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重庆/韩式半永久学习华蓥市美容纹绣师The next time you feel a tickle in your throat, try using a natural and organic treatment you just might grow to love. Follow these easy steps to find out how to make a sore throat treatment out of lemons.下次你感觉到喉咙痒的时候,尝试一种自然有机的治疗方法,你肯定会喜欢这种方法。跟随一下简单的步骤,学习怎样使用柠檬治疗喉咙痛。Step 1: You will need1.你需要1 glass,1 kitchen knife,1 tablespoon1个玻璃杯,1把刀子,1个汤匙Step 2: Squeeze Your Lemons2.挤出柠檬汁Slice open your lemons with a kitchen knife and squeeze three whole lemons into a glass. You want to make sure you to keep the lemon seeds out of the glass.用刀子把柠檬切开,把三个柠檬的汁液挤到玻璃杯里,把柠檬籽挑出来。Step 3: A Spoonful Of Honey3.加入蜂蜜Add a tablespoon of honey to the lemon juice and stir the mixture. Take a tablespoon of this homemade elixir every three to four hours. While the lemons work as a natural disinfectant on the bacteria in your throat, the honey will provide a warm,soothing sensation.向柠檬汁中加入一汤匙蜂蜜,搅拌均匀。每三到四个小时饮用一汤匙这种自制的饮料。柠檬是应对喉咙里的细菌的天然灭菌剂,蜂蜜让你有温暖润滑的感觉。Step 4: Done.4.完成Thanks for watching How To Treat A Sore Throat With Lemon.感谢收看“怎样用柠檬治疗喉咙痛”视频节目。 /201211/208288成都唯美化妆美甲纹绣培训学校学纹眼线美容纹绣多少钱 德阳纹绣培训机构

崇州市纹绣学习班If your parents are pinching pennies, you may need to buy your own music, games, and fast food. Here are some tips to help you earn cash.如果你的父母生活拮据,你可能需要自己想办法购买音乐,游戏和快餐。以下是帮助你赚钱的一些建议。Step 1 Get permission from your parents and agree on a schedule and transportation plan.1.获得父母许可,就时间安排和交通计划达成一致。Step 2 Make a list of the types of jobs that you can do and where you can look.2.列举出自己可以做的工作,可以到哪里找工作。If you#39;re under 16, consider starting your own business. You can babysit, walk dogs, or cut lawns.如果你的年龄不满16岁,可以考虑自己做点事情。可以照顾小孩,遛或修剪草坪。Step 3 Network with neighbors, business owners, school staff, church members, and local job service counselors.3.与邻居,老板,学校职工,教堂员工和当地就业顾问保持联系。Step 4 Market yourself by creating a resume and distributing flyers.4.书写简历,散发传单来推销自己。Step 5 Apply for the jobs you#39;ve identified on your list. Dress neatly and be courteous.5.申请列表中列出的工作职位。衣着整洁,彬彬有礼。The more people you talk to, the better you#39;ll get – and the more comfortable you#39;ll be talking to adults.接触的人越多,找到的工作越好——你和成年人沟通的时候感到越自在。Step 6 Send thank-you notes to the people who interviewed you. You never know when the impression you make may reap unexpected rewards!6.向面试你的人寄送感谢卡。你永远不知道,你给他们留下的好印象说不定什么时候就给你带来意想不到的回报!Did you know? In a 2009 poll, 14 percent of teens aged 15-17 said they need to contribute to their family#39;s budget.你知道吗?在2009年的一份民意调查中,14%的15至17岁的年轻人表示他们需要为家庭预算贡献自己的一份力量。 Article/201301/222292成都纹绣培训教材 阿坝州学韩式半永久眉毛多少钱

资阳纹眼培训学校哪家好It`s time for the Shoutout. Which of the following has been clocked moving at 27 miles per hour? If you think you know it, then shout it out. Is it Usain Bolt, gray squirrel, Michael Phelps, or roadrunner? You`ve got 3 seconds, go.这是“大声喊出来”时间!以下哪项时速在27英里每小时?如果你认为你知道,那么就大声喊出它!它是:尤塞恩#8226;尔特,灰松鼠,迈克尔#8226;菲尔普斯,还是走鹃(一种鸟类)?你有三分钟的时间,开始!The fastest of these options is Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, who`s reached speeds of just over 27 miles per hour. That`s your answer and that`s your Shoutout.在这几个选项中,最快的就是奥林匹克金牌得主,尤赛恩#8226;尔特,他奔跑的速度能达到每小时27英里以上。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: If Usain Bolt wants to keep an eye on his competition, he usually has to glance back over his shoulder.如果波尔特想看看他的比赛情况,他通常只能回头看。But one challenger recently surpassed the sprinter`s spectacular speed.但是,最近有一个挑战着超过了这个短跑健将的惊人的速度。Who is this new racing rival? The question isn`t who, but what. Jonathan Mann runs the details.这个新的赛跑对手是谁?问题并不在于是谁,而在于是什么。JONATHAN MANN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Usain Bolt may be the fastest man on the planet, but he`s been passed by a man-made marvel.尤赛恩#8226;尔特或许是世界上跑得最快的人,但他被一个人造的奇迹超越了。This four-legged robot just broke its own land speed record, blowing past Bolt.这个四只脚的机器人刚刚打破了他自己的陆上奔跑速度的纪录,超过了尔特。 /201209/199781 广安学纹绣纹绣培训哪里好



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