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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201506/380164The universe is expanding.So does that mean theres a center from which everything is stretching outwards? I mean,it LOOKS like the center is here,because this point didnt move when we scaled.But we could just as easily have watched the scaling from this star,or this one,and they each;look;like the center.宇宙正在扩张。这是否就意味着存在一个中心,以此为点,所有事物都在向外延伸呢?我的意思是,看上去中心在这里,因为当我们进行度量时,这点并未移动。但是我们也可以轻易地把观测点移到这里,或者这里,它们“看”上去像是中心。In fact,ANY time you scale anything up or down,theres no real center to the scaling.I mean,this square was clearly scaled up from its center... I mean,its corner.I mean,that point over there.The point...is,sure there may be points that stay in the same place because of your frame of reference,which is why it appears to us as if the earth is the center of the expansion of the universe,but to someone in the Andromeda Galaxy it would appear that THEY were the center of the expansion.实际上,每当你把东西放大或缩小时,放大中心是不存在的。我的意思是,很明显这个正方形是从中间放大的......哦,还有角落。额,还有那里的一个点。这个点...实际上,当然会有在原地停留不动的点,这是你的参考系造成的,这也是为什么我们看上去地球像是,宇宙扩张的中心,但是对织女星系的某位来说,看上去,他们才是扩张的中心。In short,if youre too close-minded to view the universe from different perspectives,its easy to think youre at the center of the universe.Maybe thats the universes way of making us all feel special?But really,were not.长话短说,如果你思想太封闭,不愿从不同的角度观察宇宙,你很容易会觉得自己是宇宙的中心。可能这就是宇宙让我们感受到自己与众不同的方式?但实际上,我们并不特别。201503/364725Thats brilliant, thats just brilliant.太有才了 江山辈有人才出啊Thats fresh chicken!那才是新鲜的鸡肉啊Western chains are moving in here.西方的连锁快餐店也在进驻成都McDonalds has 28 outlets and 7Eleven are planning to open麦当劳在成都有28个连锁店 711便利店a staggering 350 shops in Chengdu over the next five years.更是计划五年内在这里开至350家Even so, we dont have to look far即便如此 我们还是轻而易举地to find some delicious Chinese fast food,找到了美味可口的中国式快餐like these traditional baozi buns.比如这些传统的包子Shall we get some pork ones? Yes.我们来点猪肉馅儿的吧 好的Made from steamed b,这种清蒸的面点theyre an incredibly popular snack throughout all of China.在全中国都极受欢迎We saw in Beijing, they have their version. Mmm.在北京也有见到 那又是另一种口味 是的Everybody has their version.不同的人做出来的味道都不一样Its sort of like our sandwich.有点像三明治Its just delicious.很美味In Cantonese, we only have the barbecued pork with no vegetables,广东人只用叉烧肉做馅儿 不加蔬菜and that was really nice. I took it to school.那个味道也很赞 我带去学校时People were envious, they had these horrible,同学们都很羡慕 他们带的都是一些like, cold cut sandwiches可怜巴巴的冷切三明治and I had this wonderful fragrant bao.而我的包子却让人垂涎不已No, shes unaware of it.她不知道 She says shes never heard of Starbucks.她说她没听说过星巴克Even though China is modern, I dont think its food culture虽然如今中国日新月异 但她的饮食文化is in any way endangered by all these foreign fast food places,丝毫未受外国快餐的威胁simply because theres a正是因为这里有tradition of eating things like this. Yeah.(诸如包子)这样的传统食物 是啊The real threat to authentic food on the streets of Chengdu真正威胁到正宗成都街头小吃的is the redevelopment sweeping through the city.恰恰是这里的大兴土木Its like a different planet.就像来到了另一个世界Yeah.是啊They say China has half the cranes in the world.有人说中国的起重机数占世界总量的一半As the old neighbourhoods are torn down,由于很多老巷子都拆除了many of the street food许多街头小吃stands have been moved here to Jinli Street,也搬到了这里 锦里小吃街a purposebuilt recreation of the old Chengdu.老成都的休闲一条街So this is really modernised now.这里真的很现代诶Its modernised, but its OK.虽然很现代 也还不错Ah, that looks good too.啊 那个看起来很好吃They all look good.都相当诱人的感觉They ALL look good!全都让人食欲大开This is a Sichuan delicacy. Yes, thats right.这是一种四川小吃 没错As a dessert, right? Its glutinous rice balls.是甜点吧 一种糯米球Its called San Da Pao, three big bombs. Yes.小吃名叫三大炮 是的Its to attract people to come,弄出这样的响声traditionally with the sound of it.是为了招徕顾客The theme park atmosphere seems to have done nothing to dent看来这种类似主题公园的氛围 并没有削减the Chinese enthusiasm for unusual and wonderful snacks,中国人对这些独特的美味小吃的热情like deepfried rabbits head.比如 油炸兔头Shall we try one? This is the rabbit head, shall we try one?我们试试这个吧 这是兔头 要来一个么No way! No, I dont think so.算了 我可不想要啊Yes, I think we should try one, come on.来嘛 尝尝味道如何I want to try this because Ive never tried it before.之前从来没吃过 所以我想试试OK, so eight yuan. Thats, like, 80p(pennies).好的 8元 差不多是80便士It smells good.香味四溢啊Oh, thats a proper skull over there.噢 这是一整个兔头Theres not much meat on it, except for...上面没多少肉啊 除了...the cheek.脸颊部分You know what it tastes like?你猜这个味道像什么It tastes like,尝起来a little bit like a ham.有点像火腿Shes saying you should open it like a crab claw...她说你应该像蟹钳一样把它掰开Oh, I see. ..To reveal the meat.哦 我知道了...肉就露出来了All right, then.好吧The seasoning and the spices on it are really tasty, arent they?肉上的佐料特别好吃对吧Mmm, thats what makes it good.嗯 就是因为这些才有味啊And it does make something that is a bit gross to eat delicious.加了佐料 原先觉得恶心的食物都变得好吃了Its cultural, if you grew up eating this,文化使然吧 如果你土生土长的人then it wouldnt be disgusting.就不会反感这种食物了Now, you know what Chinese used to find disgusting?你知道中国人以前觉得吃什么很恶心么When Westerners eat big slabs of steak,看到西方人吃很厚的牛排they found that really disgusting.他们会觉得恶心My mother used to recoil.我妈妈一看到就往后缩Shed say, ;Oh, God, 她会说 天啊how can he eat a big slab of cow like that?;这么厚的牛肉他怎么吃得下201508/392071

Previously reported as missing, one of China’s richest businessmen has been detained by police.此前有报道称失联,中国最富有的商人之一已被警方拘留。Guo Guangchang, the Chairman of Fosun International and known as “China’s Warren Buffett”, had reportedly been out of contact since noon on Thursday.郭广昌,复星国际集团董事长,被称为“中国的巴菲特”,有报道称自上星期四中午起失联。The company, which suspended trading in its shares, said he was assisting with the authorities in an investigation and was still able to take part in major company decisions.该公司股票交易停牌,表示他正在协助有关部门进行调查,并仍能参与公司重大决策。The Fosun Group has extensive interests at home and abroad and recently took control of French holiday company Club Med and Canada’s Cirque du Soleil.复星集团在国内外有广泛的利益,最近掌控了法国度假公司地中海俱乐部和加拿大太阳马戏团。The Chinese authorities have been aggressively clamping down on corruption in the financial sector but the reason for Guo’s arrest isn’t known.中国政府一直在积极打击金融腐败,但郭广昌被捕的原因尚不清楚。He and Fosun were named by a Chinese court in August in relation to a bribery case.中国法院判定他和复星与八月份的一桩受贿案有关。Guo’s fortune has been estimated at over six billion euros.郭广昌的财富估计超过六十亿欧元。译文属。 /201512/415354

革命性设计 Yves Behar (伊凡贝哈尔): 谈如何设计会说故事的物品201505/375803

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