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惠州哪家医院治疗龟头炎陈江医院男科预约Is there any worse feeling than waking up late?还有什么比起晚了更糟糕的吗?Whether it#39;s your mom screaming for you to wake up or your iPhone buzzing with messages from work, there#39;s no worse way to experience the light of day than with a swelling pit at the bottom of your stomach that drops at the moment of consciousness.不管是你老妈吼你起床,还是你的iPhone收到工作信息正发出声响,没有什么比肿胀的胃把你从睡梦中叫醒更加糟糕的了。The worst part is, you can#39;t justify your actions. You want to tell your mom why you#39;re so tired — because you stayed up till 2 am ing the most fascinating book.最糟糕的是,你不能为你的行为找到合适的理由。你敢对你妈说你之所以这么累,是因为你熬夜到2点看一本精的书吗?But you know she#39;ll stop you at 2 am. That#39;s all she#39;ll hear. She#39;ll scold you for staying up late, threaten to take away your computer and tell you to start going to bed earlier.但是你知道她不会让你熬夜到2点。她会因为熬夜责骂你,威胁拿走你的电脑,叫你早点儿睡。The same will happen with your boss. You can#39;t explain that you were late for the third time this month because you were researching the life of an earthworm. People don#39;t want to hear your ;excuses.; They want you to get your shit together.你的老板也会这样。你不能解释这个月第三次迟到的原因是你在研究蚯蚓。人们不想听你的“借口”。他们只希望你能做好自己的事儿。And that#39;s pretty much how life#39;s been so far. Yet you keep staying up and keep sleeping in.这就是你目前为止的生活。但是你会继续熬夜。No matter how bad you feel during the day or how many jobs you#39;ll lose, you#39;ll continue to bask under the moonlight. It#39;s not in your nature to turn off the light.不管你白天会觉得多么糟糕或者失去多少工作,你还是会继续奋战到深夜。你永远也不会早早关灯睡觉。That#39;s when your ideas happen, your bursts of energy explode and your moments of peace come over you: when there are no distractions, no plans and no obstacles in your way but the expanding horizon of light.熬夜的时候你的思绪会涌流迸发、整个人精神焕发、内心感到非常平静:这时你整个人没有杂念、没有计划、没有障碍,只有不断扩大的视野。That#39;s also why you#39;re smarter. According to research published in The Huffington Post, those who deviate from the normal sleep schedule are considered more intelligent.这也是为什么你会更聪明。据《赫芬顿邮报》发表的这份研究显示,那些偏离正常睡眠时间的人要更聪明一些。This finding is supported by research suggesting that those who create new evolutionary patterns (compared to those who stick with the normal patterns developed by our ancestors) are the most progressive.这一发现得到了另一项研究的持,该研究认为那些创造新的进化模式的人(和那些沿袭旧模式的人相比)是最具有进步性的。It makes sense. After all, those who are the first to change (to seek out novelty) are always the most progressive and intelligent in a society.这是有道理的。毕竟社会中最先改变(寻找新奇事物)的人总是最进步和最聪明的人。And according to researchers at the University of Madrid, after analyzing the sleeping patterns of 1,000 students, they found that those who went to bed later (and consequently woke up later) scored higher on inductive reasoning tests, a test normally associated with general intelligence.而据马德里大学的研究人员们表示,在分析了1000名学生的睡眠模式之后,他们发现那些睡觉更晚的人(醒得也较晚)在归纳推理测验中得分更高,而这项测试一般认为能测试出人的智力。 /201702/494530惠州市医院正规吗会不会乱收费 Benedict Cumberbatch says he tries to stay clear of fan theories and online conspiracies about Sherlock.本尼迪克特.康伯巴奇表示他努力不让粉丝对《神探夏洛克》的揣测和网上的阴谋论影响自己。Ahead of the fourth series, the actor admits he loves how involved fans get in the B show but says he likes to keep his independence.在第四季开播之前,这位演员承认,他对观众愿意参与到这部B电视剧的讨论中感到很开心,但同时也希望保持自己的独立性。;I think I would be pretty affected by what I or saw, so I stay clear of that,; he says.“我很容易受到所见所闻的影响,所以我想远离那些揣测和阴谋论。”他表示。He and Martin Freeman return for three new episodes, starting on New Year#39;s Day.他和马丁.弗瑞曼将携手第四季于2017年1月1日回归,全季共三集。There are countless websites devoted to analysing the show#39;s twists, reviewing episodes and predicting outcomes - but the actor says he doesn#39;t delve too deep.有很多网站都在分析电视剧的剧情,回顾剧情和预测结果。但康伯巴奇表示自己没有深入研究。;I can#39;t have too many voices and influences. I have to trust my directors and writers and actors to make what we#39;re making.“我不能接受过多建议、受过多影响。为了完成剧集拍摄,我必须信任导演、编剧和其它演员。;Reaction veers passionately in every direction with this subject and character. Some of that does get back to me - but hopefully that#39;s the nicer stuff.;“人们热切地讨论着所有剧情和角色。我确实也听到了一些,幸运的是,这些讨论对我有所帮助。”Sherlock creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have written the opening episode of series four, named The Six Thatchers.《神探夏洛克》的主创马克.加蒂斯和史蒂文.莫法特已经写好了第四季第一集的剧情,标题为“六座撒切尔夫人像”。Benedict says the season is ;darker than the previous three; and ;goes to extremes;.本尼迪克说第四季“比前三季更黑暗、更极端”。;It tests the bounds of the relationships you#39;ve come to know and it redefines who those characters are.“它将挑战原有的人物关系,重新定义角色的身份。”;It starts off with a smile and gets dark as oil,; he says with a smile.“它以微笑开始,变得黑暗如油。”他微笑着说。He says he#39;s also fully aware of #Setlock - the hashtag which fans use to let each other know where the series is filming.他也知道“Setlock”话题的存在。粉丝们用这个话题互相传达拍摄地点。;We#39;re just ghosted wherever we go,; he says. ;I think there are just very loud mouths in local councils and they feed back to kids and it grows like wildfire. It#39;s very impressive the amount of people who go there.;“我们无论走到哪里都有人尾随,”他说,“我认为拍摄地点总是有几张大嘴巴,会把消息告诉孩子们,之后消息就整个传遍了,像野火一样,到场的人群非常庞大,让人印象深刻。”He says he fully embraces the level of fandom which is associated with the show, especially those who dress up.他说他非常欢迎这部剧集的影迷,尤其是那些角色扮演的影迷。;There#39;s a lot of great cosplay that goes on. There#39;s also a huge amount of admiration and excitement when we film on Upper Gower Street (the road in London which is used to replicate Baker Street).;“有很多很棒的角色扮演,当我们在北高尔街(剧中贝克街的实际拍摄地)拍摄时,现场的人们非常兴奋、非常热情。”Whenever Benedict Cumberbatch is interviewed at the moment, there#39;s the realisation that he can tell you a lot - without actually saying anything.每当本尼迪克特.康伯巴奇接受采访时,你会觉得他很能聊,但其实并没说太多实质性内容。Being involved in the Sherlock and Marvel franchises (Doctor Strange) means his lips are permanently sealed when it comes to saying anything about his projects.只要问及《神探夏洛克》和由漫威制作的《奇异士》剧集的拍摄内容时,他就闭口不谈。;It#39;s been this way since the series began. I#39;m used to giving hollow answers which mean nothing apart from the sound of my voice. It feels like banging an empty drum.;“从刚开始拍摄《神探夏洛克》到现在一直是这样。我习惯于给出空洞的,你只能听到我的声音,但除此之外别无所有,就好像是在敲空鼓。”As for the future of Sherlock, he says he was recently mised when some media said he implied that series four would be the finale.对于《神探夏洛克》的结局,康伯巴奇表示曾有媒体称他暗示第四季就会剧终,这完全曲解了他的本意。;You have to see these three stories (in series four) to understand what I originally said, which was that it feels like something comes to a head in this series. That#39;s not just false advertising.“你必须看了第四季中的三个故事后才能明白我的意思,明白什么叫感觉好像这个系列会走到头。这可不是虚假广告。;As we have always said, we never say never. Enjoy what#39;s coming now, rather than what may or may not be coming in the future.;“正如我们一直说的,我们永远不会说永远。享受现在,而不是担心未来会发生什么。” /201612/485715惠州生殖保健医院

惠州友好男科医院前列腺炎多少钱For more than a decade, I felt most at ease living out of a suitcase, never quite sure where I might wake up from one day to the next. I found comfort in an automated wake-up call or a knock at the door followed by a ;room service!; greeting. I’ve also wandered more than a few times when I’ve felt most powerless. To go someplace new, free of baggage and bullshit, meant I could be anyone I wanted. A passport stamp gave me the power to find happiness in the face of Big Life Shit.十多年来,带着行李箱生活,每天都不确定自己会在何处醒来成了我最为自在的时刻。自动叫醒电话或是伴随着“客房务”的敲门声让我倍感舒适。在最虚弱无力之际,我也曾多次徘徊。去一些陌生的地方,不受行李和琐事的束缚,意味着我可以成为我想要的任何样子。在重大的生活琐事面前,盖过章的护照给予了我寻找幸福的力量。I found solitude.我找到了孤独。First things first. I needed to get far away from the noise in my life — texts from the ex, worried voicemails from my BFF, and, above all, every screen in our way-too-connected world of tech. To find peace in my own company, I had to turn it all off. Being unplugged? It worked! I found countless moments of Zen at the adults-only pool at Tradewinds Club. There’s something to be said for soaking up some vitamin D in a kid-free (a.k.a. quiet) environment. With no distractions or deadlines, I was able to sit with my feelings. And although they weren’t always comfortable, it was necessary. If you want to heal a broken heart, you have to show up, take part, feel the pain, and, hopefully, eventually, let it go. To start, though, you need to go to your quiet place.先说重点。我需要远离生活中的噪音——前任的短信、死党那充满担忧的语音留言、最重要的是我们生活在一个过于紧密相连的科技世界,我要远离这个世界的每一个屏幕。想要在一个人的旅途中找到宁静,我必须关掉一切电子设备。拔下电源线?真的有用!在Tradewinds俱乐部的成人泳池边,我无数次的参悟禅之境界。在儿童免进(也就是安静)区,就连吸收维他命D也能成为话题。没有事情能让你分心、也没有最后期限,我能够安安静静的感受自己。虽然并不总是感觉良好,但平心静气的坐着也是很必要的。如果你想治愈受伤的心灵,你就必须出面、参与进来、感受疼痛、但愿到最后能够释怀。但是,要想开始治愈,你还得找到自己的安静之地。I made new friends.我结交了新朋友。It takes a lot to woo me from my comfort zone. Even then, I’m quick to judge whether or not someone is worth getting to know. When I met fellow writer and traveler Angela from Los Angeles, I knew immediately that we were like-minded souls. With an unfamiliar-to-me ease, we swapped stories of life, loss, and grief — always common bonds — along with stories of love, joy, and success. She provided more comfort and joy than she knows.离开自己的舒适区需要费很大的功夫。即使那样,我还是能很快的判断出某个人是否值得了解。当遇到来自洛杉矶的同行作家和旅行者安吉拉时,我立马就知道我俩志趣相投。带着反正彼此不相熟的心态,我们分享了彼此的生活、得失和悲痛——总会有相似之处——也分享了彼此的爱情、愉悦和成功。她给我带来的舒适和愉悦比她以为的还要多。I found joy in food.我在食物中发现乐趣。There’s no shortage of deliciousness to be had in Aruba. On my first night, I indulged at Atardi, the hotel’s swank beach pop-up. From the first sip of my Aruba Ariba (vodka, rum, banana liqueur, and fruit punch topped with Grand Marnier) to my last bite of my sea bass entrée, the toes-in-the-sand dining experience was a total knockout. The picture-perfect sunset may have helped, too.阿鲁巴是个美味遍地的地方。在阿鲁巴的第一夜,我住在了Atardi宾馆,宾馆的海滩令我沉迷。从第一口阿鲁巴的Ariba酒(伏特加朗姆香蕉酒和最上层是柑曼怡的水果潘趣酒)到最后一口鲈鱼主食,这种脚趾埋在沙地里的用餐体验真的是棒呆了!也许那如照片般完美的落日也增添了氛围吧。译文属 /201701/486754惠州男性请教 Recently, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made news -- not for what she said, but for her health.最近,总统候选人希拉里·克林顿制造了新闻--不是因为她说了什么,而是因为她的健康状况。Her political campaign announced that Clinton had pneumonia after she appeared weak at a public event in New York City.她的竞选阵营声称,希拉里在纽约的一场公开典礼上身体很虚弱,随后就被诊断为患上了肺炎。So, what is pneumonia? And how does it sp?那么,肺炎是什么呢?它是这样传播的呢?On a simple level, pneumonia is an infection of the lungs.简单来说,肺炎就是一种肺部的感染。It is treatable and preventable but was responsible for nearly one million deaths in 2015. It is the leading cause of death among children under five around the world.这种疾病可治疗、可预防,但是在2015年就造成了近100万人死亡。肺炎也是世界范围内五岁以下儿童死亡的主要原因。It is most often caused by the Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria, but viruses like the flu, and even fungi also cause the disease.肺炎通常由肺炎链球菌引起,也会由类似流感病毒的病毒引起,甚至真菌也会引发肺炎。Once it gets in a person#39;s lungs, the alveoli, or air sacs that take in oxygen, swell and fill up with fluid.一旦病原体进入肺部,肺泡(类似吸入氧气的气囊)就会肿胀并充满积液。This makes breathing difficult and painful, and can also limit the amount of oxygen a person takes into their body with each breath. It also causes fever, chills and coughing.这会使得呼吸变得困难且痛苦,并且会限制每次呼吸时进入人体的氧气量。此外,肺炎还会引起发烧、发冷和咳嗽。Those most at risk are the very young, the elderly (over the age of 65) and anyone with a compromised immune system.小孩、65岁以上的老人和免疫力低下的人都非常容易患上肺炎。Because the symptoms mimic those of the flu and the common cold, diagnosis sometimes takes a visit to a doctor, who will listen to your lungs for ;crackling, bubbling, and rumbling sounds when you inhale,; according to the American Lung Association (ALA). A follow up chest X-ray may also be necessary.根据美国肺科协会表示,以上这些症状会和流感以及普通感冒相混淆,所以要想确诊是不是肺炎需要去看医生,让医生听诊在你吸气时,肺部是否有“捻发音、啰音或者水泡音”。接下来做一个胸部X光片也很有必要。For viral pneumonia, doctors can prescribe anti-viral medication. The disease routinely lasts 1-3 weeks in people, who are otherwise healthy.对病毒性肺炎来说,医生可以开抗病毒药物。原本健康的人一般1到3个星期就可以康复。For people who get bacterial pneumonia - the most common kind - treatment for mild cases can include antibiotics, rest and fluids, and fever control. The recovery time is similar to viral pneumonia.对于得了细菌性肺炎(这一种比较常见)的人来说,轻度病例可以使用抗生素、休息、喝水疗法以及控制发烧症状来治疗。康复期和病毒性肺炎大体相同。Mycoplasma pneumoniae, another bacterial form of the illness, also called ;walking pneumonia,; is generally mild, but full recovery may take an extended period of time, especially for the young, elderly and unhealthy.原体肺炎是细菌性肺炎中的一种,又称“能行走的肺炎”,是一种比较轻的情况,但是完全康复要花费很长时间,对小孩、老人和体弱者来说尤其如此。Preventing pneumonia requires the same steps used to prevent colds and the flu. The ALA recommends an annual flu shot.预防肺炎的措施基本上和预防感冒以及流感是一致的。美国肺科协会建议每年都接种流感疫苗。In addition, ;Children younger than 5, and adults 65 and older should get vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia.; Wash your hands early and often, don#39;t smoke and get plenty of rest and exercise.此外,“5岁以下的小孩、65岁及以上的成年人应该接种链球菌性肺炎疫苗。”还有,要注意经常洗手、不吸烟、保足够的休息和运动。If you#39;re the parent of young children, make sure you#39;re up to date on all your vaccines.如果你的孩子还小,一定不要错过接种疫苗的时间。;There are several other vaccines that can prevent infections by bacteria and viruses that may lead to pneumonia,; according to the ALA, ;including pertussis, chicken pox and measles.;美国肺科协会建议道:“包括百日咳、水痘和麻疹在内的几种疫苗,可以预防由细菌和病毒引起的感染,这些感染都可能会引发肺炎。” /201609/467827惠州市第一医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱

惠州妇幼保健医院男性专科 The Silk Capital of China中国的丝绸之都Suzhou is the generally recognized home of Chinese silk,or the silk capital of China. It is known to people who are interested in Chinese silk, that 90% of the genuine-silk trade in the world comes from China,and of the silk products exported from China,one third is from Suzhou. The largeassortment of Suzhou silk, long known for its quality and beauty, finds a brisk market in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. It has been praised as a “mythical fairy. ”苏州是公认的中国丝绸之家,或中国丝绸之都。对中国丝绸感兴趣的人都知道,在世界上正品丝绸贸易90%来自中国,而从中国出口的丝绸产品,有三分之一是来自苏州。各种苏州丝绸,久负盛名的质量和美感,在全球超过100个国家和地区在兴旺的市场。它已被称为“神秘的仙女。” /201609/468101惠州市中心医院男科专家惠州网上提问龟头敏感



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