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Cheryl Cole is really happy with her new French boyfriend, Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini.谢丽尔·科尔现正和她的新法国男友 Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini 在一起很开心The couple reportedly started dating over a month ago, bee being spotted at the Cannes Film Festival over the last week.这对情侣被报道在一个月前开始在一起,两人在上个星期还一起出席在戛纳电影节It is said the mer Girls Aloud singer is delighted to be in a relationship with handsome French hunk.看来谢丽尔正和她帅气的男朋友“恋爱正当时”A source told The Sun newspaper: he really happy. Theyre an item and Cheryl is y to find love again.有消息称:“谢丽尔对这段恋情很满意,她一直心情很好,他们的确是天造地设的一对谢丽尔已有了再寻真爱的勇气”After a difficult few years, she wants to get back out there and start having some fun. Things are going brilliantly in her professional life.“在经过了艰难的几年之后,谢丽尔也准备重新出发她的事业蒸蒸日上”he has a new song out soon and cant wait to return to The X Factor. But at the end of the day she wants to be in a relationship because that is what will make her really happy.“她在重回《X音素之前还有很多新单发行工作要做,但是她还是准备去谈一场恋爱,因为这能使她真正快乐起来”An insider said: There great chemistry between them. They have been the most electric couple in Cannes.有知情人透露:“他们两人之间真的很来电,他们应该是戛纳最养眼的一对情侣”According to previous reports on the Frenchman, Jean-Bernard built up a playboy reputation in his twenties while living in New York.根据以往对这位法国人的报道,Jean-Bernard在他几岁住在纽约的时候名声并不是很好,公认的However, since , Jean-Bernard has used his connections to grow his pop-up restaurant business.但是自年起,Jean-Bernard就开始利用自己的人脉致力发展自己的游击餐厅事业The relationship will make Jean-Bernard the first boyfriend Cheryl has been with in the past seven months, following her split from Tre Holloway.现在Jean-Bernard是谢丽尔自七个月前和Tre Holloway分手以来的第一个男朋友And the new romance would be her third relationship since her split from cheating footballer, Ashley Cole, who she divorced in .这也是她年和她的前夫——足球运动员阿什利·科尔离婚以来的第三段恋情The singer has a lot to look ward to because as well as her new music and her X Factor duties, Cheryl is following in the footsteps of many celebrities and creating her own fragrance.现在这位歌手既要关心自己的爱情也要忙她的音乐还要兼顾当《X因素的评委,而且她现在也跟随很多名人的脚步开创了自己的香水品牌 36Everyone has their favorite cartoon characters from childhood.每个人心中都有自己从小就喜欢的卡通人物形象However, if these characters were to be played by real-life actors, would they still be loveable?然而,倘若这些卡通人物将由真人演员来饰演,他们会可爱依然吗?The recent actors version of classic Japanese anime Ikkyu-san raised this question when a two-hour mini series aired on Japanese TV earlier this month.近日,经典日本动画片《聪明的一休真人版引发有关这一问题的热议这部总时长小时的迷你剧集于本月初在日本电视台播出In case you are not familiar with Ikkyu-san, the anime tells the childhood story of Buddhist monk Ikkyu. He relies on his intelligence and wit to solve all types of problems, from distraught farmers to greedy merchants.如果你不是很熟悉;一休哥;,那我们现在来恶补一下,这部动画片讲述了和尚;一休;的童年故事他依靠自己的才能和智慧解决了各种各样的难题,从心烦意乱的农夫到贪得无厌的商人,他都打过交道In the anime, Ikkyu is known not only his wit, but also his classic image: shaved head, big and bright eyes, and a lovely smile.在这部动画片中,一休之所以家喻户晓,不仅仅因为智慧,更少不了他的经典形象:光头、明亮且大大的眼睛以及可爱的笑容In the mini series, the boy monk is played by Japan popular child star Suzuki Fuku.在真人版的迷你剧集中,这个小和尚由日本当红童星福铃木饰演I admit that the 8-year-old acting is quite impressive. However, his squint isnt. When Fuku shows up in Ikkyu costume, my first impression was: ;No, Ikkyu should not look like this.;我不得不承认这位八岁的男孩演技令人过目难忘但是他一双眯眯眼却不然当看到福铃木身着一休的装亮相时,我的第一印象就是:;不,一休不应该是这个样子的;In Japan, there has been a trend to shoot versions of classic animes with actors. In the past year, there were Chibi Maruko-chan and Ranma . Last November, the Japanese auto giant Toyota made a series of car ads in which a group of actors played the characters in Doraemon. The adorable robotic cat was played by French actor Jean Reno.在日本,翻拍真人版经典动漫已成为一种趋势去年,真人版《樱桃小丸子和《乱马亮相荧幕去年月份,日本汽车巨头丰田公司邀来众多演员,拍摄了一组《哆啦A梦真人版的汽车广告其中,可爱机器猫的扮演者为法国男星让#86;雷诺OK, that probably even more annoying than Fuku Ikkyu–given that there are millions of Doraemon fans around the world.好吧,这可能比福铃木版的;一休;更让人不爽,要知道在全世界有数百万的多啦A梦迷So, is the craze remaking animes with real-life actors a revival of these classic images, or is it simply killing them?那么,对于这些经典动画形象而言,真人版动画的翻拍热潮究竟是一种复兴,还是毁灭呢?;I think most anime fans would feel disappointed,; Zhang Qing, 3, a fan of Japanese anime who is now studying in Tokyo, said.现在日本读书,3岁的日本动漫迷张青(音译)表示:;我认为大多数动漫迷会感到失望;;It true that today kids might not be familiar with old animes like Ikkyu-san, but Id rather recommend that they watch the original.;;确实,现在的孩子们可能对像《聪明的一休这样的经典动画不是很熟悉,但我还是强烈建议他们去看原版 ;Like Zhang, many Internet users lamented the remakes. ;I feel that my childhood memories are ruined,; that the most common online review you can hear from the Ikkyu fans.和张青一样,许多网民纷纷吐槽这些经典翻拍 ;我觉得自己的童年回忆被毁了,;这是网上一休迷们最为普遍的一种评价That might be exaggerating a little. But after watching the new mini series, a classic e from the boy monk can precisely describe my feelings–;I need to take a break;.这可能有点夸大其词但扎起看过真人版的迷你剧集之后,一休的经典台词恰恰表达了我的感受:;休息,休息一会儿; 196

Through the themes of decay, rebirth and blossom — it has taken more than eight years Cheer Chen to finish her “Trilogy of Flowers”. After ’s Peripeteia and ’s Immortal, you would assume that the last installment, Songs of Transience, is a grand finale.历时八年,陈绮贞终于完成了她的“花的姿态三部曲”——“腐朽、重生、绽放”三个主题继年专辑《华丽的冒险和年的《太阳之后,人们想当然认为最终篇——《时间的歌将为三部曲画上圆满的句点But after listening to the -song album, not only did I find it a little introverted and thin as a finale, my other reaction was: Where is the Cheer Chen that we used to know? The long-haired, innocent singer who often wore a white T-shirt and a Bohemian skirt, holding a guitar and humming catchy folk melodies, is no longer there.但当我听完专辑里的首歌之后,除了发现它作为最终乐章稍显含蓄和单薄之外,更多的是感到疑惑: 我们所熟悉的那个陈绮贞哪儿去了?那个一头长发、常常穿着白色T恤和波西米亚长裙、抱着吉他哼唱动人民谣的纯真歌者不见了Instead, you’ll hear a lot of piano, drum and orchestral arrangements, and the songs on the albums, especially in the first half, are somewhat difficult to sing along to.取而代之的是,编曲中加入了大量钢琴、鼓和管弦乐元素;而且专辑里的歌,尤其是前半张专辑的几首,传唱度都不怎么高But I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Actually, it comes as a pleasant surprise, because after years of singing the same kind of indie folk songs, it’s good to see the 38-year-old singer trying something new.我并不是说这是什么坏事相反,这种改变有些让人喜出望外,毕竟她已经唱了年的独立民谣了,如今38岁的她终于开始尝试全新风格,这是件好事Her poetic lyrics gradually took me back to the old Chen. Well, almost. Title songs from her previous albums, such as Travel with Sound and Fly You, often dealt with her perception of and confusion in relationships.新专辑中如诗般的歌词渐渐让我想起从前那个陈绮贞好吧,还算没有“面目全非”她前几张专辑中的主打歌,例如《旅行的意义和《失败者的飞翔,往往会探讨她对于情感的看法和困惑But if you carefully into her words on Songs of Transience, you’ll see that her vision has expanded — from humanity and philosophy to life’s best moments — although in the same talking-to-herself tone. example, she talks about the life struggles and anxieties of ordinary people in Gypsy in Memory, loneliness and helplessness in Home (《家), and larger-than-life love in Peace and Revolution.但是如果你仔细读过《时间的歌中那些的歌词,你会发现她的视角已经从人性和哲学拓展到了生命中最美好的瞬间,尽管她还是采用了一贯自言自语的调子例如,她在《流浪者之歌中触及了平凡人生活中的挣扎和焦虑,在《家中展现出孤独和无助,而在《Peace and Revolution中则体现了至高无上的爱At the age of nearly 0, Chen certainly can’t limit herself to love and affection anymore. But Chen takes on so much at once that it feels like her strength can’t match her ambition. Maybe that’s why I said bee that the album sounds “a little introverted and thin”.年近0,陈绮贞当然不能继续将自己局限在谈情说爱里但陈绮贞这次一次性呈现得太多,似乎有些力不从心或许这正是我之前提到的这张专辑听起来“稍显含蓄和单薄”的原因吧Despite these small shortcomings, you have to hand it to Chen her skillful playing with musical concepts. example, she uses “time” as the theme on Songs of Transience, symbolizing that blossoming is a magnificent but transient process.抛开这些小瑕疵不说,你不得不承认陈绮贞玩起音乐理念来驾轻就熟例如,你选择“时间”来作为这张专辑的主题,象征着花开璀璨却短暂的过程Whether she’s aly bloomed or not, I’m aly looking ward to what Chen brings us next.无论陈绮贞的才华是否已经完全绽放,我都同样期待她的下一部作品 69576

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