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Bernanke did argue that the fed had taken a fairly decisive step against those downside risks in Sep. by reducing interest rates half a percent, so I wouldn't necessarily say, uh, as a result of his comments last night that it, it makes a rate, another rate cut in October, a done deal. Indeed we feel that the Fed will probably leave rates on hold and will only adjust rates down further, if some of the perhaps more gloomier assessments of the economy prove correct. Well, he did say, did he not ? that he was y to act again, should the situation occur like that?Well, that’s correct, I think that was obviously a reference to the situation in the financial market, it's the fed has made it pretty clear that some of the stresses and strains that we are seeing in the financial markets were effects behind the fed’s decision. But at the same time, as again as Bernanke suggested himself there seemed to be some degree of normality coming back to markets. So that provided that continues again, we feel that the fed will, will just keep its powder dry on, on another rate cut for now. And is it not a little bit worrying when you have Ben Bernanke himself, saying that the ultimate implications of the credit crunch on the broader economy remain uncertain, shouldn’t, shouldn't things be getting a little clearer at this stage?Well, problem of course is that you are reliant on some economic data that is always by its nature somewhat historic, it takes time for the collection of data and the interpretation of data. We've obviously had a fair amount of data from the August period. Um, and we will be getting soon, obviously, more, more data for September, but I think when you look across that data, obviously you see the weakness in the housing that Bernanke refered to, but in other areas of the economy, employment, consumer spending, now things will actually stay a little bit more solid than perhaps the fed might have anticipated back in September, and again that gives us hope that, or expectation that the fed would probably not reduce interest rates later this month. And what do you make of this so called super-fund that is on the front page of the FT again today? Is this super fund to plan that helps to ease the markets, these banks that are getting together to build up this multi-million dollar fund, is that a good thing, is that gonna make much difference to get some more certainty and calm in the markets?I think it’s a confidence issue. If that's the sort of development that brings back confidence, then it may well be something that is a good thing, and though the fund itself might actually not be sort of exhausted, but obviously, if financial market tensions escalate, then it may be a fund that perhaps proves inadequate, so it very much depends on confidence, and whether moves like that, or moves from policy makers can restore confidence in the markets, so now I think the confidence is coming back, it’s very slow and it could be set back again, but for the moment, things are probably still just heading in the right direction. Notes:Keep one's powder dry on sth: get prepared for sth to come200807/43858

London.yeah~~London.yeah~~The moment that London emerged victorious ...Slicker, better than anywhere else's. From the very beginning, the bid team has made big promises. This, their vision for the Olympic Park in London's East End. So, how are things progressing? One year on, what will be the Olympic Park here still looks very much like a building site but we are assured London 2012 is set to be delivered on time and sub-budget and if that happens, it really will be an impressive achievement. However, some of the bold claims that have been made about the future impact of Olympics both here in London and in the rest of the UK, are starting to be questioned."Go."The government says it wants a top-four finish for team GB in 2012. It also wants to inspire a generation of children to become more active. To that aim millions of pounds has been pledged to develop UK sport at every level. Today, though, there has been no sign of any extra money at this gymnastic school. They've been producing international performers here for 30 years. Gymnasts like Ross Brewer, the existing British champion and 2 times Commonwealth Gold medalist. Gymnasts like Laura Coggins, a promising 11-year-old who even featured in the promotional for the London bid. But unless more funding is made available soon, this school would close next year. In Britain, there are aly plenty of children keen to take up gymnastics but unable to find a club. There are 1,267 clubs in Britain. Half of them are currently over-subscribed. In London alone, there are an estimated 10,000 children on waiting lists. At a London 2012 press conference yesterday some of Britain's greatest athletes were parading in front of the cameras. Lord Coe only too happy to talk about the undoubted progress that has been made. We're probably a year and a half ahead of where any other city has been at this point and those not my words. Those are pretty much the words of the International Olympic Committee.When I asked him about his thoughts on grassroots funding, he cut the interview short.No, it's, it's not a question. It's appropriate for the local organization. Right. OK. All the early signs are that London's on track to deliver the top class venues and transport links it promised. But on the ground and at the grassroots level, UK sports still look shabby. There are six years to go and millions of pounds yet to be invested but unless that money is used wisely London's Olympic legacy may prove less impressive than the hype suggests.GymnastA person who is trained and skilled in gymnastics, especially one who engages in competition.体操运动员hype天花乱坠的广告宣传 200805/39356

Bush Calls for Swift Passage of Financial Rescue Bill布什促国会迅速通过金融救市计划  U.S. President George Bush is urging Congress to move quickly to pass the 0 billion financial rescue package unveiled Sunday. Mr. Bush says it is an extraordinary agreement to deal with an extraordinary problem in the economy. 布什总统敦促国会迅速通过星期天公布的7千亿美元的救市计划。布什指出,这是应对经济领域中一个非同寻常的问题的一个非同寻常的协议。The president went before television cameras shortly after dawn - 90 minutes before the start of trading on Wall Street, and hours before a planned vote in the House of Representatives. 星期一早晨,在华尔街股市开盘90分钟之前和国会众议院计划投票表决的几个小时之前,布什总统走到电视摄像机前。He hailed the rescue package as a bold deal. 他称赞救市计划是一个大胆的举措。"I am confident that this rescue plan, along with other measures taken by the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve [the central bank] will begin to restore strength and stability to America's financial system and overall economy," said Mr. Bush.  布什总统说:“我相信,这个救市计划,连同财政部和美联储采取的其他措施,将开始恢复美国金融体系和整个经济的力量和稳定。”The president acknowledged that the negotiations on the bill were difficult, but added all the hard work and cooperation paid off in the end. 布什承认,就这个提案所进行的谈判是困难的,但是他补充说,所有的艰苦努力与合作最终都会得到回报。He said the plan addresses the root cause of the financial crisis: a surge in risky mortgages gone bad which has restricted the amount of credit available for other uses. 布什指出,这个计划要触及的是金融危机的根源,这就是,不能偿还的风险房屋贷款急剧增长,限制了其他用途的信贷资金。"With this strong and decisive legislation, we will help restore the flow of credit so American families can meet their daily needs and American businesses can make purchases, ship goods and meet their payrolls," he said. 布什说:“有了这个强有力并且当机立断的法案,我们将帮助恢复信贷流动,使美国家庭能够满足他们的日常需求,并且使美国商家可以进行采购、发送货物以及为员工发放工资。”The president said he knows this will be a tough vote for members of Congress. He said many Americans are concerned that their tax money will be used to bail out private lenders and other financial institutions. 总统说,他了解这对于国会议员来说将会是个艰难的表决。他说,许多美国人担心他们缴纳的税款将会用于接管私人和其他金融机构。"Congress can send a strong signal to markets at home and abroad by passing this bill promptly," Mr. Bush added. "Every member of Congress and every American should keep in mind that a vote for this bill is a vote to prevent economic damage to you and your community." 布什说:“国会及时通过这个法案可以向国内和国外市场发出一个强有力的信号。每个国会议员和每个美国人都应该认识到,对这个法案投赞成票将防止你们自己和你们的社区蒙受经济损失。”Mr. Bush cautioned the package will not provide an immediate and complete cure for all the problems facing the economy. But he said he is sure that in the long run America will overcome all these challenges and remain the most dynamic and productive economy in the world. 布什警告说,这个方案不会为经济面临的所有问题都提供及时和彻底的解救。但是他说,从长远看,美国将会克所有这些挑战,并将维持世界上最有活力和最有生产力的经济地位。200810/51275

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