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顺德新世纪医院官网专家在线咨询佛山早泄治疗哪家医院好高明区治疗龟头炎多少钱 According to Wikipedia, Valentine’s Day didn’t become associated with romantic love until the High Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love flourished. Ever since, the day has been fraught with symbolism tinged with traces of anxiety.根据维基百科,一直到中世纪盛期宫廷式恋爱遍地开花,情人节(又名圣瓦伦丁节)才和浪漫爱情联系起来。自那以后,这个节日就充满了象征意义,还伴随着各种焦虑的痕迹。We all want our gifts to communicate the appropriate amount of love, but we’re sometimes unsure how to accomplish that. Questions abound. Should you buy him a sexy card or tickets to a basketball game? Should you present her with costly French perfume, and if so, what brand? Will she take those teardrop earrings to mean more than you intend—or quite a bit less? And then, on the other end of the love spectrum, what if you simply can’t afford to shower your loved one with the gifts that he or she deserves?我们都希望自己的礼物能传达足够的爱,但有时候我们不确定怎样才能达到那种效果。问题多多。你是应该给他买一张性感的卡片还是篮球赛的门票?你要不要送她昂贵的法国香水呢,如果送,送什么牌子的好?她会把那对水滴状耳环的涵义看得比你希望的要深,还是浅得多?还有,要是你买不起另一半值得拥有的礼物该怎么办?If you’re watching your money (and these days, who isn’t?), the good news is that we live in an era when the grand gesture can be more meaningful than a present costing hundreds of dollars. And with a little forethought, yours will convey just the right amount of love. Here are six gift ideas for the frugalista with a heart of gold, but a wallet running on empty:如果你正在打量自己的钱袋(这个时代,谁不会这样做呢?),好消息是,在我们所生活的年代,惊人的举动比数百美元当礼物更有意义。只要略加筹划,你就能传递足够的爱。以下是给那些有真心却无财力的时尚省钱达人的六个礼物创意:1. Invent a signature drink for your sweetheart.1. 给你的心上人发明一种以他或她的名字命名的饮料。Is he of Russian descent? Perhaps the drink should contain Russian vodka in his honor. Does she hail from Florida? Maybe the drink should be made with fresh-squeezed oranges instead. Are you dating a redhead? Consider adding ginger as one of the prominent drink flavors. For added fun and hijinks, print up the recipe on cardstock so that your loved one can order the libation with ease at restaurants and bars. Be sure to put some personality into that recipe card.他有俄罗斯血统吗?那么也许这种饮料应该加些俄罗斯伏特加,以表示对他的敬意。她是从佛罗里达来的吗?那么也许饮料应该用鲜榨果汁来做。你是在和红头发约会吗?那么可以考虑往饮料里加点姜汁。为了增添余兴,你还可以在卡片纸上印出配方,这样你的爱人就可以在饭店和酒吧随心所欲地点这款饮料。别忘了配方卡片要做得有个性。2. Get inventive with the I.O.U.s.2. 创意欠条。These ingenious notes can save you a small fortune ... or even a large one. Instead of running around trying to find the perfect present for your paramour, take half of an afternoon to design a pretty I.O.U. certificate on your computer for “one free home-cooked meal.” Then fill in his name, print out the document, wrap it with a ribbon, and you’re done. Cupid will attest, the quickest way to a man’s heart is (still) through his stomach.这种创意小便条可以给你省下一笔小钱……没准还是笔大钱。与其东跑西颠地找寻完美礼物,不如花半个下午时间在电脑上设计一张漂亮的“免费家庭晚宴”欠条。然后写上他的名字,打印出来,用缎带裹起来,就完成了。丘比特将是见人,要征一个男人的心,最快的方法是通过他的胃。3. Name a star.3. 给一颗星星取名。It’s a symbolic gesture that has little to do with science, but much to do with love and affection. Plus, it can add a real bright spot to your relationship. Call a star after a girlfriend, boyfriend, or even “just a friend” for under . Every time that special person in your life stares up at the heavens, he or she will be sure to think of you fondly.这种象征性举动和科学没什么关系,但和爱情却大有相关。而且,它还能成为你们感情关系中的亮点。只需不到15美元就能用女友、男友的名字给星星命名。每次你生命中那个特别的人仰望苍穹时,他/她一定会充满柔情地想起你。4. Shop your closet.4. 从你的橱柜挑礼物。“Love consists of desiring to give what is our own to another and feeling his delight as our own,” Emanuel Swedenborg wrote. Passing on something that was yours to someone you cherish is not merely about the value of the item itself. Hopefully, the gesture will stike an emotion, and you’ll have a chance to see your own joy reflected back in the recipient’s face. Please note: Never relinquish something that you can’t live without should the relationship combust.伊曼纽?史威登堡曾写道:“爱由付出自己和分享他的快乐组成。”把你的某样东西送给你所爱的人不只是和该物品本身价值有关。这一举动会引发情感共鸣,你将有机会看到你自己曾感受到的欢乐反射到爱人的脸上。不过请注意:不要把你离了不能活的东西送给出去,万一感情崩了呢。5. Say it with music.5. 用音乐说出你的爱。When love is in the air, why not pretend that you’re an on-air personality and burn a CD of the tunes that remind you of your sweetheart? If you have been dating for over a year, the songs might hearken back to the night you met. Or the CD might include the melody that played when you first kissed. Sweet dreams are made of this.当爱在空气中弥漫时,为什么不做一次DJ,播放那张让你想起心上人的歌曲CD呢?如果你们已经约会了一年,这些歌也许会让你们回到初遇的晚上。或你初吻那天正在播放的歌曲CD。甜蜜的梦境由此而生。6. Something, anything, in her or his color.6. 挑选一件他或她钟爱的颜色的礼物。Some women look dashing in pink. Some guys look fetching in emerald green. When you know your lover’s favorite color and then buy a present in the precise shade, it shows an extra degree of thought. These gifts needn’t be costly. Scarves, hats, and gloves in every color of the rainbow can be purchased for under at your local street vendors. Even something as frivolous as a pink pen can bring a smile to the right face—hers.有些女人穿粉色衣很漂亮,有些男人穿翠绿色很迷人。如果你知道爱人最喜欢的颜色,就买一件那种颜色的礼物吧,这表明你是花了心思的。这些礼物无需花太多钱。各种颜色的围巾、帽子、手套都可以用10美元以下的价格在当地的街头小贩那里买到。即使像粉色钢笔这种微不足道的东西都可以给钟爱粉色的她的脸带来一丝微笑。If you have just started dating, Valentine’s Day is a built-in opportunity to move your relationship forward by mutually exploring a new level of intimacy. On the other hand, if you have been dating or married for a while, Valentine’s Day presents the perfect chance to rekindle the romance and remember why you fell in love in the first place. No matter what you spend on your significant other this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to say, “I love you.”如果你刚刚开始约会,情人节是让感情更进一步、让你们变得更亲密的一个固有机会。如果你交往或结婚已经有了一段时间,情人节将是重新点燃浪漫、让你记起当初你们缘何坠入爱河的完美时机。不管你情人节给你的爱人花了多少钱,别忘了说,“我爱你”。 /201402/275973;I#39;ll see my family again one day;: Brave girl, 15, who lost her parents and four siblings in Houston shooting at the hands of her uncle leads memorial event just a day after leaving hospital.“某一天我还会见到全家人的”,这位在休斯敦击案中失去双亲和四个兄弟的勇敢的15岁女孩 ,在出院的第二天就在她的叔叔旁边主持了纪念仪式。The heroic 15-year-old lone survivor of the Texas shooting spree that wiped out her family earlier this week paid a visit to a community event in her hometown Saturday, just hours after being released from the hospital.这位遭遇了德州击事件,并失去了她的家庭的勇敢的15岁孤独幸存者,在星期六出席一个社区活动,而她只在医院带了几个小时就出了院。Cassidy Stay, 15, was discharged from Children#39;s Memorial Hermann Hospital Friday in good condition after being treated for minor injuries.15岁的凯西梯在受了轻伤而入院接受治疗之后,周五以不错的状态从赫曼儿童纪念医院出院。Stay Strong: Cassidy Stay, the lone survivor of a family massacre in Texas, speaks during a community memorial at Lemm Elementary School on Saturday, July 12, 2014, in Spring, Texas.坚强点:凯西梯:德州惨案一家的唯一幸存者,于2014年7月12日德州的莱姆小学的社区纪念活动上讲话。 /201407/311466禅城区治疗前列腺疾病哪家医院最好

南海区治疗阳痿哪家医院最好杨和镇更合镇明城镇男科医生 Among the many acid pleasures of the work of Roberto Bola#241;o, who died at 50 in 2003, is his idea that culture, in particular literary culture, is a whore. In the face of political repression, upheaval and danger, writers continue to swoon over the written word, and this, for Bola#241;o, is the source both of nobility and of pitch-black humor. In his novel “The Savage Detectives,” two avid young Latino poets never lose faith in their rarefied art no matter the vicissitudes of life, age and politics. If they are sometimes ridiculous, they are always heroic. But what can it mean, he asks us and himself, in his dark, extraordinary, stinging novella “By Night in Chile,” that the intellectual elite can write poetry, paint and discuss the finer points of avant-garde theater as the junta tortures people in basements? The word has no national loyalty, no fundamental political bent; it’s a genie that can be summoned by any would-be master. Part of Bola#241;o’s genius is to ask, via ironies so sharp you can cut your hands on his pages, if we perhaps find a too-easy comfort in art, if we use it as anesthetic, excuse and hide-out in a world that is very busy doing very real things to very real human beings. Is it courageous to Plato during a military coup or is it something else?罗贝托·波拉尼奥(Roberto Bola#241;o)于2003年逝世,享年50岁,他的作品中有很多尖刻的欢乐,比如他认为文化是个婊子,特别是文学文化。面对政治压迫、巨变与危险,作家们依然迷恋文字,对于波拉尼奥来说,这是崇高感与黑色幽默的源泉。在他的小说《荒野侦探》(The Savage Detectives)中,两个热心的拉丁美洲年轻诗人一直都未失去对纯净艺术的信念,不管年龄增长,生活与政治发生变迁。他们有时很可笑,但他们一直都有英雄气概。但在他那非凡的、令人不安的中篇小说《智利之夜》(By Night in Chile)中,他问我们,也扪心自问:当军政府在地下室拷问他人的时候,知识分子精英能写诗,能绘画,能讨论先锋戏剧中更精妙的东西,这一切究竟有什么意义?文字没有国界、没有政治倾向;是任何想要成为主人者都能召唤出来的精灵。波拉尼奥的精灵以仿佛能切断读者双手般的犀利反讽发问:我们是不是太容易就在艺术中找到安慰,这个世界忙着对生活中真实的人们做出真实残酷的事情,而我们是不是太容易就把艺术当做麻醉、借口与隐藏之地了?在一场军事政变中阅读柏拉图究竟是一种勇敢,还是别的什么?“Nazi Literature in the Americas,” a wicked, invented encyclopedia of imaginary fascist writers and literary tastemakers, is Bola#241;o playing with sharp, twisting knives. As if he were Borges’s wisecracking, sardonic son, Bola#241;o has meticulously created a tightly woven network of far-right littérateurs and purveyors of belles lettres for whom Hitler was beauty, truth and great lost hope. Cross-referenced, complete with bibliography and a biographical list of secondary figures, “Nazi Literature” is composed of a series of sketches, the compressed life stories of writers in North and South America who never existed, but all too easily could have. Goose-stepping caricatures à la “The Producers” they are not; instead, they are frighteningly subtle, poignant and plausible. Like Leni Riefenstahl, the artistes Bola#241;o invents share a certain Romantic aesthetic, a taste for the classic and nonvulgar, a dislike of “cacophony” and a lurking sense that something has gone terribly wrong in the modern world — that children, for instance, have been “stolen and raised by inferior races” and that a better world in the form of the Fourth Reich is imminent. There is little to no mention of Jews or other undesirables; there are no death camps; World War II is a passing reference at best. Instead, with a straight face, Bola#241;o narrates the Nazi writers’ tireless imaginations, their persistence in the face of a world history that goes against them, their contrarian determination as they continue to write books that go un, unreviewed and largely unnoticed. They’re the losers but, with incredible passion, they remain steadfastly in denial of that fact, churning away at their refutations of Voltaire, Rousseau and Sartre; their verses vindicating Il Duce; their novels decrying the decline of piety; their Aryan literary societies. Like Riefenstahl, they find the highest beauty in a particular sort of symmetry and order that only in retrospect seems indubitably fascist. Horribly, persistently, they have a vision that they are incapable of giving up.《美洲纳粹文学》(Nazi Literature in the Americas)是一部顽皮的、杜撰出来的百科全书,里面记载了想象出来的纳粹作家和文学风潮领头人,书中波拉尼奥如同在挥舞一把犀利、扭曲的刀子。他仿佛尔赫斯(Borges)爱冷笑的淘气儿子,小心翼翼地创造出一张严密的,由极右文学家与美文创作者构成的大网,对于他们来说,希特勒意味着美、真理与伟大的失落希望。《美洲纳粹文学》由一系列人物速写组成,是虚构的南北美洲作家们的生平简史,还有参考书目和二流人物的传记书目为它提供相互参照和补充,但生活里很容易找到这样的人。他们并不是《金牌制作人》(The Producers)中踢着正步的漫画式人物,而是极度微妙、深刻、真实可信。波拉尼奥创造出的人物就像雷尼·瑞芬舒丹(Leni Riefenstahl)一样,信奉浪漫主义美学,有古典和新平民审美,讨厌“不和谐”,潜意识里认为现代世界是大错特错的——比如说,他们觉得孩子们“被低等种族偷窃和养育”,觉得在第四帝国统治之下,更好的世界近在眼前。书中没有提到犹太人和其他不受欢迎的人;也没有集中营;“二战”顶多只是已经过去的东西。相反,波拉尼奥一本正经地叙述纳粹作家们无穷尽的想象,他们一直顽强对抗着不利于自己的世界史,他们特立独行地写着无人阅读、无人、基本无人关注的书籍。他们是失败者,但又以惊人的热情,坚定不移地对抗他们是失败者这个事实,同时还不断驳斥伏尔泰(Voltaire)、卢梭(Rousseau)和萨特(Sartre);他们用诗歌为墨索里尼辩护、他们的小说哀悼神性的衰亡;他们结成雅利安文学社团。和瑞芬舒丹一样,他们在特定形式的对称与秩序中发现至上之美,这种对称与秩序人们只有在事后才觉得是法西斯主义无疑。他们有一种既可怕又顽固的幻觉,认为自己不能放弃。They are, in other words, writers. Substitute, say, “language poetry” for “fascism” and the trajectory of these invented lives would be much the same as they are for the busy networks of real writers Bola#241;o knew from the inside out. Whereas in “By Night in Chile” Bola#241;o’s dissection of hypocrisy and bad faith (the main character is a morally bankrupt priest allied with the junta) is swift and merciless, here it is not only as if the writer in him couldn’t keep himself from filigreeing in endless perfect and revealing details about his lost souls and their laughable oeuvres, but also as if he couldn’t entirely resist them. As a fellow traveler, he probably knew only too well what it is to pit the invented world on your ratty pages against the firmly stated values of the real world. The imaginary Ernesto Pérez Masón, who pounds away at his novella that is “an erotic and fiercely anti-U.S.A. fantasy, whose protagonists were General Eisenhower and General Patton”; the mysterious beauty Daniela de Montecristo, who loved Italian and German generals during World War II and wrote an epic novel called “The Amazons”; Max Mirebalais, the ceaseless plagiarist who sought to combine Nazism and negritude: the heinousness of their political philosophy is the only thing that distinguishes them from any writer, anywhere, at any time. Moreover, literature, Bola#241;o writes, “is a surreptitious form of violence, a passport to respectability, and can, in certain young and sensitive nations, disguise the social climber’s origins.”换言之,他们是作家。如果用“文体诗”取代“法西斯”,这些虚构人物的生命轨迹就和波拉尼奥熟悉的那些真实生活中忙碌的作家们没什么两样。然而在《智利之夜》中,波拉尼奥剖析出虚伪和坏的信仰是易变而残忍的(主角是一个道德败坏、与军政府合作的神父),而在这里,他心中作家的一面让他情不自禁地去浓墨重、栩栩如生地详尽描写这些失落的灵魂与他们的可笑行为;而且他似乎无法彻底否定他们。作为一个旅伴,他或许太了解如何在破损的书页上营造幻想的世界,以此抵御真实世界坚固不移的价值观。想象中的人物埃内斯托·佩雷斯·马松(Ernesto Pérez Masón)努力创作他的中篇小说,称之为“一出性幻想,也是激烈的反美狂想,主角是艾森豪威尔将军与巴顿将军”;神秘的美女达妮埃拉·德·蒙特克里斯托(Daniela de Montecristo)热爱“二战”期间的意大利和德国将军们,写了一部名叫《亚马孙人》的史诗小说;不知疲倦的剽窃者马克斯·米雷巴莱斯(Max Mirebalais)想把纳粹和黑人传统文化自豪感结合起来。这些人信奉凶残的政治哲学,这是他们与其他任何时代、任何地点的作家们之间的唯一区别。波拉尼奥写道,文学“是暴力的一种隐秘形式,是通往名望的通行,在某些年轻而敏感的国度,可以掩盖不择手段挤进上流社会者的出身”。Who said literature has no real power to affect history? Not Bola#241;o — for him, literature is an unnervingly protean, amoral force with uncanny powers of self-invention, self-justification and self-mythification. The mythmakers, he suggests, certainly do matter. If Hitler had won, for instance, the not entirely absurd stories in this encyclopedia would be the prevailing stories of the culture. Is Nazi poetry an oxymoron? Not a bit of it, posits Bola#241;o. On the contrary, it’s all too possible.谁说文学对历史没有影响力?波拉尼奥肯定不这么认为——对于他来说,文学令人不安地变化多端,是一种无关道德的力量,有着自我创造、自我辩解和自我神化的神秘能力。他认为,编纂神话的人确实非常重要。比如说,如果希特勒胜利了,这本百科全书中并非完全荒诞的故事会成为文学史上盛行的故事。“纳粹诗歌”是一种矛盾修辞吗?波拉尼奥认为,绝对不是。相反,它是非常有可能的。 /201407/308830佛山新世纪男科医院看前列腺炎好吗

三水区治疗前列腺炎多少钱 Many Chinese sites host Sherlock fan-fiction depicting Holmes and Watson as a couple.许多中国网站上的《神探夏洛克》同人小说把夏洛克·福尔斯和约翰·华生写成了一对。It was not just British fans who had been waiting anxiously to find out just how Sherlock Holmes dodged death in the final instalment of the massively popular B drama Sherlock.不只是英国的粉丝在焦急地等待B热门剧集《神探夏洛克》揭示福尔斯在第二季末的假死之谜。;I tore myself away from bed early this morning just to watch 90 minutes of my Curly Fu and Peanut,; said one online comment. ;The gay-citement has finally returned. PS: Thank you, Prime Minister Cameron, for visiting China.;中国网站上的一个这样写道:“我今天早上挣扎着从床上爬起来,就是为了看90分钟我的卷福和华生。基情终于回归!PS:感谢英国首相卡梅伦访问中国。”;Curly Fu; and ;Peanut; are the names given by Chinese fans to Sherlock and his sidekick, Dr Watson, because they resemble the Chinese pronunciation of their names. The ;gay-citement; tag? Well, that is used to describe the excitement of seeing what Chinese fans like to think of as the love between the two characters.“卷福” 和“花生” 是中国的粉丝给福尔斯和他的伙伴华生医生取的昵称,因为他们的名字翻译成中文和昵称发音较相似。至于说“基情”?好吧,这个词儿是用来形容中国粉丝脑补这两个主角之间的爱意时的激动心情。When UK Prime Minister David Cameron visited China in December and opened an account on weibo, China`s version of Twitter, the top request for him was to speed up the release of the new series of Sherlock. That day finally arrived.去年12月,英国首相大卫·卡梅伦访问中国,他还在中国版的推特——新浪微上开设账号,中国的微用户最迫切的请求就是希望首相大人能催《神探夏洛克》第三季快点播。这一天终于来了。The show was launched on Youku, a Chinese -hosting website similar to YouTube, just two hours after its premiere in Britain. It got almost 3m hits overnight, and weibo has been lit up by fans discussing the new episode.《神探夏洛克》第三季在中国主流视频网站优酷上同步发布,离英国首播的时间只晚两个小时。第一集播出后一夜之间获得了300万的点击,粉丝都在讨论新一集的剧情,微都被点燃了。There is a particular affection for Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, with even an online forum dedicated to Curly Fu.中国粉丝特别喜爱本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇饰演的夏洛克·福尔斯,甚至还有一个专门给卷福的在线论坛。;The human race cannot stop the invasion of Curly Fu,; posted one commentator. ;Curly Fu is the sexiest when he plays violin,; said another. ;Curly Fu is my only male god. He represents beauty and wisdom, but better with his clothes off.;一位者这样表示:“人类都无法阻止卷福的魅力入侵!” 另一位则这样写道:“卷福拉小提琴的时候最性感,他是我唯一的男神。他是美貌和智慧的象征,不过脱掉衣的时候更好了。”But the most fervent fans are those intent on finding a gay subtext to the relationship between Holmes and Watson. There are numerous Chinese sites that host Sherlock fan fiction, depicting the detectives as a couple. And among this group of fans, many identify themselves as funu or ;rotten women; - young women who like gay stories.这还不算什么,最狂热的粉丝则努力在福尔斯和华生之间寻找关于基情潜台词的蛛丝马迹。有大量的中国网站上连载着《神探夏洛克》的同人小说,将这对侦探描述成一对情侣。这群粉丝很多都自称为“腐女”——即喜欢同性恋题材故事的年轻女性。;I have to say, this show is catering to our rotten girls` taste more and more,; said one fan.一位粉丝这样说:“不得不说,这部剧越来越多地在迎合腐女们的口味了。”;Sherlock tortures Watson a thousand times, and Watson loves him like his first love,; wrote another. ;I`ve waited two years, and it didn`t disappoint me.;另外一位则表示:“卷福虐花生千万遍,花生依然待他如初恋。我等了两年,第三季没让我失望。” /201401/272920佛山做包茎手术要多少钱顺德区中医院在哪



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