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Iran Talks Fail to Reach Consensus on Nuclear Issue六大国上海讨论伊朗问题未有突破 Major powers meeting in China to discuss the Iran nuclear issue, ended their latest round of talks without agreement on a new proposal aimed at re-starting stalled talks with Tehran.  世界主要强国在中国讨论伊朗核问题,最后一轮会谈结束时,未能就旨在重启陷入停滞状态的与伊朗政府的会谈的新提案达成协议。 Representatives from the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany and the European Union met for about three hours.  联合国安理会五个常任理事国和德国以及欧盟的代表会谈了大约三个小时。The envoys had been trying to reach agreement on a proposal to present to Iran for resuming negotiations on its nuclear programs. 各方特使努力就一项有关伊朗的提案达成协议,提案希望伊朗重新开始有关该国核项目的谈判。Tehran says its nuclear program is for peaceful production of electricity, but Western nations suspect Iran wants to make a nuclear weapon. 德黑兰说,伊朗的核项目是用于和平用途的发电,但是西方国家怀疑伊朗想要制造核武器。China's Assistant Foreign Minister He Yafei represented Beijing. He said they agreed on the main content of the plan, but said there are still some problems to be worked out. 中国外交部部长助理何亚非是中方代表,他说谈判各方在这个计划的主要内容方面没有分歧,但是说,仍有一些有待处理的问题。He says on the whole, the six countries agreed to continue diplomatic efforts and work in a creative way to seek a comprehensive, durable and proper solution to the Iranian nuclear issue. 他说:“总的说来,六国都同意继续外交努力,以富有创造性的方式来寻求一个解决伊朗问题的综合、持久、恰当的方案。”He refused to say what the disagreements were about or to give any specifics on the draft proposal. 他拒绝说明分歧是什么,也没有具体解释这个提议的草案。The one-day closed-door meeting was expected to include discussions on new incentives for Iran to return to the negotiating table.  这次历时一天的闭门会议的议题估计包括用什么新的激励手段能够劝说伊朗同意回到谈判桌前。Iran has rejected economic, diplomatic, and security offers made so far, as well as civilian nuclear cooperation. 伊朗至此已经回绝了各方做出的经济、外交和安全方面的提议,也不同意进行民用核合作。After three rounds of targeted U.N. sanctions, Iran has still refused to stop enriching uranium and cooperate fully with the U.N. nuclear watchdog. 经过联合国三轮有目标的制裁,伊朗仍然拒绝停止提炼浓缩铀的行动,也不与联合国核查人员全面合作。The ed States, France, Britain, the European Union, and Germany have sought tougher sanctions against Iran to force it to comply. Russia and China have been reluctant to support tougher sanctions.  美国、法国、 英国、欧盟、德国都在寻求更严厉的制裁措施对付伊朗,迫使它从。俄罗斯和中国不愿进行更严厉的制裁。200804/35294But there was something even better. Odyssey may not just have found ice. There may also be liquid water, and that means, there could be living creatures there too. Right now, there might be liquid water on Mars. It's not gonna be on the surface. But if we go down deep enough, it's almost certain we'll find liquid water at some point beneath the ice. It's all down to the interior of the planet. Scientists believe that Mars' heart may be a great core of molten rock and metal. At the very center, it could reach temperatures of almost 2,000 degrees centigrade. This heat is sp outwards, so that despite the very cold surface of Mars, just tens of meters down, it may be warm enough to melt ice. What Odyssey is seeing really is maybe just the tip of the iceberg, there could be, underneath that layer of ice that it could detect, a literal frozen ocean of water beneath that. Surprisingly, there could be life today on Mars beneath the ice in the liquid water, so the Odyssey results are also telling us that we ought to reconsider the possibility of life on Mars today, search for it more vigorously than we might have. Odyssey's discoveries mean that there is now a genuine possibility that there is life on Mars. And if so, then we’ll soon have to start reconsidering our place in the universe. Odyssey's discoveries are so sensational that scientists are beginning to speculate: What strange creatures might be there waiting for us? What might an alien look like? Would they, for instance, be based on the same biological principles as we are? When we look at life on Earth we see that all life on Earth uses the same chemistry, the same genetic code, the same hardware, the same software. It's really interesting to wonder if life on Mars, if it started independently, would it use the same code, the same chemicals? On Earth, everything is based on DNA, but could it be that life on Mars is completely different, that there is an utterly alien way of doing genetics. genetic code: The sequence of nucleotides in DNA or RNA that determines the specific amino acid sequence in the synthesis of proteins. It is the biochemical basis of heredity and nearly universal in all organisms200809/48763

Scripts:A: The Fed has got to cut rates , there’s no question.B: How much?A: Er.. I think what we need to see is er, a process of cutting rates, so it’s less about how much today and about the, the holding up the hope of more rate cuts to come, what I’m expecting is a quarter point of the Fed funds rate today. Er, half of a percent of the emergency discount rate that’s where banks go when they are in difficulties. But clearly, a statement which says more is going to come. Don’t worry, guys, we’ll keep on cutting.B: And what’s their key focus right now, is it trying to get the banks to er… reduce their inter-bank lending rate, is that the key focus right now?A: That’s part of the process. Er… but it’s slightly wider than that , because of course what you’ve got at the moment is actually a monetary policy tightening. You’re a consumer, your interest rate hasn’t come down 3 quarters of a point along with the Fed funds rate. If you are a consumer, the chances are your interest rate's gone up because banks are tightening credit standards, and raising the cost that they pass on to the consumer. So what the Fed is concerned to do is to stop that process of monetary policy tightening.B: And whatever the rates are , the other problem is the fact that the banks are just reducing their lending generally, and they don’t wanna lend to anyone with any sort of risky background, so that's gonna cause problem within itself. There is nothing the Fed can do about that, is there?A: No, there is not much that the Fed can do about that. Er…, at the margin, we are, I think going to less credit, now, I’m, we can go back to Japan in the, in the 1990s, it doesn’t matter how much you cut rates. You cannot force banks to lend if they don’t want to. But in actual fact, one of the things that we’re concerned about is not so much new borrowers, but existing borrowers who’ve got adjustable rate debt er… where the interest rates go up and down, those are the guys who are vulnerable in this current environment, and the Fed's got to try and limit the damage to them. Because of course there are far more existing borrowers than there are potential new borrowers.B: And you mentioned that the discount er.. rates which is the rate that the, you say that the banks go to the Feds asking for money if they really need it. Er… but that’s kind of epidemic, isn’t it? Because once people start using or once banks start using that facility, there is a huge stigma attached to that , so they are gonna avoid that , anyway, aren’ they?A: Well, there is a stigma, and particularly here in the ed Kingdom, er…borrowing from the Bank of England attaches a huge stigma. In the States it will…B: Northern Rock was the classic example.A: Precisely. In the ed States it’s less so, and there has been more willingness to borrow from the discount window er in the ed States. So,er…I think actually as the credits crisis of confidence continues, banks will get over the social stigma and recognize that, hold on, if here's someone prepared to lend his money. We might as well take advantage of it, and that will then help to at least smooth over some of the problems in the market...Notes: smooth over: To mitigate or alleviatediscount rate: The discount rate is the interest rate charged to commercial banks and other depository institutions on loans they receive from their regional Federal Reserve Bank's lending facility--the discount window.200807/43329

Script:am Jim Ledbetter with CNN Money, I am here with Fortune’s David Kirkpatrick. Today, we are gonna talk about the phenomenal rise in Chinese Internet Stocks. David, welcome.Okay, let’s go.Just in a matter of a week, ten days' time, some of the big players in China like Sohu and Baidu have seen their stocks go up 9%, 15%. What’s behind these phenomenal rises?There are just, there is just huge innovation in China, there is unbelievable hunger for success by some very creative entrepreneurs. The government is 100 percent behind it which makes all the difference in China. And the audience is there, I mean, I am not, I am not sure what the exact number in China is, but estimates are 120 to 140 million PCs in China, a very large percentage of the Chinese population doesn’t even use their own PC, they use Internet cafes to go on the Internet. I am sure that you are in the 2 to 3 hundred million minimum population on the Chinese internet, and albeit their reven(ue), their, their, their income is not what, what we would consider high by American Standards. But their purchasing power is growing very rapidly. The advertising market in China for the internet is exploding. So, it’s, it’s, it's really a kind of like the next bubble in a way or it’s, it’s, the enthusiasm for the Chinese internet is kind of at the place where the American internet was in 1998, 99. I would say.You mentioned that the government is behind this 100 percent, which is really interesting because for so many years, we’ve heard that the Chinese government perceive the internet as a threat, that they censor people who were looking at Falungong, or looking at, (they do) you know issues about Taiwan or issues about the Dalai Lama. Um, well, how can they, how can they square that circle, how can they be in favor of the internet growth as a business but, but still be afraid of it as, as a political device?I think the way they are managing it is that the companies don’t want to alienate the government and they are basically telling a line. In fact, there is extensive communication, pretty much at all times, between all the major Chinese internet companies and the government, and they don’t even have to really take orders from the government. They have internalized this sufficiently that they know where the lines are. And I will tell you something else; the ordinary Chinese person doesn’t really care to about the Falungong or the Dalai Lama. I am sorry to say that, but I really don’t think they, they do. The average Chinese internet surfer takes the view that their information access is so much greater than it ever was without the internet that even if they can’t see everything, they are way better than they were when all they had were government-sponsored newspapers that were much more censored frankly than the internet could ever be. Right, you used the comparison of America in 98, 99, which suggests that it could be in a situation with a bubble. Their, their stocks are at huge multiples right now. Um, but that’s also a function of the Chinese stock market in general. The Chinese stock market is in a bubble by many opinions, and you know, had a pickup a couple of weeks ago, and dropped like 5% in a day as I recall. And the internet companies are leading a lot of the markets there. So in that way, it is kind of like the late 90s. I think though when you have an economy that is growing 11% year over year which I don’t believe any country in the world has ever done before. And it’s an economy of that scale, you know, maybe you can sustain some pretty high PEs for quite a while because there is just so damn much economic activity.OK, great. Thanks.Notes:PE:The P/E ratio (price-to-earnings ratio) of a stock (also called its "earnings multiple", or simply "multiple", "P/E", or "PE") is a measure of the price paid for a share relative to the income or profit earned by the firm per share. A higher P/E ratio means that investors are paying more for each unit of income.200807/44406Matt Lauer: Well! He played the struggling actor on the hit show Friends, but actor Matt Leblanc isn't struggling at all. He's played Joey Tribbiani for more than a decade now. And now he's saying how are you doing to another season of the spinoff "Joey". On Tonight's episode: Joey is on the set of his new movie alongside John Larry Kat.--Joey Tribbiani, Benjaman Awkwood.--Wow! I know you. I saw you do Shakespeare on Broadway when I was a kid.--Oh, 'Twelfth Night'?--Well, I don't remember the date, no.Matt Lauer: Matt Leblanc, good morning. Good to see you.Matt Leblanc: You too, how are you?Matt Lauer: So, so you got a movie!Matt Leblanc: Joey gets his big break this year, yeah~~.Matt Lauer: This is huge.Tell me about your thoughts, I mean, you know, not Joey's thoughts, but your thoughts. Going into the season Number 2 and how that compares to when this was all starting a year ago.Matt Leblanc: Uh, Well, you know, it's like, it's like any new show. And it's a, it's a little bit weird, because a lot of people feel like, well, it's, in some way, it's a continuation of Friends, but it's not really. It's really a brand new show. We just have a leg up, where we have a character that people aly know and seem to care about. And going into the second season, I think it's a little less pressure than it was last year. But still there's, you know, always that pressure to perform. So it's kind of ...It's kind of a grey area where we're just kind of feeling my way through it.Matt Lauer: So much has been made, change has been made on the show in between seasons, there are some new writers. That's one of the major areas. So how is that affecting the script you seeing for season two?Matt Leblanc: Uh, I think the stories are bigger. The models-sort of bigger, faster, funnier. We've got the character, like a buddy for Joey to have. So you can get out of the house more, open up the show and that enables us to have L.A., be more of a center, set piece in the show. (It's a backdrop.)Matt Lauer: Instead of your shows it's a backdrop.Matt Leblanc: Instead of just being in the apartment all the time. And this year he will be getting out, and the biggest thing probably is that he's getting his big break and star's rising.Matt Lauer: You mentioned adding a friend , Zac is the character's name. And in the press, they started right, Ok, he's trying to create another Chandler. And you've been quick to say no. We're not trying to clone Chandler. Matt Leblanc: No, no, no. It's uh,...I think that would be...that would be a mistake to try to do that. That was a such a great dynamic, the Joey-Chandler thing. This is...It's a new relationship. He's a guy…He's completely different than what Chandler was. Zac is sort of a schemer, scammer, and always has an angle, always has something going on, always has his eye on the back door or to something. And Joey, who is an innocent, gets sort of dragged into these plots that Zac comes up with and his honesty and his charm gets the both of them out of trouble that Zac gets him into.Matt Lauer: When Friends was started more than a decade ago, you were kind of unknown, it was a big break in your career.These days, your life is different. You're married. You have a daughter. I'm assuming you're not hurt from money. So how does that affect your attitude in terms of this whole career picture now?Matt Leblanc: Well, I do my best to try to...to try to keep them separate, you know. It's just as important to me now as it was then, I mean, I wanna do good work. I push the writers to make it as good and as rich and colorful as it can be...Matt Lauer: But you don't depend on them to put food on the table any more?Matt Leblanc: No, that I don't. I mean, that pressure's off. Now it's just sort of, it's ...but the different thing now as before when I was just starting now, if it didn't go so good, no one would really... I wouldn't catch the heat for it, but now sort of as, you know, as an experienced veteran, I guess you can call me, it's, ok,better be good now, it's gonna land in your laps. So it's kinda like you trade one side of promise for another. But it's all good promise to have, no complaints.Matt Lauer: Wow, we're thrilled you're back on N, so it's good to have you here in New York. Come on back and see us.Matt Leblanc: Good to see you, absolutely good to see you, absolutely.Matt Lauer: Now come on, and by the way, you can catch Joey tonight at 8/7 central time right here at N.200807/44529South Korean President Begins Government Shakeup韩国改组高层以缓解示威者之怒  South Korea's President has begun a high-level shakeup of his government expected to continue next week. The move is aimed at soothing the anger of tens of thousands of protesters who say he has disregarded public sentiment on everything from U.S. beef imports to public schools.  韩国总统李明开始政府高层改组,改组行动预计将进行到下周。李明此举旨在缓解成千上万示威者的愤怒,他们指责李明在从美国牛肉进口到公立学校等一系列问题上无视民意。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak introduced seven new faces to the top levels of government Friday - all of them replacements for advisers who quit their jobs in the face of public anger. 李明总统星期五任命了7名政府高层新成员,取代那些因民众愤怒抗议而辞职的高级顾问。The change of personnel follows Mr. Lee's own public apology a day earlier for his management of a deal to resume imports of ed States beef. 这次人事变动的前一天,李明为有关恢复美国牛肉进口的协议做出公开道歉。In a briefing broadcast live by major South Korean networks, Mr. Lee introduced a new chief of staff, and six presidential secretaries. 李明通过韩国主要广播网宣布了新的办公室主任和六名总统秘书的任命。He says he chose all of them very carefully based on their ability to live up to the public's expectations. 李明说,他对每一人都进行了仔细的挑选,挑选的基础是他们的能力是否符合公众期望。All of President Lee's senior secretaries and Cabinet members tendered their resignations earlier this month, following weeks of mass protests against the administration. 在民众连续几个星期举行抗议政府的大规模示威后,李明的全体高级助理和内阁成员都在本月早些时候递交了辞呈。The candlelight demonstrations, which culminated in a massive June 10 showing of about 100,000 people, were mainly a show of opposition to Mr. Lee's April deal to resume U.S. beef imports. That deal failed to restrict imports of beef from older cattle, which many South Koreans believe pose a risk of transmitting a human variant of mad cow disease. 示威者主要反对的是李明4月份达成的恢复美国牛肉进口的协议。示威活动在6月10日达到顶峰,约有10万人参加了烛光示威。恢复美国牛肉进口的协议对月龄较高的牛肉进口不加限制,很多韩国人认为,这带来了人类感染疯牛病的风险。However, many of the protesters say that beef deal fits a much wider pattern of disregard for public opinion by the Lee government. They accuse the president of hastily pushing economic privatization, education reforms, and massive infrastructure projects forward without proper consultation. 不过很多示威者表示,恢复牛肉进口协议的做法显示出李明政府的一贯行为方式,那就是在很多问题上无视民众舆论。他们指责李明在没有进行充分协商之前,就匆忙推行经济私有化、教育改革和大规模的基础设施建设项目。Meng Hyung-kyu, newly appointed secretary for political affairs, says he and his colleagues will take a different approach. 新任命的政治事务秘书孟亨奎(Meng Hyung-kyu)说,他跟同事们将采取不同的方式。He says his ears are open, and he is y to listen. He says he wants the opportunity to renew the public's sense of hope. 他说,他准备洗耳恭听。他希望民众能够有重获希望感的机会。President Lee is expected to replace members of his Cabinet next week, possibly replacing the South Korean prime minister. His trade minister is expected to wrap up talks in Washington this week aimed at amending the beef import deal with a voluntary U.S. export ban on meat from older cattle. 李明总统预计将在下周重新组阁,也许会重新任命政府总理。贸易部长官预计本周将结束在华盛顿的会谈,此次会谈旨在修改牛肉进口协议,美国将自动禁止老龄牛出口。200806/42410

Negotiation on customs cleatance通关协商A: Shall we get down to the problem of customs clearance now?A: 我们谈一谈通关的问题吧。B: OK. According to the terms in our contract, you have to take charge of all the stuff in customs clearance.B: 好的。根据合同,通关事宜是由你方负责。A: We get it. But in this project, we have some difficulty and obstacle in clearing customs.A: 我们知道。但是在这项工程上,我们在通关问题上有一些困难和障碍。B: If so, we can have a discussion so as to have the problem solved.B: 如果这样的话我们可以讨论与一下该如何来解决这个问题。A: Thanks for your understanding. As you know, we are not quite familiar with the procedures of customs clearance here and this will waste a lot of time and energy. And I believe you can see that the low efficiency due to the unfamiliarity will lead to the loss to both sides.A: 非常感谢您的通情达理。你们也知道,我们对这里的通关手续不是很了解,因此也就会造成大量时间和精力的浪费。我想你方也知道这样的低效率会造成我们双方的损失。B: Thats true. What can we do to help?B: 确实是这样。我们能帮上什么忙?A: Were grateful that you said that. Would you please assign someone who is familiar with the clearing procedure to work it out together with us?A: 非常感谢您能这样。你方可不可以派一个熟悉通关手续的员工来帮忙我们共同完成通关手续呢?B: All right. Sounds acceptable. Lets do it.B: 可以,能够接受。那就这样办吧。A: Thanks.A: 非常感谢。 /201602/425141Hello and welcome again to English at Work, where things are a little tense.你们好,欢迎回到职场英语,这里的情况有点紧张。Anna is finding it hard to work with new employee, Rachel.安娜发现很难和新同事瑞秋一起工作。Shes told Paul, the boss, about Rachels incompetence but hes done nothing about it.她告诉老板保罗瑞秋有多么不称职,但他却什么也没做。So Anna, how are you feeling today?安娜,你今天感觉怎么样?Frustrated.烦恼。All that work I put in, getting the contract for Imperial Lemons and Rachel has sent out a load of second-hand plastic oranges!我付出的所有努力换得皇家柠檬的合同,瑞秋却送出了一堆二手塑料橙子!I guess youre going to have to call your client and sort out the mess.我想你应该给你的客户打电话,解决这个烂摊子。I guess so.我想是的。Oh hi Tom.嗨,汤姆。Is she about?她在吗?The man-eater?少男杀手?No its all clear, shes gone out for a cappuccino.不,现在很安全,她出去买卡布奇诺了。Good good.Look I managed to call the guy she bought the second-hand oranges from, and I cancelled the order.很好。我给她买二手橙子的供货人打电话了,我取消了订单。Phew, great!太好了!Yeah, yeah… and last night I managed to order some Imperial Lemons and sent them to that company in France – Fruit Traders International.是的,昨晚我定了一些皇家柠檬,并发给了法国公司Fruit Traders International。Heres the paperwork.这是文件。Tom, thats brilliant!汤姆,太棒了!Here, let me give you a big hug – you saved the day!让我给你一个大大的拥抱,你扭转了危机。Ooh, thats a bit tight.有点紧了。 /201705/508475There you go.给你。Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you.谢谢,很高兴能和你做生意。Well get those lemons to you in two weeks time.我们将在两周内把柠檬送来。Perfect!太好了!Good work Anna…oh and Tom too.干得好,安娜,汤姆也不错。The contract is signed but now you have to deliver what youve promised.合同签好了,但你要履行承诺。There are many ways to clinch a deal; here are some of the phrases Anna used…有很多方法达成交易,这是安娜用过的表达。Thank you for sparing the time to see us.谢谢你花时间见我们。Each lemon comes with a satisfaction guarantee - I know you wont be disappointed.每个柠檬都有令人满意的质量担保,我知道你不会失望的。I would be grateful if you could just sign the contract.如果您能签了合同,我会很感激。Thank you. It was a pleasure doing business with you.谢谢,很高兴能和你做生意。So its been a successful day.真是成功的一天。Its time for Tom and Anna to fly back to London and tell Paul the good news… or is it?到了汤姆和安娜飞回伦敦的时候了,并且告诉保罗这个好消息,真是这样吗?Oh no look, our flight to London is cancelled!不,看啊,我们飞往伦敦的航班取消了!Its the last one today. What are we going to do?这是今天最后一班了。我们该怎么办?Well, I guess were just going to have to stay here for the night.我想我们不得不在这里过夜了。Ill sort out a hotel.我去搞定酒店。Until next time. Bye!下次见,再见! /201705/507582

探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 03Named after Henry Angelman, the pediatrician who first described Angelman syndrome. He referred to them as happy puppet children because it described, to some extent, the features. They have a rather jerky sort of movement when they are walking. These children have no speech. They are severely incapacitated in terms of learning, but are uncharacteristically happy as they are smiling all the time. The condition was caused by a genetic fault: a key sequence of DNA was missing, deleted from Chromosome 15. Then we came across a paradox: at the same time, er, the same change, the same little deletion of Chromosome 15 had been clearly associated with a quite different syndrome, much milder in terms of, er, of intellectual impairment, the Prader-Willi syndrome. These children are characterized by being very floppy at birth, but once they started eating properly and so on, they then had an insatiable appetite and would get very, very large. What Pembrey saw simply made no sense. Here were two completely different diseases, Angelman syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome being caused by exactly the same genetic fault. So here we're in a bizarre situation really, how could we have proposed that the same deletion could cause a, a different syndrome?It appeared to Pembrey as if the simple view of inheritance was beginning to unravel, but his doubts were contrary to the tide of optimism sweeping the scientific community. In the early 1990s, the biggest project ever undertaken in biology was captivating the world. The Human Genome Project will be seen as the outstanding achievement in the history of mankind. The Human Genome Project was to be the pinnacle of a century of work on genes and genetics. It seemed as if the secrets of life were at our fingertips. The genetic blueprint of mankind...Nothing else, merely the whole human genetic code is a set of instructions to make a human being. Human genome is like a Bible where everything was written down. The hope and the expectation was that once we had that book in front of us, and all the letters we could just down the pages, and we would understand how the body was put together.It would offer a complete understanding of human biology at a molecular level. The hope was that once the code was written down, scientists could find the genetic cause and cure for every disease.New Words amp; Phrases:pediatrician : A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in treating sick children. AM(paediatrician) 小儿科医师chromosome : A chromosome is a part of a cell in an animal or plant. It contains genes which determine what characteristics the animal or plant will have. 【生】染色体floppy : Something that is floppy is loose rather than stiff, and tends to hang downwards. 松软的;懒散的;下垂的 bizarre : Something that is bizarre is very odd and strange. 奇异的;异乎寻常的genetic blueprint : A genetic blueprint is a pattern which is contained within all living cells. This pattern decides how the organism develops and what it looks like. eg. The offspring contain a mixture of the genetic blueprint of each parent...200807/44893US Joins Iran Nuclear Arms Talks For First Time美首次参与欧盟与伊朗核问题会谈  The ed States is joining, for the first time, nuclear negotiations between Iran and the European Union. The meeting, which also includes representatives from Britain, Germany, France, Russia and China, is taking place behind closed doors in Geneva's historic city hall. The high-powered delegation aims to persuade Iran to end its nuclear program. 美国首次参与了伊朗和欧盟之间有关核问题的会谈。这次会谈正在日内瓦举行,出席会谈的除了欧盟和美方的代表以外,还有英国、德国、法国、俄罗斯和中国方面的代表。这次高级别会谈的目的是要说伊朗终止其核项目。The Bush administration has sent the U.S. State Department's third ranking official, Undersecretary of State William Burns, to these talks. But it is downplaying his participation by stressing the envoy will only listen and not talk.  布什政府派遣美国国务院排名第三号的官员、国务次卿伯恩斯出席此次会谈。但是,为了把伯恩斯的出席显得低调,美方强调说,他此行只是听取各方的意见,不会发表看法。But political pundits see this as a significant policy shift. Until now, Washington had refused to meet face-to-face with Iran on the nuclear issue, unless it first stopped its uranium enrichment program.  不过,政治人士说,派遣伯恩斯到日内瓦出席会谈,是美国的一个重大政策转变。此前,美方一直表示,在伊朗终止其铀浓缩核项目之前,不会与其面对面地谈判。Daniel Warner is Director of the Center for International Governance at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. He tells VOA this may indeed indicate a tremendous shift in U.S. policy. 丹尼尔.沃尔纳是设在日内瓦的国际与发展问题研究所国际政治中心的负责人。他表示,美国国务次卿亲自参加有关伊朗核问题的会谈,的确标志著美国政策的一个重大转变。He says there are different forces within the government that have different opinions about what should be done about Iran. He says Burns' presence at the meeting indicates a victory for one of those groups. 他说,美国政府内部有不同的派系,各个派系之间在如何处理伊朗问题上,有著不同的看法。伯恩斯此次出席日内瓦会谈,标志著其中一个派系的胜利。"It seems to me that in the administration, there are those who want to negotiate with Iran and there are those who want to be more radical in their attitude. Perhaps, we are also seeing what is used in diplomacy. It is called the good guy and bad guy philosophy. We threaten that we are going to do something and at the same time we offer a fig leaf for negotiations. And, I think this is what we are seeing now," he said. 他说:“在我看来,在白宫内部,有要与伊朗协商的,也有要在这个问题上采取更加激进立场的。或者也许,眼下发生的是外交界的惯用手段,也就是说,有扮演红脸的,有扮演白脸的,一方面威胁说要怎么怎么样,而与此同时又为协商打掩护。我想这大概可以解释眼下的情形。”The ed States accuses Iran of developing a nuclear weapons program. Iran denies this. It claims its program is for peaceful purposes and as a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, it has the right to pursue this option. 美国指控伊朗发展核武器项目,但伊朗加以否认,称它的核项目是用于和平目的。伊朗还表示,作为核不扩散条约的签约国,伊朗有权发展核项目。Tensions have increased since Iran test-fired missiles in the Persian Gulf last week, pushing oil prices to an all time high. This is putting greater pressure on all sides to try to reach an agreement to the nuclear standoff.  伊朗上星期在波斯湾试射导弹导致紧张局势升级,石油价格再创历史新高。这给各方施加了更大压力,要为打破核僵局试图达成一项协议。Iran says it is looking for constructive talks on its country's nuclear program, but it warns it will not bow to any threats during the negotiations. 伊朗说,希望就其核项目举行建设性会谈,但是伊朗警告说,在谈判期间不会向任何威胁低头。Daniel Warner says the tit-for-tat exchange between Washington and Tehran should not be taken too seriously.  丹尼尔.沃尔纳说,不必把华盛顿和德黑兰之间针锋相对的言论太当回事。"Much of this is posturing for the general public, which is something that happens for all negotiations. It does seem to me that there is compromise, certainly if the International Atomic Energy Agency is involved with some kind of control, some kind of looking exactly what the nuclear program is being used for. So, it does seem to me that there are ways of getting out of some kind of a military confrontation," he said. 他说:“其中大部分是做姿态给公众看,在所有的谈判中都会出现这种现象。就我观察会有妥协,特别是如果国际原子能机构以某种控制力参与谈判,看看伊朗的核项目到底用来作什么具体用途。因此我认为,不会出现某种形式的军事对峙。”Warner was alluding to discussions Undersecretary of State Burns had with the head of the IAEA before coming to Geneva. Warner believes Burns wanted to get confirmation that U.N. inspectors would agree to go into Iran to check out its nuclear program.  沃尔纳指的是美国国务次卿伯恩斯在赴日内瓦之前跟国际原子能机构领导人举行的会谈。沃尔纳认为,伯恩斯希望实,联合国监察人员同意进入伊朗核查其核项目。Last month, the Western powers offered Iran a package of economic and diplomatic incentives in return for freezing its uranium enrichment program. Negotiators at the meeting Saturday will seek a response to this proposal. 西方大国上个月提议,给伊朗提供一揽子经济与外交好处,以换取伊朗冻结其铀浓缩项目。在今天的会议上,谈判代表将要求伊朗就此建议做出回应。200807/44420Katie Couric: Family law practitioner Mark Barondess has tried to demystify both marriage and divorce with his new book "What were you thinking?". Six hundred dollars per hour legal advice on relationships, marriage and divorce. Hi, Mark. Good morning. (Hi. Katie.) Nice to see you. Mark Barondess: Good to be here. Katie Couric: Well they say that you should write about what you know. And in many ways, this obviously since you're a divorce lawyer, you know intimately about a lot of different cases. But this is as much about marriage and how to avoid divorce, isn't it? Mark Barondess: Well, it is. Because it became very clear to me during the course of all these years representing people in divorces that the number one problem was who they had selected to marry. That may seem sort, sort of simplistic, but people spend a lot of time planning a wedding; they don't spend a lot of time planning a marriage. That's a big mistake. Katie Couric: And I would say probably there, there are a lot of great points and pieces of advice in this book. But perhaps the best is to be prepared like a boy scout, right? I mean, and you, you've talked about how to do that in a variety of ways, can you explain? Mark Barondess: Sure, you have to be prepared. You have to really get to know your spouse. And you know, that seems simplistic again. But people don't take the time to understand where their value is, what are their true religious upbringings, what do they see themselves in five years, ten years. When it comes to time for children, what would the discipline be like for children? What would not be like? How are they gonna interact with in-laws. There are so many issues that will take place in the normal course of life. But they have to be talked about in advance. Katie Couric: And it's interesting. I think one of the points you say think of your partner's most annoying habit, and realize it's only going to be more annoying as the years go on. (Sure. ) It is funny what you find sort of cute and quirky and attractive is really irritating ultimately, isn't it? Mark Barondess: I saw the segment on your show earlier again about cell phones. And that's example that I used in my book. I mean if your spouse or your girlfriend talks very loudly in the cell phone now. By the time 5 years passed, she's gonna be sticking pencils in your eyes every time she makes a phone call. Katie Couric: Yeah. You also talk about the number one reason for divorce and that is cheating, cheating, cheating, right? Mark Barondess: Well, the number one reason for divorce is marriage. We can't ha...Katie Couric: In fact you have a cute e by Henny Youngman in here. I just want, the secret to a happy marriage remains a secret. And you also said Jack Nicholson said that there is any realistic deterrent to marriage, it's the fact you can't afford a divorce. Mark Barondess: Jack is a very intelligent man. Katie Couric: Yeah. But so marriage is the number one reason. But you also say cheating. (is, is...)Mark Barondess: Cheating is clearly at least in my experience, there is a propensity in this country for people that are married to waver outside their marital vows. And you know it's just as much for women now as it is for men. Women are all out there cheating, having sex in this whole Desperate Housewives things if you will. All seems to support that. Katie Couric: And in fact you cover a lot of different things in your book about Detectives, Good idea or Not, High-tech love, Beware? Know the judge and There is Hope of Second Marriages. But second marriages have a higher failure rate than first marriages. Mark Barondess: Seventy percent. Katie Couric: That is so depressing to me. Mark Barondess: Seventy percent. Because people make the same mistakes twice. If I, if you were married to me and I was a workaholic and you divorce maybe because I was a workaholic. Chances are you will still marry another workaholic again. It's just people repeat the same patterns over and over again. Katie Couric: And it's really important to recognize the patterns. So you get advice in this book from a lot of high- profile folks like Donald Trump. What does he have to say about divorce and urh, marriage rather, and why should we listen to Donald's hints. Mark Barondess: Well. Because Donald at least points out that marriage is an extremely serious thing to be dealt with. He points out the reasons why you should have a pre-nuptial agreement. But there is advice from Doctor F. , from M. Williams, from Golfur, from Love Boat, GL, Jin Simens from Kiss. I mean we have the whole spectrums so that you get a good viewpoint in terms of what marriage and what divorce is really about. Katie Couric: And you also talk about how to pick a divorce lawyer and sort of buyer beware on a couple of points flat out liars. Are there lawyers to, I mean, right? I mean aren't there some just bad news. Mark Barondess: They are a lot of sleazy lawyers. I , mean (no). there are a lot of sleazy lawyers and. . . But,but...Katie Couric: I always defend lawyers coz I was married to one. Mark Barondess: Well, but the good thing is that there is a lot of great lawyers and what you have to do is you have to be selective, and find one of those great lawyers. If you do, then most likely you'll have an experience that would be palatable by the end of the day. I am not saying you'll throw a divorce party like you guys who were talking about earlier. It's a little strange. Katie Couric: Yeah, yeah. While I think there is a lot of anger that people have to release in some ways following divorces so maybe that explains that. Are there some lawyers who just keep the divorce proceedings going coz they don't want gravy train to pull into the station? Mark Barondess: Unfortunately there are. There are people that would take advantage of you in every profession whether it's a home contractor or it's a divorce lawyer, so you need to keep your eyes open. Follow the recommendation of a friend who is used to the divorce lawyer that has been very satisfied with the experiences, and most likely you'll have a satisfactory experiences as well. Katie Couric: Well , it's a really fun book to . I know that sounds funny since it's about divorce. But it's got some great advice and I think people who are contemplating marriage should it, also maybe people who are thinking about divorce can enrich their lives by using some of the lessons and sustain their marriage. Mark Barondess: Yeah, one of the things I did was to have this book be written for someone that was going to get married, in other words, if you had a daughter that was going to get married and said , Mum, I really love this guy. Well, this book first and then if you still love him after ing this book. Then ok.Katie Couric: Or at least follows some of the steps here.Mark Barondess:Sure.Katie Couric: All right,lawyer Mark Barondess. Great to see you(thanks, Katie) and it's nice to have Rose here-your beautiful wife, who also is our make-up artist at the times. Anyway, thank you so much and good luck of the book.Mark Barondess: Thanks 200807/44673

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