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暨南大学附属顺德医院看男科好吗佛山省妇幼保健院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱佛山割包皮去哪个医院好 Two food delivery services in Guangzhou, China may have been operating under grossly unsanitary conditions, a newspaper has uncovered.据媒体透露,中国广州两家食品外卖务商的餐厅开在了卫生条件极其糟糕的环境之下。Local paper New Express has claimed that the Tencent-backed Ele.me and Alibaba-supported Meituan, two competing major food delivery apps in the city, do not have strict standards in checking the quality of the vendors that prepare and provide their food.据当地报刊《新快报》称,腾讯旗下的饿了么和阿里巴巴旗下的美团外卖两家互为竞争关系的外卖应用,在审核那些准备和提供食物的供应商方面却并未设有严格的标准。According to the paper#39;s investigation, obtaining a food license to operate as a food provider is very easy, SCMP reports.据《南华早报》报道,根据该报社的调查,拿到营业执照来开店铺是一件非常容易的事。They discovered existing partners whose actual registered address was a car park instead of a real restaurant.记者发现,这些外卖平台实际的登记注册地址并非是某家正规的饭店,而是一个停车场。The food may have been prepared in the most unhygienic place and the customer would have no idea — unless a trip to the hospital reveals otherwise.这些食物大多数都是在一些不卫生的环境中制作的,顾客们对此毫不知情,除非吃坏肚子去医院之后才可能发现些端倪。The report included photos showing food being prepared just right next to the toilet and raw food in the same vicinity of dirty water.此外,该媒体还曝光了一系列诸如菜品被摆放在厕所旁边、以及一些用脏水来洗青菜的照片。Such vendors are reportedly registered through the aid of intermediary parties. The New Express team was even able to successfully apply for a license as a food provider.据悉,这些店主都是通过代开中介才成功开店的。《新快报》的媒体团队甚至都成功地申请到了营业执照。The findings also revealed that the common practice involved a prospective vendor merely paying a fee of 680 yuan (about 0) and submitting personal identification to third party companies.调查发现,只要你缴纳680元(折合100美元)的费用并将自己的个人件资料上交给第三方中介,你就可以成功开店。To get the required food license to sell food through the apps, vendors just need to add additional payment and the company will do it for them.对于如何获得食品营业执照来通过订餐应用进行外卖务,店家只需多付一些钱,第三方中介就会自行为他们办妥。Although site inspections are required by the apps before food vendors were added, a ;red packet; containing 200 yuan () handed under the table is usually enough to convince the inspection staff to pass the vendors.尽管在每家店面正式营业之前都必须经过实地审核,但事实上,店家只需要暗地里给审查人员递个两百元(折合29美元)的红包,就能够轻松过关。;I sometimes tell customers not to order from the restaurants anymore when I hand them the food because I saw how their food was made,; a delivery man, identified only as Quan, was ed as saying.一位名叫阿权的送餐员表示:“当我将手中的食物递给顾客时,我有时会劝他们不要再订这家餐厅的饭了,因为我亲眼看见这些饭都是怎么做出来的。” /201703/500096顺德新世纪男科专家

南庄里水九江丹灶镇男科预约The printers buzzed to life in every firehouse in New York City last week, and each spit out an identical bulletin. It bore the worst sort of news the Fire Department must relay to its members, the Code 5-5-5-5. A death in the line of duty.上周,纽约市每个消防站的打印机都开始嗡嗡作响,吐出一份相同的通告。上面是消防局必须传达给成员的最坏的那一类消息,代码5-5-5-5,意为有人因公殉职。“With regret, the department announces the death of Battalion Chief Lawrence T. Stack,” the note , “as a result of injuries sustained while operating at Manhattan Box 5-5-8087.”“消防局遗憾地宣布,消防大队长劳伦斯·T·斯戴克(Lawrence T. Stack),因在曼哈顿火警箱5-5-8087执行任务时负伤去世,”通告写道。That box number was grimly familiar to all firefighters. It was followed by the time of the call from that box — 8:47 a.m. — and the date: “September 11, 2001.”消防员熟悉这个令人毛骨悚然的火警箱号码 。紧跟在它后面的是从该箱打来电话的时间——上午8点47分——和日期:“2001年9月11日”。The announcement and the “four fives,” as the code is known, had not, until now, been made for Stack for an important reason: His remains had not been found. For his family, this is the end of a frustrating and ultimately fruitless wait of nearly 15 years.在这之前并未就斯戴克的死发出这样的公告和“四个五”,是源于一个重要原因:没找到他的尸骨。现在,对他的家人来说,这意味着近15年的等待结束了,希望最终落了空。Stack, 58, had served almost 33 years. His funeral will be held Friday at Sts. Philip and James Church in St. James on Long Island, with the expansive pageantry and huge turnout of firefighters and officers that accompany all departmental ceremonies.时年58岁的斯戴克从事消防员工作近33年。他的葬礼将于周五在长岛圣詹姆斯的圣斐理伯与圣雅各伯教堂(Sts. Philip and James Church)举行,消防局各部门也将举行盛大悼念仪式,组织大量消防员和官员参加。Its timing this week, alongside the first funerals of the shooting victims in Orlando, Florida, is accidental, but weighted, bringing an added poignancy. As the country mourns the latest victims of a terrorist attack on its soil, a funeral in New York lays to rest another.时间安排在本周,和第一批佛罗里达奥兰多击案受害者葬礼同期,这属于偶然,但也具有重要意义,让气氛更加伤感。在举国哀悼这片国土上距今最近的恐怖袭击的受害者时,纽约的一场葬礼将让另一名受害者得到安息。Stack’s family came to learn where and how he perished that day. But they put off the funeral, hoping that some trace of him would be identified from what was recovered at ground zero.斯戴克的家人后来得知了他那天去世的地点和死因。但他们推迟了葬礼,希望能从在世贸中心遗址找到的遗骸中发现他。“Weeks turned into months,” said Lt. Michael Stack, 46, one of the chief’s two sons, both firefighters. “Months turned into years. Two years turned into five, turned into 10. Now it’s 15.”“从几周变成了几个月,”斯戴克46岁的儿子迈克尔·斯戴克(Michael Stack)中尉说。“又从几个月变成了几年。先是两年变成五年,再变成10年。现在已经过去15年了。”斯戴克的两个儿子均为消防员。The Catholic funeral Mass requires the presence of remains of the deceased. This requirement was satisfied, unknowingly, by Lawrence Stack, in an act of generosity 18 months before his death.天主教的葬礼弥撒要求现场要有逝者的遗骸。劳伦斯·斯戴克去世18个月前的一次慷慨之举,无意间满足了这个条件。“Mom came home and said: ‘There’s a little boy in East Islip, and he has cancer. I’m going to donate blood. He needs it,#39;” Michael Stack recalled.“我妈回到家说:‘东艾斯利普有个小男孩得了癌症。我要去献血。他需要输血,’”迈克尔·斯戴克回忆说Lawrence Stack joined his wife, Theresa. He added his name to the bone marrow registry as a possible donor on March 6, 2000, and, in doing so, gave a blood sample for type matching. Stack’s marrow was not a match for an immediate transplant, and the blood sample was put into cold storage.劳伦斯·斯戴克和妻子特蕾莎(Theresa)一同前往。2000年3月6日,他把自己的名字写在了骨髓登记簿上,表示愿意捐献。在这个过程中,他提供了一份血液样本,用于配型。斯戴克的骨髓与一位须立即接受骨髓移植的受者不符,于是他的血液样本被冷藏了起来On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Stack was in his office in Brooklyn near the waterfront, filling out a report on a recent fatal fire that brought three Code 5-5-5-5 transmissions. That fire, in a Queens warehouse on June 17, 2001, became known for the day it happened: the Father’s Day fire.2001年9月11日上午,斯戴克在布鲁克林滨水区附近的办公室里整理报告,是关于前不久的一场火灾的。火灾发生在2001年6月17日,导致消防系统发出了三次5-5-5-5代码。因为当天的日期,那场火灾也被叫做父亲节大火。Word arrived at the office immediately after the first plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center. Stack and others hurried to the roof with binoculars. They saw the second plane strike the south tower.第一架飞机撞击世界贸易中心的北楼后,消息立刻传到了办公室。斯戴克和其他人急忙拿着双筒望远镜上到了屋顶。他们眼看着第二架飞机撞向南楼。“He lowered his binoculars and said, ‘Guys, I think they’re going to need us,#39;” Michael Stack said, recalling what he has been told of that day.“他放下望远镜说,‘伙计们,我想他们需要我们,’”迈克尔·斯戴克回忆说。他从其他人那里了解到了当天的情况。Michael Stack hurried to the World Trade Center site that day. “I came up, and I go, ‘Oh my God,#39;” he said. “It was just so vast. So big.”那天,迈克尔·斯戴克赶去了世界贸易中心的现场。“我来到这里,喊着‘啊,天哪,’”他说。“实在太大了。太大了。”He knew from the accounts of others that his father was dead, and he returned to the pit, day after day.他是从其他人的叙述中得知父亲去世的。他日复一日地回到现场。“Dig and look, search, hope,” he said. “That’s what I had in mind. I’m going to find him.”“挖、找、搜索,心存希望,”他说。“我当时的想法就是,我要找到他。”Nothing.但什么都没找到。“I always wanted that department phone call,” saying remains had been found, he said. The family visited a memorial site in Hauppauge on his birthday and sang to him. But it wasn’t like visiting a grave.他说,“我总是希望接到消防局打来的电话,”说找到他的遗体了。家人会在他生日那天去霍波格的一处纪念地,给他唱歌。但这和扫墓不一样。Finally, last year, Theresa Stack said enough. “She drew a line in the sand where she said, ‘We’re not doing it past 15 years,#39;” Michael Stack said.最终,特蕾莎·斯戴克在去年说够了。“她做出了决定,说‘已经过去15年了,我们不能再这么下去了,’”迈克尔·斯戴克说。The Office of Chief Medical Examiner has identified 65 percent of remains recovered from the World Trade Center. The rest is damaged enough that current identification technology is of no use, and remains in storage.首席法医办公室(Office of Chief Medical Examiner)已经确认了65%的世贸中心遗骸的身份。剩下的受损严重,目前的辨认技术没有用,至今存放在库房里。The New York Blood Center examined its list of donors after Sept. 11 and discovered that 143 firefighters who died that day had signed up to be marrow donors, most of them while still in training as rookies. The center notified the families and set aside their blood samples; over the years, it has given the small vials of blood to some relatives. Some put the vials in their freezers at home. Some bury them at funerals, as with Firefighter Michael Paul Ragusa in 2003.9·11事件后,纽约血液中心(New York Blood Center)检查了捐献者名单,发现有143名在当天牺牲的消防员做过骨髓捐献登记。他们中的大部分是尚在接受培训的新手。该中心通知了家属,并将他们的血液样本挑了出来。这些年里,该中心把那些装着血液的小瓶还给了遇难者的亲属。一些人把它们放在了家中的冷柜里。一些人在葬礼上把它们埋入土中。2003年消防员迈克尔·保罗·拉古萨(Michael Paul Ragusa)的葬礼上就出现了这一幕。Theresa Stack and her sons visited the blood center last year. The center located Lawrence Stack’s blood in a storage facility in Minnesota. The vial will be buried Friday at Calverton National Cemetery in recognition of Stack’s service in the U.S. Navy.去年,特蕾莎·斯戴克和儿子去了血液中心。中心在明尼苏达州的一处库房找到了劳伦斯·斯戴克的血液。周五,小瓶将被葬在卡尔弗顿国家公墓(Calverton National Cemetery),这一待遇是因为斯戴克曾在美国海军役。;We will have someplace to go,” Theresa Stack, 71, said Thursday.“我们以后也有地方去了,”71岁的特蕾莎·斯戴克周四说。 /201606/449938佛山新世纪门诊部地图 顺德区勒流医院电话预约

顺德区中医院治疗龟头炎多少钱Killings at a Tunisian museum and on a beach. The downing of a Russian aircraft flying home from Sharm el-Sheikh. And, last month, lethal attacks in Paris on people from many countries attending a concert and a football match, and eating and drinking in bars and restaurants.今年以来,突尼斯的一家物馆及一处海滩分别发生了恐怖杀戮。一架俄罗斯客机在从沙姆沙伊赫(Sharm el-Sheikh)飞往国内途中因炸弹破坏而坠毁。上月,在巴黎参加音乐会、观看足球比赛、在酒吧和餐馆享受美食佳酿的许多国家的平民遭到血腥袭击。It has been a dful year for the murder of tourists and of locals enjoying themselves.就享受生活的游客以及当地人遭到杀戮而言,这是令人恐怖的一年。These attacks are not new. There have been murderous assaults before, such as the 1997 Luxor killings, the 2002 Bali nightclub bombing and the 2008 attacks on hotels, a railway station and a Jewish centre in Mumbai.此类袭击并非最近才有。之前也发生过多起凶残的袭击,例如1997年的埃及卢克索屠杀、2002年巴厘岛夜总会爆炸案以及2008年孟买酒店、火车站及犹太人中心遭到的血腥袭击。For the bereaved and the injured, the memories are permanent. But holidaymakers forget and tourist numbers often pick up again.对遇难者亲属与伤者而言,这种痛苦的记忆会永远伴随他们。但度假者不久就会遗忘,游客数量往往会再度回升。How long that takes depends on visitors’ perceptions of how in control the local authorities are, how likely another attack is and how much general instability there is.实现回升需要多久?这取决于游客的观感(当地政府控制局势的程度、新的袭击发生的可能性以及该国总体不稳定程度)。After the 2005 London Underground bombings, foreign visitor numbers to the UK barely budged; they rose in 2006. The 2004 bombings of Madrid trains did not affect tourist inflows.2005年伦敦地铁爆炸案发生后,到访英国的外国游客数量几乎没有变化;2006年还出现了上升。2004年的马德里火车站爆炸案也未对游客流入量造成影响。By contrast, after initial hesitation, Russia suspended flights to Sharm el-Sheikh. Airlines such as British Airways and easyJet have stopped flights there until January, meaning the Egyptian resort will continue to suffer over the European holiday period.相比之下,经过最初的犹豫之后,俄罗斯暂停了飞往沙姆沙伊赫的航班。英国航空(British Airways)、EasyJet等航空公司也决定在明年1月之前停飞沙姆沙伊赫航班,这意味着这个埃及度假胜地将在欧洲人假日期间继续遭受损失。This is a serious blow to Egypt, whose tourism has declined since the Arab uprisings that started in 2010. Sharm el-Sheikh until now had been a rare exception. The Tunisia Live website last week ed officials saying that country’s tourist industry remained in crisis too.自2010年“阿拉伯之春”爆发以来,埃及的旅游业已经出现下滑,此次事件对埃及来说又是一次沉重打击。此前沙姆沙伊赫对埃及旅游业来说一直是难得的例外。“突尼斯生活”(Tunisia Live)网站上周援引官员的话称,该国旅游业同样仍处于危机中。There are differences between the various attacks. The London and Madrid bombings (and November’s Paris attacks) were aimed at the general population. The Sharm el-Sheikh and Tunisian assaults specifically targeted tourists.各地发生的这些袭击之间也有区别。伦敦、马德里的爆炸案(以及11月的巴黎恐怖袭击)针对的是普通民众。而俄罗斯客机坠毁以及突尼斯发生的袭击都是专门针对游客的。But the contrasting post-attack experiences prompt the question: do rich countries’ holiday industries find it easier to bounce back after terrorist killings than poorer ones?但袭击发生后的鲜明对比带来一个问题:在恐怖杀戮发生后,富裕国家的度假产业比穷国同行更容易复苏吗?The data seem to bear that out, says Yeganeh Morakabati, a Bournemouth university associate professor who has studied the relationship between tourism and terrorism. There is one exception, she says: the 9/11 attacks in the US in 2001.伯恩茅斯大学(Bournemouth university)研究旅游业与恐怖主义之间关联的副教授耶加内(Yeganeh Morakabati)表示,数据似乎实这一点。她说,有一个例外:2001年美国发生的9/11恐怖袭击。A working paper from the Department of Homeland Security says that, after 9/11, the fall in international visitors to the US was “immediate and precipitous”. It was not until 2007 that foreign tourist arrivals returned to near their pre-9/11 levels. There were other factors that damaged the US tourist industry, the paper says. In 2001 and 2002, the world economy went into a downturn and air travel dropped. The US also introduced a stricter visa policy which may have put visitors off.美国国土安全部(Department of Homeland Security)的一份工作报告称,9/11事件后,到访美国的外国游客数量出现了“立即、急剧”下降。直至2007年,外国游客数量才回升至接近9/11事件前的水平。该报告称,还有其他因素使美国旅游业受损。2001年和2002年,世界经济陷入衰退,航空旅行的人数减少。美国还实行了有可能让游客却步的更严格的签政策。Ms Morakabati says that the spectacular nature of the 9/11 attacks may have contributed to the US being an exception to wealthy countries’ tourism being less affected.Morakabati说,9/11恐怖袭击的惨烈程度可能使美国成了富裕国家旅游业较少受恐怖袭击影响的一个例外。Even then, the US found ways to compensate for the drop in foreign visitors — pointing to another difference between rich and poorer countries: wealthy ones have more domestic tourists. If foreign visitors stop coming, locals take their place. The US working paper says American visitors spurred Hawaii’s tourist industry to full recovery by 2003.即便如此,美国找到了弥补外国游客数量下降的各种方法,这也突显了富裕国家与较贫穷国家之间的又一个不同:富裕国家拥有更多的国内游客。如果外国游客不来,当地人可以取而代之。该报告称,在美国游客的推动下,夏威夷的旅游业到2003年就实现了全面复苏。Poorer countries also suffer, after a terror attack, because they have less diversified economies, Ms Morakabati adds. It is harder for displaced hotel and bar workers to find jobs elsewhere. A drop in tourism badly affects related sectors such as agriculture as hotels and restaurants stop buying food.Morakabati补充说,恐怖袭击对较贫穷国家的危害更为严重,因为他们的经济不够多元化。失业的酒店、酒吧员工更难在别的行业找到工作。旅游业下滑还会严重影响农业等相关行业,因为酒店和餐厅不再采购食品。Above all, poorer countries suffer from being seen as more dangerous. They can also suffer by association. Last month, a Moroccan hotelier told the Financial Times that she had struggled to fill her rooms since the Tunisian beach attack — even though the two countries do not share a border. What can poorer countries do to mitigate the damage to their tourist industries after a terrorist attack?最重要的是,较贫穷国家还要承受被人们视为更加危险而带来的损失。他们还可能受到连带影响。上月,一位洛哥酒店老板对英国《金融时报》说,自突尼斯海滩袭击案发生以来,她一直在为酒店的入住率发愁——尽管洛哥与突尼斯根本不相邻。较贫穷国家能做什么来减少恐怖袭击对本国旅游行业造成的损害呢?They can increase security and hope nothing similar happens for a long time. But countries with a history of civil disorder — or countries in a region of civil disorder — have a bigger battle to win back travellers’ confidence than wealthier, stable ones.他们可以加强安保,期望很长时期内不发生类似的事情。但是,相比较富裕、稳定的国家,有过内乱历史的国家——或处于战乱地区的国家——需要做出更大努力才能赢回游客信心。Their tourist industries are particularly vulnerable. Tourism also represents openness and pleasure, which is why terrorists target it.这些国家的旅游业尤其脆弱。旅游业还代表着开放与快乐,而这正是恐怖分子选择旅游业为目标的原因。 /201512/415112 It can be one of the most frustrating things in life – waiting in line at the supermarket在超市排队结账真是一件非常让人懊恼崩溃的事。But new research shows that a few simple #39;life hacks#39; can make the process much quicker and pain-free than you may think.但最新调查研究表明,几个简单的生活小技巧可帮助我们加快结账排队速度,并且没有我们想象中那么复杂麻烦。Choosing to be served by female cashiers, standing in queues that feed into several tills and spying on other shoppers#39; grocery shop are just some of the ways to avoid the ded queues.选女收银员结账,排有若干个收款台的队伍,“偷瞄”其他顾客所买的杂货都能让我们避免那令人抓狂的长队。And opting for checkouts on the left or queuing behind shoppers with a trolley could also help cut down the amount of time waiting in line.此外,选择左手边结账口或排在推着购物车的顾客后面也能减少队伍等待时间。The #39;life hacks#39; have emerged after researchers found that the average Briton spends between one and six months of their life standing in line at the shops.生活小妙招的出现源于研究人员发现英国人一生平均要花费一到六个月时间在商店排队等候。Desmos, a US organisation that promotes maths, technology and data, has spent months analysing supermarket data and has revealed the best ways to beat the queues.一家专业研究数字、技术和数据的美国机构Desmos花费了数个月时间对超市数据进行了分析,并提出了不用长时间排队等候的最佳方式。Dan Meyer, a former maths teacher turned chief academic officer at Desmos, said it takes a baseline of 41 seconds for each customer to pass through a till, with an additional three seconds added on per item they are purchasing.曾是一名数学老师、后成为Desmos首席学术官的达恩·迈尔表示,每名顾客通过收银台平均要用41秒,购买的物品每件再额外增加3秒。#39;Every person requires a fixed amount of time to say hello, pay, say goodbye and clear out of the lane,#39; he told the New York Times.他在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示:“每个人说你好、付多少钱、再见以及结完账腾出空位的时间都是固定不变的。”He said the data showed that standing in line with numerous customers who are buying fewer items – such as basket shoppers at the #39;10 items or less#39; checkout – can be a bad choice.他说道,数据显示,排在很多购物少的顾客后面——比如在“10件或少于10件”结账口使用购物篮的顾客,会是个很糟糕的决定。Instead, he says it actually works out quicker to stand behind one person with a trolley full of items, as the face-to-face interaction time is quicker than having to wait for the cashier to greet numerous shoppers.相反,站在一个购物车满满当当的顾客后面速度会更快,因为和等待收银员一个个问候顾客相比,面对面交流时间减少能够加快排队速度。Meanwhile, Robert Samuel, founder of the New York-based Same Ole Line Dudes – a service that stands in line on behalf of customers - said most people are right-handed and therefore tend to queue on the right-hand side.同时,纽约Same Ole Line Dudes公司(一家专门代客排队的务机构)的创始人罗伯特·塞缪尔表示,由于大多数人是右撇子,所以多倾向于站在右边队伍排队。He advises customers to queue on the left, and said he opts for female cashiers.他建议顾客站在左边,并表示他会选择女性收银员。#39;This may seem sexist, but I prefer female cashiers. In my experience they seem to be the most expedient at register transactions and processing,#39; he told the newspaper.他在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示:“虽然这似乎有点性别歧视,但我确实更倾向于选女收银员。根据我的亲身体验,女收银员在结账交易处理上更快捷利索。”His other advice includes always facing bar codes toward the cashier, removing the hangers of clothes before they are scanned and splitting the items between yourself and a friend to get through the tills quicker.他还提出了一些其它建议,比如将商品条形码正对收银员、在收银员扫码前把衣上的衣架摘去、将自己和朋友买的东西分开来等等,这些都能加快结账速度。 /201609/468525广东省佛山割包皮手术佛山不孕不育检查费用是多少



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