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当红 明星 青涩少儿英语情景对话:邀请-- :9:1   Invitation   邀请   Man: Betty,do you want to go to cinema this weekend?  Betty: Is there anything good showing?  Man: Yes,it's "Romeo and Juliet".  Betty: Great! What time will it start?  Man: 6p.m. Will you be free then?  Betty: Yes,I'll be free. I'd love to go.  男:贝蒂,你要不要这个周末去电影院?  贝蒂:有什么好的电影吗?  男:是的,是“罗密欧与朱丽叶”  贝蒂:太好了!什么时候开始?  男:下午6点你有空吗?  贝蒂:是的,我有空我很想去好看的电视节目-30 1:: A:Hey, Jimmy, you've been sitting in front of the TV all day. Anything interesting on TV?喂,吉米,你在电视机前坐了一天了,电视上有什么有意思的节目吗?B:Not really. Quite boring right now, actually. Mostly infomercials and public serveice announcements.没有啊.其实现在挺无聊的,净是长篇的购物广告和公共务通知.A:Why don't you turn off the TV and get outside? You need to get some fresh air.那位什么不把电视关了出去走走呢?你需要呼吸点新鲜空气.B:I know, I know.But my favorite show is on in a couple of minutes. It's the series finals, and I wouldn't miss it the world!知道了知道了.不过我最喜欢的节目几分钟后就要开始了,是这部戏的大结局,我无论如何都不会错过的.A:Really? What's the series about?是吗?这部戏是关于什么的呢?B:Well, it's about how an immigrant girl achieve her dream in America. It's a sitcom but really quite smart and really funny. I think you'd like it.是讲一个移民到美国的小女孩实现梦想的故事.虽然是情景喜剧,可是拍的很有内容也很有意思.我觉得你可能会喜欢.A:It sounds interesting, but I am not a big fan of TV shows. They're time consuming and don't have much depth.听起来挺有意思.不过我不太喜欢看电视剧,我觉得电视剧花太多时间,而且没有深度.B:I believe some shows are quite inmative and interesting. Take this show example, it examines American xenophobia and how it might conflict with the American dream, with hilarious results.我认为有一些节目的信息量还是挺大的,也挺有意思.那这个电视剧来说,它就审视了美国人对外来移民的抵制心态,还讲了这种心态如何与美国梦之间产生矛盾,以及这种矛盾带来的滑稽后果.A:Really? that's interesting!真的?听起来挺有意思的.B:Yeah.Oh, here it comes! why don't we watch it together? they are going to have a court debate in this episode. It should be good.是这样的.哦,开始了,我们可以一起看啊.这一集里他们要在法庭上辩论,应该挺好看的.A:OK, I'll give it a go.好的,那就看看吧.

餐厅英语对话:抱怨饭菜--5 :59:00 餐厅英语对话:抱怨饭菜smells tastes a bit off 有点变质了,有点馊了house specialty 招牌菜Waiter:Is anything wrong with your food this evening, Miss? Linda:Sorry to trouble you, but I don’t think this fish is fresh. It actually tastes a bit off Waiter:Sorry, Miss. I’ll replace it immediately. Can I get you another drink while you wait?Linda:No, please don’t do that. I’d just like to return itWaiter:I’m sorry, Miss, but I’m afraid we can’t do that. But you may order something else instead. I would love to suggest the steak. It’s the house specialty and quite tastyLinda:OK, then please bring me the steak medium-rare. Thank youWaiter:OK, Miss. I hope you enjoy the rest of your dinner.

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 Everyday routine每天小事Share your love分享你的爱Of the all the things I say or do, the way I love matters most. Love extends a piece of my kindness to someone, or something else. 在我说过或做过的事情中,爱的方式是最重要的爱可以把我的好意传给他人或其他的事物I share my love by helping someone feel special; volunteering my time and talent; sharing my heart through my writing and by providing unconditional love my family.我通过让他人感受到特别来分享我的爱;自愿贡献我的时间和天赋;通过写作来分享我的内心,并为我的家人提供无条件的爱Give a hug, make time, listen, care, support and protect. All good, simple things to do; and especially good to do when they are powered by love.给予一个拥抱、抽出时间、去倾听、去关心、去持、去保护做好的、简单的事情;尤其是在爱的动力下做好事《年全部节目MP3资料包请关注微信公众号:安夏说英语(anxia),关注之后后台回复:,即可自动获取![本节目属] 56

Yesterday was the SinglesDay and also the country biggest e-commerce sales day. The total sales volume on Tmall exceeded 57.1 billion yuan, 57% higher than sales on the same day last year.How crazy was it? 198

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