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湖州长兴县开内眼角的费用湖州第六医院激光除皱手术多少钱1.Tourists frequent the district.  游客常去那个地方。  重点词语:frequent adj.常见的,频繁的  商务用语:a frequent caller 常客  2.It is a pledge of customs revenue to fund government notes.  用关税收入作为政府发行钞票的担保。  重点词语:fund n.基金,资金,经费 vt.把……列为基金  商务用语:a relief fund 救济基金  a reserve fund 公积金   3.He gathered information about the goods.  他收集到了此项商品的资料。  重点词语:gather vt. 收集,集合,恢复  商务用语:gather taxes 收税  gather strength 恢复体力   4.It is the global monetary policies.  这是全球金融政策。  重点词语:global n.总的,全球的  商务用语:the global sum 总计  global economy 全球经济   5. The going rates are high.  现行利率很高。  重点词语:going adj.现行的,进行中的,兴隆的  商务用语:a going business 事业发达  a going concern 营业中的商行 /200811/56068湖州皮肤美白多少钱 This is a graceful place with good atmosphere,pleasant decoration,and high-quality service.Do you come here often?这是个雅致的地方,气氛好、装饰美、务质量高。你常来吗?Yes.There are all kinds of food cooked to different taste,whether western or eastern.是的。这里有东西方各种口味的食物。Seems theyve chosen a good place downtown in the city center.这家餐厅的地点似乎也选得很对--正位于市中心。Indeed.Theyve opened many small shops,that is a big business.没错,他们开了许多家分店。生意很大。They abound in money,judging from customerss presence.从顾客光顾情况来看,他们赚了很多钱。You know,their speed of money coming in is unbelievable.They meet needs of all the local customers.你知道,他们赚的钱相当惊人,因为他们符合本地许多顾客的需要。Sounds like theyve made a big fortune here.听起好像他们发了大财了。May I take your orders now,gentlemen?待者:先生,现在要点菜了吗?Would you like to order first,Nancy?I know the shop is famous for its lobsters.南茜,你要不要点菜?我知道该店以龙虾最为有名。Can we count on your choice of wines,Nancy?南茜,你会选酒吧?Well,Im not an expert,but I do like white wine once in a while.唔,我可不是这方面的专家,但偶尔我喜欢喝白酒。Im sure it will be to our satisfaction.我想我们都会很满意的。I know both of you ordered Main dishes,but I recommend you to order a traditional dish.我知道你们两位点了主菜,但我建议要道传统菜。Make yourself at home.People nowadays seem not to be particular about the rules of ordering dishes.别客气。现在的人似乎不讲究点菜的规矩了。I know Im your guest here in Hong Kong,gentlemen,but Id really like to pay the bill in order to express my thanks.先生们,我知道在香港我是客人,但这一顿饭就由我请客,以表达我的谢意。Im afraid I have to disappoint you,Nancy.I am the host in the invitation at this restaurant.南茜,恐怕这一回我会让你失望,请你来这家餐厅当然由我做东。You are always thoughtful!你们可真周到啊!Nancy!Welcome,Hi,William.南茜!欢迎,你好,威廉。Its very kind of William to give me a lift,a big and nice house!威廉真好,开车来接我。你们的房子好大好漂亮噢!Thanks.It owes a lot to my wife.Shes waiting to meet you.谢谢。这些都是我妻子的功劳,她正等着见你呢。Well then,I just want to see my hostess,so she can show me around.那好,我正想见见女主人,让她可以带我四周看看。Nancy.This is Mr.David,our director of marketing.南茜,这是我们的营销部主任,戴维先生。Its very nice to meet you,Mrs.Smith.I hope youre having a pleasant stay in Hong Kong.很高兴认识您,史密斯女士,我希望您的香港之行非常愉快。Indeed I am.Im inpressed by your hospitality.(they chitchat about small,safe topics for a minute or two.)我的确很愉快。你们的好客给我留下了很深的印象。(彼此闲聊了一两分钟。)Well,I dont want to take up too much of your time.Nice to meet you,Mrs.Smith.那么,就不多占用您的时间了。我很高兴认识您,史密斯女士。Excuse me,everyone!Can I have your attention for a minute?Dinner is y,please be seated(he approaches Nathan).对不起,请大家注意一下!晚餐准备好了,请就坐。(他走向南茜)Nancy,since youre the guest of honor,please sit in the honor-guest seat.南茜,你是贵宾,请你坐在上座。Ladies and gentlemen,Id like to offer a toast to our guest of honor,Mrs.Nancy Smith.各位女士先生们,我要向我们的贵宾-南茜?史密斯女士举杯致意。Nancy lets propose a toast to our firm partnership and friendship between ourselves. Nancy,Id like to present you with a traditional Chinese painting and a bottle of Chinese wine as a gift.南茜,为我们的伙伴关系和友谊关系干杯。南茜,我把这些中国古画和酒送给你作为礼物。Just accept it.就收下吧。(standing)I appreciate what youve done to me,and I look forward to many visiting Hong Kong and I believe we will see each other again.Cheers everyone!(站起来)我很感激你们为我所做的一切,我相信我们不久会见面。各位干杯! /201502/355152湖州中心医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱

湖州第六医院激光脱毛多少钱湖州安吉县玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱 第一句:Good job!做得好!A: Good job! Just do it by your own way. 做得好!就按你自己的方式去做。B: Thanks. I will.谢谢,我会的。第二句:I know you are working very hard.我知道你工作很努力。A: I know you are working very hard.我知道你工作很努力。B: Thanks, Mr. Geller.谢谢,盖勒先生。知识扩展:1.做得好还可以这样说:Well done!Good work.You’ve done a good job.2.努力工作值得称赞:You tried very hard.你很努力 了。You are a hard worker and the staff members all like you.你是个很努力的员工,大家都很喜欢你。湖州三院激光去斑手术多少钱

湖州去红血丝价格Politely Placing Callers On Hold礼貌请求客人等待陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他的美国同事Amy来找他谈事儿。(Office ambience)A: Hi Chen Hao, have you got a minute?C: Amy, 刚才你过来的时候,我正在电话上。A: Its not polite to hang around when someone is the phone so I decided to come back.C: 嗨,别提了。我刚才一直在电话上等。想挂,可是好不容易才打通,挂了又得从头来,我就在那儿傻等着,烦死了。A: I know what you mean. Putting callers on hold for more than thirty seconds is bad for customer relations.C: 半分钟,别说半分钟;我刚才足足等了半小时。不过,Amy, 说实话,我让别人等的时候,有时候也容易把时间忘了。What can I do?A: Watch the clock. Time passes quickly for the person who is busy with other callers or issues, but for the person on hold, time creeps by.C: 就是这么回事。在电话上等,确实觉得时间过得特别慢,所以越等越不耐烦。A: Since your job doesnt involve answering other peoples calls, I would guess that your callers are waiting for you to look up information while they hold.C: 没错,一般情况下,我都会让客户在电话上等着别挂,我马上设法帮他们解决问题。A: There is a difference in holding for someone to answer the phone and holding for someone to look up information for you.C: 在线上等别人接你的电话和等别人去帮你查资料有什么不一样呢?A: If you ask people to hold while you are looking up information or trying to help them in some way, they are willing to wait.C: 我怎么还是不明白?A: People are happy to wait while you work on their behalf.C: 噢,他们知道对方是在为自己解决问题,所以等得心甘情愿。那些等着别人接听电话的人呢?A: When you take your time getting to the call, the caller starts to imagine all sorts of scenarios.C: 没错,我就经常怀疑对方是把我给忘了。A: The caller may suspect you dont think the caller is important.C: 还有呢?A: Maybe you dont value the callers time?C: 对呀,在线上等电话是越等越急,越急就容易胡思乱想。A: Yes, and the result is that your caller is pretty annoyed when you finally answer the phone.C: 没错,那客户肯定很不高兴,觉得我没有礼貌。A: Exactly. So if you want to avoid making people feel unimportant or ignored, pick up your phone as soon as you know you have a caller waiting.C: 如果没办法马上接电话,我通常都会让秘书请客户决定,是在线上继续等,还是在电话信箱里留言。A: Exactly, good business etiquette as usual is to be considerate of the other person. /201207/191037 Narrator: 欢迎再次收听《白领英语》。Tip Top 贸易公司的办公室里大家忙得不亦乐乎。明天就是新产品塑料茄子发布会的日子,所以呀今天大家都得加加把油,认真并且快速地完成自己分内的工作。不过有个小问题,这个问题就是有些人怎么都快不起来。(Phone ringing)Anna: Could someone answer that please? Im on the other line.Denise: Well I cant, Im aly on the phone.Tom: Yeah, talking to your friend Marge. And Im busy… errr… writing a businessproposal.(Door opens)Paul: Could someone just answer that phone… oh, youre all busy, I suppose Id better do it. (Answers phone) Hello? Yes? Really! Im sorry about that. Well send someone round right away. Yes, this morning. Bye. (To Anna) Anna, are you free to talk in my office now?Anna: Yes Paul. (Door closes) Whats wrong?Paul: Hold on – I just need a quick bite on a biscuit – thats better. Now that was NicenCheesy. Theyre not happy about how slowly we are processing their order. They need our plastic grapes for an exhibition theyre doing at the weekend.Anna: But I thought Tom had sorted that out.Paul: Clearly not. I need you to pull out all the stops and sort this out.Anna: Pull out what stops?Paul: I mean do all you can to get this order completed. Please.Anna: But weve got the aubergine launch tomorrow.Paul: Leave that to me and Denise to organise. Itll be in safe hands.Narrator: 嗯,我可不知道他们能不能安排好明天发布会的事情。不过 Anna 你现在的首要任务就是赶快解决 NicenCheesy 公司的订单问题。你得告诉大家we have an order we need to process urgently 我们需要急速的处理一个订单,we need to pull out all the stops to get this sorted 我们需要使出浑身解数,全力以赴的处理这个订单。你还可以告诉大家this is our number one priority 这是当下首要的任务。接下来你需要给每个人分配工作,让大家一起努力解决这个燃眉之急。祝你好运。Anna: Oh thanks. Tom, I need your help. That order for NicenCheesy, we need to process it urgently.Tom: The order? I sent that out ages ago with the paperwork.Denise: You mean this paperwork Tom, on your desk?Tom: Oh no! I must have forgotten. Ive had so much to do.Anna: Well, theyre not happy, so weve got to pull out all the stops and get them their grapes.Tom: OK but what about the aubergines?Anna: Forget about the aubergines. Weve got to get onto this now. Its ournumber one priority. You go and get the plastic grapes from the warehouse, Ill sort out this paperwork, and Ill meet you downstairs in 15 minutes.Tom: Why, where are we going?Anna: Were getting a taxi to the opposite of NicenCheesy so we can hand deliver the grapes.Tom: Oh right, but isnt it nearly lunchtime?Anna: Theres no time for lunch Tom. We need to do this now!Denise: Oh Anna, youre amazing.Narrator: 可不是吗!Anna 没有浪费任何时间,马上投入到工作中去了。注意要想保公司生意长久兴隆这一点很重要。下面我再来听一遍 Anna 用到的表达:Weve got to pull out all the stops.We have an order we need to process urgently.We need to pull out all the stops to get this sorted.This is our number one priority.Narrator: Tom 和 Anna 已经到了 NicenCheesy 公司的办公室。我们来听听进展如何。Anna: …so were really sorry…Tom: Yeah, really sorry…Anna: …about the delay and it wont happen again. And hope youre pleased with the grapes…Tom: ….and the price!Jane: Yes, the price is very competitive and if you can guarantee a bit more customer care, then Im sure well be buying from you again.Anna: Yes, of course. Thanks very much. We look forward to speaking to you again soon. ByeTom: Yeah, see ya.(Door closes)Tom: Phew, well done Anna. I think you saved the day once again. Hey, hold on, isnt that Dave from IT over there?Anna: It is. But whos he with?Tom: You mean, whos he holding hands with? Its Julie from accounts.Anna: No, it cant be… it is! Whats Dave doing with another woman?Tom: I dunno – but I never trusted him. Come on Anna, you need a drink – a big one.Narrator: 哎呀,可怜的 Anna. 看样子 Dave 对 Anna 有些不忠。不过 Anna 不能让这件事情影响到明天塑料茄子发布会的工作。那 Anna 明天会是怎么样呢?是会被清醒的头脑还是受伤的心而引领呢?下集我们再见。 听力挑战:Anna当下首要的任务是什么?上期:Marge 给 Anna 推荐的房间能观什么景?(:停车场 ) /201304/235830湖州去粉刺多少钱长兴县打玻尿酸多少钱



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