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Christmas is a joyful and loving time when we welcome home far-flung family and friends, and relax and reminisce with those closest to us. It is also a time for reflection, and thanking those who have served us and protected us throughout the year – many of whom wont be home to spend Christmas with their family and close friends. In particular, we thank the men and women of the Australian Defence Force who are serving overseas this Christmas, as well as our police, security, emergency and firefighting services who will be keeping us safe on Christmas Day just as they do every day. We should also think of those less fortunate this Christmas. Poverty, loneliness, illness, the loss of loved ones – these shadows hang heavier at Christmas. We can lift some of those shadows by sharing our love with others – beyond our family and close friends. So, if you can donate time or money, charities like the Wayside Chapel, the Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society, Meals on Wheels and Black Dog Institute among others do wonderful work all year, and especially at Christmas. I have been meeting here at North Bondi RSL this morning with some of our veterans, including the founder of Soldier On, John Bale. They do a great job helping the Anzacs of today recover from injuries and transition successfully to civilian life. You can donate to Soldier On too by visiting their website – www.soldieron.org.au. So from Lucy and me, and our family, to you and yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas, a relaxing and safe holiday and a 2016 filled with peace, happiness and love.201601/419831And when Tony said that to me,当Tony告诉我这些的时候I thought to myself, ;Am I sitting like a journalist? Am I crossing my legs like a journalist?;我心想,“我坐得像个记者吗?我翘脚翘得像个记者吗?”He said, ;You know, Ive got the Stockwell Strangler on one side of me他说,“我的邻居一边住着斯托克威尔扼杀者案的凶手and Ive got the Tiptoe Through the Tulips rapist on the other side of me.另一边住着整天哼唱着踮起脚尖穿过郁金香花丛的强奸犯So I tend to stay in my room a lot because I find them quite frightening.因为他们其实挺可怕的,所以我大部分时间是在自己房间的And they take that as a sign of madness.但他们将此当作发疯的征兆They say it proves that Im aloof and grandiose.;他们说这表明我冷漠并浮夸。”So only in Broadmoor would not wanting to hang out with serial killers be a sign of madness.所以只有在这里,不想和连环杀手交往才是发疯的征兆Anyway he seemed completely normal to me -- but what did I know?总之他对我来说完全正常——但我又知道些什么呢And when I got home I emailed his clinician, Anthony Maden.当我回到家时我给他的临床医生Anthony Maden发了电邮I said, ;Whats the story?;我问,“这里面有什么故事吗?”And he said, ;Yep. We accept that Tony faked madness to get out of a prison sentence他说,“对,我们知道Tony装疯以逃牢狱之灾because his hallucinations that had seemed quite clich to begin with just vanished the minute he got to Broadmoor.因为起初他陈述的老掉牙的幻想在他踏入布罗德莫精神病院那刻便了无踪影However, we have assessed him.但是,我们对他进行了测试And we have determined that what he is is a psychopath.;所以我们才决定把他诊断为精神病患者And in fact, faking madness is exactly the kind of cunning and manipulative act of a psychopath.事实上,装疯正是一种精神病患者狡猾和控制欲强的表现行为Its on the checklist: cunning and manipulative.它就写在检核表上:狡猾且控制欲强So faking your brain going wrong is evidence that your brain has gone wrong.所以假装大脑出了问题,就是你大脑真的出问题的据And I spoke to other experts, and they said the pinstriped suit -- classic psychopath.然后我又跟其他专家交流了他们说带条纹的西——典型的精神病患者Speaks to items one and two on the checklist明了检核表上的第一和第二项glibness, superficial charm and grandiose sense of self-worth.口若悬河,迷人外表和自恋的浮夸感And I said, ;Well, what, he didnt want to hang out with the other patients?;我又说,“好吧,那他不想和其他病人来往又怎么说呢?”Classic psychopath -- it speaks to grandiosity and also lack of empathy.典型精神病患者——这明了浮夸和缺乏同理心So all the things that had seemed most normal about Tony was evidence,所以那些对于Tony来说都是十分正常的事都是病,according to his clinician, that he was mad in this new way.根据他的医生的说法,这是一种新型的发疯He was a psychopath.他就是个精神病患者And his clinician said to me,然后他的医生又跟我说;If you want to know more about psychopaths, you can go on a psychopath spotting course“如果你想多一些了解精神病患者,你可以去参加“观察精神病患者课程run by Robert Hare who invented the psychopath checklist.;是由发明“病态人格检核表”的Robert Hare授课的So I did.我还真参加了I went on a psychopath spotting course,我报名参加了“观察精神病患者课程”and I am now a certified -- and I have to say, extremely adept -- psychopath spotter.现在我是一名持的,不得不说,还挺资深的精神病患者观察员So heres the statistics:这有些数据:One in a hundred regular people is a psychopath100个普通正常人当中就有一个精神病患者So theres 1,500 people in his room.而这个大厅里有1500人Fifteen of you are psychopaths.所以当中有15个人是精神病患者Although that figure rises to four percent of CEOs and business leaders.并且这个比例会在CEO和商业领导者中上升到4%So I think theres a very good chance theres about 30 or 40 psychopaths in this room.所以我觉得这是非常难得的机会,在这个大厅里约有30到40名精神病患者It could be carnage by the end of the night.可能在今晚结束的时候会有大屠杀201603/429889Dobriy Viecher Sochi!I am Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the ed Nations.My warmest greetings to IOC President Honorable Thomas Bach and all those gathered for the 22nd Winter Olympic Games!The Olympics and Paralympics bring out the best in athletic achievement.The Olympic Flame also illuminates hope for our common humanity.Even in the cold winter weather, barriers between people melt away.The Olympic spirit prevails: Fair play. Mutual respect. Friendly competition.Let us take that spirit and sp it around the world.For peace – and a truce between all warring parties around the world. For human rights and an end to discrimination. For a life of dignity for all.Together, let us celebrate sports and solidarity.Spasiba. Thank you.201501/355239In 2008 I stepped into the chairman role of Twitter.2008年我成为推特的老板There was an interesting thing that was happening.发生了一件很有趣的事情The entire market was crushing.整个市场都开始下滑So, all of these financial obstructions that we所以我们所有的金融障碍had built up were suddenly being swept away.都忽然消失了There is no better time to start a new company or a金融衰退和大萧条是new idea than a depression or recession because a lot建立一个公司或是发展一个新想法的最好时机of the management teams were being asked to leave.因为很多管理团队都被辞退了There is a lot of people很多人都需要who need to get really creative变得有创造力to create something new and there was an opening.来创造新的东西,而且出现了一个契机There was an opening particularly in payments.不用花多少钱就能雇到牛人At this time, I also reconnected with这个时候,我也再次联系到了我15岁my first boss when I was 15 years old.时第一个老板His name is Jim McKelvey. He is a glass artist.他叫做吉姆·麦凯尔维,是个玻璃艺术家He makes these beautiful pieces of glass.他制作出很多美丽的玻璃艺术品We reconnected over Christmas.我们是在圣诞节的时候联系上的I normally go home for Christmas and visit my family.圣诞节时我一般都会回家看家人We got to talking.我们两个开始聊天He wanted to build an electronic car company.他想建立一个电子汽车公司I said, ;I have no idea how to do that but its我说:;我不爱懂这一行an interesting idea. But lets keep talking.不过这个想法不错,我们接着聊吧We should definitely work together on something.;我们的确应该一起合作什么 ;Then, one day he called me up on his iPhone.之后一天他用他的iPhone给我打电话I picked up my iPhone.我用我的iPhone接了他的电话He was frustrated他很沮丧because he just lost a sale of a 00 piece of因为他刚刚失去一次将玻璃艺术品glass that he had just made以2000美元卖出的机会because the woman who wanted to pay有位女士想要买他的艺术品him only had a credit card and但是只用信用卡付账he couldnt accept credit card.但他不愿意用信用卡交易We were both wondering,我们都在想you have this general purpose computer next to your ear你手边就有一台电脑why were you not able to make that sale?为什么你不能完成这次买卖We decided that he would come out.我们决定让他入伙We would take a month.我们打算花一个月的时间We would hire one other programmer to work on我们计划雇佣另一个程序设计师来做the clients site and build a hardware out,客户网站,再准备好硬件I would build the server software我还会编出一个务器软件and then answer that question.一个月后,我们就会回答那个问题In a month we built a very early prototype一个月后我们建立起了最初的模型of what is now known as Square,就是现在大家知道的Squarewhich is a credit card er that plugs into the就是一个信用卡读卡器audio jack of your iPhone or your android or your可以插入你的iPhone或是android或是你的iPad or anything that has an audio jack.iPad或是任何带音频插孔的设备上We just need to write software for it.我们只需要编写一个软件The software and the hardware was really easy.软件和硬件都很容易We got that done in about a month.我们一个月左右就做完了I could actually swipe a card and generate electronic这下,我真的能刷刷卡,发一封邮件,把电子回执receipt via email and then send it out to a person.发给对方I love this because我喜欢这个成果I would go around to all these angel investors因为这样我就能四处拜访天使投资者and VCs and charge them or 和风险资本家,收取他们5或50美元的费用to show them my new idea.向他们展示我的新想法I made 0 from that, by the way.顺便说一句,我从中获得了600美元It was awesome.非常棒201503/365665

Over the next two days I’ll be going to drought affected areas in New South Wales and Queensland to see the impact first-hand.This hasn’t just been a dry summer, it’s been a dry couple of years.Much of inland Queensland and inland NSW, as well as parts of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia are experiencing very dry conditions indeed.My first stop will be in Bourke, in north west NSW – to talk to farmers and local leaders about what’s happening on their properties and in their communities.I’ve the letters and emails that country people have sent me and I want to see for myself what’s needed to help our regional communities to respond to this drought because the Government response must be targeted, effective and not caught up in red tape.I know that more needs to be done – and it will be done, in a way that’s fair and fiscally responsible.Drought is a big hit on local economies – that’s another reason we have to get taxes down and business costs down.It’s another reason why we’ve got to get rid of the carbon tax.By scrapping the carbon tax we’ll get electricity and gas bills down and that’ll make life easier for families across Australia, including in drought hit areas.I am determined to give regional Australia the support you need to face this challenge.201501/356018

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