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河南祛斑郑州大学附属医院激光除皱手术价钱费用This is the second in our two-part intermediate Business English Podcast series on opening and managing meetings. In the first episode, we looked at how to open a meeting. In today’s podcast lesson we’re going to cover how to manage the discussion.这是有关开始会议和引导会议两节商务播客中的第二节课。在第一节课中,我们学习了如何开始会议,在今天的商务播客中,我们将要讨论下如何引导大家的议论。Martin, the GM of Daneline Singapore, is discussing with his staff how to make up a budget shortfall. He has just asked Sandra to kick off the first item on the agenda – outsourcing the cleaning. Daneline Singapore新加坡的总经理正在和小组成员讨论如何弥补预算的不足。他刚刚让Sandr剔除了议事日程上的第一项——将清洁工作外包Listening Quiz:1) How much money can Daneline Singapore save by outsourcing cleaning?2) Does Sam like pizza?3) Does Dave agree with the strategy of outsourcing cleaning?4) How does Dave suggest dealing with the brochure redesign? /201101/124365郑州玻尿酸丰唇哪家医院好 Checking out of a hotel 宾馆退房 If you've ever checked into a hotel, there's one more thing you'll definitely have to do before you leave, check out of the hotel and pay the bill. So, in this Business English Podcast lesson we'll be looking at some of the language you might use as you're preparing to depart. 如果你入住了一家宾馆,那么在离开前你必须做的一件事就是退房结账。那么,在今天的原汁原味英语播客节目里,我们就来学习离开结账时要用到的语言。 A while back, in BEP 55 and BEP 56, we were introduced to Alan Chan and Honesto Salvador, two employees of a US electronics manufacturer visiting the USA on a business trip. As part of their training they have made a trip to Boston and will also travel to a nearby plant in New Haven. We join Alan and Honesto at the hotel in Boston as they go to reception to check out and pay the bill. 在之前的55、56期节目中,我们认识了美国一家电气产品制造企业的两名员工Alan Chan和Honesto Salvador。他们正在美国出差。作为培训的一部分,他们要去一趟波士顿和一处唯一纽黑文的工场。我们现在就看一看他们两个在波士顿的宾馆出发时到前台退房结账的场景。Listening Questions:1. How does Honesto feel about breakfast at the hotel?2. Who was responsible for the minibar charge?3. Why does Honesto mention his club membership?4. How will Alan and Honesto get to the airport? /201110/157546Raise the capital资金筹措A:Where on earth are we going to borrow at 3%?A:我们将从哪里筹借到3%?B:We can borrow from a bank, the gross interest rate will be something like 7%. With corporate tax at say 30%. We are only paying on 50% of this .There is still inflation to consider.B:我们可以从借到。毛利率是7%。企业税是30%。我们只付其中的50%,其中包含了通货膨胀率。A:You can knock off another 2% for that.A:你可以从中扣除掉2%。B:We can borrow as much as we can.B:尽我们所能借吗?A:Not quite,if we get too heavily in debt.the shares will tend to drop.A:不完全是。如果我们负债太多,分红就会下降。B:How much loan capital can we safely raise then?B:我们需要多少借贷资本以能保分红?A:I would like to have notice of that question,I will give you an answer in a week.A:我会考虑这个问题。我将在一周内给你。 /201510/404510郑州/整形医院

郑州中心医院口腔科安阳市人民医院去痘印多少钱 Visiting a Factory参观工厂A: Put on the helmet, please.A:请戴上安全帽。B: Do we need to put on the jackets too?B:我们还得穿上罩衣吗?A: Youd better, to protect your clothes. Now please watch your step.A:最好穿上,以免弄脏你们的衣。请留神脚下。B: Thank you. Is the production line fully automated?B:谢谢。生产线都是全自动的吗?A: Well, not fully automated.A:哦,不是全自动的。B: I see. How do you control the quality?B:哦,那你们如何控制质量呢?A: All products have to go through five checks in the whole manufacturing process.A:所有产品在整个生产过程中都必须通过五道质量检查关。B: Whats the monthly output?B:月产量多少?A: One thousand units per month now. But well be making 1200 units beginning with October.A:目前每月 1000套,但从十月份开始每月将提高为 1200套。B: Whats your usual percentage of rejects?B:每月不合格率通常是多少?A: About 2% in normal operations.A:正常情况下为2%左右。B: Thats wonderful. Is that where the finished products come off?B:那太了不起了。成品是从那边出来吗?A: Yes. Shall we take a break now?A:是的,现在我们稍微休息一下吧。 /201504/366800郑州市激光祛疤多少钱

河南省郑州华山整形美容医院腋下脱毛怎么样A:we want to achieve the market goal with the right media. B:Certainly. We've done some tactical planning aly. We think we've come up with a good plan. A:What media do you plan to use?B:Well, taking into account the image you want to project, we've asked our copywriters to prepare copy for computer magazines and the Internet first. A:So that way, our advertising dollars would be focused on people we know are computer users. B:Yes. We'll also run billboard and newspaper ads to help create broad brand recognition. A:Will there be any direct mail? B:No. That would not be correct for a manufacturer like you. Leave that to the retailers. A:Good point. Please prepare a more detailed proposal, and then I'll pitch it to the higher-ups. B:Great. We'll get started right away. /201004/101776 【Trancript】A paper jamA:Look, the printer isn’t functioning well. I’ve pushed the start button. It is supposed to be working now but it remains like a log. What’s going on?B:Let me check. It has a paper jam.A:I didn’t pay attention to that. I will try to get the paper out.B:Be careful, the cartridge can be very hot. /201007/109074郑州/省人民医院治疗痘痘多少钱郑州/颐和医院丰胸多少钱



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