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A Small Babysitter 小保姆 -- :9:8 来源: A Small Babysitter 小保姆  Believe it or not, I was once a babysitter a day.  That was a day in July. I went to see my grandma. My aunt was busy working while my grandma had to cook. So I decided to look after my cousin.  My little cousin was only 3 years old and she was very cute. In the morning I fed her some food. In the afternoon I told her some stories and then we played together.  In the evening when I got home, I felt tired but I was happy.  不管你信不信,我曾当了一天的“保姆”  那是七月的一天我去看望奶奶我姑姑忙于工作而奶奶得做饭所以我决定照看我的小表  我的小表年仅3岁,很可爱早上我喂她吃东西,下午我给她就爱你个故事,之后我们一起玩  晚上当我回家时感到很累,但是我非常高兴。

A Letter to Grandma 给奶奶的信 -- 3:59: 来源: A Letter to Grandma 给奶奶的信Dear Grandma,  How are you? Haven't seen you two months, I miss you very much. Your face often appears in front of me with a smile.  Now I am busy with my lessons. The most important subjects are Chinese, maths and English. The teachers are all friendly to me. So I am happy at school.  When I am at home, I help Mum do the housework. My mother often says, "I have a good daughter." My father is always busy working, and he doesn't come home until in the evening, but he is in good health. He has aly given up smoking.  I have to stop here. Long life you.Your garnddaughter,Zhao Fei亲爱的奶奶:    你好吗?两个月未见,我很想念您您微笑的面孔经常出现在我眼前  现在我正忙着学功课最重要的科目是语文、数学、英语老师对我很友好,所以我在学校很开心  当我在家时,我帮妈妈做家务妈妈常说:“我有一个好女儿”爸爸总是忙于工作,晚上十点才回家,可是他身体很好他已经戒烟了  就写到这儿,祝您长寿您的孙女,赵菲。

I Am Going to Yunnan 我要去云南 -- :53: 来源: I Am Going to Yunnan 我要去云南  The summer vacation is coming soon. I'm going to Yunnan to spend the vacation.  Everybody knows that Yunnan is a beautiful place. There are many famous places of interest there. So my parents and I have made a plan travelling.  First, we'll go to Dali, and there I'll put on their traditional clothes to take some photos near the beautiful Butterfly Spring. Then we'll go to Er Hai. We'll take boats sailing on the water. The last place we'll visit is Yulong Snowmountain. I'll choose a good horse to climb the mountain.  It will certainly be a pleasant trip.  暑假就要到了,我想到云南去度假  大家都知道,云南是一个美丽的地方,那里有许多名胜我和我的父母制定了一个旅游计划  首先,我们要去大理在那里,我要穿上传统盛装去蝴蝶泉附近照几张相然后我们将去洱海,乘船在水上航行我们要参观的最后一个地方是玉龙雪山我要挑一匹好马登上山去  这将肯定是一次让人愉快的旅游。

A Diary -- :58:3 来源: A DiaryThe sixth of MayI got up early this morning. I wanted to clean my room. I opened the window and aired the room. I picked up the paper and swept the floor. Then I made the bed.I played computer games. We had lunch at :00. We had fish lunch.After lunch we went to the park. In the evening I did my homework. We had delicious food supper.Today I was very happy.。

《蝴蝶梦Rebecca经典英文电影台词 --7 :8: 来源: 《蝴蝶梦Rebecca经典英文电影台词《蝴蝶梦是190年根据英国当代著名女作家达夫尼·杜·莫丽叶的畅销悬疑小说《丽贝卡改编而成的电影导演是英国阿尔弗莱德·希区柯克全片气氛诡异迷人,是悬疑手法十分高明的心理文艺片,片中希区柯克出色地营造了阴暗压抑的曼德利庄园景象,古堡废墟一般荒寂的建筑、开阔大厅里的一条、幽灵般出没面无表情的女管家,都成了世界电影史上永恒的记忆以下是《蝴蝶梦的经典英文台词1.I knew where Rebecca's body was!我知道吕蓓卡的尸体在哪儿Lying on that cabin floor,就躺在那船舱的地板上,on the bottom of the sea.沉在海底How did you know,Maxim?你怎麽知道的,迈克西姆?Because I put it there!因为,是我把它放在那里的.Would you look into my eyes 现在你还能看着我的眼睛and tell me that you love me now?说你爱我吗?You see,I was right.你看,我说对了吧,It's too late.太晚了No,it's not too late!不,还不算晚!You're not to say that!不要这样说!I love you more than anything in the world...我爱你胜过这世上的一切Please,Maxim,迈克西姆kiss me,please!吻我吧,求求你1No.It's no use.不,没有用,It's too late.太晚了3.We can't lose each other now!现在我们不能再失去对方,We must be together always!我们应该在一起--永远!With no secrets,no shadows...没有秘密,没有隔阂.We may only have a few days,a few hours.不,我们也许只有几个小时,几天了Maxim,why didn't you tell me bee?迈克西姆,为什麽你以前不告诉我?I nearly did sometimes,我几次差点儿告诉你,but you bever seemed close enough.可是我觉得你对我不够亲密How could we be close 我怎能和你亲密,when I knew you were always thinking of Rebecca?当我知道你还对吕蓓卡念念不忘?How could I even ask you to love me 我怎能要求你爱我,when I knew you loved Rebecca still?当我知道你仍然爱着吕蓓卡?What are you talking about?你在说什麽?What do you mean?你这是什麽意思?Whenever you touched me 每次你触摸我的时候,I knew you were comparing me to Rebecca.我知道你在拿我和吕蓓卡相比Whenever you looked at me,每次你看着我,spoke to me,和我说话,or walked with me in the garden,或者和我在花园里散步的时候,I knew you were thinking.我知道你在想:"This I did with Rebecca我和吕蓓卡一起做过这-and this--还有这-and this..."--还有Oh,it's true,isn't it?是这样吗,是吗?You thought I loved Rebecca?你以为我爱吕蓓卡,You thought that?你是那样想的? 蝴蝶梦 经典英文电影台词。

六年级英语作文:I love parents --1 :: 来源: Who gives me birth? Who brings me up? Who dedicates hisher whole life to me? My parents.Who gives me food? Who gives me clothes? Who gives me care? My parents.My parents, they dorsquo;t want to get any reward from me. Not only my parents, all the parents in the world dorsquo;t charge anything from their children. they give us everything they can. they end their whole life loving me, so I love my parents, too. Since I was given birth, I’ve started to love them even if I didrsquo;t realize it.It will be the time my birthday soon. I want to say to my parents: I love you.。

Summer Vacation --19 :19:3 来源: It is summer vacation and school is out. During summer vacation, most children stay home, watch TV and play with their friends. Some take part in a neighborhood sports program and some go camping. A camp is summer vacation place children. They can go swimming, mountain climbing or boating. Now, there are computer camps. At this camp, children learn how to use computers, which is very important today. Most children enjoy playing computer games. At the computer camps, they can learn more about computers and make friends easily. If you don't have a plan yet your vacation, a computer camp should be。

第三十届洛阳牡丹节月5日开幕 -- :58: 来源: 第三十届洛阳牡丹节将于月5日到5月5日举行前往洛阳各个牡丹公园观看的游客将可以欣赏到5万多种牡丹花,就像其他中国名花展一样届时将会举行各种活动如牡丹摄影赛等The 30th Luoyang Peony Culture Festival will take place from April 5th to May 5th. Visitors to Luoyang’s various peony parks can enjoy the sight of over 5,000 peony flowers, as well as an exhibition of China’s other famous flowers. A number of activities, such as a peony photo competition, will also take place.various peony parks are as follows1) Wancheng Park (王城公园) Considered the main venue admiring peonies, this park is divided into six scenic areas. Nine different coloured peonies are planted here, as well as 838 different varieties, bringing the total number of flowers her to over 50,000.Add: North section of ZhongzhouZhonglu, Luoyang地址:洛阳市中州中路北侧,洛阳物馆西的东周王城遗址上Tel: 79 6393 855Opening hours: 5:30-1:30; flowers in bloom from April 1 to May th. The best time to view them is in mid AprilTickets:0 RMB (early stage); 50 RMB mid-stage; 5 RMB late stageGetting there: take bus no. 9, , 1, , 19, 0, 50, 59, 1, 1 or 1 to Wancheng Park) Luoyang National Peony Park (洛阳国家牡丹园)Sp over 700 mu, this park features over 600 varieties of Chinese peonies totalling over 50,000 individual plants, as well as over0 varieties of eign varieties totalling 50,000 individual plants.Add: 00 metres west of the WanchengDadao and 3 National Highway intersection, Luoyang 地址: 洛阳市王城大道与3国道交叉口西00米Price: 0 RMB early stage; 55 blooming stage; 0 RMB late stageOpening hours: April 6-th, 6:30-19:00; peonies are in full bloom April -ndGetting there: from Luoyang Train Station take the no.51 bus to National Peony Park stop3) Shenzhou Peony Park (神州牡丹园)Situated opposite the White Horse Temple 5 km outside the city, Shenzhou Peony Park occupies 600 mu and features over 800 varieties of peonies and a total of 30,000 individual plants. It also boasts over 300 varieties of Chinese herbaceous peonies.Add: Baimasi Town, Luolong District, Luoyang地址: 洛阳市洛龙区白马寺镇Tel: 79 6378 37Opening hours: April 5 - May 5, 5:30-1:30; peonies will be in full blossom in mid AprilPrice: 0 RMB early stage, 55 RMB mid-stage, 0 RMB late stageGetting there: take bus no. 56 or 58 to Shenzhou Peony Park (White Horse Temple) stop) China National Flower Park (中国国花园)This park stretches 500 metres east to west and is the largest park specialised in peonies in all of China. The park is divided into six scenic districts and features over 00 varieties of peonies and 500,000 individual plants.Add: Longmen Dadao, Luolong District, Luoyang地址: 洛阳市洛龙区龙门大道号Opening hours: April -5th, 5:30-1:30; peonies are in full bloom from April -thPrice: 0 RMB early stage, 55 RMB mid-stage, 30 RMB late stageGetting there: take bus no.53, 55, 69 or 81 to Luoyang Qiaonan stop 第三十 洛阳 牡丹。

 我想飞 --01 ::35 来源: 我想飞  l want to fly in the sky. l can have a look at how big the pacific ocean is. l want to fly in the sky. l can have a look at how many rivers in the world.  l want to fly in the sky. l can have a look at where the great wall is. l want to fly in the sky. l can have a look at what is on the moon. l want to fly...。

记一次车祸 A Accident -- ::53 来源: Today is Sunday. Ivisited my uncle with my father in the morning. In a traffic light, we saw acar accident. We were waiting the traffic light. Suddenly, a motorbike ranthe red light and crashed with a car. Luckily, the motor driver slowed down thespeed and he just fell down from his motor. He could stand up by himself. Butthis accident caused a traffic jam. I hope drivers can drive under trafficrules.今天是星期天早上我和爸爸去看望叔叔,在红绿灯处我们目睹了一起交通事故当时我们正在等红绿灯,突然一辆托车闯红灯和一辆汽车相撞幸运的是托车司机减速了只是从托车上摔下来他还能自己站起来,但是这起事故引起了交通堵塞我希望司机们能够遵守交通规则行驶。