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湖州曙光整形医院整形科浙江省湖州割眼袋多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463933湖州为什么脸上起那么多斑 Yeah! Show your love! Lev and Sophia!耶耶!为列弗和索菲亚鼓掌!Come on over here and have a seat.来,过来坐这边。Wow, congratulations. That was out of sight! One more time for Lev and Sophia!祝贺,祝贺。太棒了!请再为他们的精表演鼓掌!How long have you been dancing? Ive been dancing for three years.你们跳了多久了?我跳了三年了。And Ive been dancing for five.我跳了五年了。And both of us were dancing for two years. Yeah, together. Together for two years? Yeah. Yeah.我们在一起跳舞有两年了。在一起跳了两年了?是的,是的。So how did the two of you meet?你们是怎么认识的?We have both our own versions.我们可能说的不一样。Okay, well, let me hear yours first, Sophia, cause thatll probably be the truth.好吧,索菲亚,让我先听听你的,因为你讲的有可能是真话。Yeah, it will. Thats what I guessed. Really? Yeah, yeah, guys blow it up a little bit.哈哈,肯定是,我也是这么想的。真的吗?因为男孩可能会夸大一些。Youre a guy, too. I know. Thats why I know what Im talking about, yeah.你也是男孩。我知道,所以我才这么讲的。Okay, Sophia. So tell me how you met.索菲亚,你说说你们是怎么认识的。Okay, I saw Lev dancing with another partner.有一次我看见列弗正在和其他舞伴跳舞。Lev was dancing with another girl. Yeah, and I was dancing with another partner. Okay.列弗正在和其他女孩跳舞。我当时也在和其他舞伴跳舞。Another boy. Yeah. Yeah, another partner. Another boy.另一个男孩。另一个舞伴。另一个男孩Yeah. Okay. Go ahead and say it. Another boy. Yeah.是的,是的。你继续说。其他男孩,是的。And then both of our partners left, and we were left without partners.之后我们的舞伴都走了,然后就剩我们两个没有舞伴了。And something with the grown-ups said ;no way;, and they decided that were gonna be partners.然后大人说“不可能”,然后他们就让我们做了彼此的舞伴。And thats how you met. Yeah. Now, Lev. Yep?这就是你们相识的过程。是的。该你了列弗。恩?Youre two years older. Youre a guy.你比她大两岁。你是个男孩。Youve got that beautiful blonde hair. You pull it back.你有帅气的金色头发。你向后缕头发。Whats your version of how you met?你的版本是什么?Its basically the same until the end.大体是一样的,但结局不一样。So me and our girl broke up.我和我之前的舞伴“分手”了。And then she and her boy broke up.她和她的舞伴“分手”了。And then Sophia was like, Mom, I want to try with Lev.然后索菲亚就说,妈妈,我想和列弗试试。Oh! She was pushing up on you.啊!她正在向你施加压力。But he was a good partner. He was the boy of the studio that some people said. Proof.但他是个好舞伴。有人说,列弗是排练厅跳得最好的。的确如此吧。No, but I didnt ask cause I thought I couldnt, but whatever.但是我没问,因为我认为这不可能,不管怎么样吧。Are you just shy or something? No. No, Im not. No, Im not. No, Im not.你是害羞还是怎么样?我才不是,不是。I also have a theory that she might like me.我想她可能是喜欢我。Ill tell you the real theory. You like me!我告诉你是怎么回事。其实是你喜欢我!So can I tell you what I think happened? What?我能说一下我的看法吗?什么看法?You broke up with that girl that you was dancing with cause you saw her.你和你之前的舞伴“分手”是因为看见了她。Yeah. Yay, thats a good proof. Thats a good proof. Yes, I know, Sophia. I got this.哈哈,对,说的好,说的好。索菲亚,你知道吗。Lev, take that look off your face cause thats just what happened.列弗,不要显露出这样的表情,这就是事实的真相。And, bang, here we are on Little Big Shots. Good, good, good, good!看现在,我们正在“小小达人秀”的现场。对对对对对!201706/513030湖州第一医院做红色胎记手术多少钱

湖州丰太阳穴费用Anyone expecting to find in it some sort of primitive constitution如果有人想在《大宪章》中 看到原始宪法的雏型is going to be in for a bit of a shock when they the details,那么当你了解了它的内容 恐怕会有些震惊because the liberties enumerated here boil down largely to tax relief for the armoured and landed classes.因为其中罗列的许可条款 基本概括起来 就是给骑士和地主阶级减免税收But even if the Magna Carta is filled with the moans and belly-aching of the barons,然而尽管《大宪章》里 都是贵族们的满腹牢骚that belly-aching turned out to have profound consequences for the future of England.事实明 这些牢骚对英国的未来 产生了深远的影响For, by putting so much weight on the authority of a common law,王室如此强调《普通法》的权威the Angevins had stirred in the nobility a dawning realisation that this was their law too.这也就唤醒了贵族们 幡然醒悟 这也是他们的法律A generation before, the barons couldnt have cared less about the rights of men held in prison for unstated causes.以前的贵族对莫名入狱的 犯人的权利根本不屑一顾That was what happened to commoners.平民才有这种遭遇But under John, bad things had happened to them land stolen, widows hounded,heirs made to disappear.但约翰在位期间 他们也难逃厄运 土地被盗 寡妇被纠缠 子嗣失踪Now was the time to use the weapons Henry IIs revolution in justice had put into their hands,是时候利用亨利二世 司法革命的武器抗争了And, by an amazing irony, the Angevins became the schoolmasters of their own correction.极为讽刺的是 安茹王室在这场 针对自己的变革中 扮演了导师角色 /201610/469225湖州市中医院瘦腿针多少钱 I dont think weve ever seen a cruel picture done by Bill, and certainly hes had an opportunity to really have done it.我们从没看到Bill拍过什么残忍的照片,其实他有机会去拍那样的照片。Hes chosen never to do it.但是他选择不去那样做。He was still working at Womens Wear, and he did a piece on women on the street...in the same clothes as the models on the runway.他当时还在为;女士着装;工作,他拍过一组照片街拍那些和时装秀穿着同样衣的女人。It was about how incredible women had their own style...and what they could do with the clothes, side by side...with what the designers did on the runway, and they changed his copy to make fun of the women.他想去展示一些与众不同的女人怎样穿出自己的风格,她们对衣有着怎样的改装和那些时装秀的设计师比起来有什么不同。但是杂志社换了他的主题,把这些女人的着装做成了一种搞笑的比较。This idea of a valuation of one person over another, or one image over another, was not something that he really subscribes to as a person.他并不赞成,通过一张张照片去对一个人做出怎样的评判的做法。He was so beyond upset.他对这件事感到非常不安。It was so sad and it...He didnt think hed ever get over it, because he was so embarrassed and upset...and really cared about the women that he had put in this...in this and what happened.他很难过……他觉得他忘不掉这件事,因为他觉得很尴尬和不安,他会真的很在意那些照片被选入那期杂志的女人们在这件事发生之后会有怎样的想法,会不会影响她们的生活。That was the end of his career at Womens Wear Daily.这样,因为这件事他结束了在;女性着装;的工作。Yeah, shes lovely.哦,她很可爱。Jesus, whatd she...Just get a garbage bag?哦,天呐…她那是一个垃圾袋么?Rubbish bag. Looks like shes in a rose, a black rose.是垃圾袋…看她多像一朵玫瑰,一朵黑玫瑰。Its a garbage bag.这就是个大垃圾袋。What the hell you talking about a rose?你居然说像玫瑰?What would you people from southern New Jersey know?像你们这些从南新泽西州来的人会怎么说?Oh-ho. Beautiful woman.哦这是个漂亮的女人。These two are exquisite. Look at them.她们俩穿的好精致,看啊。Its really hard to describe oneself...because I think one lives very often in other peoples visions.我觉得一个人很难去描述自己是什么样的,我们有时候是活在别人的观点和评价中的。I see myself as the worlds oldest living teenager cause I have such a good time, and I try to get as much kick out of things as possible.我把自己当做这世界上最老的;青少年;因为我享受了这么多好时光,并且我努力去实现想做的事情。201608/460195湖州曙光医院丰胸手术

湖州彩光脱毛是不是永久的栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201606/451645 原味人文风情:Today, youll be eating...this!今天,你将要吃下...这个!Ew!恶!What is that?那是什么?All the ideas of what this could be is disgusting me.所有这可能是什么东西的想法都让我感到恶心。I dont wanna say it, but it looks like poop.我很不想说,可是这看起来像便便。They look like a different type of fish eggs. Ugh, its sticky.它们看起来象是不同种的鱼卵。恶,黏黏的。Smells like chocolate.闻起来像巧克力。Are they like a type of berries? Smells like baked treats, like gingerb.它们是一种莓果吗?闻起来像烤过的点心,象是姜饼。Is this boba? It smells like dark chocolate. Ooh, I wanna eat it.这是珍珠吗?它闻起来像黑巧克力。噢,我想吃。Youll actually be drinking these.你其实要喝下这些。I dont want to!我不想!Ooh! Its boba! Ooh! Ooh! I love you. Let me give you a hug first. I guessed it right. I guessed it right.噢!是珍珠!噢!噢!我爱你。让我先给你一个抱抱。我猜对了。我猜对了。Its a boba! You guys are amazing. This is a boba. Theres this place where we go to, um, Koreatown. And we go to this boba place, where it has bobas, and its really good.是珍珠!你们帅呆了。这是珍珠。我们会去一个地方,嗯,韩国城。我们会去这间饮料店,它有卖珍珠饮料,而且超级好喝。I dont know what it is. Can I spit it out?我不知道这是什么。我可以吐出来吗?Hm. I dont know if I like it or not. Its kinda, like, bitter.嗯。我不知道我喜不喜欢。它有点,象是,苦苦的。Mm...I like the drink but without the berries.哼嗯...我喜欢饮料但不喜欢莓子。This boba—its so boba. I like it. Its—its good.这珍珠--非常珍珠。我喜欢。它--很好喝。I dont like that part. The only thing I like is the drink.我不喜欢那部分,我唯一喜欢的是这饮料。Oh my gosh! This tastes terrible. Tastes like you got coffee and you left it for five days, then they put these little balls in it, which the balls taste good.我的天啊!这喝起来糟透了。喝起来就像你拿到一杯咖啡然后把它放个五天,接着他们再放这些小球球进去,这些球球尝起来满不错的。Theyre, like, sticky and, like, hard. I cant really make a guess on this one. None of this stuff Ive ever tried before.它们黏呼呼又硬硬的。我真的没办法猜出这是什么。这些东西我以前都没有试过。It, like, sticks to my braces, so its really hard to get down. Is this, like, that boba stuff?它黏到我的牙套上,所以很难把它弄下来。这是珍珠那种东西吗?You just drank milk tea with boba.妳刚刚喝了加了珍珠的奶茶。That felt disgusting!那感觉好恶心!This coffee tea?这咖啡茶吗?I dont know what this boba stuff is. This is, like, the first time Ive ever had it.我不知道这个珍珠是什么东西。这是,嗯,我第一次喝。This is delicious! I have to say that. Im sorry for overreacting, but this is delicious.这很美味!我必须要说。我很抱歉我太夸张了,但这个超级美味。Milk tea? I dont like milk. See, thats maybe why I dont like it.奶茶?我不喜欢牛奶。看吧,那或许就是为什么我不喜欢这个。Ive seen the bobas just, like, pop when you do that. The, like, ones that go on, like, ice cream, like the yellow and pink ones.我看过珍珠在你那样做的时候爆掉。像那些放在冰淇淋上面的,黄色跟粉红色的那种。The boba balls are actually made of tapioca, which is made of cassava root.珍珠实际上是由树薯粉制作的,树薯粉是从树薯的根做成的。Oh, I aly know. My brother told me. I forgot.噢,我早就知道了。我哥哥告诉过我。我忘了。So its not a fruit, right?所以它不是一种水果,对吧?Tapioca...I think Ive heard of that—did not know what it was made of, though.树薯粉...我觉得我有听过那个--但不知道它是什么做的。Do you recommend that people try boba tea?你会推荐人们去喝珍珠奶茶吗?No.不会。No.不会。Yes.会。I think so, yeah.我想我会,对。No. No. This is gross.不。不会。这太恶心了。I think you should try it. Its really not that bad.我觉得你应该要试试看。它真的没那么难喝。Yes, because its delicious.会,因为它很好喝。Yes. Please try it. Its amazing. Its, like, a good drink to drink, and just drink it!会。拜托去试试看。它很棒的。它是喝起来很好喝的饮料,就去喝吧!Thanks for watching this episode of Kids vs. Food on the REACT channel.谢谢您观看 REACT 频道这集的《小朋友遇上食物》。Have you ever tried boba tea? Let us know in the comments.你有喝过珍珠奶茶吗?在下方留言处让我们知道。Dont burst our bubble. Subscribe!不要戳破我们的泡泡。订阅吧!We had a tea-rrific time. Bye!我们度过了啵棒的奶茶时光(注一)。掰!注一:tea-rrific 是由 tea (茶) 加上 terrific (超棒) 组合而成的双关字,增添趣味性。201701/487570湖州安吉县除皱的费用湖州上睑下



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