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芜湖那个医院看男科比较好芜湖市三山区人民男科医院前列腺炎多少钱The People’s Republic of China中华人民共和国On October 1, 1949 a grand ceremony was witnessed by 300 000 people in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, and Mao Zedong, chairman of the Central People’s Government, solemnly proclaimed the founding of the People’s Republic of China.1949年10月1日,30万人在北京天安门广场见了盛大的开国典礼,中央人民政府主席毛泽东庄严宣布中华人民共和国正式成立。During the initial post-Liberation period, the Chinese government successfully carried out land reform in areas accounting for over 90 percent of the total national agricultural population, and 300 million farmers were granted approximately 47 million hectare of land.解放初期,中国政府成功地在全国九成以上农业人口的地区推行了土地改革, 3亿农民获得了大约4700万公顷的土地。Amazing achievements were made during the First Five-Year Plan period, from 1953 to 1957.1953到1957年,在第一个五年计划期间,中国取得了令人瞩目的成就。The average annual increase rate of the national income reached over 8.9 percent.年均国民收入增长率达到8.9%。China established basic industries necessary for full industrialization hitherto non-existent domestically, producing airplanes, automobiles, heavy machinery, precision machinery, power-generating equipment, metallurgical and mining equipment, high-grade alloy steels and non-ferrous metals.为了实现工业化的目标,中国建立了很多基础工业基地,用以生产飞机、汽车、重型机械、精密机械、发电设备、冶金和采矿设备、高级合金钢和有色金属。The ten years from 1957 to 1966 was the period in which China started large-scale socialist construction.从1957到1966年10年间,中国开始大规模的社会主义建设。Though China suffered from the mistakes in its policies during the period, it also accomplished a great deal.尽管政策上出现了错误,然而依然成果显著。The nation’s total industrial fixed assets quadrupled between 1956 and 1966 and the national income increased by 58 percent in constant prices.国家的工业固定资产在1956年到1966年之间翻了两番,国民收入在物价不变的基础上增加了58%。The output of essential industrial products increased by several or even a dozen times.主要工业产品的产量增加了几倍甚至10倍之多。Large-scale agricultural capital construction and technical transformation got underway.大规模的农业基础建设和技术改造也在不断进行。Unfortunately, the “cultural revolution”,which lasted for ten years (1966—1976), made the state and its people suffer the most serious setbacks and losses since its founding.不幸的是,1966到1976年持续了10年之久的“文化大革命”使国家和人民遭受了自成立以来最严重的挫折和损失。The Jiang Qing counter-revolutionary clique was smashed in October 1976,marking the end of the “cultural revolution”,and the beginning of a new era in Chinese history.1976年10月,江青反革命集团被粉碎,标志着“文化大革命”的终结和中国历史一个新时代的开始。The CPC reinstated Deng Xiaoping, previously general secretary of the CPC, to all the Party and governmental posts he had been dismissed from during the “cultural revolution”.1979年,中国共产党恢复了在“文化大革命”中被打倒的前中共中央总书记邓小平一切党政职务。In 1979, China instituted a guiding policy of “reform and opening to the outside world” under Deng’s leadership, and the focus was shifted to modernization.在其领导下,国家制定了“改革开放”的基本国策,重心转向现代化建设。Major efforts were made to reform the economic and political systems.他还着力推动经济和政治制度改革。China was step by step establishing a road with Chinese characteristics, a road that would lead to socialist modernization.中国逐步走上了通往现代化的中国特色社会主义道路。Profound changes have come about in China since the country embarked on the policy of reform and opening-up characterized by a vigorously advancing economy and markedly improved living standard.自“改革开放”以来,中国发生了深远的变化,国民经济和人民生活水平显著提高。Jiang Zemin became general secretary of the CPC Central Committee in 1989 and head of the state in 1993.1989年,江泽民成为中央委员会总书记,于1993担任国家主席。Succeeding him, Hu Jintao took the position of general secretary of the CPC Central Committee in 2002 and president of the state in 2003.胡锦涛于2002年继任中央委员会总书记,2003年担任国家主席。 /201601/412301芜湖鸠江区人民医院男科专家挂号

芜湖三山区妇幼保健人民男科中医院看男科怎么样芜湖市弋江区妇幼保健人民男科中医院尿科5.Two eggs a day-one raw and one cooked5.一天两个蛋——一个生的一个熟的When it comes to Emma Morano#39;s secret to longevity, its all about the diet. She was born in 1899 and is the last living European person to have been born in the 1800s.当提到Emma Morano的长寿秘诀时,你会发现全都是关于饮食的。她生于1899年,是世界上最后一个出生在19世纪且还在世的欧洲人。The 115 year old lives in Verbania, Italy, is in pretty good shape for someone who has seen 11 popes come and go. She still spends her days doing housework and cooking. Morano says her diet – including a raw egg every day – has helped her outlive most born in her time. ;For breakfast I eat biscuits with milk or water,; she said. ;Then during the day I eat two eggs – one raw and one cooked – just like the doctor recommended when I was 20 years old. For lunch I#39;ll eat pasta and minced meat then for dinner, I#39;ll have just a glass of milk.; Not exactly an exciting diet, but it#39;s certainly working for Ms. Morano.这位115岁的老人生活在意大利威尔巴尼亚,她仍保持着非常好的身材,这对于已见过11任教皇交替的人来说实属不易。她仍然会花上整天的时间来做家务和下厨。Morano说她的饮食(包括每天一个生鸡蛋)帮助她比与她同一时期出生的人活得更久。;早餐的话,我吃饼干加牛奶或水,;她说道:;白天里,我要吃两个蛋(一个生的,一个熟的),这是我20岁时医生给我的建议。午饭的话,我会吃意大利面,晚上吃肉末,外加一杯牛奶。; 这确实不是一个特别的饮食习惯,但它就是对Mrs.Morano有效。4.Don#39;t get married4.远离婚姻Scotland#39;s oldest resident Jessie Gallan celebrated her 109th birthday in January 2015. Being Scottish, it#39;s rather predictable that one of the reasons she cites for her impressive age is eating plenty of porridge. But that#39;s not her strangest explanation for her place in the centenarian club.苏格兰最长寿的居民Jessie Gallan在2015年一月份庆祝了她的109岁生日。不难想到,作为一名苏格兰人,她保持如此傲人年龄的原因之一便是多喝粥。但这并不是她立身于百岁老人俱乐部的最奇怪的原因。;My secret to a long life has been staying away from men. They#39;re just more trouble than they#39;re worth,; she said in an interview this year. ;I also made sure that I got plenty of exercise, eat a nice warm bowl of porridge every morning and have never gotten married.; Now we all know some people who could do with being single for a while, but a full 109 years is probably a bit much! After all, can life really be appreciated to it#39;s fullest without someone there to enjoy it with you?;我长寿的秘诀就是远离男人。他们太麻烦了,根本不值得。;她在今年的一次采访中如是说道,;我做足量运动,每天早上喝一碗热粥,一辈子没结过婚。; 我们知道,有些人单身一阵子没问题,但足足109年都单身会不会太长了点!毕竟,完全没人陪伴你一起度过的人生真的令人羡慕吗?3.Staying positive and lots of singing3.保持积极放声高歌Christian Mortensen lived in Marin County, CA until the grand age of 115 years old. He was born on Aug. 16 1882, in Skarrup, Denmark and came to the ed States when he was 21. On his 115th birthday in 1998 he was asked about the key to his impressive longevity. His answer s a bit like a ‘good news, bad news#39; rollercoaster. He revealed his secrets as… ;Friends, a good cigar, drinking lots of good water, no alcohol, staying positive and lots of singing will keep you alive for a long time.;.Christian Mortensen居住在加利福尼亚州的马林县,享有115岁高龄。他于1882年8月16日出生在丹麦的Skarrup,在他21岁时搬到了美国。1998年,在他115岁生日会上,他被问及到保持长寿的秘诀时,他透露道:;朋友、一根好的雪茄、喝好水、不沾酒精、保持积极,再放声高歌都会让你活得久。;Mortensen loved cigars and smoked a few per week from around 20 years old until his death. But it seems that staying positive had a great effect on his life, and he kept singing all through until his death in 1998.Mortensen喜爱雪茄,自从20岁左右直到他去世,每周都会抽几根。但似乎保持积极对他的一生有更大的影响,而且他一生都爱唱歌,直到1988年去世。2.;Funche;2.FuncheDon#39;t tell me you don#39;t know what ‘Funche#39; is!不要告诉我你不知道什么叫Funche!Emiliano Mercado del Toro was born in Puerto Rico in 1891, and became the world#39;s oldest living person on December 11, 2006. Although there have been many super centenarians awarded this title at some point in their lives, del Toro was one of the few men to do so. Emiliano credited his long life to Funche, which is a traditional Peurto Rican dish that he ate every day. Consisting of a blend of corn, milk and fish, Funche doesn#39;t sound that appealing to the uninitiated. But if the oldest man in the world consumed the dish daily, then maybe we should be giving it a try. Can we add bacon?Emiliano Mercado del Toro于1891年出生于波多黎各,在2006年12月11日时成为了世上最长寿且还在世的人。尽管也有很多百岁老人荣获过此殊荣,del Toro也是其中之一。Emiliano将自己的长寿归功于Funche,这是一种波多黎各传统食物,他每天都吃。这种食物是由玉米、牛奶和鱼混合而来,Funche对不太熟悉它的人来说并没有太大的吸引力。但如果世上最长寿的人都每日为之着迷的话,那我们也不妨试一试,不过,可以加点培根么?1.Smoke cigars, drink beer and eat greasy food1.抽雪茄,喝啤酒,吃油腻食物Now then, I would suggest this advice be taken with a pinch of salt (pun definitely intended), as all medical advice would suggest you really shouldn#39;t be doing any of these things if your intention is to live beyond 70, never mind 100. But this is the philosophy behind the remarkable John McMorran, who at 113 was America#39;s oldest man before his death in 2003.对于这条建议,我真的只能说太任性了。如果你想活到70岁的话,恐怕所有医嘱都是建议你不要做以上事情中的任何一件,更别说活到100岁了。可这就是John McMorran的人生哲学,他享有113岁高龄,去世于2003年,曾是美国最长寿的人。As well as cigars, beer and greasy foods, McMorran also stresses the importance of staying away from cheap whisky in staying healthy. ;He was never sick,; 35-year-old great-granddaughter Lisa Saxton remarked in 2003. ;He lived a great life. Obviously, he was well put together. He smoked cigars, drank beer and ate greasy food. He was an amazing man.;除了雪茄、啤酒和油腻食物,McMorran同样强调了远离廉价威士忌的重要性。;他从不生病,;35岁的重孙女Lisa Saxton于2003年说道,;他生活过得很好。显然,他总体来说很不错,尽管他抽雪茄、喝啤酒还有吃油腻食物。他是一个了不起的人。;他确实是一位了不起的人,直到死的那刻都以自己的方式活着。An amazing man indeed, living life on his terms right until the end. Advice from our super centenarians varies a lot, and can even be quite contradictory! One thing that most have in common though, is a tendency to avoid stress. Nearly all who were asked reported that being positive or avoiding anxiety in their lives had a positive impact. We really can#39;t know for sure what it is that kept these folks going well beyond 100, but you can bet that for the most part they didn#39;t really worry too much about it.我们的百岁老人给出的建议各有各的不同,有的甚至是完全相反。但是,都有一个相同点,都趋向于避免压力。被采访到的人都指出,在生活中保持积极或者说避免焦虑都会对生活有积极的影响。我们的确不能确认到底是什么使得这些人活到100岁以上,但我们敢打赌说最重要的一点就是不要对生活担心太多。翻译:张洋 前十网 /201511/412575芜湖市男科电话1.Conversations matter more than chiseled features.1.与欺骗人的特征相比,对话更重要。Dating in Los Angeles provides a fair share of ;slashers; (actor/model, musician/actor, actor/waiter), and plenty of people who are still relying on their good looks from high school to replace substantive conversations. It quickly became clear that I much preferred going out with an intelligent, clever guy than a hot one. I#39;ll take the brains over the body, any day.洛杉矶的约会能提供不少的;配对项;(演员配模特、音乐家配演员、演员配招待员),还有很多人仍(在相亲时)仰赖他们高中时期的好相貌,而无视意义重大的对话。很快我便明白了,比起身材好的男生,我更喜欢跟头脑好的聪明男生约会。不管是哪一天,我都更看重对方的头脑而非身材外貌。2.Being a woman with a great job is polarizing.2.拥有一份好工作的女性正在极化。But it weeds out the bad guys who are intimidated by your success and attracts the good ones.不过这也排除了被你事业成功吓呆了的不良对象,并吸引来优质男。3.It#39;s OK to walk away from something and not apologize for it.3.你并不用为自己逃避问题而道歉。I went out with plenty of men who seemed nervous or shy online thinking that maybe they were really great guys that I#39;d click with in person. But when we met, I was usually bored to tears. Feeling obliged to give them a shot anyway didn#39;t do either of us any favors.我同许多在网上看上去紧张或害羞的男性出去约会过,我想也许他们真的是不错的男性。我应该亲自去见见面。然而当我们碰上面,我总会无聊到眼泪都要流出来了。觉得无论如何都应该给他们一次机会这种想法,对我们双方都没多大帮助。4.There#39;s no such thing as becoming just friends.4.与相亲对象只做朋友,绝无可能。After going on a date where zero romantic attraction manifested, but the guy was seemingly interesting or cool, friends often said, ;Well maybe you guys can be friends!; Nope. That never happened -- and that#39;s fine! Got plenty of friends.赴约后,两人之间没有擦出任何恋爱火花,而对方看上去又属于有趣或酷酷的类型时,朋友们便老是说:;恩,也许你们能成为朋友!;不要。这绝不会发生。(而且也不需要!我有这么多朋友。)5.Talking about yourself is exhausting.5.谈论自己很费神。I much prefer to ask questions and listen. Explaining your own career trajectory over and over again feels more like an interview than it does a fun night out on the town.我更喜欢问对方问题并倾听。一次又一次地解释你自己的职业道路更像一场面试,比不上城里的一次欢快夜游。6.I got a new motto: life before love.6.我有了一句新格言:先享受人生再去爱。If you aren#39;t out there going on adventures, traveling, learning new things and ing new books, you won#39;t have much to talk to your date about. Always choose the experience. It will make you far more interesting.如果你没有出门冒险、旅游、学习新事物、读新书,你便不会有多少话题与约会对象谈论。总是选择去体验吧,它将让你更有趣。7.Reading between the lines is important.7.读懂话外音很重要。I quickly learned that lines like ;I just want to meet someone I can have fun with; and ;everyone takes this dating thing so seriously,; really mean ;I just want to have sex.; If that#39;s what you#39;re looking for, then great! If not, move along.当对方对我说;我只想见能一起愉快玩耍的人;或是;每个人对待约会都这么严肃;这样的话时,我很快就明白他们的真实意思是;我就想和你上床。;如果这是你在寻求的,那么太棒了!如果不是,那便转身离开吧。8.I have a really strong stomach.8.我承受力真的很强。I#39;m not talking 7-minute abs. Trusting your gut is one of the greatest superpowers that human women possess. When someone wrote something slightly off-color over text, it was usually just the tip of the iceberg. Seven-minute gut checks became the theme of online dating, and learning that my intuition was usually right was one of the best assurances I#39;ve ever had.我并不是在说七分钟练出腹肌。相信直觉是人类女性所拥有的最伟大超能力之一。当某些人写的内容稍微有点黄段子的意味时,这往往只是冰山一角。;七分钟直觉确认;成为了网络约会的一大主题,而我也知道了自己的第六感总没错,这一点是我目前最确定的事情之一。 /201511/411213芜湖市第一医院有泌尿科吗

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