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European Union foreign ministers meet in Brussels Monday in the aftermath of deadly attacks in France and anti-terror raids in Belgium.应对法国发生的致命袭击以及比利时发动的反恐突袭行动,欧盟星期一在布鲁塞尔举行外长会议。The ministers will discuss a range of options as the bloc prepares for a special summit next month dedicated to fighting terrorism.欧盟外长们将商讨一系列选择方案。欧盟准备下月举行一次特别峰会,专门讨论反恐问题。Much of Europe remains tense and on high alert as Belgiums justice minister says the alleged mastermind in last weeks foiled terror attack remains at large.比利时司法部长吉恩斯表示,上星期恐怖袭击的涉嫌策划者仍然在逃。这让大部分欧洲地区星期天高度戒备,气氛紧张。Koen Geens says the suspect was not among four people arrested in Greece where he was believed to have fled. But Belgian prosecutors still plan to ask Greece to extradite one of those arrested in connection with the thwarted terror strike.据信嫌疑人已经逃到希腊,但吉恩斯说,嫌疑人并不包括在希腊被捕的4人当中。不过比利时检察官仍计划要求希腊把他们逮捕人中的一人引渡到比利时。此人因为与一起未遂恐怖袭击有关而被逮捕。Belgian media have named the wanted mastermind of the plot as Abdelhamid Abaaoud. The 27-year-old Belgian of Moroccan descent is suspected of leading an Islamic extremist cell in the eastern town of Verviers. Authorities say the cell was about to launch a major terrorist attack on police targets before officers raided their hideout Thursday, killing two in a fierce gunbattle.比利时媒体披露,被追捕的恐怖袭击策划人叫阿卜杜勒哈米德.阿布德,今年27岁,是一名洛哥后裔的比利时公民。他被怀疑领导一个在东部城市韦尔维耶的伊斯兰极端小组。当局说,这个小组准备对警方目标发动重大的恐怖袭击,但当局星期四捣毁了他们的窝点,并在激烈的战中打死两人。Meanwhile, Europe is still reeling from terror attacks in Paris earlier this month that killed 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo magazine, a police officer, and four people in a Jewish supermarket.与此同时,欧洲仍未摆脱月初《查理周刊》社恐怖袭击造成的惊愕2人在那场袭击中被打死。一名女警和一家犹太超市的4名顾客在随后发生的袭击中丧生。French authorities say the two brothers in the Charlie Hebdo massacre who were killed by police have been buried in secret, unmarked graves in France.法国政府表示,被警察击毙的袭击查理周刊的两兄弟被埋葬在法国没有标记的墓穴中。来 /201501/355498Greece’s political woes re-erupted as a threat to global financial stability yesterday, triggering the biggest drop on the Athens stock exchange since the 1980s and sending reverberations through world markets.希腊昨日再度爆发政治危机,对全球金融稳定构成威胁,引发雅典交所出现自上世纪80年代以来最大跌幅,冲击波回荡世界市场。Concerns about Greece fed into a broader fall in global stock markets, aly spooked by sliding oil prices and yesterday’s sharp drop in Chinese equities. The Samp;P 500 fell 1 per cent shortly after opening while the EuroStoxx index of eurozone companies fell for the second day, down 2.5 per cent.对希腊的担忧加剧了全球股市的整体下跌;市场本已受到油价不断下滑和中国股市昨日大幅下跌的惊吓。美国标00(Samp;P 500)指数开盘不久就下跌1%,而追踪欧元区公司的Euro Stoxx指数连续第二天下跌,跌幅.5%。The trigger for the plunge was prime minister Antonis Samaras’s announcement of a snap presidential election. If he fails to win sufficient support for his candidate a general election could follow, which investors fear might bring to power the radical left Syriza party.触发此次暴跌的事件是希腊总理安东尼斯#8226;萨马拉斯(Antonis Samaras)宣布提早举行总统选举。如果他未能为自己提名的候选人争取到足够持,就可能引发一场大选,而投资者担心,大选可能让极左政党——激进左翼联Syriza)上台。Such an outcome would reignite fears about Greece’s place in Europe’s monetary union. Syriza wants to renegotiate the country’s sovereign debt and increase public spending, moves that would put Athens at loggerheads with its creditors.这样的结局将重燃对于希腊在欧洲货币联盟内地位的担心。激进左翼联盟想要重新谈判希腊主权债务,并增加公共出。这些举措将导致雅典方面与债权人不和。The Athens exchange closed 12.8 per cent lower yesterday, the biggest one- day fall since December 1987. Greek banks led the decline, with shares in Attica Bank losing more than 26 per cent and Piraeus Bank 17 per cent.雅典交所昨日收盘下跌12.8%,创下自19872月以来最大单日跌幅。股领跌,其中阿提卡(Attica Bank)股价暴跌6%,比雷埃夫斯(Piraeus Bank)股价下跌17%。Anxiety over the latest turmoil in Greece also led investors to price in a greater chance of it defaulting on its debt, pushing short term government borrowing costs above long term rates.围绕希腊最新动荡的焦虑感,也使投资者认为该国有更大的几率出现债务违约,结果将短期政府借款成本推升至高于长期利率的水平。来 /201412/348043Indias western state of Maharashtra hasintroduced a ban on beef so strict that even possession could land you in jailfor five years, media reports and the chief minister said Tuesday.印度西部的马哈拉斯特拉邦禁止牛肉,即使是拥有牛肉者也将被判处五年,媒体和该邦首席部长周二说。The countrys Hindu majority considers cowssacred, and several states aly ban their slaughter. But the latest measures in Maharashtra --home to Indias commercial centre Mumbai -- go even further, making the sale orpossession of beef an offence punishable by a five-year jail term or a 10,000rupee (0) fine.印度主要人口印度教徒认为牛是神圣的,已经有几个邦禁止屠杀牛。但是该邦——印度商业中心孟买的所在地——的这项最新措施更加严厉,销售或者拥有牛肉者将被判年刑期或万卢比(160美元)罚金。The Indian Express newspaper said themeasures became law after President Pranab Mukherjee gave his assent to a legalamendment -- which was passed by the state parliament two decades ago, but wasnever sent to a president for approval.印度媒体报道,在总统慕克吉同意一项法律修正案后,这个措施才成为了法律。该修正案在20年前就被该邦议会通过了,但是从来没有交给总统批准。The measures include a ban on the slaughterof bulls and bullocks, hitherto legal with a vets certificate, although itwill still be legal to slaughter buffalo.这项措施禁止屠杀公牛和小牛,除非拥有兽医书。屠杀水牛依然是合法的。来 /201503/362561

At her campaign opening rally on Roosevelt Island on Saturday (to be distinguished from her campaign announcement, in April), Hillary Rodham Clinton donned her now-signature look: a bright blue pantsuit with a matching bright blue shirt underneath. She stuck out a mile, matched her H campaign logo which was also the design of her stage and looked appropriately patriotic, especially when standing next to Bill Clinton in his red polo.上周六,希拉釷罗德姆·克林Hillary Rodham Clinton)在罗斯福Roosevelt Island)举行了首场竞选集会(这与月份的竞选声明有所区别)。集会上,希拉里展示了当前的标志性形象:宝蓝色裤套装,内衬配同色衬衫。她非常醒目,和H形的竞选标识相称——集会演讲台也被设计成这个形状。希拉里体现了恰如其分的爱国感,尤其是当她站在身穿红色Polo衫的比尔·克林Bill Clinton)旁边时。So far, so expected, especially given her debut Instagram post: a series of red, white or blue pantsuits hanging in a row with the caption “Hard choices.”到目前为止,她的造型都在意料之中,尤其是想到她Instagram上的第一张照片:一排挂起来的红、白、蓝色的裤套装,图说是“困难的选择”。Mrs. Clinton has been extremely clever at co-opting the whole fashion-in-politics thing, defanging it and using it to demonstrate her quite developed sense of humor. It’s a tool for her these days, and not just when it comes to image.克林顿夫人一直以来都非常善于将“时尚政治”为自己所用,趋利避害,用以展示自己相当娴熟的幽默感。装现在已经变成了她的一个手段,而且不只在形象方面。Which is why it is worth thinking about. She is clearly considering it, as are her advisers, and using it to manipulate perception. As are all her competitors. Clothes are a political tool like any other. And that is why it was interesting to learn that the pantsuit she wore at her Roosevelt Island rally had been made by Ralph Lauren.这正是值得思考的地方。她和顾问们显然都对装进行了很多思量,用它来操控人们的看法。她的竞争对手们也都是这样。装和其他元素一样,是一种政治手段。所以,这就是为什么知晓她在罗斯福岛集会上穿的是拉夫·劳Ralph Lauren)裤套装会很有意思。On the one hand, this is a clever choice: Mrs. Clinton’s de facto dresser for the last few years had been Oscar de la Renta, and his death in October left her without a go-to label. She has known Mr. Lauren for a while: She presented him with the James Smithson Bicentennial Medal last June for his million donation to help restore the Betsy Ross flag, and wore another blue Ralph Lauren pantsuit to do so.一方面,这是个聪明的选择:过去几年,克林顿夫人的设计师其实是奥斯卡·德拉伦Oscar de la Renta)。去0月,德拉伦塔去世,致使克林顿夫人失去了惯用的品牌。她认识劳伦有一段时间了:去月,她给劳伦颁发詹姆斯·史密森两百年纪念奖James Smithson Bicentennial Medal),表彰他捐款1300万美元帮助修复贝齐·罗斯旗(Betsy Ross flag),当时她穿的是拉夫·劳伦的另一套蓝色裤套装。And his personal narrative Bronx boy made good pretty much embodies the American dream. The clothes he sells are, in part, based on the aesthetics of that dream: the West, and the Gatsby version of Long Island. He understands sartorial stagecraft as well as any designer on the New York Fashion Week calendar, if not better.拉夫·劳伦的个人故事——布朗克Bronx)出生的男孩通过努力获得成功——是美国梦的典型代表。他的装部分基于美国梦的审美:美国西部以及盖茨Gatsby)版长岛的风格。他熟悉裁剪技术以及纽约时装周上的每一位设计师(对后者可能更为熟悉)。Yet there’s a possible weak spot in the relationship. Because for a candidate who has been pushing her connection to, and understanding of, the middle class and whose speech while wearing the pantsuit was largely about closing the income gap Ralph Lauren is a relatively inaccessible brand. It is also one often worn by and beloved of that sector of the population, the chief executives and financial wizards, she somewhat disavowed.不过,希拉里和拉夫·劳伦的合作可能有个弱点。作为候选人,希拉里努力展现自己与中产阶级的联系以及对他们的理解,她身穿这身裤套装所进行的演讲也主要是关于缩小收入差距,但是拉夫·劳伦是一个相对昂贵的品牌。穿着、喜爱拉夫·劳伦的往往是首要高管和金融奇才这类人,对这部分人她多少有点否定。An average Ralph Lauren Women’s Collection pantsuit, which this was not, in other words, a style from the more accessible line, Lauren Ralph Lauren is a few thousand dollars (a pinstriped wool jacket alone, for example, is ,450 at the online store). That is out of reach for most voters.希拉里所穿的裤套装属于拉夫·劳伦女装精选系Ralph Lauren Women’s Collection),而非价格相对便宜的劳伦拉夫劳伦系Lauren Ralph Lauren)。精选系列的女装均价几千美元。比如一件细条纹羊毛外衣,在网店上的售价2450美元,大部分选民买不起。It might not matter, given that voters also want their candidates to look presidential, which generally means good. Except that one of the story lines surrounding Mrs. Clinton has been how she is out-of-touch with those she claims to represent. It seems to me that working with a famous and high-end designer could provide ammunition for the opposition. And why even take that chance?或许这也无伤大雅,选民也希望自己持的候选人看起来有点总统气质,总的来说就是穿好点。不过,人们围绕克林顿夫人展开的众多故事中,有这样一种看法:她和自己声称所代表的人群缺乏联系。在我看来,和一个著名高档设计师合作,可能会给对手留下把柄。为什么要冒这个险呢?But maybe the fashion issue, with its potential sexism charges, is just too touchy for anyone, except fashion people like me, to go there.不过,也许装问题及其潜在的性别歧视,对大部分人来说太过敏感,不敢提及,除了我这样的时尚界人士。Personally, if I were working out sartorial strategy on her team, I might suggest the issue be avoided entirely by opting for a contemporary label like Theory, which is known for its pantsuits, professional dressing and anonymity. Its chief executive, Andrew Rosen, is a fashion mogul who has made something of a personal mission out of saving the New York garment district.我个人的想法是,如果我在她的竞选团队里制订装策略,我可能会建议通过希尔Theory)这样的当代品牌来彻底避免授人话柄。希尔瑞以裤套装、职业装和大众化闻名。该品牌的首席执行官安德鲁·罗Andrew Rosen)是一位时尚大亨,从拯救纽约时装区开始,成就了一番事业。But that’s me. And to be honest, I would not be surprised if, in the end, Ralph Lauren does become a Clinton wardrobe mainstay. If the campaign can avoid elitism charges, the brand will make her look confident, and absolutely convincing on the global stage.不过,那只是我个人的看法。坦白地说,如果拉夫·劳伦最终成为克林顿衣橱中的主要品牌,我不会感到意外。如果竞选能回避人们对希拉里的精英主义的指责,这个品牌将让她看起来很自信,在国际舞台上绝对具有说力。According to a spokesman, the designer aly works with the candidate “regularly.”据一位发言人说,拉夫·劳伦已经“经常”和希拉里合作了 。来 /201506/382764

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