really memorize the speeches properly and so I really struggled with the speeches but I think the other thing was that I couldnt relax because everybody was taking photos and every time I wanted to have a drink of beer or have a mouthful of food, someone was like just one more photo, just one more photo and so I kept on saying to people like Im really tired, you know, Id really like to eat my food and everybody kept on coming up and taking photos and I actually got a bit frustrated and a bit...内森:对,其实讲话的内容我记得不太清楚,所以在讲话时我一直很挣扎,另外就是我没法放松下来,因为所有人都在拍照,每次我想喝口啤酒或是吃东西的时候,就会有人拍照,他们会说“再拍一张,再来一张”,所以我一直在对他们说,我非常累,我想吃点东西,可是所有人一直过来拍照,我有点沮丧……Julia: You were grumpy on your wedding day?朱莉娅:你在你婚礼那天发脾气了?Nathan: Well, I get grumpy everywhere. We had three parties so the first party was...内森:我到处发脾气。我们办了三场派对,第一场派对……Julia: Three parties?朱莉娅:三场派对?Nathan: Yeah, we had the wedding ceremony and then we had the meal and then we had like a second party where we did some games and then we had a third party at a karaoke booth which was fantastic.内森:对,我们举行了婚礼,然后吃饭,随后的第二场派对上我们玩了一些游戏,第三场派对是在一家非常棒的KTV办的。Julia: Right and were you still in your wedding gear for all those parties?朱莉娅:好,那在这些派对中你一直穿着结婚礼吗?Nathan: Yeah. Actually I said to you some time before that my wife had two wedding dresses but by the time we went to karaoke she was on her third wedding dress.内森:对。我之前跟你说过,我妻子有两套新娘礼,其实我们去KTV的时候,她穿的是第三套礼。Julia: Oh, wow.朱莉娅:哦,哇哦。Nathan: So she had a pretty good time getting changed.内森:所以她很开心地在换衣。Julia: It was a huge event then?朱莉娅:那很盛大吧?Nathan: It was.内森:对。Julia: How long did it take to plan this wedding?朱莉娅:准备这场婚礼用了多长时间?Nathan: I think it took only two months. My wifes pretty organized so shes like this is going to happen, this is going to happen, boom, boom, boom.内森:我想大概只用了两个月的时间。我妻子做事非常有条理,她喜欢安排这些事情,很棒。Julia: So she made most of the important stressful decisions?朱莉娅:那大部分重要又有压力的决定是她做的?Nathan: Oh yeah. The planning was easy for me. I just said yes to everything.内森:对。婚礼准备对我来说很简单。我只要说好就行了。Julia: And did you go on a honeymoon?朱莉娅:那你们去度蜜月了吗?Nathan: Thats a major bone of contention. Thats, Ive never been forgiven for this because we, I guess we really didnt have a huge amount of money and afterwards my wife wanted to take...内森:这是我们争执的主要原因。我想在这件事上,我永远不会被原谅,我们没有太多钱,可是我妻子想……Julia: You spent a lot on the wedding.朱莉娅:你在婚礼上花费了很多钱。Nathan: Yeah, she wanted to have a really romantic honeymoon in the Maldives and Id actually put the idea of the Maldives into her head when I was drinking one time and afterwards, we didnt do anything after the wedding because wed been really busy during the wedding getting friends and family to fly in.内森:对,可是她想去马尔代夫享受浪漫的蜜月,实际上去马尔代夫这件事是有一次我在喝酒的时候植入她脑海的,可是我们婚礼结束之后什么都没做,因为我们在婚礼期间一直非常忙,要安排朋友和家人的航班。Julia: You needed a break?朱莉娅:你想休息?Nathan: Yeah, but then about a month later we went to Thailand and then we went to Singapore and we did lots of small trips in Malaysia and different things but they werent really romantic and so my wife is still waiting for her romantic honeymoon.内森:对,不过一个月以后我们去了泰国和新加坡,然后也去马来西亚旅行了,可是那并不是很浪漫,所以我妻子仍在等待她浪漫的蜜月。Julia: You went travelling, well thats nice.朱莉娅:你们去旅行了,真好。Nathan: Yeah, well.内森:嗯。 译文属 /201611/477623

Sorie: So you do have some extra money that you can put away, you would say?索里:你有多余的钱可以存起来,对吧?Mark: I think maybe everyone has extra money because you just use less. So you just decide in advance to put a little bit aside whether its 5 dollars or 50.马克:我认为每个人都可以有多余的钱,只要少花些就可以了。你可以提前决定把一小部分钱存起来,无论那是5美元还是50美元。Sorie: So, like, change your priorities and spend less money on other things and more towards your pension?索里:比如改变事情的优先顺序,在其他事情上少花点钱,多存点养老金?Mark: Exactly. Exactly.马克:没错,没错。Sorie: Right. So what would you cut? If you had something that you have to stop putting your money towards, what would it be?索里:好。那你会缩减哪部分开?如果你一定要缩减某件事的花费,你会减少哪部分的开?Mark: I dont know if theres anything to cut because Im not really buying much. I couldnt cut food. Thats primary important. I dont know. What would you cut?马克:我不知道有没有可以缩减的开,因为本来我买的东西就不多。我不能减少饮食的花费,因为这是最重要的事。我没有头绪。你会减少哪部分的开?Sorie: Clothing, maybe. You know, Im a woman so I like to wear fashionable clothes so that would be one of them, and traveling. I love traveling, so maybe take one less holiday a year and put that towards my pension.索里:可能是衣。我是女人,我喜欢时尚的衣,我可能会减少在买衣上的花费,另外就是减少旅行费用。我喜欢旅行,也许我可以减少每年的假期,然后多存些养老金。Mark: One less holiday than one.马克:减少假期。Sorie: Yeah, thats right.索里:对,没错。Mark: Stop going on a holiday. How about have lots of kids? Go back to that idea.马克:不去度假。多生几个孩子怎么样?我们继续来讨论这个主意。Sorie: Yeah.索里:好。Mark: Yeah.马克:嗯。Sorie: Well, I actually come from a family with a lot of kids. At the moment, thats not working well for my parents because Im not sending any money to them. But maybe in the future. So thats the thing, you know. It works in a chain. I have to worry about my parents, so I cannot really be worrying about my own pension. So its like a continuous burden that you give to your children. And it never ends.索里:实际上我来自孩子很多的家庭。目前我父母还没有受益,因为我还没有给父母钱,不过未来我会的。事情就是这样。这是连锁反应。我非常担心我的父母,我不能仅仅担心我自己的养老金。这是施加给孩子的持续不断的负担。永远不会结束。Mark: Well, yeah, were really mixing up with other things. I dont think were really getting an answer though as to whats best.马克:嗯,这和其他事情混在一起了。我认为就哪种方法是最佳方法来说,我们没有找到。Sorie: Well, there are other options as well, you know. You can live a simple life where you can grow food from your land and—索里:嗯,还有其他选择。你可以选择简单的生活方式,在自己的土地上种植食物。Mark: And then you wouldnt need necessarily to save so much.马克:这样就不必存太多钱了。Sorie: Yeah, be a healthy person and you dont have to—take really good care of your body and then you dont have to go to a place where a nurse has to take care of you at an early age, you know.索里:对,保持身体健康,好好照顾自己的身体,这样你在年老以后就不用去那个由护理人员照顾你的地方了。Mark: I think thats what I want to do. I think going for the simple life, trying to create the situation right now to enable like retirement age to spend in such a simple place where everything is taken care of itself and the excess money isnt necessarily needed. I think thats what we should do.马克:我认为那正是我想做的事情。我想过简单的生活,现在开始尝试去创造一种环境,到退休时可以在简单的地方生活,过自给自足的生活,不需要额外的钱。我想那是我们应该做的。Sorie: Awesome.索里:太好了。 译文属 /201703/500700



  Cheryl: So, who are some of the people who are fighting to protect these trees besides you as an environmental scientist?谢丽尔:除了你这样的环境科学家之外,还有什么人会为保护树木而努力?Nick: Well, in Tasmania, the first green political party was developed, so yeah, they obviously want to protect the forests a lot, and have big protests, tie themselves to trees. Sit up in trees to protect the trees.尼克:塔斯马尼亚岛成立了首个绿色政党,显然他们想保护森林,他们进行抗议,将自己和树木绑在一起。坐在树上抗议,保护这些树。Cheryl: People actually still do that? Tie themselves to trees?谢丽尔:现在人们还这样做吗?把自己梆在树上?Nick: Oh, everyday in Tasmania.尼克:对,他们每天都在塔斯马尼亚岛这样做。Cheryl: Oh, really?谢丽尔:哦,真的吗?Nick: Its a big issue. A very big issue.尼克:这是一个大问题。一个非常重要的问题。Cheryl: Thats interesting. I once heard of a girl who lived in a tree for a month because she wanted to stop the deforestation company or people from taking down that tree, so she lived up there and she had people bring her supplies but she never came down.谢丽尔:这很有意思。我之前有听说过一个女孩曾在树上住了一个月,因为她想阻止伐木公司砍树,所以她住在了树上,她让别人给她送生活补给,可是她一个月里从来没有从树上下来过。Nick: That happens in Tasmania as well. Theres people today which are up in trees, maybe up to fifty which permanently live up in trees.尼克:塔斯马尼亚岛也有这样的事情。今天就有人住在树上,可能最多有50个人会一直住在树上。Cheryl: Wow!谢丽尔:哇!Nick: Yeah, so. I dont know how they do it.尼克:对。我不知道他们是怎么办到的。Cheryl: Thats kind of crazy ... So Nick, from the companies point of view, playing the devils advocate here, I think they provide jobs for all the people who are working to make trees into paper. What do you think they have to say about that?谢丽尔:这有点儿疯狂……尼克,从伐木公司的角度看,换个角度来看,我认为他们为那些将树木制成纸张的人提供工作。你认为他们会怎么说?Nick: Well, its true, they do provide jobs, and some cities, some small towns do rely on logging industry to provide jobs and support the shops in the place, but ...尼克:嗯,这倒没错,他们为人们提供工作,一些小城镇依靠伐木业提供工作,持店面,可是……Cheryl: But!谢丽尔:可是!Nick: But! Yeah. So tourism is a very big industry in Tasmania, and maybe the logging industry takes away tourists jobs as well, because it makes certain areas not useful for tourism anymore, not very pretty.尼克:对,可是旅游业是塔斯马尼亚岛的重要产业,伐木业可能导致游客减少,因为伐木让特定地区不再适宜旅游,一些地区的景色因为伐木打了折扣。Cheryl: Yeah, youre right. If the whole forest is missing, I guess nobody would really want to go and look at anything.谢丽尔:对,你说的对。如果整片森林消失,我想没有人想再去那里游玩和欣赏美景了。Nick: Yeah, therere some really beautiful spots in Tasmania which have been many tarnished a little by the logging industry.尼克:对,塔斯马尼亚岛有一些非常漂亮的地方因为伐木业失去了往日的光。 译文属 /201606/447264

  unit 279 提供客房务dialogue 英语情景对话A:Id like to order room service to room 202, please,A:我住202号房,我需要客房务。B:How can I help you?B:我能帮您做些什么?A:Id like two sandwiches and one green fruit salad, please.A:我要两个三明治和一个蔬菜沙拉。B:Will that be all, sir?B:就这些吗?A:No. Could you also get some extra towels and soup too? We went to the pool today and used up our two clean towels.A:不,可以再多给我几条毛巾和几块肥皂吗?今天我们去游泳了,两条干净的毛巾都用过了。B:I will have someone bring that up right away. How would like to pay for the dinner?B:我马上派人拿过去。您的晚餐准备怎么付钱?A:Just put in on with the rest of my hotel bill.A:与其他房费算在一起。B:All right, sir. You would receive dinner in about 15 minutes.B:好的,先生。晚餐大概15分钟后就会送过去。 /201512/416659unit 180 坠入爱河dialogue 英语情景对话A:How wonderful it is to be in love! Its love at first sight! Oh. hes my Romeo!A:恋爱真是件美好的事!我对他一见钟情!他就是我的罗密欧!B:Hey, Julie. Hows it going?B:嗨,茱莉,近来好吗?A:Oh, Mary. Youve surprised me!A:哦,玛丽,你吓了我一跳!B:Who were you talking to?B:你刚在和谁说话?A:Um—I was just thinking aloud.A:嗯,我只是在自言自语。B:You look so happy. I see a twinkle in your eyes.B:你看起来很高兴,眼睛闪闪发亮。A:Come off it, Mary.A:别胡扯了,玛丽!B:Oh, you have a crush on someone, dont you? Maybe those are wedding bells in your eyes!B:哦,你喜欢上谁了,是吗?说不定你眼中的光是婚礼钟声的光辉!A:You certainly do like teasing me, Mary. Well Im in love with someone. The question is, how do I get his attention?A:玛丽,你看来很喜欢挖苦我。不过,我是真的喜欢上一个人了,但问题是要怎么才能引起他的注意呢?B:Well, thats easy. Walk up to him and kiss him.B:哦,那还不简单,走过去直接吻他啊!A:I guess I asked the wrong person.A:我想我问错人了。 /201508/396421讲解文本:beat around the bush 拐弯抹角Stop beating around the bush. Get to the point.不要拐弯抹角了。有话直说。I beat around the bush when my family asked me about my girlfriend.家里人问我女朋友的情况时我总是敷衍了事。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201702/490250

  10.Damage claim Dialogue10.索赔 对话The goods are damaged during the shipment. Now Steven is dealing with the claim.货物在运输过程中被损坏了。现在史蒂文正处理投诉。Steven: What exactly is the problem with the latest lot?史蒂文:最近这一批货究竟出了什么问题?Customer: We are faced with the problem that part of the consignment is unacceptable. We assume that damage occurred during the consignment was in your care.客户:我们面临的问题是委托的部分货物无法接收。我们认为货物是在你方保管时受到损害的。Steven: But we cant accept your damage claim. 史蒂文:但是我们无法办理你的索赔。Customer: Why not?客户:为什么呢?Steven: You didnt note the damage on the bill of lading.史蒂文:你没有在提货单上注明损坏情况。Customer: I see.客户:我明白了。 /201512/417691

  小咖实用英语口语 第17期:越野车SUV /201503/358042

  be tired of 对……感到厌倦,厌烦例句:I am tired of fried eggs.我吃腻了煎鸡蛋。I am tired of having classes everyday.我厌倦了每天上课。sick and tired of 对……感到厌倦I got sick and tired of the hotel.我对那家旅馆感到厌倦。末尾音乐:boyfirend更多英语资讯关注微信公众号:Emily_aiyingyu /201606/448904。


  5. They are cheaper than usual.它们比平常便宜些。还能这样说:They are sold in lower price than usual.The price is less than usual.应用:as usual 如往常一样,照例6. Today, Id like to show you something which Im sure youll find interesting.今天我要向你们展示一些东西,我相信你们会感兴趣的。还能这样说:Today, I will show you something which you must feel interested in.I will display you something which may attract you today.应用:There is something in the wind.好像要发生什么事了。7. This is sold by set, not by piece.这是按套出售的,单件不卖。还能这样说:We dont sell the single product.It is sold by set instead of by piece.应用:give sb. piece of ones mind 责备某人;pick theory to pieces 把某理论贬得一钱不值8. Weve only had three orders all morning!我们一上午仅接到3份订单!还能这样说:Only three orders come to us in the morning.All morning we only receive three orders.应用:advance in close order 以密集队形前进;in good order 情况正常;有条不紊;large order 难以满足的要求 /201501/355151

  unit 176 邀请异性(1)dialogue英语情景对话A:Are you free this weekend, Miss Rose?A:罗斯,这个周末你有空吗?B:Yes, I am. Whats up?B:有啊。什么事?A:Then would you please go to a dance party with me?A:那么,请你和我一起去参加舞会好吗?B:With pleasure. I suppose you dance often.B:我很高兴。我猜你经常跳舞吧。A:Oh, no. As a matter of fact, I havent danced for a long time.A:哦,不常跳。事实上,我已经有很长一段时间没有跳舞了。B:But I am told that you dance wonderfully well.B:但是我听说你的舞跳得特别好。A:Thanks for flattering me. I think you dance a lot, right?A:谢谢你的夸奖。我想你经常跳舞,对吧?B:No. Just occasionally.B:不是,只是偶尔跳跳。A:Whats your favorite dance?A:你最喜欢的舞步是什么?B:Its hard to say, but I do love the foxtrot and waltz.B:很难说呀。但我确实喜欢狐步舞和华尔兹。A:How about rocknroll?A:摇滚怎么样呀?B:To tell you the truth, I dont like it. lts too noisy.B:说实话,我不喜欢摇滚,太闹了。A:And the tango?A:探戈呢?B:Oh, its really beautiful, but I just cant do it well.B:哦,那真是很美的,可我就是跳不好。A:Dont be so modest. Im sure you can do it very well. Then Ill meet you at six. Is That at all right?A:别谦虚啦,我肯定你跳得很好。那么,我6点钟来接你,行吧?B:OK.B:行。A:Great! Im your lucky fellow then.A:太好了!那我可是你的幸运舞伴喽。 /201508/395475

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