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海沧区激光去痣厦门市欧菲整形医院网上预约湖里区哪里做双眼皮埋线 For his bookshop and website One Grand Books, the editor Aaron Hicklin asked people to name the 10 books they’d take with them if they were marooned on a desert island. The next in the series is Bill Gates, who shares his list exclusively with T. (Through May 22, One Grand is hosting a pop-up shop at Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.) As Gates says: “If you’re going to get marooned on a desert island, I guess you can’t exactly choose when it happens to you. But if I’m shipwrecked this summer, I hope I’ll have these five terrific books I recently — which I just shared on my blog — as well as five all-time favorites with me.”为了他的书店和网站One Grand Books,编辑阿伦·希克林(Aaron Hicklin)向人们提出一个问题:如果被困荒岛上,他们会带哪10本书。在这一系列中,即将出场的是比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates),他向T独家分享了自己的书单(One Grand在布鲁克林日落公园[Sunset Park]的工业城[Industry City]开设了一家游击店,持续至5月22日)。就像盖茨说的:“如果你会被困荒岛,我猜在那一刻你不可能选择。但是,如果今年夏天我乘船失事,我希望手上有我最近读的五本很棒的书——我已经在自己的客上分享了这几本书——还有我一直钟爱的五本书。”“Seveneves,” Neal Stephenson《启示录七夕》(Seveneves),尼尔·斯蒂芬森(Neal Stephenson)This novel about how the human race responds to the end of life on Earth rekindled my love for sci-fi. Some ers will lose patience with all the technical details about orbits and spaceflight, but for me, it’s an engrossing and thought-provoking story.这本讲述人类如何应对地球生物末日的小说重新点燃了我对科幻的热爱。有些读者可能会对书中的轨道和航天飞行等技术细节失去耐心,但是对我来说,这是一个扣人心弦、引人深思的故事。“How Not to be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking,” Jordan Ellenberg《魔鬼数学:大数据时代,数学思维的力量》(How Not to be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking),乔丹·艾伦伯格(Jordan Ellenberg)A mathematician explains how math plays into our daily lives without our even knowing it. The writing is funny, smooth and accessible — not what you might expect from a book on this subject. Ellenberg’s larger point is that there are ways in which we’re all doing math, all the time.一位数学家向我们解释,数学如何在我们日常生活中悄无声息地发挥作用。本书行文有趣、流畅、易懂——跟你想象中此类主题的书不同。艾伦伯格更宏大的观点是,我们所有人,每时每刻,都在做数学题,通过某些方式。“Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind,” Yuval Noah Harari《人类简史:从动物到上帝》(Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind),尤瓦尔·诺亚·赫拉利(Yuval Noah Harari)This look at the entire history of the human race sparked lots of great conversations at our family’s dinner table. Harari also writes about our species today and how artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and other technologies will change us in the future.这本关于人类历史的书在我家餐桌上引发了很多精的对话。赫拉利也谈到人类的现状,以及人工智能和基因工程等技术在未来会如何改变我们。“The Power to Compete,” Ryoichi Mikitani and Hiroshi Mikitani《竞争的力量》(The Power to Compete),良一谷浩史(Ryoichi Mikitani)和三木谷浩史(Hiroshi Mikitani)Why was Japan, the juggernaut of the 1980s, eclipsed by South Korea and China? And can its economy come back? A smart look at the future of a fascinating country.为什么20世纪80年代的世界强国日本会被韩国和中国赶超?它的经济能东山再起吗?这本书对这个迷人国度的未来给出了一些睿智的洞察。“The Vital Question,” Nick Lane《至关重要的问题》(The Vital Question),尼克·莱恩(Nick Lane)I wish more people knew about this British biologist’s work. He is trying to get people to fully appreciate the role energy plays in the evolution of life on Earth (and, maybe, other places). Even if he turns out to be wrong about certain details, I suspect his ideas will be seen as an important contribution to our understanding of where we come from, and where are we going.我希望有更多人了解这位英国生物学家的工作。他努力让人们充分认识到能量在地球(可能也包括其他地方)生命进化过程中发挥的作用。虽然书中的一些细节被明是错误的,但我认为,他的观点可能将对我们理解人类的起源和未来具有重要贡献。“Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street,” John Brooks《商业冒险:华尔街的12个经典故事》(Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street),约翰·布鲁克斯(John Brooks)Warren Buffett gave me this fantastic collection of articles that Brooks wrote for The New Yorker. Although Brooks was writing in the 1960s, his insights are timeless and a reminder that the rules for running a great company don’t change. I it more than two decades ago, and it’s still my pick for the best business book ever.沃伦·巴菲特(Warren Buffett)向我推荐了布鲁克斯为《纽约客》(The New Yorker)撰写的这一系列精文章。虽然它们写于20世纪60年代,但布鲁克斯的深刻见解永不过时,时刻提醒我们,管理伟大公司的原则不会改变。我20多年前读了这本书,但它今天仍是我的最佳商业书籍之选。“The Great Gatsby,” F. Scott Fitzgerald《了不起的盖茨比》(The Great Gatsby),F·斯科特·菲茨杰拉德(F. Scott Fitzgerald)The novel that I re the most. Melinda and I love one line so much that we had it painted on a wall in our house: “His dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it.”它是我重读遍数最多的小说。我和梅琳达(Melinda)很喜欢书中的一句话,我们把它涂到了家里的墙上:“他的梦一定就像是近在眼前,他几乎不可能抓不住的。”“Parenting With Love and Logic,” Foster Cline and Jim Fay《培养小孩的责任感》(Parenting With Love and Logic),福斯特·克林(Foster Cline)和吉姆·费(Jim Fay)As the parents of three children, Melinda and I have spent a lot of time ing and discussing this book. It has been an invaluable guide for both of us, especially when it comes to de-escalating those inevitable conflicts between parents and kids.作为三个孩子的父母,我和梅琳达花了很多时间阅读和讨论这本书。它对我俩都有宝贵的指导作用,尤其是在缓解父母和孩子之间不可避免的冲突之时。“Sustainable Energy — Without the Hot Air,” David JC MacKay《可持续能源:事实与真相》(Sustainable Energy — Without the Hot Air),戴维·JC·麦凯(David JC MacKay)A fantastic guide to thinking more numerically about clean energy, and the most accessible explanation of this subject that I’ve seen. I still refer to it myself, which is a bittersweet experience now — David died in April, at the age of 48.这是一本从数字的角度思考清洁能源的精指南,也是我见过的对这一主题比较容易理解的阐释。我依然经常参考它,现在这成了苦乐参半的体验——戴维今年4月过世,年仅48岁。“The Better Angels of Our Nature,” Steven Pinker《人性中的善良天使:暴力为什么会减少》(The Better Angels of Our Nature),斯蒂芬·平克(Steven Pinker)Proof that the world is becoming more peaceful. It’s not just a question for historians, but a profound statement about human nature and the possibility for a better future. This book may have shaped my outlook more than any other.这本书明,世界正变得更和平。它不仅是史学家们思考的一个问题,而且是对人性以及更美好未来可能性的深刻宣言。这本书对我世界观的塑造可能超过其他任何一本书。 /201605/445522A Kim Kardashian lookalike has made more than ,000 in just one year after she capitalized on her striking Armenian-American looks by joining a controversial dating site.一位长相酷似金·卡戴珊的女子加入了一个颇具争议的约会网站,凭借其亚美尼亚-美国混血风格的相貌,使得其年收入超过了1万美金。Christine Ham, a 26-year-old from Los Angeles, turned online dating into a business when she joined WhatsYour Price.com in 2015. The executive assistant claims her physical similarities to Kim have helped her attract numerous men who are willing to pay to go on a date with her, simply because of her resemblance to the 34-year-old reality star.今年26岁的克莉丝汀·哈姆来自洛杉矶,自从2015年加入了一个“你值多少钱”的在线约会网站后,把网上约会发展成了一项事业。她的行政助理声称,克莉丝汀酷似卡戴珊的长相吸引了很多愿意花钱跟他约会的男人。而这仅仅是因为她和这位34岁的明星长相相似。The site, which launched in 2011, allows men to bid on attractive women of their choosing, and Christine said the idea of #39;making just by accompanying someone for a short period of time with absolutely no expectations#39; was what inspired her to join WhatsYourPrice.com after a good friend introduced her to it.据悉,这家网站成立于2011年,男人们可以根据自己的喜好出价选择女生,而克莉丝汀表示,这种“只要陪伴一个人短暂的一段时间且不会有后续”的理念吸引了她。因而在一个好友的介绍下,她加入了这家网站。#39;My features are what reminded them of Kim Kardsashian, and I was constantly compared to her,#39; she told Daily Mail Online of her past dates. #39;The couldn#39;t wait to meet me, and sometimes I was told I looked better than her. I still find that hard to believe.#39;提起之前的约会,她告诉Daily Mail Online:“我的容貌总让他们想起金卡戴珊,他们总拿我和她做对比。他们迫不及待地想要见我,有时还有人说,我长得比卡戴珊本人还漂亮。到现在我仍然觉得这难以置信。”Christine noted that because of her dark features, Armenian background, and her personal style, she got compared to Kim #39;a lot#39; even before she joined the dating site. #39;I was always told I reminded people of her. I loved it,#39; she said.克莉丝汀指出,在加入这个约会网站以前,她就因较深的肤色、亚美尼亚背景和她的个人气质,“经常”被人拿来与卡戴珊作比较。“总有人说我像卡戴珊,我非常喜欢这一点。”她说。Although Christine doesn#39;t necessarily look identical to Kim, she shares her plump pout and shiny chocolate brown tresses. And like the selfie queen, Christine often snaps photos of herself in her car or posed in a bikini.尽管克莉丝汀和卡戴珊并非长得一模一样,但是她们都有着饱满的嘴唇和闪亮的巧克力棕色秀发。而且和自拍女王一样,克莉丝汀经常晒她在车内或者穿比基尼的自拍照。When it comes to Kim#39;s infamous hourglass figure, Christine#39;s curves are less dramatic, but the male members of the dating site don#39;t seem to mind.说到金·卡戴珊鼎鼎有名的玲珑身材,克莉丝汀的身材相对来说并不那么夸张,但约会网站的男性们似乎并不在意这一点。I love Kim K. I think she is a smart business woman and has expanded her name and brand beyond means,#39; Christine said. #39;She#39;s gorgeous, classy and has amazing taste. She definitely influences me to be the best version of possible.#39;“我非常喜欢卡戴珊,觉得她是个精明的商人,把自己的名字扩展成品牌,”克莉丝汀说。“她美丽、优雅,品味高尚。她给了我很深的影响,让我尽可能成为最好的自己。”Christine makes an average of 200 dollars for each first date, however, one of her suitors gave her #39;about 1,500 dollars for her company.克莉丝汀和每个对象的首次约会大概费用达到了200美元,不过,有一个约会对象给了她“差不多1500美元”来感谢她的陪伴。#39;My date and I had a lot in common and we definitely hit it off,#39; she recalled. #39;Brunch turned into dinner, and the next thing you know, he appreciated my company so much [that] he gave me that large amount. It was very unexpected, but I was pleasantly surprised.#39;“我和那位约会对象有很多共同点,我们非常合得来。”她回忆。“我们的早午餐吃到了晚上,然后他非常感谢我的陪伴,给了我一笔巨款。这完全出乎我的意料,但我感到很惊喜。”Another suitor flew Christine from Los Angeles to to Northern California on a private jet to go wine tasting for the day, while others have taken her shopping on dates or presented her with randoms gifts during their first meeting.另一位约会对象用私人飞机载她从洛杉矶飞到北加州品酒。此外,其他人也会在约会时带她去购物,或者在初次见面时送她一些礼物。Dating has become so lucrative for Christine that she is now using the money she makes to supplement her monthly income. Over the course of a little over a year, she has saved upwards of ,000 from the money she made dating, but she insists that many of the men she has met through the site are just looking for companionship.对克莉丝汀来说,约会已经变成了一项能赚钱的事情,她现在把挣来的钱用来增补每月的收入。经过一年多一点的时间,她已经靠约会存下了1万美元,但她认为,很多约会网站上认识的男人其实只是在寻求陪伴。Most of these guys just want someone to hang out with and have a good meal and share stories - very platonic and easy going,#39; she noted. #39;There are absolutely no expectations and no hidden agenda. Some of these guys have turned out to be some really good friends of mine.#39;“大部分人只是想找个人一起逛逛,吃顿大餐,倾诉下故事,非常柏拉图式且很好相处。”她说。“绝没有其他想法或者别有企图。其中有些人最后成为我关系特别好的朋友。” /201604/435643厦门治疗狐臭

厦门哪里去眼角厦门市174医院就诊怎么样 This Gym is Going Mirrorless for a Really Important Reason一个很重要的原因使该健身房没有镜子When exercise seekers visited Blink Fitness#39;s Manhattan locations on Monday, they likely noticed something very different about the club-like the fact that its mirrors were missing.当健身员周一去位于曼哈顿的眨眼健身俱乐部时,他们可能会注意到俱乐部有些不一样了--那就是镜子不见了。No, they weren#39;t robbed, the mirrors were simply blanketed as part of the chain#39;s Monday Without Mirrors initiative in an effort to encourage guests to think about fitness differently.不,并没有人把镜子抢走,镜子只是被遮住了,以作为这个连锁健身俱乐部的;周一无镜倡议;的一部分,该倡议是为了鼓励俱乐部的健身员们从另一角度去考虑健身。;The goal of the Monday Without Mirrors campaign is to challenge our members to think about how exercise makes them feel, not just how it makes them look,; says Ellen Roggemann, Blink Fitness#39;s Vice President of Marketing. ;By covering the mirrors, we#39;re encouraging our members to take a stand with us and sign the mirror cover showing their support that exercise is about so much more than what we see in our reflection.;;#39;周一无镜活动#39;的目标就是去挑战我们俱乐部会员,让他们去思考:锻炼是改变他们感受而非外表的,;艾伦·罗哲门说道,他是眨眼健身俱乐部市场部的副主席。;通过把镜子挡起来,我们就鼓励会员与我们采取一致的立场,他们同意把镜子遮住表明他们持这样一个观点,那就是锻炼远比我们所看到的镜中反射出来的自己更为有意义。;Monday Without Mirrors was inspired by the club#39;s Every Body Happy campaign, which featured ads showing of a variety of confident gym-goers who are all shapes and sizes. Their philosophy is Mood Above Muscle, an idea I#39;m pretty sure I need to start incorporating into my everyday life.;周一无镜倡议;的灵感来源于俱乐部的;人人开心活动;,该活动的特写广告上是一群充满信心的健身员,他们的身材大小不一。他们的理念就是心情凌驾于肌肉之上,我相信我需要将这一观点融入到日常生活中去。;Mirrors in health clubs and gyms are great tools to check form to ensure you are doing exercises correctly. Yet, regardless of shape, size, or fitness level, the mirror can serve as a distraction when we focus too much on how we look, comparing ourselves to others around us. The majority of the fitness industry is blanketed by images of #39;perfect#39; bodies, putting pressure on people to achieve them,; says Roggemann. ;We want to change the rhetoric around fitness to focus on the emotional benefits of exercise. We work out for the mood, not just the mirror.;;健身俱乐部和健身房的镜子是检测体格的良好工具,以确保你做的锻炼是正确的。但是,不管体型,尺寸或是健身等级,当我们太过于专注我们的外貌,与周围的人相互比较时,镜子就分散了我们的注意力。大多数的健身俱乐部都贴有#39;完美身材#39;的图片,给人们施压去达到这样的身材。;罗哲门说道,;我们想要改变有关健身的说法,专注到健身给人们情感带来的好处上。我们锻炼是为了心情,不是为了镜子。;How cool is that? It goes without saying that mirrors are incredibly useful when you#39;re trying to ace that move in barre, but this initiative definitely has a point.多酷啊!毫无疑问,当你想要扶手杠上的动作取得A的成绩,那么镜子特别有用,但是这个倡议无疑也有自己的道理。译文属 /201606/449984在厦门第一医院做抽脂手术多少钱

翔安区祛除胎记要多少钱 Ren Qingtai (1850 ~ 1932)任庆泰(1850?1932)Ren Qingtai, also known as Ren Jingfeng, was born in Faku County, Liaoning Province in 1850 and died of disease in Beijing 1932. He was the first Chinese filmmaker, so he was called the “Father of Chinese Film”.庆泰,字景丰,又字觐风,1850年出生于辽宁省法库县,1932年病逝于北京。任庆泰是中国电影第一人,因此被称为“中国电影之父”。Ren Qingtai went to Japan to learn photography when he was young and then launched the first photograph studio,“Fengtai Photo Studio” in Beijing, 1892. Although Ren Qingtai did not learnphotography in China, the motivation for him to learn the skill and to open his own photograph studio in China was drawn from the environment in north China where he grew up. Another factor was related to the development of Japan which became an e-conomical and military empire in the following two decades since the Meiji Reform began in 1874. Therefore, Ren Qingtai traveled to Japan to learn Western photography.任庆泰青年时在日本学习过照相技术,1892年在北京开设第一家照相馆——丰泰照相 馆。尽管当时任庆泰在中国不是学照相的,但由于受他成长的中国北方环境的影 响下,他决定学习照相技术,在中国开设自己的照相馆。另一个原因与当时日本的发展有关。在1874年明治维新后的20多年里,日本成为经济和军事强国,因此, 任庆泰便到日本学习西方照相技术。Around the beginning of the twentieth century, foreign films gathered in China attracted a great number of Chinese audiences. But only foreigners were entitled to show and make films then. With the rise of foreign film business from Italy, France and the USA, etc. which undoubtedly stimulated directly the first Chinese filmmaker very few Chinese people went to see the traditional Chinese “shadow play”(Ying Zi Xi). Ren#39;s motivation to make films was related to make Chinese films which cater to the enjoyment of Chinese viewers. Another reason attributed to a commercial wave that was stimulated by the new medium of film which accelerated the birth of Chinese film.20世纪初前后,汇集在中国的外国电影吸引了大批的中国观众,那时,放电影和拍摄电影也只是外国人的权利。毋庸置疑,来自意大利、法国和美国等外国电影 业的兴起直接刺激了中国第一位电影摄制者,而很少有中国观众去光顾中国传统的“影戏”。所以,任庆泰初拍中国电影是为了迎合中国观众的享受。另外一个原 因归于加速中国电影诞生的西方电影新事物刺激下的一股商业浪潮。In 1905, Ren mounted a sheet against a wall outside his studio as a backdrop ,and filmed several excerpts from traditional Beijing Operas acted by famous Beijing Opera artist Tan Xinpei. Thus the first film, The Battle of Mount Dingjun, was successfully made in China.1905年,庆泰在他照相馆外墙上裱出一片空白作为背景,拍摄了由著名京剧表演艺术家谭鑫培表演的原于传统京剧的几个片段。就这样,由中国人拍摄的第一部中国电影《定军山》成功地诞生了。Following the success of the first film of Beijing Opera, Fengtai Studio continued to make seven films of Beijing Opera, including Chang Ban Po (1905), Green Rocky Mountain (Qing Shi Shan) (1906), Leopard (Jin Qian Bao) 1906, The Sunny Mansion ( Yan Yang Lou) 1906, White Water Shoal (Bai Shui Tan) (1907) , Capture Guan Sheng (Shou Guan Sheng) (1907) , Spinning Cotton (1908) , etc. These films were characterized by acrobatic fighting, dance movements and facial expressions.随着第一部京剧电影的成功,丰泰照相馆又继续拍摄《长坂坡》(1905)、《青石山》(1906)、《金钱豹》(1906)、《艳阳楼》(1906)、《白水滩》(1907)、《收关胜》 (1907)和《纺棉花》(1908)等七部电影。这些电影都以武打格斗、戏曲舞步和面部表情为特点。During this period, the filmmaker Ren Qingtai changed his department store into a cinema named Daguanlou Theatre which became the first Chinese cinema only showing films. The theatre promoted his film business to be more flourishing and prosperous. Fengtai Studio produced a total of eight films based on Beijing Opera from 1905 to 1909. All of them were made in Beijing and were warmly received by the public. The fad indicated that not only were Chinese films a success, but also that the aesthetic and cultural psychology of Chinese filmmaker and audience were in accordance with each other.在此期间,电影导演任庆泰也把他的百货公司改建成了大观楼影戏园,后来成为仅放电影的第一个中国电影院。大观楼影戏园促使他的电影业蓬勃发展一片生机。1905至1909年间,丰泰照相馆共拍摄了八部京剧电影,所有电影均在北京拍摄并获得公众的热烈欢迎。事实表明,不但中国电影成功了,而且中国电影导演的审美和文化心理是符合中国观众的。In 1909, a fire ruined Daguanlou Theatre and also ended all film activities of Ren Qingtai.1909年,一场大火烧毁大观楼影戏园,同时也结束了任庆泰电影生涯的所有活动。 /201605/443502厦门假体鼻尖整形一般多少钱厦门地区隆胸手术费用



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