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  • 导读:情人节就要到了,让情人节成为向心爱的人表达深深爱意的,有纪念意义的一天。Step 1: Brighten their day 制造个开心的一天Brighten their day with breakfast in bed. Make heart-shaped pancakes using a cookie cutter. For dessert, spell out a romantic message using candy pieces or sliced fruit.准备美味的早餐,让你的爱人在床边就能吃到早餐。用饼干成型切割刀做一个心形的煎饼。如果做甜点,要用糖果或切成薄片的水果拼出浪漫的句子(比如我爱你)。Step 2: Flirt with them和爱人调情Capture their heart by flirting with them in public. Compliment them on their hair, clothes, and the way they smell.在公众场所调情来俘获爱人的心。称赞爱人的头发,衣,和他们散发香味的方式。Tip:Always laugh at their jokes.爱人讲要笑话,你要笑。Step 3: Make their morning 过个快乐的早晨Make their morning by drawing a heart on a steamed mirror after a shower, or write a romantic message with lipstick.洗漱后在化妆镜上画一颗心或是用口红在镜子上写一些表达爱意的句子。Step 4: Meet for a rendezvous 来个秘密约会Keep love in the air by slipping them a note in their lunch pail, giving them a location to meet for a secret rendezvous.在他们的饭盒中塞一个写明秘密约会地点的纸条,来让爱涌动。Step 5: Hide love notes将表达爱意的纸条藏起来Put a smile on their face by hiding love notes in their coat pocket, car, briefcase, or under the cereal bowl. Everyone loves surprises.将表达爱意的纸条藏在衣兜里,车中,公文包里,或是饭碗下,来给他们制造个惊喜。每个人都喜欢惊喜。Tip:A canoe ride, horseback riding, and hiking are also exciting.独木舟旅行,骑马旅行或是徒步旅行都是令人兴奋的。Step 6: Write a poem 写一首诗Slip a poem or homemade card expressing your love under their pillow. Spend the day together enjoying each other#39;s company. Make it a day to remember ; and the first day in a year to remember.将写有诗的纸条或表达爱意的卡片藏在爱人的枕头下。一起度过情人节并享受彼此的陪伴。让情人节成为有纪念意义的一天;;一年中值得记忆的第一个节日。 /201202/170388。
  • On Oct. 4, 2011 Apple Inc. unveiled its long-awaited new iPhone 4S, just one day before the death of its co-founder Steve Jobs. The centerpiece of the new device is the ;virtual assistant; feature, Siri, which is designed to comprehend a broad range of instructions in natural language. For example, when asked ;Do I need a raincoat today?; the device will respond, ;It sure looks like rain today.;2011年10月4日,苹果公司发布了大众期待已久的iPhone 4S手机。就在发布会之后的第二天,苹果公司的创始人之一史蒂夫bull;乔布斯与世长辞。这款新手机最出的地方是设计了一位;虚拟助理;,名为Siri。Siri能理解广泛的、用自然的语言表达的指令。比如说,有人问一台iPhone 4S:;我今天需要带雨衣吗?;手机会回答说:;今天看起来是要下雨的样子。;Millions of iPhone 4S users are fascinated with the voice recognition and talking assistant, which can answer questions, make suggestions and get things done for owners, such as calling people, setting reminders, dictating SMS, looking for weather forecasts and stock information, searching maps, etc.这位语音助手问世之后,成百上千万的iPhone 4S手机用户都为之神魂颠倒。它不但可以答疑解惑,而且还会提出建议;无论是拨打电话、提醒日程安排、录入短信、查找天气预报和股票信息,还是搜索地图,只要一声令下,Siri都能够为主人搞定。Some creative iPhone owners have asked Siri questions about almost everything, from the meaning of life, to religion, love and even sex. To their surprise, Siri has given some quite smart answers.某些富有创造力的手机用户向Siri提问了各种五花八门的问题。他们和Siri聊生命的意义、宗教、爱情,甚至聊两性话题。令人惊讶的是,Siri的有些回答相当巧妙。According to Apple Inc., Siri now understands and can speak English, French and German. In 2012, it will support five additional languages, including Chinese.苹果公司宣布,目前Siri只持英、法、德三种语言的语音识别和输出。而到了2012年, Siri的应用将扩展到另外五种语言,其中就包括中文。See some of Siri#39;s most entertaining answers to user questions here.下面请看用户与Siri的各种爆笑问答:About herselfMaster: Who are you?Siri: I#39;m Siri. But enough about me... how can I help you?Master: How old are you?Siri: I#39;m not allowed to answer that question.Master: Where are you from?Siri: Like it says on the box... I was designed by Apple in California.Master: Are you human?Siri: Does it matter?Master: Are you gay?Siri: We were talking about you, not me.Master: What do you look like?Siri: In the cloud, no one cares what you look like.Master: What are you wearing?Siri: Aluminosilicate glass and stainless steel. Nice, huh?Master: Why are you so awesome?Siri: I just am.关于自身主人:你是谁?Siri:我是Siri。有关我的话题就到此为止吧。有什么我能为你效劳的?主人:你多少岁了?Siri:我未获许可回答这个问题。主人:你从哪里来?Siri:就像包装盒上写的;;我来自加利福尼亚,由苹果公司设计。主人:你是人类吗?Siri:是不是又有什么关系?主人:你是同性恋吗?Siri:我们要说的是你,而不是我。主人:你长什么模样?Siri:身在云世界,长相也只是浮云。主人:你身上穿着什么?Siri:硅铝酸盐玻璃面板和不锈钢外套。漂亮吧?主人:你为什么这么给力?Siri:天生如此。 /201202/170271。
  • 《舌尖上的中国》自5月14日热播以来,迅速成为吃货们的视觉盛宴。那些让你垂涎欲滴的中国菜,它们的英文表达你又知道多少呢?一起来底下的留言板聊一聊你钟爱的菜系,谈一谈你拿手的料理,八一八你尝过的美食吧~~Beijing: Peking roast duck北京:烤鸭The cuisine: Generations of emperors and blue-blooded residents have set the standard for high-end Chinese cuisine. The city is famous for imperial cuisine, which uses only premium quality ingredients and is cooked with complex techniques.烹饪风格:历代皇帝和贵族早已为高端的中式烹饪设定了标准。北京这座城市因其皇家菜肴闻名遐迩,这种菜肴仅选用上等食材佐料,并运用复杂的技巧烹饪而成。The dish: A perfect kaoya is roasted to a reddish color; its skin remains crispy and the meat oozes a fruity flavor.菜肴:最棒的烤鸭烤至淡红色,表皮酥脆,鸭肉口感圆润。 /201205/184767。
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