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Following the death of a close friend in 2009, Australian man Sebastian Terry, then 27, stopped in his tracks and started to reflect on his life. After asking himself the seemingly simple question of “Am I happy”, he decided to make a change in his life and that marked the beginning of his list--100 Things to Do Before You Die.2009年,时年27岁的澳大利亚小伙塞巴斯蒂安-特里的一位密友过世,这让他突然停下脚步,开始反思自己的生活。他问了自己一个看似简单的问题--“我快乐吗”,随后便决定改变自己的生活,于是一张“此生必做100件事”清单诞生了。From marrying a stranger to crashing a red carpet, more than three years and 23 countries later, Sebastian has struck off more than half of the “to-dos” on his list. During the trip, he has raised AUD,000 for a children’s charity。三年多以来,塞巴斯蒂安游历了23个国家,完成了清单上的大部分内容,包括和一个陌生人结婚、私自闯入一场盛宴。在旅行途中,他为一个儿童慈善机构筹集了6万澳元的善款。The list includes nerve-wrecking experiences like getting shot(with the help of a bulletproof vest, of course), skydiving naked, chasing a tornado, swimming with a whale shark in Mexico and enduring a tandem bike ride from Vancouver to Las Vegas。这张清单上列举的一些任务相当考验勇气,比如挨子儿(当然穿有防弹背心)、裸体跳伞、追逐飓风、在墨西哥与鲸鲨共舞,以及从温哥华骑双人自行车到等。Number 60 on his list--throw a dart at a map and visit the country it lands on--took him to the capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator, where he sampled the local culture and feasted on the Mongolian delicacy。清单上的第60项是“往地图上掷飞镖,掷中哪个国家就去哪儿”,结果飞镖把他带到了蒙古首都乌兰巴托。他在此体验了当地文化,品尝了蒙古美食。Many found inspiration from Sebastian’s stories--they started their own list of 100 things and shared them on the Internet。很多人从塞巴斯蒂安的故事中受到启发,开始制作自己的“100件事”清单,并在网上分享。Sebastian believes that being able to influence people in a positive way is the most purposeful thing he has been able to do. “I couldn#39;t believe it when I started getting emails from people all over the world not only asking for advice, but also thanking me for encouraging them to chase their goals,” he said。塞巴斯蒂安认为,能够积极地影响他人是他能做的最有意义的事。他说:“当我开始收到来自世界各地的电子邮件时,我简直不敢相信。人们不止是咨询建议,还会感谢我鼓励他们追逐梦想。” /201303/232494Most brides dream of throwing a white wedding which will make other women green with envy.大多数新娘梦想着身穿洁白美丽的婚纱,让其他女人羡慕嫉妒恨。But one bride has instead painted herself and her husband-to-be green, for their fairy-tale wedding based on the film Shrek.但有一位新娘与众不同,为了她们童话般的婚礼,她把自己和未婚夫全身涂成绿色。这个童话般的婚礼以动画片《怪物史莱克》为原型。Amanda, 44, and Nathan Gibbs, 39, from Kingswinford, West Midlands planned their rather unusual ceremony after eight years together.44岁的阿曼达和39岁的南森·吉布斯来自西米德兰兹郡金斯温福德,在相恋8年后,他们开始筹备这场非同寻常的婚礼。After losing a number of friends to cancer, the couple decided to dress as the fairytale couple and use the day to raise money for charity.这对夫妻曾失去了好几位因患癌症而去世的朋友,他们决定在婚礼上把自己打扮成童话故事里的人物,并利用这一天为慈善机构筹钱。Dressed in full costume, the pair wed this morning at Priory Hall near Dudley. Guests also dressed up for the themed celebrations - dressing up as the Gingerb Man, Mickey Mouse and Jack Sparrow from Pirates Of The Caribbean.身着盛装,这对新婚夫妇出现在英国Dudley的修道院大厅。婚礼宾客也衣着华,与婚礼主题十分搭配。他们有的打扮成姜饼人,还有的打扮成米老鼠以及加勒比海盗里的杰克·斯派罗。Instead of wedding gifts, the couple - who run an ironing service business, asked that people donate money to Cancer Research.这对夫妻运营熨烫务业务,他们不收新婚礼物,而是请人们为癌症研究捐钱。Mr Gibbs said: #39;In the last 15 months we#39;ve lost seven of our customers to cancer. It just broke our hearts. We wanted to do something to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage more people to go and get checked out.#39;吉布斯先生说:“在过去的15个月中,我们失去了7位身患癌症的朋友。这真的非常令人痛心,我们想做点事来引起人们对癌症的关注,并鼓励更多的人去做身体检查。”The former bricklayer said the couple used to joke that if they ever got married, they would have a fairytale wedding.一位以前当瓦工的朋友说,这对夫妻过去经常开玩笑,说如果他们结婚一定会举办一场童话般的婚礼。#39;It was a standing joke between us. All our friends started getting married and I said ;When we do it we#39;ll have a fairytale wedding. I#39;ll be Shrek and you can be Princess Fiona;.“这是我们之间常开的一个玩笑。我们所有的朋友都先后结婚了,我就开玩笑说‘如果我们结婚,那就来场童话般不一样的婚礼。我扮演史莱克你扮演菲奥娜公主。’”#39;Earlier this year we held a fundraiser for Cancer Research and we were talking about what else we could do when Shrek came on the TV. We turned to each other and laughed.#39;“今年早些时候,我们为癌症研究组织了一场募捐。就在我们正在谈论着还能做些什么的时候,史莱克突然出现在电视上,我们面对面大笑起来。”Plans got under way for the fairytale wedding but the couple were then hit with more bad news.这场童话般的婚礼正在紧锣密鼓地筹备中,但这对夫妻得到了一条坏消息,倍受打击。#39;My sister Donna was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was such a shock. We were trying to do something to help others and then it happened to us.#39;“我堂娜被诊断出患有乳腺癌。这对我们来说真的是个冲击。我们正努力做些事情来帮助别人,但突然它就发生在我们身上了。”Luckily his sister has been given the all-clear but it made the couple even more determined to raise awareness of the disease.幸运的是,他已经脱离病情险境,但这件事使这对夫妻更坚定地去努力唤起人们对这种疾病的意识。Mr Gibbs said: #39;We#39;ve had a great day today and it#39;s fantastic to think the money raised will go towards helping to support those with cancer and their families.吉布斯先生说:“今天我们的大日子过得很棒,筹集的这些钱将被用来持那些身患癌症的患者及患者家属,这令我们感到很奇妙。”#39;Also, if this story encourages just one person who has found a lump to go and get checked out then we will have succeeded.#39;“并且,如果这个故事鼓励了发现肿块的人去做身体检查,即使只有一个人,那么我们也成功了。” /201312/270521

It has long been said that a man with a good sense of humour can laugh a woman in to bed, despite his looks.一直以来,人们都认为,一个幽默的男人能让女人开心,把女人哄上床,不论他相貌如何。Now researchers believe the opposite may also be true - that we also find attractive members of the opposite sex more amusing.现在研究人员认为,也许反过来说也是对的——研究发现,长得帅的男人更风趣。Psychologists at the University of Stirling have discovered that good-looking people were perceived as funnier when the people listening to them could see what they looked like - i.e. whether they were attractive or not.英国斯特灵大学的心理学家发现,当人们可以看到讲话者的面容(好看与否)时,长得好看的讲话者给人感觉更幽默。In the study, undergraduate psychology students were ed while being asked which two items they would take to a desert island, and why. They could pick from either chocolate, hairspray or a plastic bag.在这一研究中,研究人员让一些心理学专业本科在读的学生回答将把哪两种东西带到荒岛上,并说出理由。他们可以从巧克力、发胶或塑料袋里面选,整个问答过程都录成了视频。While the students weren#39;t told that the study was about humour, the vast majority gave the appearance of trying to be funny in their answers.虽然研究人员没有告诉学生这一研究和幽默有关,但绝大部分学生看起来都努力想让自己的显得有趣。Other students were then asked to rate the desert-island comments for wit, as well as how attractive each of the commenters might be for a short-term or long-term relationship.其他一部分学生被要求给这些荒岛题回答的幽默感,以及各个应答者在短期或长期恋爱关系中的魅力指数打分。The researchers found that attractive individuals were rated as funnier in clips than their less dashing counterparts.研究人员发现,长得好看的人在视频中的表现被认为比长相平凡的人更有趣。Funnier men were also considered most attractive for a fling, the researchers found.研究人员还发现,风趣的男人被认为在短暂恋情中最有魅力。This might be because wit may give off the impression of not being serious or willing to commit to a long-term relationship.这也许是因为风趣的外表会给人对待感情不认真或不愿意对长期感情关系负责的印象。Being recorded on also made a real difference. Men who were ed were generally considered more amusing than those who only had their voices recorded and provided a photo of themselves.问答过程被录成视频也对结果产生了很大影响。一般来说,那些被录像的男人比那些只录下声音、提供个人照片的男人给人感觉更幽默。One theory is that men, in particular, use humour as a mating signal, to show-off their intelligence and good genes to women.研究人员提出的一个理论是,男人尤其喜欢把幽默作为一个交配信号来向女人展示自己的才智和优良基因。Another is that we use wit to indicate we are sexually attracted to people.另一个理论是,男人用风趣的谈吐来表明自己被异性吸引。The study was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.该研究发表在《个性与个体差异》杂志上。 /201303/228430

Police are under investigation for jokingly filling in a witness statement in the name of a force dog.英国某警局的警察因为以警犬的名义而开玩笑地填写词而被调查。Officers became exasperated when prosecutors asked for an account of a crime from a ‘PC Peach’, not realising Peach was the name of a police dog.英国皇家检察署检察官要求“警员Peach”提交案件词,他们并没有意识到Peach其实是警犬的名字。警察们显然火了。So they completed the form as if it had been written by the alsatian, and signed it with a paw print.所以他们冒充这只阿尔萨斯血统的警犬填写了这份表格,上面还盖了一个爪印。The dog’s statement : ‘I chase him. I bite him. Bad man. He tasty. Good boy. Good boy Peach.’这份词中写到:“我追了他,我咬了他,他是坏人。他味道不错。我是好孩子,好孩子Peach。”The form was pinned up at a West Midlands Police station last week for the amusement of colleagues, who are often at odds with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) over the handling of cases.这份表格上周被英国的西米德兰兹郡警局贴出来了,只为同事一笑。该警局的警官们跟英国皇家检察署经常在处理案件上产生分歧。Another officer took a photo of the statement and it found its way to a ‘cop humour’ page on Facebook on Friday.周五,另一位警官将词拍照上传到了Facebook上的“警察幽默”页面。The image was later deleted but the dog section of a different force, West Yorkshire, enjoyed it so much they posted the image on Twitter in a tweet that was shared more than 150 times.照片随后被删除,但西约克郡警局的警犬部门非常喜欢这张照片,所以又将其发布到推特上,该照片被分享超过150次。The CPS, however, failed to see the funny side. Officials are believed to have complained to police that their mistake has been turned into a very public joke.不过英国皇家检察署可没觉得有多有趣,他们向这些警察投诉,觉得他们把工作失误变成了一个众人围观的大笑话。This is being considered by West Midlands Police’s Professional Standards Department and the officer who shared the picture, PC Mark Tissington, referred himself to the internal discipline unit. Sources say he is unlikely to be reprimanded.西米德兰兹郡警局的专业标准部门表示将调查此事,分享该照片的警察Mark Tissington也将接受内部纪律调查,不过有消息称他不会因此事受到训斥。DCI Julian Harper, from West Midlands Police, said: #39;The Professional Standards Department is looking into this, early enquiries suggest it is a light-hearted exchange as a result of a misunderstanding around a police dog and a police officer. The matter will be investigated.#39;西米德兰兹郡警局的总督察Julian Harper表示:“专业标准部门正在调查此事,我们从此前的问询中得知,这是一次由于对警犬和警察产生误解的轻松交流。我们将对此事进行调查。” /201302/225919

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