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Science and technology科学技术Biometrics计量测定学Clocking peoples clocks识别人们的行踪Facial-recognition systems are getting better面部识别系统愈发完善WITH some pride, the FBI trumpeted the news last month that thanks to the agencys facial-recognition system Neil Stammer, wanted for sexual assault and kidnapping, had been apprehended in Nepal after being on the run for 14 years. The truth was slightly more prosaic. A State Department official had used the FBIs “Wanted” posters in a test for passport fraud. The system then matched Mr Stammers face with an American calling himself Kevin Hodges who regularly visited the US embassy in Kathmandu to renew his visa. Still, Mr Stammers arrest illuminates the growing importance of facial-recognition technology.上个月,在FBI面部识别系统的帮助下,因性侵犯和绑架而被通缉长达14年的Neil Stammer在尼泊尔落入法网。FBI对此大肆宣传,还带着点小骄傲呢~ 经过可能较为平淡。一名国务院官员使用FBI的通缉海报来测试护照欺诈行为。然后系统识别出,Stammer的面部同一名自称Kevin Hodges的美国人相符。后者经常到美国驻加德满都大使馆去更新他的签。不过,Stammer的落网,说明面部识别技术日益重要。The two main techniques used to recognise faces electronically are principal-component analysis (PCA) and linear-discriminant analysis (LDA). Both compare a picture of someones phizog with a reference image taken in a controlled environment. Passport photos and mugshots, then, are about as ideal as it gets.电子识别人脸的两种技术分别为主成分分析(PCA)和线性判别分析(LDA)。两种方法都是通过在特定环境下比较某人的面部和参照图片。碰巧,护照照片和疑犯照片是最理想化的。Basic PCA and LDA are good for skin colour, hair colour and the like. Advanced systems, such as that used with British biometric passports, may look at cheek bones, the bridge of the nose, jaw lines and eyes.基本的PCA和LDA擅长处理肤色、发色等。先进系统,比如英国计量生物学护照所采用的,可能会记录面颊骨骼,鼻梁,下颌轮廓以及眼睛。All of which is fine when someone is sitting or standing in front of a camera, but is less useful in the world beyond the studio. That requires a technique called Elastic Bunch Graph Matching (EBGM), which tries to create a three-dimensional (3D) model from two-dimensional images. This model can, thereafter, be used to match any subsequent image, or part thereof.在人正坐在或者正立在摄像头前的时候,所有这些标准都好办,但是在摄影棚外就不那么有用了。这要求一种名为弹性束图匹配(EBGM)的技术,该技术力求通过2D图像创建一个3D模型。因此这个模型就能用于匹配任何相关图片,或其中的部分。EBGM considers the head as a union of two ellipsoids: one whose main axis is vertical, and runs from forehead to chin; the other whose main axis is horizontal, and runs from tip of the nose to the back of the cranium. This basic scheme is overlaid with “fiducial” points which act as anchors for the modelling. These can be as few as half a dozen (the pupils of the eyes, the corners of the mouth, and so on), or as many, in one system, as 40,000.EBGM将头部视为两个椭圆的结合体。一个的主轴是垂直的,从前额到下巴;另一个的主轴是水平的,从鼻尖到头盖骨后侧。基本方案是通过确定基点位置,定位模型尺寸。基点少则6个(瞳孔,嘴角,等等),多则可能在一个系统中达到40000个。EBGM allows the construction of a three-dimensional representation of a face from poorly lit images taken at odd angles, such as a closed-circuit television camera might provide. Once it recognises enough fiducial points it can work out what aspect of a face it is viewing. It then extrapolates the expected positions of other fiducial points. As more data come in from the camera, the models shape is updated. Given enough horsepower, says a British official, such a system can build a model from as few as 80 pixels located between a subjects eyes—and only two images are needed for a 3D reconstruction.EBGM可以将小角度拍摄的暗光照片,比如闭路电视所提供的,塑造为三维模型。一旦它捕捉到了足够的基点,系统就能计算出它所观测的是面部的那个位置。然后系统推断出其他基点的预期位置。随着摄像头提供的数据增多,模型的形状不断更新。如果有足够动力,比如英国官方要求,只需要两张照片,像素少到在人物的眼睛中只有80个像素,这个系统就能偶建立出3D复原模型。Governments are not the only ones interested. Earlier this year, Facebooks DeepFace system was asked whether thousands of pairs of photos were of the same person. It answered correctly 97.25% of the time, a shade behind humans at 97.53%. Although DeepFace is only a research project, and is aided by the fact that many Facebook photos are tagged with the names of people in the images, which lets the system learn those faces in different poses and lighting conditions, it is still an impressive feat.并不只有政府对此感兴趣。今年早些时候,有人拿脸谱的“深脸”系统测试了成千上万张照片,看他们是否是同一个人。其正确率为97.25%,在人背后后有阴影的情况下识别率为97.53%。尽管深脸只是研究项目,并且脸谱上的许多照片都是贴着人的姓名这个情况给出了一定帮助,使得系统能够辨别出不同姿势、不同采光下的人脸,但是这个成果仍旧令人瞩目。As DeepFace shows, access to an accurate gallery of images is crucial. Passport photos, or those on national identity cards, can act as such galleries, as they can be rendered by EBGM into usable 3D models. Add in the increasing ubiquity of closed-circuit television, and the idea that anyone will be able hide for long in Nepal, or anywhere else, looks quaint.正如深脸所显示的,想精确识别大批量图案依然困难重重。护照照片,或者那些用在国民身份上的,可以作为这种相片管理系统,因为他们可以可以由EBGM转述为实用3D模型。再考虑到闭路电视的普及,那么任何一个人,想要在尼泊尔或者其他任何地方藏起来的这种想法都会变得不切实际。 /201410/333530。

  • French elections法国省议会选举Menage a trios三雄争霸The National Fronts strength makes French politics a three-way affair极右翼国民前线实力增强,法国政治陷三雄争霸局面SOMETIMES small elections are markers of major political change.Frances latest vote, a two-round ballot on March 22nd and 29th to elect deputies to the 98 assemblies of Frances “departments”, may well turn out to be just such an election. On the face of it, the outcome will be a straightforward victory for the centre-right, led by Nicolas Sarkozy, a former president. In reality, it marks a shift in France from alternating two-party politics to a more fluid tripartite system.有时小型选举可以导致重大的政治变化。22日和29日,法国分别举行了第一轮和第二轮98个省议会的议员选举投票。这次选举极有可能正中其说。表面来看,由法国前总统尼克拉斯·萨科齐领导的中右翼派将在选举中获得直接胜利。但实际上,这次选举标志着法国由两党轮流执政向更加不固定的三党制的转变。The first element in this new political order is the performance of the populist National Front (FN), with its anti-immigration, anti-Europe and anti-establishment message. The partys combative leader, Marine Le Pen, had hoped it would come top in first-round voting and become, in her words, “the first party ofFrance”. In the end, Mr Sarkozys UMP scored 29%, while the FN finished second with 25%, short of the triumph she had hoped for.奉行民粹主义的国民前线在选举中的言行是造成这种政治新格局的首要因素。此前,该党宣扬三反政策(反移民、反欧洲和反政府),其斗志昂扬的领导人马琳·勒庞希望该党在首轮选举中斩获第一,用她的话说,“成为法国第一大党”。而结果呢,以萨科齐为首的右翼派人民运动联盟赢得29%的票数,而国民前线以25%的票数位居第二,并未达到勒庞所希冀的大胜。For some commentators, this amounted to a defeat. Manuel Valls, the Socialist prime minister whose party came third with 21%, reportedly lit a cigar to celebrate the FNs failure to place first. It was, he said, an “honourable” result for his party, and he congratulated “republican” voters for rejecting a party which, he judges, does not share the countrys founding values. Certainly the polls, which had predicted Ms Le Pens party would win about 30%, turned out to have been a poor guide, in part because voter turnout was higher than usual for this sort of election.有些员认为这相当于失败告终。社会党以21%的票数居于第三,据报道,该党成员曼纽尔·瓦尔斯总理点燃一根雪茄,庆祝国民前线名列第一梦破碎。他表示,此种结果对其政党来说是一大幸事,并且他祝贺“拥护共和政体”的选民:他们没有持他个人认为不具有法国最初价值观的政党。不可否认的是,民意调查曾预测以勒庞为首的政党会以30%左右的票数获胜,但事实明它起了错误的导向作用,这主要因为此类选举的投票人数多于以往数量。Yet it is a measure of how far the FN has come to shape the French political debate that her result could be considered a disappointment. It was the partys best-ever score at national level, just above that achieved at European elections in 2014. The party came top in nearly half the countrys departments, including some of the rural constituencies that have become its new frontier. In the run-offs, the FN is set to pick up scores of councillors, up from just two in 2011.然而,这可以衡量国民前线对于其选举结果是否令选民大失所望之争的作用大小。该结果是该党在国家级竞选史上的最好成绩,超过2014年的欧洲选举成果。国民前线掌控了近半数省份,其中包括一些边远的乡村新选区。决选时期,国民前线很可能赢得几十个议员的持,一改2011年仅仅两位的记录。In other words, the FN is transforming itself from a fringe movement that throws up periodic freak results into a regular feature of French politics, with the electoral ups and downs that this implies. This increasingly makes it an alternative opposition party to the governing Socialists, with a solid quarter or so of voters. Such a position is all the more remarkable given that the UMPs first-place score was achieved only thanks to an alliance with the UDI and Modem, two centrist parties.换言之,国民前线不断提升自身实力,由产生周期性反常结果的边缘运动向法国的固定政党转变,这表现出选举胜败无常的道理。这种转变让该党日益成为与稳拿1/4左右票数的执政党社会党轮流执政的反对党。右翼派人民运动联盟与独立民主联盟、Modem两个中间派组成竞选联盟,鉴于此,国民前线获得如此地位实属非凡。All the same, Mr Sarkozy will take comfort from the result, which is likely to hand his party a sweeping victory in the second round. Hitherto the ex-presidents political comeback had been faltering. Mr Sarkozy was elected UMP chief last November on the back of a lower-than-expected score, and has struggled to convince a divided party and its centre-right voters that he is the leader of the future. The latest result will strengthen his hand, and his chances of securing the partys presidential nomination for elections in 2017.而此结果依然会让萨科齐感到欣慰,它有可能在第二轮投票中促成其政党大获全胜。至今,这位前任总统是否会东山再起仍是不定之事。去年十一月,萨科齐在票数低于预期的情况下当选人民运动联盟主席,他经百般努力,试图让这个四分五裂的政党及其中右翼派选民相信他是未来的领导者。最新投票结果将增强其影响力,加大其稳获2017年总统大选党内提名的机会。As for President Fran?ois Hollande, the result was a downright humiliation, however much Mr Valls tried to argue otherwise. The Socialists are set for crushing losses in the second round–they have lost every mid-term election since Mr Hollande took office. This election exposes a cruel calculation on the left, as the party turns its eyes towards 2017. The Socialists poor score reflects a failure in most constituencies to join up with the Greens and other parties of the left. If the party has any hope of making it into the presidential run-off in 2017, it needs friends. Yet the ideological differences between the moderates around Mr Valls and the rest of the French left have never looked so wide, nor the chances of bridging them so slim.对弗朗索瓦·奥朗德总统来说,无论瓦尔斯总理怎样另找说辞,选举结果绝对是一大耻辱。社会党准备好在第二轮中迎接彻底的失败——自奥朗德执政以来,在所有的中期选举中,社会党无一胜出。虽然该党将目光转向2017年,但这次省议会选举暴露了盘算左翼派的残忍方法。社会党赢得的可怜票数反映出其未能联合在大部分选区的绿党和左翼派其他政党。如果该党希望参加2017年的总统决选,那么它需要朋友。然而,瓦尔斯总理身边的温和派与法国左翼派其他人士之间的意识形态从未产生过如此大的差异,而减少差异的机会也是前所未有的渺茫。翻译:石海霞 校对:周雨晴 译文属译生译世 /201504/368391。
  • You have said,I heard you say you had great success in TV,been in a lot of films,我听说你说过 你在电视界有过许多成功 演过很多电影but you feel that films for African-Americans are a little too formulaic.但是你觉得关于非裔美国人的电影有些太公式化了Is that starting to bother you?Yeah,I mean,you know.What I mean,they all kind of have the same thing in it,这令你不太满意吗 是的 我的意思是 他们的元素基本都一样No matter what,Conan,its going to end in a family reunion.不管什么电影 柯南 最后都以家庭团聚结尾I dont care,I dont care what the movie is.This is every African-American movie?我不管那是什么电影 每一部非裔美国人电影都这样吗If you look at the extended cut of ;The equalizer;,After he killed off everybody,they had a big family reunion at the end of it.如果你看了《伸冤人》的加长版 在他杀了所有人之后 最后搞了个家庭团聚And they did the electric slide.You can just put in any movie.他们还跳了滑步舞 这适用于任何电影Every balck movie ends like that.I doesnt matter.Really?I doesnt matter.I was just thinking about that.每部黑人电影都这样结尾 不管什么电影 真的吗 不管什么电影 我刚才想到If you change any movie,like if you had ;The goodfellas; All black cast,murder,murder,mayhem,family reunion.Its what happens.如果你把任何电影改一下 比如把《好家伙》换成全黑人演员 那就是谋杀 残杀 家庭团聚 一定会是这样And all of the dead people come back.everybody like,oh,Im here.And then they dance?而且死去的人全部复生 大家都这样 我来啦 然后他们跳舞吗They eat and always a good time.;Taken;,the daughter get taken,and its still a family reunion at the end.Never finds the daughter or anything.他们跳舞进餐 总是愉快的时光 《飓风营救》 女儿被绑架了 最后还是家庭团聚 没有找到女儿Liam Neeson doing the electric shuffle.I love it.I have a very special set of skills.连姆·尼森跳着电动鬼步舞 我喜欢 我有一套非常特殊的技能I like all of these versions of these movies.It would,yeah,be a lot more fun.我喜欢这些电影的这种版本 有趣多了Now,is it true,I heard this,I dont know if its a true story,that you took stevie wonder for a ride in your Tesla?Yes.这是真的吗 我听说了这事 不知道真假 你用你的特斯拉载着史提夫·旺达兜风了 是的201609/465156。
  • Don Blankenship, arguably Americas most powerful coal-industry executive when he was boss of Massey Energy, was sentenced to a year in jail for conspiring to violate safety rules in relation to an explosion at a mine in West Virginia in 2010 that killed 29 men.作为梅西能源公司(Massey Energy)前任CEO,唐·布兰肯西普(Don Blankenship)可以说是美国煤炭业最有权势的人。因梅西能源公司在其任职期间违反煤矿生产安全条例,导致2010年西弗吉尼亚州矿区发生29人死亡的矿难事件,唐·布兰肯西普被判入狱一年。Glencore put a dent in its billion debt pile by selling 40% of its agricultural business to Canadas largest pension fund for .5 billion. Earlier this year the Swiss commodities and trading company said it would dispose of assets worth up to billion in 2016 as part of its streamlining efforts.瑞士大宗商品贸易商嘉能可(Glencore)为削减高达260亿美元的债务,已同意将其40%的农业业务以25亿美元出售给加拿大最大的退休基金会。今年早些时候,嘉能可表示:2016年它将变卖价值50亿美元的资产,加快推动减债计划。Indias government welcomed the news that 1 billion people are now enrolled in its biometric-identity scheme, known as Aadhaar. After people register their fingerprints and retinal patterns they are issued with a card that gives access to public benefits. The government claims this is producing savings, but a proposal in Parliament to allow security agencies to tap the data has raised privacy concerns.印度政府开展的身份识别项目(名叫Aadhaar计划)已完成对10亿人的生物识别数据采集工作。人们在录入自己的指纹与视网膜信息后,便能得到一张卡,并凭此卡享受公共福利。印度政府对该计划的开展进度很满意,表示Aadhaar计划能够节省政府开。但是一份关于允许安全机构访问这些数据的议会提案却引发了人们对该计划存在的隐私问题的担忧。San Francisco became the first place in America to compel businesses to provide full pay for new parents who take leave. California provides new mothers and fathers with 55% of their pay for six weeks after the birth of a child, but firms in San Francisco will now be told to top up the remainder.旧金山成为美国首个立法要求企业提供全薪产假的城市。在加州,新生儿父母可以享有六周的带薪产假,但企业只付雇员55%的薪水。如今旧金山的各大企业必须付休产假雇员的全额工资。Where dreams dont come true迪士尼王国后继无人?Disneys succession plan to replace Robert Iger as chief executive when he eventually retires lay in tatters, after Tom Staggs, the chief operating officer and Mr Igers heir apparent, abruptly announced his departure. Mr Staggs had been considered a shoo-in for the top job, but was reportedly not happy that the board was also considering names from outside the Disney world for the position.迪士尼公司(Disney)首席运营官汤姆·斯塔格斯(Tom Staggs)突然宣布离职。此举使迪斯尼面临后继无人的难题:在罗伯特·伊格尔(Robert Iger)退休后,到底由谁来接替他担任首席执行官汤姆·斯塔格斯曾一度被认为是最有可能担此重任的人,但据报道称,董事会扩大了寻找执行官接班人的甄选范围,并不仅局限于迪斯尼公司内部,这令汤姆·斯塔格斯感到不满。Demand is high for Tesla Motors new Model 3 electric car, according to Elon Musk, the companys boss. More than 276,000 vehicles had been reserved by customers by April 2nd, just two days after its official launch. With a starting price of ,000, the Model 3 will compete directly with midsized executive cars. Deliveries will start in late 2017. But reports of problems procuring parts for Teslas older Model X prompted some worries that similar hitches could bedevil the Model 3s success, and put the brakes on Teslas soaring share price.特斯拉总裁埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)称,该公司旗下最新的第三代电动汽车Model 3市场需求量巨大。美国时间3月31日,特斯拉正式发布了旗下第三代电动车产品Model 3,两天之后,Model 3预定量便超过了276000辆。35000美元的起售价使这款特斯拉汽车直接与中型高档车进行市场竞争。车辆交付时间为2017年末。但是有报道称:特斯拉旗下的旧车型Model X曾发生过零件获取困难的问题,这使人们担心同样的问题会不会也发生在Model 3身上,从而阻碍特斯拉股价上涨。翻译:叶露amp;倪凌辉 校对:谢晓羽译文属译生译世201604/438728。
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