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青口镇妇幼保健院联系电话福清平潭县中医院官网The other thing is, before we get too arrogant about this 但别骄傲 另外一件事就是 We all spend 99.5% of our time to think about the 0.5% of us is different. 我们每个人都花费99.5%的时间 去想我们那0.5%的不同 Dont we? All of us 是吧 我们所有人 You walk down to the street, by a store window and you see your reflection 你在街上走 在商店窗户上看到了自己的映像 You think, oh I wish I was a little taller 你想着 唉 我要是再高点就好了 Thats also focus on that 0.5% Now that 0.5% matters, given Einstein the biggest brain ever measured, 那仍然是注意那0.5%的不同点 这0.5%很重要 爱因斯坦因此有了容量最大的大脑 He made pretty good use of it. Its a good thing 他把它使用得挺不错的 这是件好事 That 0.5% means LeBron James is hard to stop if hes driving for the basket 那0.5%意味着勒布朗?詹姆斯如果向着篮筐发起冲击 你很难阻挡他 The 0.5% matters But so does the 99.5% And thats why this service ethic counts 这0.5%确实重要 但那99.5%也同样重要 这就是公共务伦理重要的原因 And when you leave here I want you never to forget for the rest of your life, in good times and bad, that you live in an interdependent world 当你们离开之后 我希望你们 这辈子都不要忘记 无论境况好坏 你们生存在一个相互依存的世界中 and weve got to put it together, which means to be a good citizen 我们必须要齐心协力 即要做一位好公民 youve got to do something sometime for somebody else because they are just like you are 你就得在有些时候为他人做些事情 因为他们正像你一样 That is really, really important 这一点是非常非常重要的 The last point I wanna make is very good economics 我想说的最后一点跟经济学很是相关 A few years ago, an American journalist named James Surowiecki 几年前 一位名叫詹姆斯?索罗维基的美国记者 wrote a book called The Wisdom of Crowds, in which he chronicled all these experiments which all come down to this 写了一本书 名为群众的智慧 书中他记录了所有的实验结果 最终可归结为一点 If I pick twenty of you at random from this crowd, and I put you in a nice room in Howard 如果我在你们之中随便选出二十人 让他们待在霍华德大学一间舒适的房间内 201507/386429福州市第二医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗 The trend in data storage is even more impressive. In the early 80s, the standard unit of computer storage, one mega-byte, or one million bytes of information, cost about 100 dollars. Today, it is 10 cents. In two years, it will cost 2 cents. 数据存储技术的发展趋势更是令人瞠目。八十年代初期,一个标准单位的计算机存储能力,即 1MB,或者说 1 百万字节,售价是 100 美元,而现在却只要 10 美分,两年内还将降到 2 美分。These gains are driven by continuous advances in how we pack information into smaller and smaller spaces. 这种结果是在技术不断进步的推动下产生的,我们可以把信息存储到越来越小的空间。If the US Library of Congress could shrink its collections of 17 million books by the same factor we just discussed, it could replace 800 kilometers of shelf space with less than 40 meters of space. 如果把这种技术用到美国国会图书馆的 1700 百万册存书上,其书架长度将由 800 公里变成不到 40 米。These advances are going to continue and accelerate the rate microprocessors, storage, communications, memory, and all the other engines that are propelling this industry or continue to lead to the products of the faster, smaller, and less expensive, just as they have for 30 years. 这种进步将继续下去,并且会加速微处理器、存储设备、通信、内存以及所有其它正在推动信息产业前进的“发动机”式的产品的发展,或者会继续创造出更快、更小、更便宜的产品。过去 30 年的情况就是如此。But as we stand here today, the opening of CeBIT, we are on the threshold of a very important change and the evolution of this industry. 然而当我们今天站在这里,出席 CeBIT 的开幕式的时候,我们面对的是一场业界非常重要的变化和革命。In many ways, this industry, a very emitory industry, is about to play out in its most important dimension. That is because the technology has become so powerful and so pervasive that its future impact on people and governments and all institutions will dwarf what has happened today.在很多方面,信息产业将成为最重要的产业。这是因为信息技术已经变得如此强大、如此普遍,以致于未来它对人们、政府和各个机构的影响将使目前发生的事相形见绌。201312/267718Hi everybody.嗨,大家好。Right now, the ed States Senate is debating a bipartisan, commonsense bill that would be an important step toward fixing our broken immigration system.现在美国的参议院正在就一项代表两党的普遍法案进行讨论。而这一法案是走向修补我们不完善移民体系的重要一步。Its a bill that would continue to strengthen security at our borders,这一法案将继续加强我们的边界安全,and hold employers more accountable if they knowingly hire undocumented workers, 使雇主们了解如果在雇佣没有合法文件的工人时更负责任,so they wont have an unfair advantage over businesses that follow the law.这样他们就不会再具有和遵纪守法的企业相比的不公平优势。Its a bill that would modernize the legal immigration system so that,as we train American workers for the jobs of tomorrow,这一法案将使我们为了明天的工作职位在培训美国工人们时的移民法律体系现代化,we re also attracting the highly skilled entrepreneurs and engineers who grow our economy for everyone.我们还能吸引具有娴熟技术的企业家和工程师们来发展我们的经济造福每个人。Its a bill that would provide a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million individuals who are in this country illegally,这一法案将为1100万居住在我国的没有合法文件的个人提供获得公民权的途径,a pathway that includes passing a background check, learning English,而这一途径包括通过背景审查,学习英语,paying taxes and a penalty,缴付税款和罚款,then going to the back of the line behind everyone trying to come here legally.然后等候在希望合法进入我国的每个人之后。And, a few days ago, a report from the Congressional Budget Office definitively showed that this bipartisan,而就在几天前一份来自国会预算委员会的报告清楚表明这一代表两党的普遍法案,commonsense bill will help the middle class grow our economy and shrink our deficits, by making sure that every worker in America plays by the same set of rules and pays taxes like everyone else.它将通过保每一个在美国工作的工人遵守相同法案并且和他人一样付相同的税负帮助中产阶级发展我们的经济,减少我们的赤字。According to this independent report, reforming our immigration system would reduce our deficits by almost a trillion dollars over the next two decades.按照这份独立的报告,改善我们的移民体系将使我们的赤字在未来的20年里减少近万亿美元。And it will boost our economy by more than 5 percent, in part because of businesses created, investments made, and technologies invented by immigrants.它将使我们的经济发展增加5个百分点,部分是由于移民的创业、投资和技术发明所带来的。This comes on the heels of another report from the independent office that monitors Social Securitys finances, which says that this immigration bill would actually strengthen the long-term health and solvency of Social Security for future generations.而来自另一份负责监管社保财政状况的独立委员会的报告表明这一移民法案将为我们的子孙后代加强社保的长期的健康发展及付能力。Because with this bill, millions of additional people will start paying more in taxes for things like Social Security and education.因为有了这一法案,几百万人将开始付更多用于社保和教育的税款。That ll make the economy fairer for middle-class families.这将使经济对中产阶级家庭而言更为公平。So thats what comprehensive immigration reform looks like.这就是综合的移民体系改革的概况。Stronger enforcement.更为强力的执法,A smarter legal immigration system.更为明智的移民法律体系,A pathway to earned citizenship.一条获得公民权的途径。A more vibrant, growing economy thats fairer on the middle class.一种对于中产阶级更加公平,充满活力,持续发展的经济。And a more stable fiscal future for our kids.而且对我们的孩子们而言是更加稳定的财政未来。Now, the bill isnt perfect.然而现在,这个法案还不够完善。Its a compromise.它是一种妥协。Nobody is going to get everything they want-not Democrats, not Republicans, not me.没有一方获得他们希望的一切—民主党人没有,共和党人没有,我也没有。But it s consistent with the principles that I and others have laid out for commonsense reform.它符合我和其他人为这个常识性改革勾画的原则。Thats why Republicans and Democrats, CEOs and labor leaders, are saying that now is the time to pass this bill.这就是为什么共和党人和民主党人们,CEO们和劳工领导人们都表示现在正是通过这一法案的时机。If you agree with us, reach out to your Senators and Representatives.如果你们赞同我们,那么请联系你们的参议员和众议员。Tell them that the time for excuses is over;告诉他们没有时间找借口;its time to fix our broken immigration system once and for all.现在是永久地修补我们的破损的移民体系的时候了。We can do this, because we are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants;我们可以实现这些,因为我们是一个法治国家,移民国家;a place enriched by the contributions of people from all over the world, and stronger for it.一个世界各地人们富裕的乐土,并且因此而更加强大。Thats been the story of America from the start.美国历史的一开始就是如此。Lets keep it going.让我们继续下去。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快! 201306/245723福清江阴镇做包皮手术哪家医院最好

福清哪里可以无痛人流福清中山网上预约电话 Message from Prime Minister David Cameron to mark the Chinese New Year英国首相卡梅伦2013年春节贺词I want to send my very best wishes to everyone celebrating Chinese New Year in Britain, in China and all around the world. Britains links with China are becoming ever stronger and ever deeper. We are on course to record our best ever year of trade, up more than 7 per cent in the first half of 2012 alone. Britain today accounts for around a tenth of all Chinese foreign investment. And as the most open economy in Europe. I want Chinese investors to know that Britain will remain a voice for openness and a force against protectionism in the European Union now and in the years ahead.我向在英国、中国及全世界庆祝中国春节的每个人致以最诚挚的祝福。英国与中国的关系正在越来越紧密和深化。记录显示去年是我们两国贸易往来最好的一年。仅2012年上半年,双边贸易就增长了至少7%。中国对英投资现在已占中国对外总投资的10%。最为欧洲最开放的经济体,我希望中国的投资者了解,英国会在现在和未来几年继续在欧盟内呼吁持续开放并坚决反对贸易保护主义。But Britains ties with China are about more than a great relationship between our businesses. They are about the relationship between our peoples and our governments too. Today there are more than 100,000 mainland Chinese and Hong Kong students in Britain and more than 3,000 British students in China.但是英国和中国的联系不仅限于两国之间繁荣的贸易往来,还包括我们民众之间、政府之间的联系。现在有超过10万来自中国大陆和香港的学生在英国学习,同时有3千多英国学生在中国学习。And as we welcome in the Year of the Snake, the celebrations here in Britain will remind us once again of the richness of Chinese culture and the incredible contribution that our Chinese communities make here in Britain. Our two countries are also working together in new and ever more innovative ways. For example, on international development, where Britain is the first Western country to agree a partnership with China on tackling poverty around the world. So I look forward to working with Chinas new leadership.在我们迎接蛇年到来的时候,英国各地举行的庆祝活动会再一次让我们想到中国丰富的文化,以及多年来华人群体为英国做出的杰出贡献。我们两国也在用创新的方式进行着合作,比如在国际发展方面,英国就是第一个同意与中国一起合作,对抗全球贫困的西方国家。我期待着与中国新一届领导人共同合作。General Secretary Xi Jingping recently wrote to tell me that with joint efforts on both sides UK-China relations will continue to forge ahead. I share that determination. I look forward to working closely with Chinas leaders and people to realise our shared dreams, and I hope that the year of the Snake can be a great year for Britain, for China and for us all.习近平总书记最近写信给我说,在中英两国的共同努力下,两国关系将继续向前推进。对此我也很有信心,我期待着继续与中国领导人、中国人民一起共享梦想。希望蛇年可以成为对英国、中国以及我们所有人来说非凡的一年!Xin Nian Kuai Le! [Happy New Year]新年快乐!201309/256788玉屏街道妇女儿童医院网址

福清无痛人流医院多少钱One of the greatest formative experiences of my life preceded Harry Potter, though it informed much of what I subsequently wrote in those books. This revelation came in the form of one of my earliest day jobs. Though I was sloping off to write stories during my lunch hours, I paid the rent in my early 20s by working in the research department at Amnesty International’s headquarters in London. 想象力使我随后写书有了很多的想法,但对我印象最深远的经历发生在写《哈利·波特》之前。这种影响源于我早期的工作经历。在刚二十几岁的时候,为了付房租,我在伦敦大赦国际总部的调查部门工作,但我可以在午餐时间偷偷溜出去写小说。 There in my little office I hastily scribbled letters smuggled out of totalitarian regimes by men and women who were risking imprisonment to inform the outside world of what was happening to them. I saw photographs of those who had disappeared without trace, sent to Amnesty by their desperate families and friends. I the testimony of torture victims and saw pictures of their injuries. I opened handwritten, eye-witness accounts of summary trials and executions, of kidnappings and rapes. 在那儿,我在狭小的办公室里看着从集权主义政体偷运出来的信件。写这些信件的人,为了让外界知道他们那里所发生的事情,冒着被监禁的危险,用潦草的字迹匆匆写下他们的遭遇,然后再将信件寄给我们。我看过那些由绝望的家人和朋友寄来的无迹可寻的人的照片。我读过被严刑拷打的受害者的词并看了他们遍体鳞伤的图片。我打开过目击者的手记,上面描述了对于绑架案和强奸案的审判和处决。 Many of my co-workers were ex-political prisoners, people who had been displaced from their homes, or fled into exile, because they had the temerity to think independently of their government. Visitors to our offices included those who had come to give information, or to try and find out what had happened to those who they had left behind. 我的很多同事以前都是政治犯,因为他们敢于批判政府,有自己的想法,所以被赶出家门,或被放逐海外。来我们办公室的的访客,包括那些前来提供信息的,或想方设法知道那些留下的同志发生了什么事的人。 I shall never forget the African torture victim, a young man no older than I was at the time, who had become mentally ill after all he had endured in his homeland. He trembled uncontrollably as he spoke into a camera about the brutality inflicted upon him. 我永远不会忘记那个非籍酷刑受害者,一个当时还没我大的年轻男子,他因在故乡的经历而精神错乱。在摄像机前讲述被残暴地摧残的经历时,他的身体止不住地颤抖。 /201207/191000 Madam chair by virtue of the authority vested in me by New York University主席夫人 请允许我使用纽约大学授予我的权力I am pleased to confer upon you the degree of doctor of commercial science, honoris causa荣幸地将商学荣誉士学位授予你Ladies and gentlemen, Im pleased to introduce女士们先生们 我很高兴为你们介绍Doctor, now NYU doctor, Janet Louise Yellen who will respond on behalf of the honorary degree recipience现在身为纽约大学士的珍妮特·露意丝·耶伦士下面将由她发表获得学位的感言Thank you, President Sexton谢谢塞克斯顿校长On behalf of the honorees, let me express my thanks to NYU作为荣誉学位获得者 请允许我感谢纽约大学And congratulations from all of us to you, the Class of 2014 and to your families, especially your parents并祝贺你们所有人 2014届毕业生也祝贺你们的家人 特别是父母This is a special day to celebrate your achievements and to look forward to your lives ahead在这个特殊的日子里 你们应当欢庆自己取得的成就并憧憬未来的生活Your NYU education has not only provided you with a foundation of knowledge我希望 你们在纽约大学接受的教育不仅为你们打下了坚实的知识基础it has also, I hope, instilled in you a love of knowledge and an enduring curiosity还让你们学会了热爱知识并保持好奇心201504/369886新厝镇治疗妇科疾病多少钱福清中山打胎多少钱



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