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2011流行趋势大揭秘 怎么穿最时尚?Trend for 2011: An Oversize SweaterGo for a neutral color for maximum closet longevity—layer over something hooded for weekend coziness.Sweater, Michael Kors; hoodie, American Apparel; leggings, VPL by Victoria Bartlett.2011年趋势之:超大毛衣衣橱必备的超大款中性色系的连帽毛衣,充满周末的惬意。毛衣,Michael Kors;帽衫,American Apparel;包腿裤,VPL by Victoria Bartlett. /201101/123200Food饮食Lab-grown meat feeds the world人造肉类养活全世界Petri meat, in vitro meat, cultured meat. Call it whatever you like, but get used to the name. Meat produced in a lab (and grown from animal cells) could be the future of nutrition.试管肉,培养肉,或者其他任何名称,不管怎么叫,我们都得习惯它。因为,实验室通过动物细胞培养出来的食用肉将成为人类未来的营养食品。The scientists who are developing test-tube meat (and chicken!) say it is an important way to keep up with the world#39;s growing appetite for protein while simultaneously reducing meat production#39;s environmental impact like land requirements and CO2 emissions.研究试管肉(包括鸡肉!)的科学家们指出,我们一方面要满足人类对蛋白质日益增长的需求,同时还要降低猪肉生产所造成的用地需求、二氧化碳排放等环境影响,要想实现这些目的,这种方法至关重要。There are only about 30 people working on cultured meat globally, and they agree the stuff will take a while to get to grocers#39; shelves. The biggest hurdle to commercialization (besides the obvious ;ick; factor) is lack of funding for research ; though money is trickling in from unconventional sources. A scientist in the Netherlands received 300,000 euros from an anonymous donor to produce a lab burger. And PETA is offering million to the scientist who can make and sell cultured chicken by June 2012.当下,全球仅有大约30名科学家正在研究人工培养肉;他们一致认为,人工培养肉上市还需要一段时间。虽然有非传统型渠道为这项研究提供资金,但研究经费不足仍是人造肉实现商业化的最大障碍(当然,;令人恶心;也是另一个显而易见的障碍)。荷兰的一位科学家获得了30万欧元的匿名捐赠,用于生产实验室汉堡。另外,善待动物组织(PETA)将出资100万美元,用于资助能在2012年6月前生产和销售人工培养鸡肉的科学家;Beth Kowitt;;贝斯;考维特 /201202/172799Failing to brush your teeth properly could potentially lead to fatal heart problems, as bacteria loitering in the mouth may cause life-threatening blood clots, which could trigger a rare condition called infective endocarditis, the Daily Mail reported.错误的刷牙方式可能引发致命心脏问题。据英国《每日邮报》报道,残留于口腔内的细菌会造成致命的血块,这种情况可能诱发罕见的感染性心内膜炎。Once in the blood, the bacteria can prompt the blood to clot. Hidden inside the clots, the bacteria are shielded from the immune system and antibiotics.一旦进入血液,细菌就会导致血液凝结。而对于血块中的细菌,免疫系统和抗生素均无办法。A 2010 study found poor oral hygiene is linked to an increased risk of other conditions such as heart attacks or strokes.2010年发布的一项研究也指出,口腔卫生差也会造成其他问题,比如心脏病发作和中风。 /201204/176470Negotiate a Better RaiseA CEO told me a story about a salesperson who asked for a raise. She asked the salesperson, "Why do you deserve a raise?""Because I made less this year than I did last year," explained the salesperson."That's because you sold less this year than you did last year," said the CEO."I know. And I want you to make it up to me," said the salesperson.This salesperson is no longer working for this organization.So how and when should a salesperson ask for a raise? Understanding your boss's point of view will help you position your raise as a good thing for the company, instead of a good thing for you. Here are seven points to consider before negotiating a better deal:1. Make Sure You Have Clout.The salesperson in the example above didn't have clout. Coming off a bad year or quarter is the wrong time to test your value. With clout, you could find yourself with a better offer from the company or on the free agent market.A better offer from another firm validates your claim that you're worth more to the company you're working for. If your boss wants to keep you, you have the clout to establish the parameters of your raise. However, if you use the "here's-what-I'm-worth-to-another-company" ploy, you have to be willing to leave.2. Watch Your Timing.Don't even think about asking for a raise until you've been there a year or more. Your value to the company increases when you have some customer relationships that you can leverage for increased sales and referrals.3. Ask for Small Increases in Your Base Salary Based on Inflation.If it's been a while since your base pay was adjusted, this ploy might work. However, the trend today is for lower bases and increased incentives. This lets companies reduce fixed expenses while rewarding you for meeting company expectations. /200905/70634

Wonder why some wealthy people seem so aloof? How about this for an answer?想知道为什么有钱人都看起来冷冰冰的吗?看看下面的解释吧。A series of studies published in Psychological Science found that money can influence responses to both emotional and physical pain. The researchers found that handling physical money makes a person less sensitive to physical pain and reduces the distress of being excluded in social situations.《心理科学》发表的一系列研究结果显示,金钱可以影响一个人对情感和生理痛苦的反应。研究人员发现,摸钱能降低人对生理痛苦的敏感程度,并减轻人在社会中被排斥在外时的痛苦感。In other words, wealth makes you as hard and cold as steel. Or so the study says.换言之,财富能让你变得像钢铁一样又硬又冷。至少这份研究报告是这么说的。The methodologies for this study were odd to say the least.不过退一步讲,这次研究的方法很是古怪。For one of the tests, test subjects were told to count out a stack of 0 dollar bills and then immerse their hands in hot water. Those who handled the money reported less pain than those who handled slips of blank paper.其中一个测试要求一组受测者数一沓100美元面额的钞票,然后将手浸入热水中。这组的痛苦程度不及另一数白纸、然后手浸热水的对照组。In another, a group of students counted the stack of 0 bills and then played a computer game involving a ball toss with three other simulated players. Some of the players were excluded from the ball toss during the game. Those who handled the money felt little or no distress at being excluded, while those who handled paper felt lower self-esteem.在另一个测试中,一组学生先数了百元大钞,然后开始玩计算机游戏,其中一个是和三个程序模拟的对手玩投球游戏。有一些受测者被排斥在了游戏之外,那些数过钱的学生对遭排斥一事几乎毫不沮丧,而那些数白纸的人则觉得自尊心受到了伤害。;Acquired symbolic value of money, perhaps because of associations with power or control, can influence responses to both emotional and physical pain,; writes Harriet de Wit, a psychiatry professor at the University of Chicago. ;Conversely, thoughts of monetary loss may enhance physical or psychological pain.;芝加哥大学精神病学教授韦特写道:“获得金钱的象征意义可以影响一个人对情感和肉体痛苦的反应,这或许是因为它与权力或控制力相关联;反之,破财的念头可能会加重人的肉体或生理痛苦。”Do you think the studies findings are accurate? Does money dull physical or emotional pain?你认为这份研究报告的结果准确吗?金钱是否会麻醉人们肉体和精神上的痛苦? /201204/177185

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