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安徽芜湖市妇幼保健人民中医院男科专家芜湖东方医院好home to tens of thousands of exiled Tibetans--is putting ever-tighter restrictions on their basic rights, according to a new report that points a finger of blame at China. 新发表的一份报告指出,尼泊尔正在对居住在该国的西藏流亡人士施加比以往更加严格的限制措施,该报告称,此事背后有中国的影子。目前有数万名西藏流亡人士居住在尼泊尔。Tibetans in Nepal #39;face excessive use of force by police, preventive detention, torture and ill-treatment when detained,#39; according to a Human Rights Watch report released Tuesday. They also face #39;intrusive surveillance and arbitrary application of vaguely formulated and overly broad definitions of security offenses,#39; the New York-based advocacy group said. 人权观察(Human Rights Watch)周二发表的一份报告指出,在尼泊尔的西藏人面临着警方的压力,包括过度使用警力、预防性羁押、羁押期间的刑讯和虐待等。这家总部位于纽约的组织还说,他们面临的情况还包括,警方会对他们进行侵犯性监视,以及随意使用语焉不详、界定过于宽泛的治安条例。Human Rights Watch urged Nepal#39;s government to protect the rights of its Tibetan residents including their freedom of expression and assembly. It also urged China not to pressure Nepal to take actions #39;that are in contradiction with international human rights and refugee law.#39; 人权观察敦促尼泊尔政府保护居住在该国的西藏人士的权利,包括表达自由和集会自由的权利。该组织还敦促中国不要向尼泊尔施压,要求尼泊尔采取某些与国际人权法和难民法相悖的措施。Nepal and Tibet share a mountainous border. Since the Dalai Lama fled to India from Tibet in 1959, several thousand Tibetans have settled in Nepal, for the most part mixing peacefully with the country#39;s Buddhist and Hindu communities. 尼泊尔和西藏接壤。自从达赖喇嘛1959年从西藏逃到印度之后,成千上万名西藏人在尼泊尔定居,大部分人与该国的佛教人群和印度教人群和平杂处。China, which provides significant financial and development aid to Nepal, has pressed the Nepalese government to rein in anti-China activities on its soil. The Chinese pressure has grown since a 2008 uprising in Tibet that China says was orchestrated by the Dalai Lama and the Tibetans in exile. The Dalai Lama has dismissed the allegations that he advocated violence. 中国大量向尼泊尔提供金融援助和发展援助。中国曾向尼泊尔政府施压,要求其控制在尼泊尔国土上进行的反华活动。自从2008年西藏发生骚乱以来,中国向尼泊尔施压的力度与日俱增。中国说当年的骚乱是达赖喇嘛和西藏流亡人士组织的,而达赖喇嘛多次驳斥了有关他主张暴力的指控。The population of exiled Tibetans in Nepal is estimated at about 15,000 to 20,000. Most revere the Dalai Lama as their spiritual leader. They occasionally organize rallies and demonstrations to protest what they see as China#39;s occupation of their homeland of Tibet--giving rise to clashes with Nepali security forces. Tibetans in Nepal also face restrictions on their freedom of movement and access to jobs. 据估计,居住在尼泊尔的西藏流亡人士约有1.5万到两万人,他们大多数人都把达赖喇嘛尊为精神领袖。他们偶尔会组织集会和游行活动,对他们所称的中国占领了自己的故乡西藏的做法表达抗议,这会引发与尼泊尔安全部队的冲突。在尼泊尔的西藏人士也面临着行动自由和就业方面的限制。China#39;s security concerns over Tibetan activities in Nepal has grounding in early Tibetan resistance against its occupation of Tibet in early 1950s. In late 1950s, scores of Tibetans, including monks, took up guerrilla warfare against the Chinese army. They were trained by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency but facing crushing defeat, they retreated to mountain hideout in Mustang region of Nepal in 1960. The resistance eventually died but the escape that Nepal#39;s Himalayan frontiers provided to the Tibetan rebels underscored geopolitical importance for Chinese rulers to scrutinize Tibetan activities in Nepal. 中国对尼泊尔藏人活动的警惕始源于上世纪50年代初期,当时中国军队占领西藏激起了西藏人的反抗。50年代末期,包括僧侣在内的大量藏人与中国军队展开游击战。他们虽受过美国中央情报局(U.S. Central Intelligence Agency)的训练,却仍遭残败,在1960年撤退进尼泊尔木斯塘的山区中藏身。反抗虽最终平息,然而尼泊尔的喜马拉雅边境为西藏叛军提供的蔽护,凸显出中国政府紧密关注尼泊尔藏人活动的重要地缘政治意义。Nepal#39;s relations with Tibet perhaps goes back to antiquity. A Nepali princess famous in local folklore as Bhrikuti is said to have introduced Buddhism to Tibet in the seventh century. The trade between the two political territories flourished through the trans-Himalayan routes in the medieval age. Many mountain-dwelling communities in Nepal, including the Sherpas, trace their lineage to Tibet. One of the still popular Nepali women#39;s proverbs invokes the importance that trade with Lhasa, administrative capital of Tibet, once held in the people#39;s lives in Nepal. #39;There is gold in Lhasa [but] my ears are bare,#39; the proverb says. 尼泊尔与西藏的关系或可追溯回古代。据称在公元七世纪时,尼泊尔的尺尊公主(Bhrkuti)将佛教传入西藏。中世纪时,两地通过跨喜马拉雅路线建立起繁荣的贸易往来。尼泊尔许多居住于山中的族群(包括夏尔巴人)的祖先都可追溯回西藏。如今尼泊尔妇女间仍盛传一句谚语:拉萨有黄金,吾耳却裸露。这句话体现着尼泊尔与西藏行政首府拉萨进行贸易的重要性。Today Nepal#39;s political establishment sees Tibet in context of China#39;s growing economic and military might. An official joint statement between China and Nepal during Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao#39;s Nepal visit in January 2012 elucidated this new geopolitical reality. 如今,尼泊尔与西藏的政治关系建立在中国经济及军事力量不断增强的背景之下。2012年1月时任中国总理的温家宝到访尼泊尔,中尼两国当时发表的联合声明便凸显出这一新的地缘政治形势。#39;The Nepalese side reiterated that there is only one China in the world, and the Government of the People#39;s Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China,#39; the statement said. #39;Both Taiwan and Tibet are integral parts of the Chinese territory. The Nepalese side firmly supports the efforts made by the Chinese side to uphold state sovereignty, national unity and territorial integrity, and does not allow any forces to use Nepalese territory for any anti-China or separatist activities.#39; 声明称:“尼方重申,世界上只有一个中国,中华人民共和国政府是代表全中国的唯一合法政府,台湾和西藏是中国领土不可分割的一部分。尼方坚定持中方为维护国家主权、统一和领土完整所作的努力,不允许任何势力利用尼领土从事任何反华分裂活动。”#39;The Chinese side highly appreciated the position of the Nepalese side,#39; the statement further said. 声明还称:“中方高度赞扬尼方立场。” /201404/284304芜湖哪家医院看性病最好 China#39;s admiration of outstanding scholars has turned the well-preserved childhood home of TuYouyou, the Chinese pharmacologist who won this year#39;s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine,into a popular tourist destination.中国人对于杰出学者的赞赏使得荣获今年诺贝尔医学奖的屠呦呦的家乡成为了旅游胜地。Since it was announced on Monday that 84-year-old Tu had become the first Chinese citizen to win the international prize, her former home in the old town of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, has attracted visitors, especially parents and their children-even though it is not open to the public.由于本周一84岁的屠呦呦被宣布成为第一个获得国际奖项的中国公民,她位于浙江省宁波古镇的前住宅吸引了很多游客,尤其是父母和孩子。尽管该地并不对外开放。The house, which is for sale, is part of a complex of 37 traditional buildings, including several city-and district-level cultural relic preservation sites, that have been transformed into a high-end art and commercial zone.正在出售的房屋是37栋传统建筑群的一部分,该建筑群包括几个市区级文物保护遗产,这些遗产已经摇身变为高耸的艺术经济区。Tu won the prize for developing a lifesaving malaria drug, artemisinin, a staple of traditionalChinese medicine, which has helped save millions of lives across the globe.屠呦呦因为研发了一款拯救生命的疟疾药物-青蒿素而获奖,它是一种主要的中国传统药物,已经挽救了全球成百上千万病患的生命。;There are continually parents taking their children, from infants in strollers to college students, totake photos in front of Tu#39;s former home. Security guards have been ordered to go on patrol around the clock,; said a sales person surnamed Zhao, from Ningbo Real Estate Inc Co.一名宁波房地产置业公司赵姓的销售员说:“大批父母带着孩子源源不断地来到这里,孩子小到婴儿车里的婴儿,大到大学生,都在屠呦呦先前的家门口拍照留念。保安日以继夜地执勤巡逻。Shanghai resident Xu Lingfei, who was on a trip to Ningbo, took her 9-year-old son to walk around the complex on Wednesday.正在宁波旅行的上海居民徐凌峰周三带着自己9岁的儿子在建筑群间踱步。;Chinese people believe in exams and awards and have a strong preference for high performers. Taking children to visit the former dwelling places of celebrities is a way to inspire them to study harder,; Xu said.徐说:“中国人信任考试和奖励,对表现出众的人有强烈的喜好。带着孩子来参观名人之前的故居,是一种激励他们更加努力学习的方式。”Something similar happened after Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2012.2012年莫言获得诺贝文学奖后,同样的情景也出现过。Tourists started visiting Mo#39;s former home in rural Gaomi, Shandong province, in an endless stream starting the day after he won the prize. Some even plucked the radishes planted in front of the house and carted away some bricks.自莫言获得诺贝尔文学奖后,他先前在山东省高密的家门前便游人不绝。有些人甚至摘走了他门前的萝卜而且运走了一些砖块。Tu#39;s former residence, where she lived until she went to university in Beijing, covers an area of2,200 square meters and is priced at 150 million yuan (.6 million).屠呦呦去北京上大学之前的住宅占地2200平方米,估价一亿五千万人民币。The house was built by her maternal grandfather, Yao Yongbai, who was once a member of the Ningbo General Chamber of Commerce and a professor at Shanghai#39;s Fudan University. It is owned by her uncle Yao Qingsan, an economist and former president of the Ningbo-Hong Kong Fellowship Association.房子是她的外祖父姚永佰修建的,他曾经是宁波商会的成员,并且是上海复旦大学的教授。房子的所有者是她的叔叔姚清三,他是一位经济学家,前宁波-香港联谊协会的主席。Another site that has become a bigger tourist draw these days thanks to Tu#39;s success is the Luofu Mountain scenic area in Huizhou, Guangdong province, where Ge Hong, a TCM master of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 317-340) picked herbs, developed herbal medicines and wrote the classic Manual of Clinical Practice and Emergency Remedies.另一个由于屠呦呦获奖而成为旅游胜地的是广东省惠州的罗浮山景区,东晋医药学集大成者葛洪在这里采摘草药,研发中药,并且撰写了经典的临床实践手册和紧急补救措施。After winning the Lasker Award in the ed States in 2011, Tu said she and her team were inspired by Ge#39;s theory to solve the puzzle in extracting artemisinin from the herb Artemisia annual, also known as sweet wormwood.2001年获得美国拉克斯奖后,屠呦呦说她和她的团队受葛洪理论的启发,解决了从黄花蒿中提取青蒿素的谜题。A garden and a monument on Luofu Mountain commemorate Ge#39;s dedication. The mountain is home to 3,000 species of plants, including more than 1,200 with medicinal uses.在罗浮山景区,有一座纪念葛洪贡献的花园和纪念碑。这座山遍布3000种植物,包括1200多种药用植物。 /201510/402651芜湖市无为县治疗睾丸炎多少钱

芜湖镜湖区妇幼保健人民中医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱芜湖有哪些好的男科医院 In the winter of 1902, an Alabama woman named Mary Anderson visited New York and was appalled by how the weather slowed down streetcars. Snow and sleet obscured the trolleys’ two-paneled windshields, forcing drivers to open both panes and peer through the gap between them. In her notebook, Anderson sketched out a solution: a squeegee wiper on the outside of the windshield, connected to a lever on the inside.1902年冬天,阿拉巴马州的一个名叫玛丽·安德森(Mary Anderson)的女人来纽约旅行,糟糕的天气令行车如此缓慢,她感到大为震惊。雪和冷雨模糊了有轨电车的两块挡风玻璃,司机们只好打开玻璃,透过两块玻璃之间的缺口向前张望。安德森在笔记本上画了一个解决方案:在挡风玻璃外面装一个橡胶刮水器,与车里的一个杠杆相连。Anderson patented her invention the following year, but so few people owned automobiles that it attracted little interest. Motorcars were open-air in those days, and windshields were an optional accessory. “The reaction to rain on the windscreen was just to take off the windscreen,” explains Leslie Kendall, curator at the Petersen Automotive Museum. By the time Henry Ford’s Model T took motoring into the mainstream a decade later, Anderson’s “window cleaning device” had been forgotten.次年,安德森为自己的发明申请了专利,但那时候很少人有汽车,所以她的发明没引起人们的兴趣。那时候的汽车是敞篷的,挡风玻璃只是个可选的配件。“下雨时,人们就把挡风玻璃取掉,”彼得森汽车物馆(Petersen Automotive Museum)的策展人莱斯利·肯德尔(Leslie Kendall)解释说。十年后,当亨利·福特(Henry Ford)的T型车让汽车成为主流时,安德森的“窗户清洁装置”已经被遗忘了。Unto the breach stepped John Oishei, an aspiring playwright who operated a vaudeville theater in Buffalo. While driving his National Roadster on a rainy night in 1916, Oishei hit a cyclist, a “harrowing experience,” he later said, “that imprinted on my mind the definite need for maintaining vision while driving in the rain.” (The cyclist was uninjured.)后来约翰·奥森(John Oishei)又进行了尝试。他是一位有抱负的编剧,在水牛城经营一个轻歌舞剧院。1916年的一个雨夜,他开着国家跑车(National Roadster)撞上了一个骑自行车的人(那个人没有受伤)。他后来说,“那个经历太可怕了,让我深深觉得在雨中开车一定要有清晰的视野。”By then, others had come up with windshield-clearing devices similar to Anderson’s, but none were in wide distribution. Oishei found a locally made, hand-operated wiper called the Rain Rubber, which slid along the gap between the upper and lower panels of the split windscreens that were then in use. He then founded a company to market it. The device required a certain amount of dexterity — drivers had to operate it with one hand while shifting and steering with the other — but it quickly became standard equipment on American motorcars.那时候,其他人也想出了与安德森的设计相似的挡风玻璃清洁装置,但都没有流行开来。奥森找到当地生产的一个手动操作的刮水器,名叫雨胶(Rain Rubber),当时使用的挡风玻璃分为上下两部分,雨胶沿着两块玻璃之间的缺口滑动。然后他成立了一个公司推广它。这个设备需要司机身手敏捷——一只手操纵它,另一只手控制方向盘——但它很快成为美国汽车的标准装备。Oishei’s company, which was eventually called Trico, soon dominated the windshield-wiper market. While not an inventor himself, Oishei was relentless in his pursuit of patents, purchasing whatever technology he couldn’t develop in-house or litigate out of existence. After William M. Folberth patented a vacuum-powered windshield wiper that ran on suction from the engine’s intake manifold, for example, Trico spent three years battling him in court before buying his company in 1925 for million. A later patent war, between Trico and rival windshield-wiper company Anco, stretched from the mid-1940s until 1971, making it one of the longest-running lawsuits of its day.奥森的公司最终命名为特瑞科(Trico),很快主导了雨刷器市场。虽然奥森本人不是发明家,但他坚持不懈地追求专利,购买自己公司不能开发的所有技术或者为了生存提起诉讼。例如,在威廉·M·弗尔伯思(William M. Folberth)为真空动力雨刷器(它以引擎进气管的吸力为动力)申请专利后,特瑞科花了三年时间与他在法庭上较量,直到1925年以100万美元买下了他的公司。后来,特瑞科和竞争对手安科雨刷器公司(Anco)之间的专利争夺战从20世纪40年代中期持续到1971年,成为当时持续时间最长的诉讼之一。Over time, windshield wipers have been re-engineered again and again, in response both to changing windshield designs and to automakers’ desire for enticing new add-ons. But the basic concept remains true to what Anderson sketched aboard that New York trolley in 1902: a squeegee that wipes water from the glass. As one early windshield-wiper advertisement explained: “A Clear Sight Ahead Prevents Accidents. An Undimmed Vision Makes It Easier to Drive.”经过这么多年,雨刷器被再三改造,以应对挡风玻璃设计的变化以及汽车制造商对迷人新配件的渴望。但是基本的概念仍是1902年安德森在纽约电车上画的草图:一个从玻璃上刮水的橡胶清洁器。就像早期的一个雨刷器广告所说的那样:“清晰的视野能预防事故,让驾驶更轻松。”Number of windshield-wiper-related patents issued per decade.每十年与雨刷器相关的专利个数:1920s: 43020世纪20年代:430个1940s: 26020世纪40年代:260个1960: 65020世纪60年代:650个1980: 41020世纪80年代:410个2000s: 66021世纪前十年:660个2010 to present day: 3902010年至今:390个 /201411/339910芜湖东方医院治疗前列腺效果怎样

芜湖无为县妇幼保健人民中医院割包皮Malaysia has disclosed new satellite images of 122 objects that were spotted near two earlier sets of debris in the southern Indian Ocean, providing the latest clue in the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, writes Jeremy Grant in Kuala Lumpur.马来西亚公布了在南印度洋发现122个物体的最新卫星照片,它们位于此前发现的两组碎片附近。这为搜寻失踪的马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines) MH370航班提供了最新线索。The latest images, provided by Airbus Defence and Space, a division of France’s Airbus Group, showed the objects – between 1m and 23m in length – in an area of about 400 sq km, approximately 2,500km southwest of the Australian city of Perth.最新图片来自法国空客集团(Airbus Group)下属的空客防务及航天公司(Airbus Defence and Space)。图片显示,这些物体的长度在1米至23米之间,散落在距澳大利亚城市珀斯西南约2500公里处一个大约400平方公里的海域。“Some of the objects appeared to be bright, possibly indicating solid materials,” Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysia’s defence and acting transport minister, told a daily briefing.“一些物体看起来是反光的,可能表明它们是坚固材料,”马来西亚国防部长和代理交通部长希沙姆丁#8226;侯赛因(Hishammuddin Hussein)在每日通报会上表示。The images had been taken on March 23, the same day Malaysia received earlier French satellite images. These, and a third set of Chinese images, were in about the same area of ocean.图片摄于3月23日,同日马来西亚收到了之前法国卫星拍摄到的图像。这些图像和来自中国的一组图像基本上拍摄的是同一片海域。Improved weather conditions have allowed the Australian-led search for the missing jet to stretch into a ninth day.由于气象状况改善,澳大利亚领头的失踪客机搜寻行动进入第9天。The hunt involved 12 aircraft from Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and the US.参与搜寻的有来自澳大利亚、中国、日本、韩国、新西兰和美国的12架飞机。Searchers are running out of time to locate the aircraft’s black box recorder, which is estimated to have 30 days of battery life.留给搜寻人员寻找飞机黑匣子的时间越来越少。黑匣子的电池寿命估计只有30天。The Malaysia Airlines aircraft disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8.这架从吉隆坡飞往北京的马航客机于3月8日失踪。 /201403/282281 If you#39;ve ever wondered what it takes to market instant noodles in China, take a look at food and beverage giant Tingyi Holding Corp.#39;s results for the first half of this year.如果你对如何在中国营销方便面感到好奇,那不妨来看看食品及饮料巨头康师傅控股有限公司(Tingyi Holding Corp., 简称:康师傅控股)今年上半年的业绩。Tingyi, owner of the #39;Master Kong#39; noodle brand and a partner with PepsiCo Inc., lists some of its promotional highlights so far this year in its report to the Hong Kong stock exchange, including:北京一家超市中码放的康师傅和统一企业方便面。作为“康师傅”方便面品牌的持有者以及百事公司(PepsiCo Inc., PEP)的合作伙伴,康师傅控股在提交给香港交易所的中期财报中列举了今年以来的部分重要营销活动,具体如下:-An ideological-sounding campaign called #39;Adherence to Dreams, Loyalty to Original Taste.#39;-进行了以“坚持梦想忠于原味”为主题的品牌推广活动。-A promotional tie-in with the World Cup called #39;watching soccer match overnight by eating braised beef noodles#39; which the company notes #39;substantially extended the opportunities of eating instant noodles.#39;-借势世界杯话题,进行“熬夜看球,要吃红烧牛肉面”的世界杯网络传播。该公司称,这一活动大幅延伸了“方便面食用时机”。-A push for Tingyi#39;s pickled mustard flavored products, featuring the slogan #39;not only sour and crisp, plenty of flavours are even better#39; and an intriguing-sounding promotion called #39;You are the winner of sour and crisp expert award.#39; Perhaps as a result of these efforts, #39;market share in the high-end pickled mustard flavor market continue to increase,#39; the company notes.-为推动酸菜口味方便面的销售,提出了“不止酸爽,超多口味更爽”的口号,并开展“酸爽行家奖的就是你”的促销活动。该公司称,高价酸菜口味方便面的市场占有率继续提升。-An online show called #39;Eating missions must be accomplished.#39;-打造了网上美食节目《食命必达》。As for the results themselves--which saw net profit rise 17.9%--analyst opinions were mixed, with Barclays noting that Tingyi#39;s revenue for the second quarter was down 2%. That said, Barclays believed that the company #39;has all the building blocks in place to substantially improve its margins over the next 3-5 years.#39;康师傅控股上半年净利润增长17.9%。对于该公司的业绩,分析师们看法不一。巴克莱(Barclays)指出,康师傅控股第二季度收入下滑2%。即便如此,该行认为,康师傅控股具备了在未来三至五年大幅提升利润率的所有条件。BOCOM International meanwhile worried about Tingyi being squeezed by competition from rival company Uni-President China, which has introduced a new line called Gemian, or #39;revolutionary noodle#39;, which BOCOM deemed #39;delicious.#39;交银国际(BOCOM International)担心,康师傅控股正面临来自统一企业中国控股有限公司(Uni-President China Holdings Ltd., 简称:统一企业中国)的竞争压力,统一企业中国推出了名为“革面”的新产品线,而交银国际认为这款产品“美味可口”。 /201408/322690芜湖韩式包皮手术医院哪里好芜湖得了尿道炎怎么治疗



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