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河南省中医院激光除皱手术价钱费用郑州市中医院做去疤手术多少钱9人:《奥赛罗 -- ::3 来源: 9人:《奥赛罗(灯光效果:暗背景音效:狂风暴雨,闪电雷鸣)Aside: The mer governor Montano, Lieutenant [lef'ten?nt] Cassio, Desdemona and her servant Emilia, and soldiers and local residents on the island are gathering on the harbour of Cyprus to wait and welcome their general Othello who just fought a battle on the sea. It is at dusk, there are lightning accompanied by claps of thunder on the sea. Everyone is worried and praying their general.蒙太诺Montano :Can you see any ship at sea?罗德利哥Roderigo:Nothing, sir! What a heavy fog! I can’t see anything.苔丝狄蒙娜Desdemona:I hope every thing goes well, god blesses my lord.——Othello.爱米利娅Emilia:Oh, Lady, don’t worry, god blesses good man.罗德利哥Roderigo : Look! A ship.爱米利娅Emilia:Look, that is Othello! Our new governor——Thank goodness!(奥瑟罗Othello伊阿古Iago, 卡西奥Cassio,军官乙Second Gentleman上)(灯光:亮:音效:无)奥瑟罗Othello: Ha ha ha ha! Good News, Gentlemen! The war is over. The Turks had to give up their attacking plan; their ships were destroyed by the storm.蒙太诺Montano: I am glad to hear that, it is a worthy governor. 奥瑟罗Othello: Oh! My deer!苔丝狄蒙娜Desdemona:Oh! My lord!奥瑟罗Othello: Wine! Let’s have a drink.(欢快轻柔的背景音乐起,众人三五成群,互相祝贺,军官拿酒上来,众人开始畅饮,欢声笑语不断……只有罗德利哥Rodrigo一人站在一旁闷闷不乐,不时看着美丽的苔丝狄蒙娜,不住的唉声叹气伊阿古Iago看到此情此景,走上前来)伊阿古Iago: My deer friend Rodrigo, what are you thinking about?罗德利哥Rodrigo: I want to drown myself.伊阿古Iago: Stupid, you want to kill yourself just a woman.罗德利哥Rodrigo: I don’t care about anything, even my life.伊阿古Iago: I know you love Desdemona; I’m your honest friend. I will help you with my wisdom. I promise this woman will be yours. I hate Othello, do you know why? Look, there, that handsome gentlemen, he took my place, I should be assistant general, but he is.(这时候卡西奥Cassio走了过来)伊阿古Iago: Hi, Cassio, come, have a drink.卡西奥Cassio: Sorry, man, I can not drink any more.伊阿古Iago : Come on, just a cup.卡西奥Cassio : No, I have drunk a lot.伊阿古Iago : Please, Othello and Desdemona.伊阿古Iago (to Rodrigo) let him drink as much as he can, then he will be dazed.罗德利哥Rodrigo: Why?伊阿古Iago : Just do it, ok? Trust me, I’m helping you.(To Cassio) Come on, my friend; moisten ['moisn] your throat, and drink it with the songs.卡西奥Cassio : Oh, it tastes not too bad, it make me dazed.伊阿古Iago (to Rodrigo) He is deeply drunk, now, inflame his anger, you know how to do it.(罗德利哥走到卡西奥身边,狠狠的撞了他一下)罗德利哥Rodrigo: Man, get out of my way.卡西奥Cassio:(抚摸着被撞疼的地方,不满又不解的问)Sorry?罗德利哥Rodrigo : I said you are a fool. 卡西奥Cassio: Can you say it again?罗德利哥Rodrigo :You are a rogue! You are a rascal!(At that time, Montano is coming)蒙太诺Montano :What’s up? Gentlemen, calm down.卡西奥Cassio: No one can stop me, sir. ( 拔剑,蒙太诺赶紧上前阻拦,卡斯奥把剑一挥,伤了蒙太诺的胳膊蒙太诺亦拔剑,二人打了起来)伊阿古Iago :Oh, blood, help, they are fighting. General, come on.(To Rodrigo) Away, I say; go out.奥瑟罗Othello: What is the matter here? Hold, your lives!蒙太诺Montano :O, I bleed still; I am hurt to the death. 奥瑟罗Othello: Why, Turks didn’t beat us, but you beat each other, why? Honest Iago, look at your gray faces. Speak, who began this?伊阿古Iago : I do not know, just now they are good friends, and they look like bride and groom; but now— I don’t know why, they beat each other.奥瑟罗Othello: Cassio, you have got your duty, you make me so disappointed.卡西奥Cassio: I pray you, pardon me; I cannot speak. 9人:《奥赛罗河南郑州市华山整形美容医院激光除皱手术多少钱 My Clock 我的闹钟 -- :: 来源: My Clock 我的闹钟  Everybody has his favourite thing, so do I. My favourite thing is a clock. It looks like Mickey. I got it from my mother on my eleventh birthday last year.  It is the best birthday present of all. I love it not only because it is lovely but also because it helps me a lot. Every morning it wakes me up and tells me,"It's time to get up!" Thanks to its help, I am never late school. It's my best friend.每个人的都有自己最喜爱的东西,我也是,我最喜爱的东西是一个闹钟它看起来像个米老鼠一样我是在去年我岁生日时从妈妈那里得到的  它是所有生日礼物钟最好的我喜欢它,不仅是因为它可爱,而且是因为它能帮我好大忙每天早晨它都把我叫醒,告诉我,“该起床了!”多亏它的帮助,我上学从未迟到过它是我最好的朋友旅游英语口语情景对话:旅馆预订(part 3) -- :: 来源: A: Hello. I need to reserve a room.B: Not a problem. May I have your name, please?A: Of course. I'm John Sandals.B: Hi, sir. My name is Michelle. Could you tell me when you need the room?A: Right now. I plan to be there in April from the th to the th. B: Perhaps you didn't know that we have new room rates. Do you find that acceptable, sir?A: Maybe. How much is a room?B: The price per night is .A: That sounds fine to me.B: Fantastic! Would you like a smoking or nonsmoking room?A: I hate cigarettes! Nonsmoking.B: That'll be nonsmoking. Now, do you approve of a single queen-size bed?A: That'll be no problem.B: I'm happy to hear that, sir. Your reservation is all set except your phone number.A: Sure! My number is 66-555-39.B: 66-555-39. Thank you doing business with us, Mr. Sandals.by 58en.com 旅游 英语口语 情景河南中医学院第一附属医院纹眉多少钱

驻马店市去眼袋多少钱两岸沙滩文化节:去福建看平潭沙雕 --19 :3: 来源: Late on June , Cross-straits Sand Beach Culture Festivalkick off in Fujian province.More than 50 sand sculptures which were made by 3 artists from Chinese mainland, Taiwan and some European countries will be displayed 3 months.The Cross-straits Sand Beach Culture Festival is divided into three parts:Cross-straits Sand Sculpture Festival,Cross-straits Food Festival,and series of culture events.年6月日,两岸沙滩文化节在福建省开幕50多座由3名分别来自中国大陆,台湾和一些欧洲国家的艺术家雕成的沙雕将连续展出3个月以上两岸沙滩文化节分成三个部分:两岸沙雕节、两岸美食节、文化系列活动A sand statue of Confucius is shown during the Cross-Straits Sand Beach Cultural Festival in Pingtan, East China's Fujian province, June , . . 年6月日两岸沙滩文化节在福建平潭举办,孔夫子的沙雕在文化节上展出 两岸 沙滩 文化节焦作市光子嫩肤价格 My hometown(我的家乡) --19 :: 来源: I am from ShenZhen. In spring ,the weather is warm and wet. I can play kite. In summer, the weather is hot and wet. I can swim in the swimming pool. In the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. I can play kite, too. In the winter, the weather is cold and dry. It never snow.     How about you?郑州修复疤痕去哪家医院好

郑州大学附属医院开双眼皮手术多少钱我(I) -- 1::31 来源: 我(I)  My name is Ye Tianwei . I’m 9 years old. I study in Zhenhai eign Language Experimental School . I am a clever 、healthy 、and lovely boy. I live in Zhenhai Electric Area .  There are three people in my family. My father is a worker of power plant. My mother works as the office assistant in the .  We get up very early every morning. My parents send me to school after having breakfast. In the evening , I usually do my homework, my father s newspapers and my mother does housework.  On holidays , we often go outside to play together. I like playing ball and playing chess.  I am busy but very happy.英语学习 My Turtle -- ::50 来源: My TurtleHi! Good friends. My name is Susie. I’m ten years old. This is my pet. It’s a turtle. He is also ten years old. His name is Sandwich. He eats ten small fishes every day . Look at him! He has a beautiful shell and two small eyes. He also has a long tail.Now my turtle wants to have a little sister. They can play, sleep and walk together. Now, Mr Sandwich, please reach out your hand and say “Bye-bye.” My friends,please call me. My telephone number is one two three four five.郑州大学附属医院绣眉手术多少钱鹤壁市自体脂肪移植丰胸哪家好



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