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HP’s grand vision惠普的远见Aping IBM效仿IBMHP needs to transform itself if it is to avoid becoming obsolete要想不被淘汰,惠普需要改变自己Aug 27th 2011 | from the print edition WHEN the board of HP, the world’s largest computer-maker, unveiled plans to restructure, it expected the company’s shares to suffer; but not to crash by 20%. HP’s bosses thought investors would love their plan to spin off the firm’s low-margin personal-computer (PC) business, but be wary of their plan to buy Autonomy, a British software-maker, for a handsome .3 billion. In fact, they hated both ideas. On August 19th, the day after the announcement, they wiped billion off HP’s market value.惠普这个世界上最大的电脑制造商,在其董事会公布重组计划时,就曾预料其股价将会下跌,但没想到会跌20%。惠普老板本以为,他们准备放弃营利较低的个人电脑业务的计划,会得到投资者的持;但对于以天价收购英国软件公司Autonomy的计划,投资者会表示出担忧。事实上,投资者对这两项计划都不买账。8月19日,就在他们发出声明的第二天,惠普的市值便狂跌了112亿美元。One problem was that the announcement left unclear what HP wanted to do with its PC unit and why exactly it intends to pay so much for Autonomy. Another factor was that many of the firm’s shareholders are short-termists, who were scared away by lowered revenue and profit forecasts. But the big problem is that Léo Apotheker, HP’s newish boss, is taking a huge gamble. He is trying to follow the example of IBM, by reducing HP’s dependence on hardware and pushing up into software and services.一个问题是,在声明中,惠普对于如何处理其个人电脑业务问题,态度不明朗;对于计划高价收购Autonomy的理由,也没能说得清楚。另一个因素是,很多股东看重的是短期利益,惠普的营业额和利润数预测数双双减少,吓跑了不少投资者。但最大的问题是,惠普上任不久的总裁里奥#8226;阿普赛克所冒的风险实在有点大,他试图效仿IBM,降低惠普对计算机硬件的依赖,转而主攻计算机软件和务。To grasp what HP has in mind, one has to understand the two main currents in the IT industry. First, nearly any new technology quickly becomes a commodity that is easily copied and hence not very profitable. This is why IT firms are always trying to move “up the stack” into software and services, where margins are higher. Second, the biggest IT firms typically control what is known as a “platform”: a digital foundation on which others build their products, such as Microsoft’s Windows. This allows them to capture a disproportionate share of the industry’s profits.要想了解惠普的意图,必须先要弄清IT行业的两个主要趋势。第一,几乎所有快速被商品化的新技术都很容易被对手模仿,因此利润不多。这也是IT公司总是想着要上移堆栈,进入营利较高的计算机软件和务领域的原因。第二,所谓的计算机平台往往由最大的IT公司独自控制,“平台”是其他公司产品的电子基础,微软视窗就是一个例子。这些大公司因此能够获得行业利润的较大份额。201108/151381

America's debt美国债务Shame on them真丢人!The Republicans are playing a cynical political game with hugely high economic stakes 共和党人见利忘义,不顾巨大经济风险,玩弄政治游戏Jul 7th 2011 | from The Economist print edition IN THREE weeks, if there is no political deal, the American government will go into default. Not, one must pray, on its sovereign debt. But the country will have to stop paying someone: perhaps pensioners, or government suppliers, or soldiers. That would be damaging enough at a time of economic fragility. And the longer such a default went on, the greater the risk of provoking a genuine bond crisis would become.倘若在三个月内没有政治交易,美国政府将出现违约(无力偿还债务)。但希望违约的不是主权债券。无论如何,美国将不得不停止向一些人付:也许是退休人员,或是政府供应商们,抑或军人们。在经济脆弱不堪的时候,那将具有足够的破坏性。并且,像这样的的违约状态持续越久,引发实际债务危机的风险越大。There is no good economic reason why this should be happening. America’s net indebtedness is a perfectly affordable 65% of GDP, and throughout the past three years of recession and tepid recovery investors have been more than happy to go on lending to the federal government. The current problems, rather, are political. Under America’s elaborate separation of powers, Congress must authorise any extension of the debt ceiling, which now stands at .3 trillion. Back in May the government bumped up against that limit, but various accounting dodges have been used to keep funds flowing. It is now reckoned that these wheezes will be exhausted by August 2nd. 没有一个合理的经济理由可以来解释为什么会这样。美国的净负债额占国内生总值的65%, 是完全可以负担得起的,加之过去三年来的衰退和缓慢的恢复,投资者们已十分乐意继续把钱借给联邦政府。当前的问题,更确切地说,应该是政治问题。在美国煞费苦心的权力分割之下,任何债务上限的提高必须经过国会批准(现在的债务限额处于14.3万亿美元的高位)。5月份美国政府债务剧增,颇有冲破上限之势。但各种账目伎俩使资金得以自由流转。现在估计到8月2日,黔驴将要技穷。201107/144403

Asia and Europe's economic front CNN's John Vause reports leaders from Asia and Europe agree on plan to overhaul financial systemAnd so it now, it has come down to this: dozens of leaders from Asia and Europe beating apart to Communist China to find a solution to the greatest crisis capitalism has faced in more than 70 years. This meeting was planned in Beijing long before the credit crunch. But the symbolism seems unmistakable. China, the economic superpower of tomorrow, will play a major role in solving the economic mess of today. Europe and Asia have come together in Beijing at the time of global crisis. And indeed, we are, in the moment, we're, we need global team work. As I said, two days ago, we seem, swim together, ah, we think together. And now, these leaders want new rules for global finance. We need even more financial regulation to ensure financial safety.French president Nicolas Sarkozy was looking for China support to his plan to rewrite the rulebook of international finance. He didn't get that. But ahead of the major economic summit in Washington next month, he does have support for significant changes in the way business has done.We need to try it into the / making for them. And this brings me to what the prime, Chinese prime minister has said, intonation to the Washington Summit, that / that China was going to participate very actively.But China will not be using its massive foreign reserves with almost 2 trillion US dollars to save the world. The government's focus, says the premier, is to keep strong economic growth at home or / this lowest as it has been in years, and expected to slow further in the coming months. This summer was about a united front, 43 countries representing half the world's economy, demanding tougher rules for the international finance, great transparency, strictest supervision. All they had to do now is convince the US.John Vause, CNN Beijing.200810/54098

New York Mass Transit Boosts Security Following Moscow Attacks纽约地铁加强安保措施The massive New York City public transit system has stepped up security measures after two suicide bombings in Moscow's underground train system killed at least 39 people. The police department says there has been no specific threat against the city's subway system, but additional security has been put in place as a precaution.莫斯科两起自杀式炸弹爆炸导致至少39人丧生之后,纽约庞大的公共交通系统加强了安保措施。纽约警察局说,尽管纽约地铁系统并没有受到特别的威胁,但纽约市还是加强了对地铁系统的安保措施。The additional coverage includes more armed officers and sniffer dogs patrolling subway stations as well as more frequent bag checks and increased surveillance of high-traffic areas.这些额外措施包括配置更多的武装警察和嗅探犬,更频繁的包裹搜查以及加强对交通繁忙地段的监测。Mayor Michael Bloomberg says all New Yorkers, including the more than 250,000 with Russian heritage, express their deepest sympathy to the victims of the Moscow train bombings. He says any terrorist attack reminds the city it needs to remain vigilant.纽约市长布隆伯格说,所有纽约市民,包括25多万名有俄罗斯血统的人,对莫斯科地铁爆炸事件深表同情。他说,任何恐怖袭击都提醒纽约必须保持警惕。"The answer to what we're doing is we change it every day and for security reasons, obviously, we're not going to tell anybody what we are doing," he said. "But you can rest assured that we have great interest in what goes on around the world." “出于安全考虑,我们每天都做改动,我们不会告诉任何人这些改动是什么。但是你可以放心,我们高度关注世界各地发生的事情。”The two bomb attacks in Moscow occurred during Monday's busy morning rush to work. Russian officials say early indications are that the attacks were the work of militant groups from the Northern Caucasus.The attacks, carried out by two women, have spurred transit officials in New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago and other U.S. cities to temporarily tighten security to deter copycats.莫斯科地铁爆炸案促使纽约、华盛顿、波士顿、芝加哥和其它美国城市的交通官员都临时性地加强了安全措施,以防止任何类似事件发生。One subway rider in New York, Willma Matthews, says the attacks in Russia serve as a reminder of the vulnerability of mass transit.威尔马·马休斯是纽约的地铁乘客。他说,俄罗斯的恐怖袭击提醒人们,公共交通系统是一个薄弱环节。"If someone wants to do something, I guess you can't stop people," she said. "You don't know what's under someone's coat."“如果有人想要做什么,你没有办法阻止他们。你不知道别人衣里藏了什么。”Last month, an Afghan immigrant living in the western U.S. state of Colorado, Najibullah Zazi, pleaded guilty to charges of leading a plot to bomb the New York subway system.上个月,住在科罗拉多州的阿富汗移民纳吉卜拉·查兹承认了有关他带头策划对纽约地铁发动爆炸袭击的指控。201004/100637

ZANU-PF Prepares for Annual Conference as Cholera Deaths Soar津巴布韦霍乱死亡人数继续上升  Harare's streets are busy as hundreds of delegates to President Robert Mugabe's annual ZANU-PF conference converge from all over the country. The annual conference is being held as the death toll continues to climb from a cholera epidemic that has further strained the country's crumbling healthcare system. 津巴布韦首都哈拉雷的各条街道人群熙攘,来自全国的数百名代表将出席津巴布韦总统穆加贝的非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线年度大会。在这次大会举行的同时,津巴布韦霍乱疫情的死亡人数继续上升,津巴布韦陷入瘫痪的医疗保健系统因此雪上加霜。The ed Nations says 1,100 people have died in the cholera epidemic sping through mostly urban areas in Zimbabwe. 联合国说,在津巴布韦绝大部分城市地区蔓延的霍乱已经造成1千100人死亡。Anti-cholera drugs, clean water and medical assistance are mostly being provided by the non-governmental sector, as the state's hospitals and most of its clinics are either closed or have no equipment or staff. The health ministry, once one of Africa's best, has virtually collapsed because of lack of drugs and worthless salaries for medical staff.  治疗霍乱的药物、洁净水和医疗援助大半由非政府部门提供,这是因为津巴布韦国家所属的医院以及绝大多数诊所不是已经停业,就是缺乏设备或者人员。由于药品馈乏加上医务人员的薪水越来越微薄,津巴布韦卫生部门实际上已经瘫痪,而它曾经是非洲的最佳卫生系统之一。In addition to the health crisis, President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF conference is also being held amid the possibility that Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai may be returning home from Botswana. Political sources in Harare say Zimbabwe negotiations facilitator, former South African president Thabo Mbeki has sent a letter to Mr. Tsvangirai encouraging him to return home to be sworn in as prime minister. 除了健康危机的问题之外,穆加贝的非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线这届年会举行期间,反对党争取民主变革运动领导人茨万吉拉伊可能从茨瓦纳返回津巴布韦。哈拉雷政界消息人士说,津巴布韦谈判的调停人、南非前总统姆贝基给茨万吉拉伊一封信,鼓励他回国宣誓就任总理职务。Mr. Tsvangirai's aides say they have been told that a new passport is due to be issued to him. He has been denied one since June. 茨万吉拉伊助手说,他们被告知,津巴布韦政府即将发给他新护照。茨万吉拉伊的新护照申请从6月以来一直被拒。The MDC won control of Zimbabwe's parliament in March elections, but there are several views within the MDC about whether the party should take part in a government of national unity. Mr. Tzvangirai was to become prime minister as part of a power-sharing agreement that was worked out following the controversial presidential elections earlier this year. 争取民主变革运动在3月的选举中赢得对议会的控制,但是在是否应该加入全国团结政府问题上,该党内部存在几种观点。在今年年初引发争议的总统选举之后,津巴布韦各方达成了一项权力分享协议,根据这项协议,茨万吉拉伊将出任总理。Some, such as party spokesman Nelson Chamisa and secretary-general Tendai Biti say there are still too many fundamental issues outstanding for the MDC to take part in an inclusive government. 争取民主变革运动发言人尼尔森.查弥萨和秘书长比迪等人认为,争取民主变革运动在加入一个包容各党派的政府之前仍有太多尚待解决的重要问题。Mr. Tsvangirai is due to hold a press conference Friday in Botswana. 茨万吉拉伊定于星期五在茨瓦纳举行记者会。While the inclusive government is still not formed, ZANU-PF continues to make crucial appointments and has appointed party loyalist Johannes Tomana as attorney general. Recently Mr. Mugabe re-appointed an ally, Central Bank Governor Gideon Gono for another five-year term. 尽管这个有各党派参加的政府还没有组成,但是,非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线仍不断任命一些重要官职人选,并已经任命效忠该党的托马那担任司法部长。最近,穆加贝再次任命他的盟友、中央行长戈诺连任五年。Economists say Gono is responsible for hyperinflation and record-breaking devaluation of the Zimbabwe dollar. The local currency is now largely replaced by U.S. dollars or South African rands.  经济学家认为,戈诺应该为津巴布韦的恶性通货膨胀和津巴布韦元创记录的贬值承担责任。津巴布韦本国货币现在基本上被美元或者南非货币兰特取代。ZANU-PF and the MDC signed a political agreement in September for an inclusive government under which Mr. Mugabe would not be able to make any senior public appointments without Mr. Tsvangirai's approval once he is sworn in as prime minister. 非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线和争取民主变革运动9月签署了一份政治协议,以便成立由各党派参加的政府,根据这项协议,一旦茨万吉拉伊就任总理,那么,如果没有茨万吉拉伊的认可,穆加贝就无法任命任何高层政府官职。Meanwhile, at least three MDC activists have been abducted from their home area, Bindura, about 40 kilometers from Harare. This brings to nearly 30 people abducted from their home or workplace in the past seven weeks. 另一方面,至少三名争取民主变革运动的活动人士在他们的居住地区宾杜拉被绑架,那里距离哈拉雷大约有40公里远。这起事件使得这七个星期来被绑架的人数几乎达到30人,他们都是从家中或者工作场所被绑架的。200812/59198

Most people searching for buried treasure would be looking for silver and gold, ancient coins or rare artwork. But scientists studying the extinct giant moa (已灭绝的一种新西兰无翼大鸟) bird and its environment are looking for a different kind of artifact. Poop(排泄物,粪便). That's right. A treasure trove of information can be found in fossilized feces, commonly called coprolites. The Giant Moa of New Zealand is a great species to study because they stood about nine feet high, weighed close to five-hundred pounds and some of their feces were over six inches in length. Now, that's a big piece of treasure. There were once ten species of moa birds in New Zealand, but they were hunted to extinction when Polynesians moved to the island in the 1500s. They were flightless birds, similar to ostriches and emus. Scientists assumed they were herbivores, eating a diet of plants and seeds. But it wasn't until they began studying moa coprolites that they discovered what the birds actually ate and how they affected their environment. Scientists expected a bird as large as the moa would eat shrub and tree parts. Moa droppings told a different story. Moas grazed mostly on tiny herbs no more than a foot high. Not only that, many of those herbs are rare or threatened today. Scientists think this is because while the moa ate the plants, it also swallowed seeds whole. Those seeds passed through the digestive tract and were scattered across the countryside to find new places to grow. Moa poop has revealed important clues about the moa and its environment. Now, scientists hope to use what they've learned from the moa to make predictions about our own changing world. 07/78760

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