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Feng Xiaogang, a renowned director from the Chinese mainland, won the best leading actor award at the Golden Horse Awards his permance in the film ;Mr. Six;. The award ceremony was held late Saturday night in Taipei.中国大陆的知名导演冯小刚,由于在电影《老炮中的出色演出,在金马奖的颁奖典礼上获得了最佳男演员这一奖项这次颁奖典礼是于周六晚上在台北举行的Feng played an aged gangster in the action comedy ;Mr. Six;. He won the award the best adapted screenplay of Golden Horse in .冯小刚在这部动作喜剧《老炮中饰演一位上了年纪的老流氓值得一提的是,他在年曾经获得过金马奖最佳改编剧本这一奖项Another two mainland directors also scored awards of Golden Horse. Jiang Zhengke won the best original screenplay award his film ;Mountains May Depart; and Pema Tseden won the best adapted screenplay award his film ;Tharlo;.另外两名大陆的导演也在典礼中获奖,贾樟柯由于执导影片《山河故人而获得最佳原创剧本奖,万玛才旦由于影片《塔洛获得了最佳改编剧本奖The best director award went to Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien, who also won the best director award at the Cannes Film Festival in May the film ;The Assassin;. The film won the best feature film award Saturday night.台湾导演侯孝贤斩获最佳导演奖,在五月他也由于影片《刺客聂隐娘在戛纳电影节获得了最佳导演奖.这部影片在周六晚上也获得了最佳剧情片这一荣誉The best leading actress went to Karena Lam from Taiwan her role in the film Zinnia Flower.台湾艺人林嘉欣由于出演影片《百日告别而获得最佳女演员的称号 1

It may be a fairly ordinary task if you're doing it in your kitchen. But standing in the middle of the street on what was only her third official engagement, Kate Middleton could be given feeling a little shaky. On a surprise visit to Belfast, both Prince William and Kate attempted the difficult flip a charity fundraiser to mark Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day. William tossed his pancake with aplomb leaving Kate under pressure to perm.   距威廉王子与未婚妻凯特在威斯敏斯特教堂的大婚典礼可以用“指日可待”来计算了,这位准皇室夫妇非但没有“积极”筹备婚礼,反倒进行他们的“政治使命”前往北爱尔兰贝尔法斯特进行非正式访问谁也没有想到,还没有正式嫁入“皇室豪门”的凯特,已经迫不及待尝试厨房内的“烹饪绝技”,试图在告诉大家,她才是真正的王妃,也是威廉的妻子据悉,凯特与威廉在参观某慈善机构时,被要求“抛煎饼”(当天是煎饼日)来庆祝当地的节日,看得出凯特在抛煎饼的时候承受着巨大的压力,幸好,煎饼没有落地,一切安然无恙 The Royal couple are touring the UK ahead of the wedding in April and by the looks of things, there is little doubt that she is settling into her new role with confidence and ease. And a refreshing change, Kate opted to wear an on-trend ?650 Burberry trench coat with skirt detailing, a notable contrast to the more mal attire we have seen over the last two weeks - swapping her flat boots high-heel courts. Perhaps Kate, 9, has been taking note of the fashion critics who have called the future Princess to adopt an edgier, younger look.   虽然月的婚礼已经“迫在眉睫”,但是近在咫尺的皇室身份并没让凯特十分适应,在陪同威廉访问贝尔法斯特的途中,凯特表现得十分不自然,还没有表现出完全的自信在正式场合中,凯特选择身穿一件价格高达650英镑的巴宝莉新款米色外套、脚踩黑色高跟鞋示人有人猜测,也许凯特是听从了时尚员的建议,最近的着装打扮偏年轻化,展现出了9岁女性的特有风采   There have aly been reports that Kate has decided to have her wedding dress designed by Alexander McQueen's avant-garde protegee Sarah Burton - a welcome choice in the fashion world. And although the rumours have been heavily denied, it seems Kate's slight but bold sartorial adjustment today is a statement that she intends to make conscious fashion decisions when it comes to her wardrobe.   关于凯特在婚礼中所选择的“嫁衣”一直是媒体们好奇、并想要探听的秘密,据悉,凯特有可能选择时尚大师“亚历山大·麦昆”的作品,而被亚历山大·麦昆器重的设计师莎拉·伯顿 (Sarah Burton)也是凯特的选择之一也许对于凯特的嫁衣的猜测不到最后时候都不会公布,但是从今天在北爱的着装上可以看到,凯特还是有可能会选择“稳重”“端庄”的穿衣风格 777

Looks like the Belieber backlash was a little overwhelming -- no surprises there.贾斯汀·比伯的粉丝军团“比裂波”看起来让人有点招架不住——其实这一点也不稀奇After ;Supernatural; star Jared Padalecki threw shade at Justin Bieber over allegedly letting his friend Lil Za ;take the fall; him in his recent drug arrest, the Bieber fans started attacking Padalecki on Twitter. Because, of course; what else do pre-teen girls have to do during the day other than harass celebrities online?贾斯汀·比伯家之前被警方突袭,警察在他家搜出毒品,结果把他好基友Lil Za 带走了《邪恶力量主演贾德·帕达里克在推特上吐槽比伯是让基友顶罪,不料比伯的粉丝在推特上跳出来对帕达里克进行攻击因为……十岁左右的小姑娘除了在网上骚扰明星,还能做些什么呢?Padalecki revealed that he was shocked by some of the intense responses he been receiving by Beliebers when E! News caught up with him on the red carpet bee the Critics Choice Movie Awards on Thursday (Jan. ).在上周四(1月日)家选择奖的红毯上,帕达里克在接受《E!News采访时称,自己也被一些“比裂波”激烈的回复震惊了;I was like, Uh, Justin Bieber buddies are gonna beat me up.; Padalecki says. ;I was like, I was just kind of sending a joke.;“感觉我像是要被比伯的粉丝群殴了” 帕达里克说“我就是开个玩笑而已”Some of Bieber biggest supporters even threatened to not watch Padalecki long-running CW drama, ;Supernatural; ... although those werent the worst threats Padalecki received.一些铁杆“比裂波”甚至扬言抵制帕达里克出演的CW剧《邪恶力量——尽管这并不算是帕达里克收到的最有威胁性的回复;Listen, I have a world full of -year-olds trying to kill me,; Padalecki says. ;So watch my back! We have people watching around Beliebers.;“估计现在得有一群岁的比伯小粉丝想把我杀了,” 帕达里克说“所以我得留心了,还得让人去探视比伯粉丝的行动”

Hollywood isnt the only eign player eyeing China. 好莱坞并不是唯一一个瞄准中国市场的海外影视基地 Two major South Korean studios are strengthening cooperation with local players to grab a foothold in the world second-largest movie market. 韩国两大影视公司正加强与中国本土影视公司的合作,以期在这个全球第二大电影市场站稳脚跟 Last month, China Huayi Brothers Media Corp. and Korea ShowboxMediaplex Inc. released the $ million, 3-D movie Mr. Go, about a gorilla from a Chinese circus who becomes a baseball superstar in Korea major leagues. 上个月,中国华谊兄弟传媒股份有限公司(Huayi Brothers Media Corp. , 简称:华谊兄弟)与韩国公司ShowboxMediaplex Inc.推出了一部耗资,000万美元(约合人民币1.亿元)的3D电影《大明猩(Mr. Go),该片讲述的是一只来自中国马戏团的大猩猩如何成为韩国棒球联赛超级明星的故事 Since opening in South Korea on July , the film has pulled in about 8. billion won (.6 million), according to the Korean Film Council, known as Kofic. In China, where it opened a day later, it has pulled in a bit more than 0 million yuan ($.3 million), according to media-research firm EntGroup Inc. 据韩国电影振兴委员会(Korean Film Council, 简称Kofic)的数据显示,自7月日在韩国上映以来,《大明猩已经取得了约8亿韩圆(约合人民币,600万元)的票房媒体研究公司艺恩咨询(EntGroup Inc.)的数据则显示,自7月18日在中国上映以来,该片的票房已经略微超过人民币1亿元 It is doing not bad, though not as good as expected, said Son Jang-hyun, one of the producers of Mr. Go. 《大明猩的制作人之一孙长铉(Son Jang-hyun)表示,这部电影的成绩还不错,但没有预期的那么好 In June, South Korea CJ Eamp;M Corp. struck a deal with state-run China Film Group and Pegasus amp; Taihe Entertainment International Co., a private Chinese company, to produce a sci-fi fantasy project called The Fist, featuring Chinese and Korean actors. In April, it also signed with the two companies to produce a 3-D Chinese historical epic, along with Avatar director-producer James Cameron. 今年6月,韩国的CJ Eamp;M Corp. 与中国国有企业中国电影集团公司(China Film Group)和中国私人企业派格太合环球传媒(Pegasus amp; Taihe Entertainment International Co.)达成协议,将制作一部由中韩两国演员联袂出演的科幻电影──《The Fist早在月份,CJ Eamp;M还与上述两家公司签署了协议,将与电影《阿凡达(Avatar)的导演兼制作人詹姆斯#539;卡梅隆(James Cameron)联合制作一部3D中国史诗大片 Mr. Go represents one of the biggest attempts yet by Korea vibrant pop-culture industry to make inroads into China. The producers have been promoting it in both countries months. In China, Huayi Brothers sent Mr. Go dolls to celebrities across the country and got them to pose with the dolls photos posted to Sina Corp. Twitter-like Weibo microblogging service. Kofic, a government-supported body that promotes and supports Korean films, named it as one of the three biggest global projects of Korean-initiated film co-productions this year. 《大明猩是活力四射的韩国流行文化产业为进军中国市场所做出的最大尝试之一该片的制作方在韩中两国为此片展开宣传攻势已有数月在中国,华谊兄弟将“大明猩”玩偶送给全国各地的名流,让他们在新浪(Sina Corp.)微上晒自己与玩偶的合影Kofic称该片是今年由韩国发起的、与其他合作方联合制作的三部全球大片之一Kofic是一家由韩国政府持的、旨在促进和扶持韩国电影产业的机构 #81;Mr. Go is not a cast-driven film, so we had to give the overall marketing campaign a different angle from other local blockbusters, said Chris Jung, COO of ShowboxMediaplex, whose company started to promote the film in Korea in early March. We believe its touching story can emotionally draw both markets. ShowboxMediaplex的首席营运长Chris Jung表示,《大明猩不是一部靠明星阵容吸引观众的电影,,他们必须选择一个与本土大片不同的角度来进行影片的整体宣传该公司于3月初在韩国开始了对《大明猩的宣传推广Jung说,相信这个感人的故事能够吸引韩中两个市场的观众 It is the first time that Huayi has co-produced with Korean companies, so it would be great if it can pull in more than 0 million yuan in China, Wang Zhonglei, chairman of Huayi Brothers, said prior to the film opening. We are confident that this film will gross high in Korea, so the earnings can cover the cost even without China market. 华谊兄弟总裁王中磊在该片首映礼之前表示,这是华谊首次与韩国公司联合制作电影,如果该片在中国的票房能过亿,就非常不错了;他们有信心该片在韩国市场将获得很高的总票房,即便不考虑中国市场,影片的收入也能够覆盖出 We will have a sequel of Mr. Go with Huayi Brothers and are working on the script, said Kim Yong-hwa, the director of Mr. Go and founder of Dexter Digital, a Korean visual-effects studio. I am also thinking about finding Chinese partners to produce films like Transmers in the future. 《大明猩的导演、韩国视觉效果工作室Dexter Digital的创始人金容华(Kim Yong-hwa)表示,将与华谊兄弟合作推出《大明猩系列电影,目前正在创作剧本;他也在考虑寻找中国搭档在未来制作类似《变形金刚那样的电影 Korean dramas have long been popular in China, as they are elsewhere in Asia. But as with U.S.-China co-productions, Chinese co-productions with Korean studios have been a mixed bag. Since initial cooperation in 00, films co-produced by the two sides havent been embraced as much as backers hoped. In , Dangerous Liaisons, an adaptation of the 18th-century French novel starring Zhang Ziyi and Jang Dong-gun, pulled in just a little more than 60 million yuan in China, according to Kofic, less than half of its budget. 韩剧在中国流行已久,它们在亚洲其他地区同样也很受欢迎但就如中美联合出品的电影一样,中韩联合打造的电影也是表现不一自00年首次展开合作以来,中韩联合制作的电影并没有取得投资方所期望的票房来自Kofic的数据显示,年,由章子怡和张东健主演的改编自18世纪法国小说的电影《危险关系(Dangerous Liaisons)在中国市场仅获得了略高于人民币6,000万元的票房,不及该片预算的一半 However, another recent Sino-Korean co-production, the romantic tearjerker A Wedding Invitation released in April, earned 19. million yuan (.3 million), according to EntGroup. 但最近中韩联合出品的另一部影片──月份上映的浪漫催泪片《分手合约(A Wedding Invitation)却取得了不俗的票房成绩艺恩咨询的数据显示,该片的票房达到了人民币1.9亿元 CJ Eamp;M has ratcheted up its ambitions following A Wedding Invitation, with big plans specifically The Fist with its Chinese partners. This movie aims at the Pan-Asia market and will be released world-wide, said Jeong Tae-sung, CEO of the film division of CJ Eamp;M. 在推出《分手合约后,CJ Eamp;M的雄心壮志渐长,该公司专门为与中国搭档合作的影片《The Fist制定了宏大的计划CJ Eamp;M电影部门首席执行长Jeong Tae-sung表示,这部电影的目标是泛亚洲市场,并将在全球范围发行 CJ Eamp;M is also developing more co-production projects with China, one-third of which will be launched next year, said Mr. Jeong, whose company held a Chinese film festival in Korea in June with the Chinese government. Its ambition is beyond production. We will help introduce China local films to the world by our distribution network in Asia and the U.S., he said. Jeong表示,CJ Eamp;M也在开发与中国合作的其他个项目,其中三分之一的项目将于明年启动今年6月,CJ Eamp;M与中国政府一同在韩国举办了一个中国电影节该公司的远大目标不仅仅局限在电影制作上Jeong说,他们将通过公司在亚洲和美国的发行网络帮助中国本土电影走向世界 CJ Eamp;M opened its office in in Beijing, where its staff has grown to 60 people from seven initially. It previously invested in the state-commissioned, star-studded propaganda epic about the Communist Party, Beginning of the Great Revival. 年CJ Eamp;M在北京设立了办公室,其员工人数已经从最初的七人增加至60人年,该公司投资了一部众星云集的献礼片《建党伟业(Beginning of the Great Revival),该片是有关中国共产党宣传史诗片 Besides the two major studios, many small and midsize Korean production companies are going to China to look financing, according to Kofic. They dont know where to find money here, and many are trying to enter the local market by joining local film festivals, said Zhou Jianwei, a prominent researcher on Korean film based in Shanghai. 据Kofic表示,除了上述两大韩国公司,许多中小型韩国影视公司也纷纷前往中国筹措资金一位驻上海的知名韩国电影研究人Zhou Jianwei 表示,它们不清楚在哪里可以找到资金,许多公司正试图通过参加本地的电影节来打入本地市场 Financing isnt the only difficulty when tapping into the market. Rules in China are not that explicit, so you have to try, fall flat and then you may get it, said Ms. Zhou. It is more difficult to co-produce in mainland China than with Hong Kong and Taiwan partners, as censorship here starts from the script writing. 融资并不是韩国公司进军中国市场时面临的唯一困难Zhou表示,中国的相关制度规定并不十分清晰,你必须先尝试,经历失败之后你才有可能成功她说,与中国大陆合作比与香港和台湾合作的难度更大,因为中国大陆对电影的审查从剧本就开始了 Korea shares culture and geographical proximity with China, and our film industry is well-developed, said Kim Pil-jung, manager of Kofic China office. Compared with Hollywood, we charge much less from Chinese companies in co-productions. Kofic中国办公室经理Kim Pil-jung表示,韩国文化与中国文化有相通之处,两国又是邻国,而且韩国的电影产业很发达,相比好莱坞,韩国公司在联合制作影片方面向中国公司收取的费用要低得多 5386

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