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Even though Mike is hundreds of kilometres虽然麦克身处的中国四川from the tectonic plate boundary between India and Asia,离印度亚洲版块交界处几百公里之远this is major earthquake country.这里仍是个地震多发国家Geological maps of the region suggest该地区的地质图显示that there are thousands of faults有大量的断层隐藏于hidden in the mountain range that fringes Sichuan Province -四川省周边的山脉中the Longmen Shan.即龙门山So here you can see the big picture of the India,在这张大图上可以看到Asia collision region I suppose you could call it.这里就是所谓印度亚洲版块冲撞区White area for a high elevation白色表示高海拔地区and the darker areas are lower.黑色表示海拔较低的地区So here is the Himalayan arc,这里就是喜马拉雅弧形山脉India of course, moving up into, into Eurasia,印度板块往上挤压欧亚大陆and that#39;s occurring about 40, 45mm per year,以每年40到45毫米移动which is pretty fast in plate tectonic terms.板块构造上来说 算是相当快的There#39;s a series of thrust faults that come down从这里往下是一系列的逆冲断层and around the Himalayas.在喜马拉雅一带This is the the plate boundary这是板块交界处and so there#39;s Longmen Shan这里就是龙门山and it#39;s facing the very flat and relatively low Sichuan basin.它面朝平坦而海拔相对较低的四川盆地It actually is, geologically this is a wonderful enigma.从地理上看 这里的确是个神秘莫测的地方It#39;s always exciting to find a place that has not been explained yet.发现一个从未被研究过的地方总是让人兴奋I think we#39;re all looking for something that we can make an impact with.我们一直在寻找一种能产生重大影响的东西 Article/201305/238110Make some extra cash by cleaning out your closets and clearing out the clutter with these tips.根据下面的建议清理一下衣柜,既可以赚取一点额外的现金,又可以清理掉垃圾。You Will Need你需要Used clothes穿过的旧衣Internet access上网Garage sale旧衣物拍卖Resale shops转售商店Flea market or mom-to-mom sale跳蚤市场或母亲之间直接售卖Charity慈善机构Neighbors (optional)邻居(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Gather and inspect the clothing1.收集并查看衣Clean out your closets and drawers. Make sure all clothes are clean and free of stains and holes.清理橱柜和抽屉。确保所有的衣都是干净整洁,没有污渍和破洞的。STEP 2 Organize the clothes2.整理衣Divide the clothes according to size, gender, and season.根据尺码,性别和季节分类。STEP 3 Investigate the internet3.网上调查Investigate different sites on the internet, such as eBay or other auction or classified sites that specialize in selling used clothing.调查互联网上不同的网站,例如eBay或者买卖网,或者专门出售装的分类网站。Carefully examine the site#39;s terms and conditions, including their commission rates.仔细查看该网站的条款和条件,包括他们的雇佣率。STEP 4 Organize a garage sale4.组织旧衣物拍卖Organize a garage sale. Be specific in your advertisements as to the type of clothing and sizes you have to attract the right customers.组织旧衣物拍卖。集中宣传衣的类型和尺码,必须吸引正确的客户。Recruit neighbors to join with you and advertise a neighborhood sale to lure more customers.招募邻居一起加入你的行列,为社区旧物品拍卖打广告,这样可以吸引更多顾客。STEP 5 Call resale shops5.致电转售商店Call resale and consignment shops to see what types of clothes they take. Accurately describe your offerings and set up an appointment.致电转售商店和托卖品商店,看一下他们接受哪种类型的装。准确地描述你的衣物,进行预约。STEP 6 Rent space at a children#39;s sale6.在儿童商店租用空间Rent a table at a flea market or mom-to-mom sale in your area if you have kid#39;s clothes to get rid of. This may also be a good outlet to rid yourself of maternity clothing you will not need any more.如果你要处理小孩衣,在跳蚤市场租用一张台面或在本地区的母亲之间直接售卖。这也是处理你不再需要的妇装的好方法。STEP 7 Donate clothes to charity7.捐赠给慈善机构Donate used clothes to charity. Get a receipt for the donated items and write off the donation at tax time. Donations are the quickest and easiest way to rid your house of extra items and will also make you feel good about yourself.把你的旧衣捐赠给慈善机构。捐赠的物品要索要收据,用来抵消税收。捐赠是处理家中多余物品最快速最简单的方法,也可以让你感到心情舒畅。Americans buy over 2 billion pairs of shoes every year.美国人每年购买超过20亿双鞋子。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/305911

Think I may have misjudged the hide position,我想藏身篷可能放错地方了cos the sea#39;s coming in the bottom of the hide.因为海水不断从帐篷底部涌进来Well, that was 11 hours in my little box.我己经在那个小箱子里面 待了十一个小时Barrie saved his most ambitious trip of the series巴利把本系列影片中 最具挑战性的拍摄行程until last.放到最后It took a team of 40 people一行四十人的队伍3 days of tough uphill trekking to get to the filming camp.艰苦跋涉了三天才抵达拍摄营地I could complain about leeches, biting insects,我大可以抱怨水蛭,蚊虫叮咬the tough going路有多难走but, I really don#39;t want to, this is great.但是真的没有必要 因为这太棒了Seem to have lost everyone else, I hope I#39;m going the right way.好像看不到其他人 希望我没走错路Oh, made it.上来了Completely shattered.精疲力尽The hard work had only just begun.辛苦的还在后头Tomorrow with the help of their guides,明天,在向导的协助下the crew would go looking for the best bowers to film拍摄小组要去找 最漂亮的褐色园丁鸟来拍摄but not before a cautionary tale from the local chief.但是后来当地酋长讲了一则 警世意味浓厚的故事 Article/201309/254767

In 1937, the League of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland1937年 联合国前身the fore-runner of the ed Nations位于瑞士日内瓦的国际联盟stated that 90% of the world-wide illegal opium and heroin trade宣城 世界超过90%的非法鸦片和海洛因交易was in the hands of the Japanese drug dealers.经由日本人之手Ultimately, it was the Marco Polo Bridge incident in Peking最终 卢沟桥事件爆发that finally started the full-scale second Sino-Japanese war中日战争正式开始which lasted from 1937 to 1945.这场战争从1937年持续到1945年During that time,八年中Imperial Japan#39;s ferocious war machine not only conquered most of China,日本帝国邪恶的战争机器不仅征了大部分中国地区but also committed some of the most atrocious war crimes in the history of mankind,也在人类历史上写下了不可饶恕的战争罪行such as 1937 Nanjing Massacre.1937年的南京大屠杀便是其中的一个The rape of Nanjing raged on for three months,南京大屠杀持续三个月之久with more than 300,000 civilians savagely slaughtered.三十万手无寸铁的百姓死于日本人刀下In honor of the victims,为了纪念他们the Nanjing Massacre Memorial was built in 19851985年建立了南京大屠杀纪念馆on the grounds of the massacre graves馆址正位于大屠杀遗址之一的万人坑with Wu Weishan sculptures著名雕塑家吴为山的雕塑vividly capturing the horrids at that dful time生动地再现了那段恐怖的岁月underneath these stones, rest the remains of the innocent victims.这些石头下 埋葬着不知多少的冤屈灵魂 Article/201409/329646

  and they don#39;t want to work with being C players, so they become self-policing, they only want to hire more A players. 他们会不愿再与平庸者合作,只招聘一样优秀的人So you built up these pockets of A players and itpropagates, 所以你只要找到几个精英,他们就会自己扩大团队and that#39;s what the Mac team was like, they were all A players, and these were extraordinarily talented people.Mac团队就是这样,大家才华横溢,都很优秀But there were also people who now say that they don#39;t have the energy any more to work for you.但是有人说他们再也不愿意为你工作了。Huh, true. I think if you talk to a lot of people on the Mac team, they would tell you it was the hardest they have ever worked in their lives. Some of them would tell you it was their happiest they ever had in their lives, but all of them would tell you that it certainly is one of the most intense and cherished experiences they would ever have in their lives.呃,的确。大多数Mac团队成员认为那是他们这辈子最辛苦的日子。有些人觉得那是一生中最幸福的日子,但是没人否认那是这辈子最难忘、最珍贵的经历。Yeah, they did.没错。So...err... you know, it#39;s a … some of those things are not sustainable for some people.只是有些人无法长时间忍受这样的工作。What does it mean when you tell someone they work a shit?你说别人;工作很烂;时,想表达什么?I … it usually means they work a shit. Sometimes it means I think you work a shit, and I am wrong. Hehe, but .. it usually means that their work is not anywhere near good enough.嗯……就是他们干得很烂。有时是我认为你干得很烂,也许我错了。一般是说他们的工作很不合格。I have this great e from Bill Atkinson, who says ;when you say get someone to work a shit, you really mean.... Bill Atkinson说这话的真正含义是;我听不懂I don#39;t quite understand, would you please explain it to me?;请再解释一遍Haha, no, that#39;s not usually what I meant. 哈哈,不是的,我不是这个意思 /201307/247262


  One explanation for the worrying shift in disease patterns疾病类型的转变一定程度上was the change in what we were eating.和我们饮食习惯的转变脱不了关系The diseases we have now现在常见的疾病arterial disease, cancers, these are the things that kill us.像是动脉疾病 癌症 都是致命的These are also closely connected with our long-term food intake,确实和我们的长期饮食习惯有密切关系but not in a way which we understand clearly.但具体如何影响还不甚明了The food industry doesn#39;t understand it any better than I do,食品工业并不比我了解得深入and yet they propose to make drastic changes in our food intake但他们却建议我们彻底改变饮食习惯not knowing what the consequences are going to be at all.根本没想过这么做的后果There#39;s a complete lack of knowledge about obesity.人们对肥胖症的认知远远不够Why is this? To some extent, it#39;s an unspectacular为什么会这样 从某种程度上说subject to be interested in and it#39;s been neglected是因为此现象过于普遍to a large extent by the medical profession.医疗领域也基本长期忽视其存在While doctors were struggling to keep up with this rapid但当医生开始需要努力change in their patients#39; illnesses,适应病人们多变的病型时other habits were changing too.另一些习惯也开始改变The other important change that#39;s made us fat使我们越来越肥的另一大原因就是is lack of exercise.缺乏锻炼Living in cities is unhealthy.住在城市里对我们身体没什么好处We take a taxi, bus or motor car when once we#39;d have walked.我们不再步行 而改坐出租车 公车或电动车There#39;s been a growth, too, of sedentary jobs.越来越多的工作是静坐式的It#39;s well known now that London Transport bus drivers have twice人尽皆知伦敦公交司机得冠心病的几率the coronary rate of bus conductors,是售票员的两倍cos the bus conductors那是因为售票员run up and down stairs, and they found that跑上跑下 人们还发现a high proportion of bus drivers had much larger size trousers大部分司机的裤子尺码than bus conductors because they要比售票员大were fat gents sitting about, physically inactive.因为他们总是坐着不动 Article/201306/243668

  Jim Carrey Discusses Movie Jim Carrey Discusses ;The Incredible Burt Wonderstone; Movie好莱坞喜剧大师金·凯瑞谈电影《超级魔术师》,这是一部颇具恶趣味的传统肢体喜剧,史蒂夫·卡瑞尔和金·凯瑞这两个戏剧界的大腕,加上史蒂夫·布西密这个个性演员,他们组成了;魔术铁三角;。Did you ever meet with Chris Angel or David Blaine, let’s say to get a small concept of your character?In a way I was securing it a little bit, so I didn’t really meet with those guys, I’ve met with David Blaine before, I’ve actually had him do magic for me before. He did a trick in public with me. That was really astounding. And everybody cheered, and one of my comedy friends yelled out, burn a witch, like that, and I was all over it, but now I thought it was a great magic catcall. And what do you think is the most outstanding character that you wanted to represent from them?I think there’s a certain, you know, playact arrogance, there’s an arrogance about magicians, you know, just like they go huala, you’re stupid. You know, kind of thing. You know, and so, you know, so I want to take that to the hilt and be a guy who just thinks everybody is really amusing. Steve Carell’s character is tired, you know, doing this the same thing for so long, sometimes, do you feel like that, you’re tired of making people laugh all the time.Of course, that’s why I don’t sometimes. You know, I get that a lot on twitter, you know, won’t you just be funny dude? You know, that kind of thing, and I go, because funny is a finger on my hand, it’s not the whole me, you know, it’s the one I pick my nose with, so it’s busy a lot of the time. /201303/231434Cameron Russell承认她是个遗传的幸运儿,她是个高挑漂亮的内衣模特。但不要光用外表来评判她。在这场无所畏惧的演讲中,她用另类的方式来看待这个让她16岁时就变得充满魅力的的行业。 Article/201307/248813The last hidden world, China. For centuries, travellers to China have told tales of magical landscapes and surprising creatures.最后的隐世净土--中国。数世纪来,旅人传诵着关于这片神奇土地以及那些神奇生物的传说。Chinese civilisation is the world#39;s oldest and today, its largest, with well over a billion people.中国文明是世界最古老的文明,而如今是最宏的,拥有数十亿的人民。It#39;s home to more than 50 distinct ethnic groups and a wide range of traditional lifestyles, often in close partnership with nature.现存超过五十个民族,以及各式各样贴近自然的传统生活方式。We know that China faces immense social and environmental problems. But there is great beauty here, too.我们都知道中国面对着着众多社会,比如环境问题,但这里也存在着令人窒息的美丽。 /201405/301387

  One, two, three...Add the pianos.Do the four piano chords.一 二 三,加入钢琴配乐,弹下那四个和弦.As well as being influenced by Bruce Lee and kungfu movies,Raz says there are also parallels between the improvisational nature of rapping and martial arts.同样受到李小龙和功夫表演的影响,Raz也认为说唱的即兴性和武术有相通之处。I come from the era of hip-hop where people would battle each other on the subway trains, in the school bathrooms, on the street corners,and it#39;s almost like a martial art fight, you know what I mean?在嘻哈说唱界中,人们会在地下铁站啊 学校澡堂啊 街角斗艺,就像是武术格斗 你懂我的意思吧?It#39;s like a martial art fight, actually,because you#39;re flowing.真的都像武术格斗,因为你滔滔不绝地说。You#39;re throwing your best weapons, which are your lyrical weapons,and you#39;re trying to defeat this guy by saying the most wittiest thing.你运用最有效的武器 也就是所说的韵律武器,你试着用最诙谐聪明的话赢过对方。Bruce Lee has a tremendous influence on... on the culture of, like, hip-hop,because it#39;s just... it#39;s really taking an ethnic icon reappropriating this ethnic icon to your own ethnicity and to your own sort of outsider culture.李小龙对 对像嘻哈说唱的艺术的影响极大,因为他真的... 真是民族的偶像,以人们自己定义的民族和外来文化重新定位的民族偶像。Bruce in the martial arts world is a... you know, a virtuoso.He#39;s constantly improvising.It#39;s like Miles Davis with his hands and feet.武术界的李小龙 就是一位艺术大家,他不断即兴创作动作,就像Miles Davis手脚并用的表演。And that#39;s what hip-hop does, is improvise.嘻哈说唱也是即兴的说唱You free styling on the mic.拿着麦克风自由发挥Improvisation in Jeet Kune Do can be mirrored by broken rhythm,and this also reflects in rap music, jazz music, all sorts of music, rock music.断断续续的节奏里体现出了截拳道的不定性,当然说唱 爵士 所有音乐 摇滚乐也有影子。 Article/201403/278983

  Bruce Lee#39;s philosophy has been adopted by people in numerous fields.李小龙的哲学在很多领域被人采用His belief that success flowed from dedication and self-knowledge helped prepare him to become the first Asian super star and was changed forever the way Asians were seen in west.他相信成功来自奉献和自我认识,这帮助他成为第一个亚洲的超级明星,从此改变了西方社会看待亚洲人的方式。Bruce Lee exploded onto American cinemas screen in August 1973 in ;Enter the Dragon;.For many Asian Americans, he was a revolution,the first Asian hero they had ever seen on the screen.1973年8月 李小龙凭借;龙争虎斗;闯入美国影坛,对很多亚裔美国人来说,他就是场变革,是他们在荧幕上看到的第一个亚洲英雄。。Usually you will be seeing white actors playing Asian roles,like Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany#39;s.So the appearance of Bruce Lee was... was quite revolutionary because people of the actual race were playing that race...通常亚洲人的角色是由白人演员饰演,比如;第凡内早餐;里的Mickey Rooney,因此李小龙的出现... 具有变革意义,因为真正是这个种族的人在饰演自己...he brought Asian faces to American cinema.For many Asian people around the world, Bruce Lee became an instant role model.他把亚洲面孔带进了美国影院,对全世界很多亚洲人来说 李小龙立即成为典范。We connected to him because he was the first one that came on and said ;Look, I#39;m Chinese, I was yellow skin. You know, I can do everything else everybody else can.;我们尊崇他是因为他是第一个表示,;听着 我是中国人 我是黄皮肤 我能做其他任何人能做到的任何事;For myself going up to America, I can totally relate to him.You know, coming to America as an immigrant... being an minority in a dominant white world.And the things that he wanted to achieve in life.我自己在美国长大,完全能感同身受,移民到美国... 在白人统治的世界里作为少数民族,他有崇高的人生目标。I... I believe that#39;s why other minority races,they can relate to that, especially the urban minorities.They can feel the same passion that Bruce Lee wanted to bring for his own race.我... 我相信这也是为什么少数民族的种族,他们能体会到的 特别是住在城市里的少数民族。他们能感受到李小龙想为自己种族带来的相同的热情。 Article/201401/273360

  广告意义:光阴碾走,曾经的个性分明到如今的温文尔雅,每个人在生活和家庭的责任面前,在岁月无声的流逝中,时间悄悄抚平了我们的棱角,然而,这不代表你已经不是你了,只要蓬勃的心仍在,一切都未晚!广告双语文本内容:In life, we have choices. We can choose to grow up but not old; choose to raise our families and still follow our dreams.在生活中,我们有选择。我们可以选择成长而不是变老;选择养家而仍然追寻我们的梦想。At INFINITI, we choose to inspire在INFINITI,我们选择启发灵感,by engineering the world#39;s first back-up collusion intervention system that can sense what#39;s coming even when you can#39;t, and apply the breaks even before you do,借助由建造出世界第一个倒车防撞系统,能够在你甚至还看不到时便侦测到接近的东西,并且甚至先你一步踩下刹车,by designing a family vehicle that doesn#39;t sacrifice your individuality,借由设计出一辆不牺牲你个人特色的家庭车款,and by creating a bold new expression of seven-passenger luxury, featuring class leading third roll access.以及借由创造出对七人座豪华车款全新大胆的诠释,配有领先同级的第三排出入口。Introduce the all new INFINITI JX Luxury Crossover.在此介绍全新INFINITI JX豪华跨界休旅车。INFINITI Inspired Performance.INFINITI 激发灵感的性能演出。 Article/201408/323304。

  They,like England,have never won a shoot-out.他们和英格兰队一样,从未在点球大战中胜出过。The Germans have never lost.而德国却从未失败过。重点词汇:shoot-out 点球大战例:The Danes won that UEFA tie in a shoot-out.丹麦人在点球大战中胜出,赢下了那场欧洲杯淘汰赛。视频介绍:加时赛即将结束进入点球大战,这是意大利队所不愿意看到的,因为此前他们从未在世界杯的点球大战中胜出过。 Article/201403/279716

  The Mai Po marshes are part of the Pearl River estuary, whose muddy shores abound with crabs, worms and mud-skippers. Exposed at low tide, this smorgasbord of mud-life attracts both waders and the gei wai birds.米埔沼泽是珠江口的一部分,螃蟹、虫子和泥鳅在这个泥质海滩上俯拾即是。退潮时暴露出泥中生命的就像自助餐一样,不仅吸引了涉禽,还吸引了基围的鸟儿。Here on the mudflats of Inner Deep Bay, each kind of bird has its own specific feeding zone defined by the depth of the water, the length of its beak and its feeding technique.在后海湾内湾的泥滩上,每种鸟类都拥有自己的领地:这决定于水的深度、它们的喙长和捕食的技巧。 注:视频如无法播放,请刷新 /201409/332049

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m an African country that got its independence from France in 1960. 我是一个1960年从法国独立出来的非洲国家。My capital city is Bangui. 我的首都是班吉。I#39;m located almost exactly in the center of the African continent. 我几乎正好位于非洲的中心。I#39;m the Central African Republic. 我是中非共和国。Home to around 5 million people.我有500多万人口。AZUZ: There have been waves of violence in the Central African Republic since the country#39;s president was forced out of power in March. 自三月份该国的总统被迫下台之后,中非共和国就连续不断发生暴乱。The Central African Republic#39;s government has struggled since it#39;s got its independence from France.自中非共和国脱离法国独立之后,一直在艰难地发展。After decades of military rule, a civilian government took over, then it was overthrown. 经过几十年的军事统治之后,一个人民政府掌权了,接着又被推翻了。The man who took over the government then is the one who was forced out this year. 接手这一政府的人,就是今年被迫下台的人。That led to current violence between rival militias. 这导致了最近敌对势力之间的暴力冲突。One supports the old president, the other supports the new leader. 一方持旧的总统,另一方持新领导。France is sending troops to help establish and maintain security there. 法国派出了军队去建立并维护那里的安全。Thousands of peacekeeping troops from the African Union are heading to the Central African Republic as well. 数千来自非洲联盟的维和部队也正在向中非进发。U.S. officials said American military aircraft will help transport the African and European troops.美国官员表示,美国军队会帮助运输非洲和欧洲军队。 /201312/268190

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