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  • 1、On this one /on this matter2、Wheeling and dealing 耍花招,忽悠3、Not up to scratch /below the standard4、Repeat offender 老油条5、Client base 客户群6、For the record 记录下7、Running me around in circles 兜圈子8、Playing for time 耗时间9、Green 青涩,新手 /201311/266248。
  • Hurry up! We are running late for school.赶快!我们快来不及了。Lets take the MRT. lts faster and cheap.我们坐地铁好了,地铁又快又便宜。Which line should we take if we go to Danshui?我们要捂哪一条线到淡水?We should take the red line. Lets get the tickets.我们应该搭红线,我们到自动售票机买票吧。How much money should linsert in the slot?我应该要投多少钱进去?5o dollars. Later you have to place your ticket near the sensor50美元,等一下你必须把票放在靠近感应器的地方。lsee.我懂了。lts so crowded. All the seats are taken. Lets go there. There is a seat over there.好挤喔!所有的椅子都被坐满了,我们去那边,那边有一个座位。lts a priority seat. We can not take it.We should give the seats to those old, pregnant and disable people.那是爱心座位,我们不能坐。我们要让给老年人、妇和行动不便的人。Yeah, you are right. Lets stand. It takes only about 20 minutes.嗯,你是对的,我们站着吧!20分钟就到。lf we go to Danshui in the morning on weekdays, we are sure to have seats since its not in the rush hour.如果我们在非假日早上去淡水,一定会有位子坐,因为不是高峰时刻。Anyway, we are arriving at Danshui soon.I cant wait to watch the beautiful sunset.无论如何,我们快到淡水了,我等不及看美丽的夕阳。 /201310/260827。
  • He has athletes foot.(误译)他的一只脚长得像运动员的脚一样。(正译)他患香港脚。Athletes foot is a fungal infection of the skin that causes scaling, flaking, and itch of affected areas. It is caused by fungi in the genus Trichophyton and is typically transmitted in moist areas where people walk barefoot, such as showers or bathhouses. Although the condition typically affects the feet, it can sp to other areas of the body, including the groin. Athletes foot can be treated by a number of pharmaceutical and other treatments.脚气,也就是足癣(Tinea Pedis),中国有俗名称为烂脚丫,脚气疮,还有一个特别的称谓,叫香港脚。香港脚的来源据说是英国人初占香港,因为当地的气候潮湿闷热,士兵们纷纷得了烂脚丫,故尔称之为香港脚。香港脚的对应俗名叫运动员脚(Athletes Foot),起源当然是因为此病更常见于运动员,流行病学调查发现运动员比普通人群有双倍的几率患此病,有的调查研究中发现运动员高达70%-80%有脚气。估计人一生有70%的几率在某个时刻被感染脚气。脚气因真菌感染而起,导致脚局部感染溃烂。真菌感染可能自始至终伴随着人类,但并不常见,故而足癣的描述历史短暂,最早对它的描述见于1888年,而在1908年威特菲尔德才首次将这一罕见疾病归因于感染。为什么迟至1908年医学界仍然认为足癣是罕见疾病呢?是什么因素让一个罕见疾病在100年左右就变为常见病的呢?1. dermatophytosis n. 脚气;脚癣;[皮肤] 皮真菌病(等于athletes foot)Adapt to treat dermatophytosis, athletes foot and feet tickle.适用于脚气、脚癣、脚痒等真菌感染。It is more effective to thoroughly change socks after cured dermatophytosis.如足底癣好转后要更新袜子,效果更佳。Objective To choose a better treatment of moderate to severe dermatophytosis.目的为治疗中、重度皮肤癣菌病选择合适的方法。2. barbiers n. 脚气(等于beriberi)3. panneuritis epidemica4. dietetic neuritis5. endemic neuritis /201203/176135。
  • Todd: Howard, you said you saw the movie The Aviator.托德:霍华德,你说过你看过电影《飞行家》。Howard: Ah, yes, with Leonardo DiCaprio.霍华德:对,看过,主演是莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥。Todd: OK. What is the movie about?托德:好。这部电影讲的什么内容?Howard: Well, ;The Aviator; refers to the character, Howard Hughes.霍华德:嗯,电影的名字“飞行家”指的就是霍华德·休斯这个人物。Todd: OK, who was Howard Hughes?托德:好,霍华德·休斯是谁?Howard: Well, Howard Hughes is a very famous person in the ed States. He was a flyer, first of all, and he was a producer of movies and he was a little crazy. The interesting part of his character, although he was a very brilliant thinker, and a great aviator, he had a kind of obsession with cleanliness, which actually drove him crazy in his later life.霍华德:嗯,霍华德·休斯是美国非常著名的人物。首先,他曾经是名飞行员,同时他也是电影制作人,他有点儿疯狂。这个人物最有意思的地方是,虽然他是卓越的思想家、飞行员,但是他有洁癖,这在他的晚年中几乎把他逼疯。Todd: Really, so he always wanted to be super clean.托德:真的吗,所以他一直希望保持超级洁净的状态。Howard: Super clean! He hated germs and he went to extraordinary lengths to keep himself and all his surrounding clean. If anybody touched him, he had to wash many times to get all the germs off of him, and he was just, it became such an obsession that it interfered with his entire personal life.霍华德:超级洁净!他讨厌细菌,他竭尽全力使自己及周围的环境保持清洁。如果有人碰了他,他就必须要洗很多次,把所有细菌都从身上洗掉,这后来演变成洁癖,影响了他整个的生活。Todd: Wow! What about you? Are you very clean? Do you worry about germs?托德:哇!那你呢?你也非常爱干净吗?你担心细菌吗?Howard: No not really. I dont think so.霍华德:实际上不是。我不这么认为。Todd: OK, actually, if youre eating Mamp;Ms and one falls off your hand and hits the floor, would you pick it up real quick and still eat it, or would you not eat it?托德:好,实际上,如果你吃巧克力豆的时候,有一颗从手里掉到了地上,那你会马上捡起来吃掉,还是就不要了?Howard: It depends if I had cleaned the floor lately.霍华德:这取决于我的地板最近有没有清理。Todd: OK, but overall, back to the movie, was it a good movie?托德:好,回到电影上来,总的来说这是部好电影吗?Howard: Ah, yes. In fact, its been nominated for a number of Academy Awards, and I think this year, it will do quite well. Its entertaining and its well performed by Leonardo DiCaprio, although I think that Leonardo DiCaprio is a little young for the part but he did a very good job in his acting.霍华德:是。实际上,这部电影获得了多项奥斯卡金像奖提名,我认为这部电影在今年的表现会很棒。这部电影引人入胜,而且莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥的表演很精,虽然我认为莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥来诠释这个人物太年轻了,但是他的演技很棒。Todd: Hmm, OK, thanks. Maybe Ill see it.托德:嗯,好,谢谢你。也许我会看这部电影。Howard: Try!霍华德:看吧。 /201407/309021。
  • 嘉宾:Debbie Mason 话题:玫瑰人生--法国香颂女伶Edith Piaf单词拼写: 1、The Sorbonne:a famous school in French 2、Diction:the manner in which something is expressed in words or words 3、Enunciation:how you open your mouth and speak clearly 重点俚语: 1、That marriage of her voice and the French language:put her voice into French language 2、It is the ultimate:the very very best ( no comparison ) 3、Drug addict:Drug bias 问题: 1、Where did Carolyn study French? 2、What did Edith Piaf’s father do for a living? 3、Who did Edith Piaf actually stay with in the brothel? 4、And how long did she travel with her father? : 1、Carolyn study French at Sorbonne 2、Edith Piafs father was a acrobat for living 3、Edith Piaf actually stay with his Granny in the brothel 4、She spent 8 years on travelling with her father /201311/262445。
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