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Many people wonder what the secret to long-lasting love is. Whilst mutual trust, loyalty and a shared love of Game Of Thrones might spring to mind, scientists believe they#39;ve determined the formula to figuring out whether you#39;re well-suited to your partner - and it#39;s all down to how you behave together. A study published in the Journal of Family and Marriage has identified four types of relationship and revealed which type is most likely to get married.许多人都好奇爱情常青的秘密。我们心里最先想到的就是相互信任、忠诚和《权力的游戏》中的那种同心同德。科学家们相信他们已经确定了一种公式,这种公式能够搞清楚你和伴侣是否彼此合适——这完全取决于你们在一起时的行为。一项发表在《家庭与婚姻》杂志上的研究声称其确定了四种爱情类型,并公布了最可能结婚的爱情类型。Do you and your partner have a rollercoaster relationship? You fit into the first group, which is dubbed #39;dramatic#39;?你和伴侣有着“过山车”式的感情吗?那么你就属于第一类情侣了。这种类型的情侣被戏称为“戏剧性情侣”。The #39;dramatic#39; section of participants weren#39;t exactly consistent in their affections, often justifying the bad elements of their relationship by claiming that they #39;weren#39;t good together#39;; they are the most likely to break up.“戏剧性情侣”对待感情并不始终如一,他们经常用“我们在一起并不幸福”来解释感情中的负面因素;这类情侣最有可能分手。Scientists also identified a second group called the conflict-ridden couples who tend to argue a lot. Unlike the dramatic couples, though, this second group weren#39;t as likely to break up and didn#39;t have a tainted future.科学家还定义了第二种情侣,即“吵架倾向型”情侣,这类情侣经常吵架。和“戏剧性情侣”不同,第二种情侣不大容易分手,未来也不太糟糕。The third group - the socially involved - place high emphasis on social approval. So, these couples attribute social reasons - such as #39;my parents and friends like them#39; - for the positive points in their relationship. This type of couple have a bright future thanks to the importance they place on common social networks, as well as having a solid foundation of friendship and cite their partner as their #39;best friend#39; as well as their lover.第三种情侣——“社交参与型情侣”——很重视社会认同。所以这些情侣会把社会原因当做感情中的积极因素,比如“我父母和朋友都喜欢他们”。由于此类情侣重视共同的社交网络、有着坚固的友情基础,并且把对方当做最好的“朋友”和“情人”,所以他们的未来十分明朗。The final - and most successful - group is hailed the partner-focussed commitments.They have plenty of positive turning points in their relationship and credit their success to having plenty in common, as well as spending a lot of time together focussing on each other#39;s needs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this group were the least likely to break up - and it#39;s all thanks to them being conscientiousness, indicating that they#39;re people who make long-term relationship goals.最后一种——也是最成功的一种——“专注伴侣承诺型”情侣。他们的感情中有许多正面能量,他们把各自的成功归功于彼此的共同点;同时他们也会花费很多时间用于关注对方的需求。毫无意外,此类情侣最不可能分手——这都归功于他们的责任心。当然,这也意味着他们视彼此为长期伴侣目标。 /201601/421232。

Bride prices, a traditional prerequisite for marriage, are increasingly becoming a miserable burden for families in rural areas across China as it has spiked sharply in recent years. Young men go to cities to work hoping they could improve their family#39;s life, but they often come back to find that what they have earned is insufficient for them to get a wife.作为婚姻的传统条件,近年来一路走高的礼,正日益成为中国农村家庭沉重的负担。年轻人怀揣着能改善家庭生活水平的美好愿望去城市打工,但回到老家才发现,他们挣的钱连个媳妇也娶不到。Most parents in China would be happy to find out that their son has found a girl to marry. But Huang, a mother in her 40s from Central China#39;s Henan Province is unable to relax, despite the good news. When her eldest son came back from Guangzhou, South China#39;s Guangdong Province for Spring Festival and was introduced to a girl by a relative, she knew that this was just the first step.儿子找到结婚对象了,大多数的中国父母都是很开心的。然而,来自中国中部河南省的40多岁的黄妈妈却对这个好消息开心不起来。她的大儿子从中国南部广东省回来过年了,亲戚给介绍了一个对象,她知道,这仅仅是开始。Though Huang#39;s family has aly offered the girl around 20,000 yuan in gifts, she is still free to go on more blind dates. Traditionally, the only way for Huang to guarantee she#39;ll marry her son is to offer her family a substantial sum of money as a bride price to seal the engagement. But Huang doesn#39;t have that kind of cash to hand.尽管黄家已经给了这个姑娘2万元作为见面礼,但她仍可以自由相亲。传统上来说,保她和黄家大儿子结婚的唯一方法是,给她家一笔相当可观的礼钱来定下这门亲事。但是黄家拿不出这么多钱。;The girl looks nice, so I guess the price will not be low,; Huang said. ;Though it will be hard, we will try every means to get the money, as long as she agrees to marry.;“这个女孩长的不错,我猜价格也不会低。”黄妈妈说,“尽管非常难,但我们会千方百计去筹这笔钱,只要她同意嫁过来。”;Every means; will entail borrowing money, yet again. A mother of two sons, Huang and her husband make a living by collecting recyclable materials in Guangzhou. To help her eldest son find a wife, they spent all their savings and borrowed money from relatives to buy an apartment in town two years ago.“千方百计”也就意味着再一次去借钱。黄家有两个儿子,黄妈妈夫妻二人靠在广州收废品为生。为了给大儿子娶媳妇,两年前,他们花光了积蓄,还从亲戚家借钱,才在镇上买了一套房子。Many rural parents across China share Huang#39;s anxiety. Finding a wife for their son could cost them all their savings and drive them into debt.中国很多农村家庭都有着和黄妈妈一样的忧愁。为儿子娶媳妇花光了全家的积蓄,使他们债务缠身。A prerequisite for marriage, the bride price, a tradition that can be traced back to the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046-711), remains a common custom in most rural areas across China.礼作为婚姻的前提条件,可以追溯至中国古代周朝时期(公元前1046-711年),这个习俗至今仍存在于中国大部分农村地区。;You cannot get a wife without spending more than 500,000 yuan,; Xu told the Global Times.老许在接受环球时报采访时说,“不花个5万元以上,根本娶不到媳妇。”As Xu explains, a family with a son must have a house, built in the countryside or bought in the town. After that, there is the matter of the bride price and the ;three gold objects; - gold rings, a gold necklace and gold earrings - and a multitude of other pricey necessities.正如老许所说的,有儿子的家庭必须有一套房子,不管是在农村盖的还是在城里买的。接下来,就是礼和“三金”——金戒指、金项链和金耳环——以及其它一些昂贵的必须品。;Most need to borrow to get a wife,; Xu said, ;if an ordinary family has two or more sons, without even asking you know that they must be heavily in debt.;他说,“大多数家庭都需要借钱娶媳妇。如果一户普通人家有两个或更多的儿子,无需多问你便知道他们家一定是负债累累。”Comparisons between women is one cause of spiraling bride prices. When one family demands an above-average price and succeeds, word sps and other families see it as a new standard to follow. Thus the average price is raised.女人间的攀比,是礼价位不断上升的原因之一。当一个家庭要求高于平均水平的价格,且成功了,流传出去后,其它家庭就把它当成一个新的标准来追随。这样,礼就在不断上涨。In some regions, professional match-makers play a role in growing prices. As Pingliang Weekly reported, in Pingliang, Gansu, some match-makers demand 5 to 10 percent of the bride price as commission. To get more money, some match-makers deliberately inflate prices.还有一些地方,专业的红娘也在礼上涨中也起了一定作用。如平凉周报所报道的那样,在甘肃省平凉市,一些红娘收取礼钱的5%到10%作为佣金。为了多赚钱,红娘故意抬高价格。But these standards are flexible depending on the suitor.不过,标准也根据男方条件的不同而有差异。;An ugly man from a poor family might be asked for 150,000 yuan. But a man who is good-looking will only need to give 66,000 yuan. The girl#39;s family will take all factors into consideration,; Xu said.老许说,“家庭贫困且长相不好的,一般被要求15万的礼。而长相不错的只用给6万6就够了。女孩的家庭会综合性考虑。”As rural young people head to the cities to work, women have found it easier to find husbands and stay in urban areas compared with men looking for brides. As a result the aly-skewed gender balance in rural areas is becoming increasingly pronounced and girls are scarce. According to a report by Pingliang Weekly, in a village in Gansu the proportion of men to women has reached 4:1.由于农村年轻人前往城市打工,与男孩相比,女孩们更容易找到对象,且能留在城市里。其结果是农村地区原有的性别失衡正变得越来越显著,女孩数量也更少了。据平凉周报的一份报告,在甘肃省某村庄,男女比例已经达到4:1。But Li Hongxiang argues that it is changing mindsets, rather than shifting demographics, that are driving up bride prices.婚姻法专家李鸿翔却称,并非人口学的变化,而是人们心态的改变,抬高了礼价。;An important reason probably is, in the social context of rapid economic development, people have changed their mindset and expect to get rich quick,; Li analyzes.他分析称:“一个最重要的原因可能是,在经济快速发展的社会背景下,人们的心态发生了改变,期待快速致富。” /201602/427709。

阅读提示:对照英文在下。10. 微软CEO纳德拉(Satya Nadella)Nadella 23年如一日在微软兢兢业业,去年出任微软第三任CEO,成功推出Windows 10, 发布仅3个月用户访问量破1亿。As the Microsoft#39;s third CEO last year, Satya Nadella used to bea Microsoft veteran of 23 years. He successfully released Windows 10, a huge hit that attracted over 110 million users in three months. /201512/413280。

BEIJING — Glaciologists in China and elsewhere have said for years that climate change is the main cause of glacier erosion, which threatens the water sources of much of humanity.北京——多年来,中外冰川学家称,气候变化是导致冰川侵蚀的主要原因,而冰川的退缩危及了许多人的水资源供给。Officials in the far northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang now say another factor is putting the fragile glaciers at risk: tourism.中国西北偏远地区新疆的官员现在又表示,置脆弱的冰川于险境的还有另一个因素,那就是旅游活动。The Xinjiang government announced this month that it was banning tourism on glaciers across the region, which is one-sixth of the Chinese land mass. Many glaciers are found in Xinjiang, and in the Tianshan range in particular, which runs east-west through the middle of the vast region.新疆自治区政府在本月宣布,将取缔当地的冰川旅游。新疆占中国陆地面积的六分之一。那里有许多冰川,尤其是在天山一带。这座山脉以东西向穿过这片广袤地区的中心地带。Officials want to ensure that tourists observe the glaciers from a distance, not atop the glaciers themselves, according to a report published on Thursday by Xinhua, the state news agency.根据官方新闻机构新华社在上周四发布的一篇报道,新疆官员想要让游客只能远观,而不能亲自登上冰川。The report said that, over the last 50 years, the average temperature in Xinjiang had risen 0.33 to 0.39 degrees Celsius a decade, or about 0.6 to 0.7 degrees Fahrenheit, nearly three times the global average. China has 46,377 glaciers, and about 47 percent of the national ice reserves are in Xinjiang, a rugged region of deserts, forests and soaring mountains that shares borders with more than half a dozen countries.这篇文章指出,过去50年来,新疆所在的西北干旱区的平均气温每10年上升0.33到0.39摄氏度,几乎是全球平均值的三倍。中国境内的冰川有4万6377条,而在新疆的冰川储量占了全国的47%。新疆地形复杂,拥有沙漠、森林和高耸入云的山峰,还与七八个国家接壤。The report said that “global warming, grazing, mining and tourism have accelerated destruction of the glaciers, and led to water shortages in several areas.”这篇报道表示,“全球变暖、放牧、采矿和旅游等因素加速了冰川消融,导致多个地区水资源短缺。”It ed Chen Xi of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as saying that glaciers in the Tianshan range have receded 15 to 30 percent in the last three decades.文中还引述了中国科学院研究员陈曦的话,指出天山区域的冰川面积近30年来退缩了15%到30%。Scientists say the main cause of climate change is greenhouse gas emissions, mostly from industrial coal use. China emits more greenhouse gases — carbon dioxide being the primary one — than any other country. The ed States is second in emissions.科学家认为,气候变化主要是温室气体排放造成的,而这些排放大部分来自于工业燃煤,主成分则是二氧化碳。目前全球温室气体排放量最大的国家是中国,排名第二的则是美国。The growth in China’s coal use has slowed as the national economy cools, but climate researchers here expect emissions to continue rising until sometime between 2025 and 2030.随着中国经济降温,国内燃煤用量的增长有所放缓,不过研究气候问题的本土学者仍然认为,中国的温室气体排放量会持续攀升,直到2025至2030年间达到峰值。Glaciologists have observed glaciers in retreat across western China. In Gansu Province, the Mengke Glacier, the largest valley glacier in the Qilian range, and two others have been retreating at an accelerating rate since the 1990s, according to a report by a local research center. That rate tripled from the 1990s to the 2000s, the report said. That has resulted in floods in recent years. In the long term, it said, there will be water shortages across the region.冰川学家在中国西部各地都观测到冰川退缩的现象。甘肃省的梦柯冰川是祁连山脉最大的山谷冰川,而根据当地一所研究中心的报告,梦柯与另两座冰川自90年代就开始加速消融。文中指出,自90年代至本世纪前10年,这些冰川的退缩速率增加了两倍,这也导致了近年来的洪患。长远看来,该地区将普遍面临水源短缺的问题。Provincial and regional governments outside Xinjiang have not announced bans on glacier tourism. In Gansu, such tourism in the Qilian range is popular. The July 1st Glacier, about 55 miles southwest of Jiayuguan, site of the western end of the Great Wall, draws many people each year. In Sichuan Province, tourists flock to Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park, and Yunnan Province has the popular Mingyong Glacier.除了新疆,其他省级与地方政府尚未宣布要取缔冰川旅游。在甘肃省的祁连山,这类旅游活动相当热门。七一冰川位于长城西端的终点嘉峪关西南55英里(约合90公里)处。这座冰川每年都吸引许多观光者。四川省的海螺沟国家冰川森林公园也有大批游客涌入,云南省则有广受欢迎的明永冰川。Officials in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, banned tourism to No. 1 Glacier near the city in 2006. But in recent years, tourists have gotten rides to the glacier with local herders looking to make money. A Xinhua reporter who visited the glacier in July described seeing tourists there taking photos and littering.新疆首府乌鲁木齐的官员在2006年禁止游客前往该市附近的天山一号冰川。然而近年来,想赚上一笔的当地牧民还是会带观光客前去一游。在新华网转载的一篇报道中,记者曾在去年7月实地前往这座冰山,并描述了游客在那里拍照、乱丢垃圾的景况。The Xinhua article from Thursday ed Li Jidong, a Xinjiang tourism official, saying that glacier tourism in the region brought in less than one billion renminbi, or 3 million, over the last dozen years.上周四的新华社报道还引述了新疆旅游局官员李冀东的发言,指出新疆冰川旅游在过去十几年的收入不到10亿元人民币。“The loss from shrinking glaciers,” Mr. Li said, “is incalculable.”“但是冰川崩塌、消融带来的损失是不可估算的,”李冀东说。 /201602/427026。