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34. I didn't catch... 我没听清楚······ 用法透视 这里的"catch"意思是"听清楚,弄懂"。这个句型用来表示没弄懂,请对方重复一遍。 持范例 1. I didn't catch your name. 我没听清你叫什么名字。 2. I didn't catch what you said. Please repeat it. 我没听清楚你说什么,请重复。 3. He spoke so rapidly that I didn't catch the meaning of what he said. 他说得太快了。我没听懂他的意思。 会话记忆 A: The answer for number 6 is C, 7 is B, 8 is A... 第六题的是C,第七题是B,第八题是A...... B: Ms. Lee, could you tell me what number 7 is again? I didn't catch you. 李老师,您能再说一遍第七题是什么吗?我没听清楚。 A: Sure. 7 is B. Any others? 当然。第七题是B。还有其它没听清的吗? B: No, thank you. 没了,谢谢 /200705/13173。

So what I did was I scrolled down to the bottom of the email, and I pressed, ;Unsubscribe.;于是我滑到邮箱的最底部,点击了下“取消订阅”。And I thought thatd be the end of it. But a week later, I got another one that said,我想这样应该就会清净了。但是一周后,我收到了另一封邮件写到,;Just two weeks until SafeMart at Kings Cross opens!!!;“还有两周安全超市即将在国王十字路口开张啦!!!”And I thought, obviously, I havent clicked hard enough.我想,应该是我上次没有退订成功。So I tried it again. Right? Lo and behold, a week passes, you guessed it,然后我又退订了一次,这样应该好了吧?没想到,过了一周,你猜怎么着,;Just one week until SafeMart at Kings Cross opens!!!;“还有一周,安全超市 即将在国王十字路口开张啦!!!”And heres the problem: The internet gave us access to everything; but it also gave everything access to us.这就有问题了:互联网让我们与世界相连;同时也让所有东西与我们相连。Its hard enough to discriminate between the things that genuinely matter in this world and the minutiae of life,我们可能就会很难分辨世界上真正重要的东西和生活中的鸡毛蒜皮,without having emails about supermarket chains and Candy Crush Saga.如果没有关于连锁超市和糖果传奇(一款手机游戏)的邮件。And I was really annoyed with them, and I thought, OK, I was about to write a strongly worded email, which I can do quite well.我真的被它们搞烦了,我想,看来我必须要写一封语气很重的回复邮件了,我很擅长这种事儿。And I thought, no -- Im going to find the game. So I replied to it, and I said, ;I literally cannot wait!!!!;然后我仔细想想,不--我要陪它们玩下去。所以我回复了它,我写到,“我真是等不及了啊!!!”;What do you need from me?;“我可以为你们做些什么呢?”They got back to me; a guy called Dan said, ;Hi James. Ive asked a colleague to help me with your query.;一个叫Dan的人给我回复了,写道:“你好 James。我就你的问题向我的同事咨询了一下。”201706/514630。

Imagine if I let go of my habit of saving the world behind your back,想像我放弃在你们背后拯救世界的习惯,of deliberating on the future of your work, your food, your schools, in places where you couldnt get past security.想像去放弃对在连安保都无法通过地方,你未来的工作,食物,学校的幻想。We can do this only if we first accept that we have neglected each other.我们只有先承认我们忽视了彼此,才可能做到这一点。If there is hope to summon in this ominous hour, it is this.如果在这不详的时刻有重新振作精神的希望,那就是这个。We have, for too long, chased various shimmering dreams我们已经追寻各种闪亮的梦想太久了,at the cost of attention to the foundational dream of each other,以最基本的对你我之间梦想的注意力为代价,the dream of tending to each other, of unleashing each others wonders, of moving through history together.照顾彼此的梦想,释放彼此疑虑的梦想,共同跨越历史的梦想。We could dare to commit to the dream of each other as the thing that matters before every neon thing.我们应该敢于承认对于彼此的梦想,承认它比其他各色事情更重要。Let us dare. Sincerely yours, a fellow citizen.让我们敢于这么做。敬上,一个公民伙伴。201703/497521。

Eighty-one days ago, I stood in front of 10 Downing Street for the first time as Prime Minister, and I made a promise to the country.I said that the Government I lead will be driven not by the interests of a privileged few, but by the interests of ordinary, working-class families. People who have a job, but dont always have job security. People who own their own home, but worry about paying the mortgage. People who can just about manage, but worry about the cost of living and getting their kids into a good school. And this week, were going to show the country that we mean business.But first, today, were going to talk about Global Britain, our ambitious vision for Britain after Brexit. Because 100 days ago, that is what the country voted for. Were going to talk about Britain in which we are close friends, allies and trading partners with our European neighbours. But a Britain in which we pass our own laws and govern ourselves; in which we look beyond our continent and to the opportunities in the wider world; in which we win trade agreements with old friends and new partners; in which Britain is always the most passionate, most consistent, most convincing advocate for free trade; in which we play our full part in promoting peace and prosperity around the world.; and in which we – with our brilliant armed forces and intelligence services – protect our national interests, our national security, and the security of our allies.So today, were going to be hearing from David Davis, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson as we start to explain our plan for Brexit. And the country will see that the Conservative Party is united in our determination to deliver that plan.Because even now, some politicians – democratically-elected politicians – say that the referendum isnt valid, that we need to have a second vote.Others say they dont like the result, and theyll challenge any attempt to leave the European Union through the courts.But come on. The referendum result was clear. It was legitimate. It was the biggest vote for change this country has ever known. Brexit means Brexit – and were going to make a success of it.Now, of course, we wouldnt have had a referendum at all had it not been for the Conservative Party, and had it not been for David Cameron. And I want to take a moment to pay tribute to David.I served in his Shadow Cabinet for nearly five years, and in his Cabinet for six more. I saw first-hand his commitment to public service, to social justice, and his deep love for our country. He led the rescue mission that brought confidence back to the British economy. He made sure that people on the lowest wages paid no income tax at all. And he won the right for two people who love one another – regardless of their sexuality – to marry. He has a legacy of which he and our whole Party can be proud. And to those who claim he was mistaken in calling the referendum, we know there is no finer accolade than to say David Cameron put his trust in the British people.And trust the people we will, because Britain is going to leave the European Union.Now, I know there is a lot of speculation about what that is going to mean, about the nature of our relationship with Europe in future, and about the terms on which British and European businesses will trade with one another. I understand that. And we will give clarity – as we did with farm payments and university funding – whenever possible and as quickly as possible.But we will not be able to give a running commentary or a blow-by-blow account of the negotiations. Because we all know that isnt how they work. History is littered with negotiations that failed when the interlocutors predicted the outcome in detail and in advance.201611/475306。

We see New Zealand developing as a top place in the world to do business because:我们见了新西兰正在发展成为世界上最适合做生意的地区,因为:We have a highly educated and skilled workforce我们拥有高学历、高技能的员工队伍;We have sophisticated infrastructure and are highly interconnected我们有先进的基础设施和和完备的对外联系体系;We have strong commitments to government, business and community partnerships我们对来自政府、企业和社区的合作伙伴高度负责;We are a secure and stable place to live in and invest in, in every sense无论从何种意义上讲,我们都拥有一个安全和稳定的居住和投资环境;We have a fantastic physical environment for recreation and leisure我们拥有一个绝佳的适合休闲的自然环境;We are culturally dynamic, and我们在文化上是动态的,并且...We are a socially inclusive and tolerant society我们拥有一个包容的、宽容的社会;New Zealand is now in the process of creating conditions in which the highest levels of innovation can flourish 新西兰现在正在创造条件,让高水平的创新有用武之地,and in which New Zealand has the capacity to create new knowledge and apply it to new and existing industries.让新西兰有能力开拓新的知识领域,并把新知识应用到新的和已有的产业中去。To achieve our goals, government is working closely with business and other stakeholders.为了实现这些目标,我们的政府正在与企业和其他利益相关者展开密切的合作。201612/482667。

1_12 Im home.I’m home. 我回来了.Home, sweet home. 家,甜蜜的家!There’s no place like home.没有一个地方比得上家.I had a great day. 我今天过得很愉快.Everything went right for me.我每件事都很顺利.Today is really my day. 我今天运气真好.Its been a long day. 今天真是漫长的一天.I did so much. 我做了很多事.I learned a lot. 我学到了很多. /200705/13655。

52. I'm just a little... 我只是有点······ 用法透视 该句用于表达自己的心情和感受"只是有点......"。 持范例 1. Why the long face? I'm just a little sad. 为什么拉长脸?我只是觉得有点悲哀。 2. I'm just a little afraid of you. 我只是有点怕你。 3. I'm just a little out of my mind. 我只是有点疯狂而已。 会话记忆 A: I've just been a little depressed lately. 我最近有点沮丧。 B: What's wrong? 怎么了? A: Nothing really. 其实也没什么。 B: Then just keep your chin up. 那就打起精神来啊! /200705/13331。


the weatherbeginner A: i went shopping without my umbrella yesterday morning. B: yesterday morning was beautiful i thought the sunning was going to continue. A: so did i. that's why i didn't take my umbrella.i got cold in the rain in the afternoon.it was raining cats and dogs. B: i know. i could not believe it when i got hit by that storm.it was pouring with rain all afternoon. A: we really have some mysable weather sometime.i wish i would live somewhere which were sunning all year round. B: if it was sunning all year round there would be drought.you probably would not like it either. A: i guess you are right. maybe i just wish the weather could be a little more predictable. B: the weather forecasters are not good at predicting the weather would be like.our weather is so changeable. intermediate A: what's the weather like in your city? B: in the summer it gets very hot.the temperture is between often 37 and 40 centigrade.when it is hot we often get rains.the winters are drier. A: the summer tempreture ususally often reaches about 20 or25 in my city.the rain falls mostly in the winter.and we often get snow. B: what are the temperatures in winter? in my city it is about 15 or 20 degrees. A: in winter temperture often falls to zero at night temperture can be below that.the streets are often icing in the morning.with high such tempertures you must get some thunderstorms. B: yeah, we do. in the middle of summer there can be found storms every day ususally in the afternoon. i heard your city has a lot of fog, is that true? A: we do have a few fog days in winter.but i would not say we have a lot of fogs.the sky are usually clearly in your city, are they? B: yes, they are. like i said we have thunderstorms.but each one usually last a few hours.then the skys are clear again. A: have you ever had snow in your city? B: my grandmother said there was snow once when she was a child.but my parents and i never see it outside of my city. A: the river in my city sometime freeze over.people go ice-skating on it.on summer people go boating on the river.but few people go swimming because it is not very clean. B: as you know, my city is on the coast.the water is also not clean.but people still go swimming all year around.i perfer to sand bath on the beach when the weather is hot in sunning. /200705/13760。

So for those of you majoring in fortune telling go ahead and burn the midnight oil 对于那些主修算命的同学我鼓励你们继续开夜车The rest of you: not so much As you can tell by now, Im a major sleep evangelist 剩下的人就别这样做了现在你们知道了 我主要是一个睡眠传道者Indeed, at the Huffington Post, in our news room, we have two nap rooms And at first, you know, hundreds of editors, reporters, and engineers 实际上在哈芬顿邮报 我们的新闻室就有两间午休室最开始 数以百计的编辑 记者和工程师Were very reluctant to be seen in mid of the afternoon having a nap but now the 2 nap rooms are continuously booked and we need to open a third 都不怎么情愿去午休室午休但现在 两间午休室长期爆满 我们又开了第三间Although I might say, the other day I was walking by one of the nap rooms and I saw two people walking out of the nap room 我顺便说一下 有一天我走过其中一间午休室看到两个人同时走出午休室And I thought to myself, whatever it takes to recharge yourself Just please dont tell HR, okay? 我心里想 只要能够恢复精力就好别告诉人力资源部就行了 好吧What adding well-being to our definition of success means is that, in addition to looking after our financial capital 将健康加入到成功定义中的真正意义在于我们不应该只照顾好手中的金融资本We need to look after our human capital My mother was an expert of that 我们更应该照顾好我们的人力资本我母亲就是这方面的专家I remember, when I was 12 years old a successful Greek businessman came to dinner at our home in Athenes 我记得我12岁那年一位成功的希腊商人来到我雅典的家中作客And he told us how well everything was going in his life My mother looked at him, looking burnt-out, exhausted, drained and said to him 他跟我们讲他人生中所经历的各种事迹我母亲觉得他看起来精疲力竭 无精打采 于是跟他说201606/448601。