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Democratic state Sen. Ted Lieu of Torrance called on Fox News host Bob Beckel to resign Saturday after he said on the air Thursday that ;Chinamen; are the single biggest threat to national security.美国华裔民主党加州参议员刘云平周六发表声明,要求福克斯新闻台主播鲍勃·贝克尔为其周四节目中“‘中国佬’是对美国国家安全最大的威胁”的言辞引咎辞职。During an episode of the “The Five,Beckel said: ;As usual, we bring them over here and teach a bunch of Chinamen -- Chinese people -- how to do computers and then they go back to China and hack into us.”在周四的The Five节目中,贝克尔说,“像往常一样,我们把他们带到这里,教一帮中国佬……呃,中国人,怎样使用电脑,然后他们回到中国,非法侵入我们的系统。”“We should all be alarmed by the racist, xenophobic comments by Fox News host Bob Beckel,; Lieu said in a statement Saturday. ;His comments have no place in America, and this is at least the second time he has used racial slurs. He must resign immediately.;“对于福克斯新闻台主播鲍贝克尔的这种种族主义的、排外的言论,我们都应该有所警惕,”刘云平在周六的声明中指出,“他的言论在美国是站不住脚的,而且这至少已是他第二次说出这种种族歧视的言论。他必须立马辞职。”Beckel was commenting on a New York Times article that said Chinese hackers broke into the computer networks of a U.S. government agency that houses the personal information of all federal employees.贝克尔曾在《纽约时报》一篇文章的中称,中国黑客侵入了美国政府机关的电脑网络,网络中储存着所有联邦雇员的个人信息。This is not the first time Beckel has caused a stir with his remarks about race. Last year he said on the show that once after he went swimming, his “eyes blew up; and ;it made me look Oriental.”这已经不是贝克尔第一次用他带有种族色的引起争议了。去年他在节目中称,有一次他去游泳的时候,“眼睛都胀大了”,这“让我看起来像是个东方人”。“I am one of those ‘Chinamenwith ‘Orientaleyes that immigrated to America and majored in computer science. I also served on active duty in the ed States Air Force and continue to serve my country in the Reserves,; Lieu said in the statement. ;And today, as an American and as a California state senator, I call on Mr. Beckel to resign.;“我是一个‘中国佬’,长着‘东方人’的眼睛,我移民来到美国,学习的是计算机科学。我还曾经是美国空军现役部队的一员,并继续作为后备役为我的国家务,”刘云平在声明中说道,“今天,作为一个美国人,作为一名加州州参议员,我要求贝克尔先生辞职。”Lieu is running against gang prosecutor Elan Carr to replace U.S. Rep. Henry A. Waxman.刘云平正在与共和党检察官卡尔竞争国会众议员沃克斯曼空出的席位。来 /201407/312372Taiwan Economic Minister Chang Chia-juch and his deputy Woody Duh on Thursday offered to step down to take responsibility over last weeks gas explosions in the southern city of Kaohsiung, making them possibly the first high-ranking officials to fall after the fatal accident that killed at least 30 people.台湾经济部长张家Chang Chia-juch)和经济部政务次长杜紫Woody Duh)周四提出辞职,为上周高雄气体爆炸事件负责,他们可能是在此次致命事故后首批下台的高官。高雄气体爆炸事件造成至少30人死亡。Their resignations are still pending approval from Premier Jiang Yi-hua. The cabinet said it is trying to make them stay.这两位官员的辞职尚需得到台湾行政院院长江宜桦的批准。台湾行政院表示,正力争说两人留任。In a statement, Mr. Chang said finger-pointing between the local and central governments over the explosions has escalated and created political instability in Taiwan. He urged political parties to stand united to resolve the crisis.张家祝在一份声明中称,地方仍持续指责中央,造成政局动荡不安。他呼吁各党派团结一致解决危机I choose to shoulder all responsibilities and undertake all criticisms, hoping to take this opportunity to urge the ruling and opposition parties to cast aside their own political interests and join hands to resolve the problems before us, the statement said.声明称:“家祝选择一肩扛起,承担所有责难,期盼藉此呼吁朝野抛开政党利益,共同携手解决当前困境。”Shortly before midnight on July 31, a series of explosions, caused by propane leaked from a faulty underground pipe, rocked Kaohsiung and triggered massive fires. The explosions destroyed homes, tore open roads and injured over 300.71日午夜前,高雄发生一系列爆炸,并引发大火。爆炸是由一条出现故障的地下管道泄漏的丙烷导致的。爆炸造成房屋损毁、道路断裂,超过300人受伤。A preliminary investigation by the city shows the faulty gas pipe belonged to LCY Chemical Corp., a major Taiwanese petrochemical player with a spotty safety-violation record.高雄市进行的初步调查显示,破损的天然气管道属于李长荣化学工业股份有限公司(LCY Chemical Co., 简称:李长荣化,这是台湾重要的化工企业,过去曾有过违反安全规定的纪录。Blames are also being hurled at the city and central governments for possible regulatory oversight for failing to make sure companies are performing routine maintenance of pipes. Prosecutors are still investigating the underlying causes.高雄市及中央政府也受到指责,因监管方面可能存在疏忽,未能确保企业对管道进行例行维护。检方也在调查其他潜在的事故原因。According to the ministry, the task of overseeing the health of the pipes lies with the local government where the pipes are buried.台湾经济部称,监管管道安全状况的任务应由管道所在地的地方政府承担。Mr. Chang, 64 years old, assumed the position in February 2013 amid heated controversies over Taiwans continual reliance on nuclear energy and the governments decision to raise the price of electricity. Before the appointment, Mr. Chang held top positions in several Taiwanese companies including China Airlines Ltd. and China Steel Corp.现年64岁的张家祝于2013月就任经济部长,当时围绕台湾是否应继续依赖核能和政府决定上调电价存在激烈争议。在就任经济部长之前,张家祝曾在中华航空股份有限公司(China Airlines Ltd., 简称:中华航空)、中国钢铁股份有限公China Steel Co., 简称:中钢公司)等几家台湾公司担任高管The resignation is clearly a move to stop public grievances from reaching all the way to the top level [of the government], said Wang Yeh-lih, political science professor at National Taiwan University.国立台湾大学政治学教授王业立表示,经济部长辞职显然是为了阻止公众不满情绪继续影响到政府高层。Four of the Kaohsiung governments ranking officials, including a deputy mayor, also offered Thursday to step down to take responsibility for the explosions. Their resignations are waiting for approval from Mayor Chen Chu.包括副市长在内的高雄市政府四位高级官员周四也提出辞职,为爆炸事故承担责任。他们的辞呈正等待市长陈菊批准。来 /201408/319411Change is good. It’s also inevitable, terrifying, and fraught—particularly “breakthrough change,otherwise known as the kind of change that will make everyone very uncomfortable and some of them unemployed.变革是件好事。它是在所避免的,也是令人害怕和忧虑的,特别是“突破性变革”,那种会让所有人都非常不舒,导致其中部分人失业的变革。We’ve all come across the many business books that attempt to tell us how to become a change agent. But what we haven’t much about is how, exactly, we should lead change within an organization. There’s been tons of blue sky, and not so much boots on the ground.许多商业书籍都试图告诉人们如何成为变革推动者,这类书我们屡见不鲜。但是,究竟怎样在一家组织中引领变革,则甚少有书提及。天马行空的理论太多,而脚踏实地的建议很少。Which is why I liked David Pottruck’s new book, Stacking the Deck: How to Lead Breakthrough Change Against Any Odds, so much. First, a disclaimer: I have known David since 2005, when I spent several months trying to convince him to talk about what it felt like to be publicly fired (he was co-CEO of Charles Schwab), and how he recovered his personal and professional balance afterwards. Incredibly, he agreed, and the resulting piece showcases a rarity—a humbled, vulnerable executive.我喜欢戴维o波特拉克最新著作的原因就在此。其大作名为《预先准备:如何突破所有障碍,引领突破性变革》(Stacking the Deck: How to Lead Breakthrough Change Against Any Odds)。首先声明,2005年我就与戴维相识。当时,我花了几个月来说他,想让他谈谈被公开解雇【他曾是嘉信理财(Charles Schwab)联合首席执行官】的感受,以及之后他是怎样在个人和职业方面重新实现平衡。不可思议的是,他答应了我的要求。从我就此写出的报道中可以看出,戴维是少见的谦卑而又居于弱势的公司高管。The good news is that Pottruck recovered, and he has since founded and invested in several companies. All the while, he continued to teach an executive education class at Wharton on breakthrough change—something he had done successfully at Schwab and elsewhere. The book comes out of his teaching, but is supplemented by extensive interviews he conducted with current top executives such as Intel President Renee James, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, JetBlue CEO Dave Barger, and others.好消息是他恢复了过来,成立并投资了数家公司,而且一直在沃顿商学院的高管培训课上教授突破性变革——在嘉信理财以及其他公司,他都成功实现了突破性变革。这本书来源于他的教义,但他还补充了大量对现任高管的访谈,包括英特尔(Intel)总裁詹睿妮、星巴克(Starbucks)首席执行官霍华德o舒尔茨和捷蓝航空(JetBlue)首席执行官戴夫o巴格尔等。The book is broken down into two parts; one the “Stacking the Deck process,in which Pottruck offers nine specific steps to create and lead the change process in your organization; and the second, a higher level look at the kinds of skills needed to motivate and inspire your team. The key point, he says, is a simple one, but it bears repeating: “Leading change requires leading people. Any transformation you propose, small or large, will ultimately not succeed if you don’t have the leadership skills to drive the process forward.”这本书分两部分:第一部分是关于“预先准备过程”,波特拉克在此具体介绍了在企业内部形成并引领变革的九个步骤;第二部分更进一步,探讨了鼓舞和激励团队成员所需要的技巧。他说,要点很简单,但值得反复强调,那就是:“变革需要有领导力的人来引领。如果不具备推动变革所需的领导技能,你所倡导的变革无论大小,最终都不会成功。”Pottruck is very specific in his how-to (each chapter ends with a one-page action plan to help bring each step to life), but he also brings much of the responsibility back to the leader. It is the leader’s job to understand just how stressful this process is, to celebrate victories when they occur, to develop an overarching vision that allows people to foresee the endgame, and—perhaps most important—how to determine which kinds of people should be on the change team. Metrics are important, but they can be overused, Pottruck says. “Remember that leading a breakthrough change is fundamentally about creating and managing both the actual momentum and the perception of momentum.”在具体如何操作上,波特拉克讲得非常具体(每个章节末尾都有一页行动方案,来帮助读者实现每个步骤)。不过,他也把大部分责任重新放回领导者肩上。领导者要明白变革过程的压力之大,在取得胜利时要庆祝,还要提出整体愿景,让大家预见最终的结果。同时,也许最为重要的是,领导者还要能识人,知道哪些人应该进入变革团队。波特鲁克认为,衡量指标很重要,但可能被滥用:“要记住,从根本上说,领导突破性变革,就是既要产生并管理实际动力,又要形成并管理对这股动力的认知。”What I enjoyed most about Stacking the Deck was Pottruck’s discussion about how a leader can communicate to inspire—and how, more than anything, authenticity is what matters. He uses a touching example of a speech from Howard Schultz, who, in his first week back at CEO of Starbucks, with sales collapsing, burst into tears while apologizing for the company’s performance. “I hadn’t gone in there planning to cry, but I was apologizing that we as leaders had let them, the workers and their families, down.”在这本书中,我最喜欢的部分是波特拉克谈到的两个问题,一是领导者怎样通过沟通来达到激励他人的目的;二是真诚有多重要。他举了一个感人的例子:重新担任星巴克CEO的第一周,霍华德o舒尔茨在演讲时痛哭流涕。当时星巴克销售额不断下滑,舒尔茨为公司业绩不佳道歉。舒尔茨后来说:“上台发言时我没打算流眼泪,但当时我是代表领导层道歉,为我们让员工及其家人失望道歉。”Had Schultz faked that emotion, the company might never have made it to the turnaround. But he didn’t—and then, once having established the connection, he was able to rally his store managers to be accountable for their storesperformance. Writes如果舒尔茨当时是在做戏,星巴克也许永远也无法扭转局面。但他的表现是真情流露——而建立了情感纽带后,他就能鼓舞各店铺经理对自己门店的业绩负责。波特拉克写道:“就变革进行沟通时,动机(以行动换取奖励)没那么重要,更重要的是激励(让人从内心产生渴望,想参与真正的重大事件,并为之做出贡献)。”这是非常棒的一课,而且对解释了为何众多变革项目以失败告终大有帮助 /201411/344406

After a deadly explosion in Chinas restive western region of Xinjiang this week, few observers were surprised when Chinas government quickly blamed separatists for an act of terrorism. Associated Press在本周新疆发生一起致命爆炸事件后,中国政府很快称维族分裂势力实施了这起恐怖主义行动,对此很少有观察人士感到意外。The U.S. government a day later called on Beijing to provide more proof about such claims. 但在一天之后,美国政府呼吁中国政府提供有关此类指控的更多据。Released on Thursday, the China section of the U.S. State Departments annual Country Reports on Terrorism didnt deal with the latest railway station explosion in the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi. 美国国务院周四发布了013年国家反恐报告Country Reports on Terrorism),该报告关于中国的部分并未提到最新发生在新疆乌鲁木齐火车站的爆炸案。But it took issue with the limited information provided by Chinas government following other deadly incidents that authorities likewise blamed on separatists. Those include the careering of a jeep into a crowd near the portrait of Mao Zedong in Tiananmen Square last October; the three people inside--ethnic Uighurs from Xinjiang--then set the vehicle on fire, according to official Chinese accounts. 但报告指出,中国政府在其他几次致命事件发生后提供的信息不够。中国政府同样称这些事件也系分裂势力所为。这些事件包括去0月份发生的天安门汽车爆炸案,当时一辆吉普车疾驰冲向毛泽东画像附近的人群,根据中国官方的说法,车内的三个新疆维吾尔族人士随后引燃了这辆汽车Chinese authorities labeled several incidents of violence involving members of the Uighur minority as acts of terrorism, said the State Department report. In general, Chinese authorities did not provide detailed evidence of terrorist involvement, and restricted the ability of journalists and international observers to independently verify official media accounts. 美国国务院发布的这份报告称,中国政府将数起有维族人参与的暴力事件定性为恐怖事件。整体看来,中国政府并未提供详细据明有恐怖分子参与其中,不仅如此中国政府还对记者和国际观察人士独立核实官方媒体的报道加以限制。That view also appeared reflected in the State Departments official response to the train station incident. Spokeswoman Marie Harf didnt use the word terror in commenting on it: 美国国务院对于此次火车站爆炸事件的官方回应也反映出这一观点。国务院发言人哈尔夫(Marie Harf)在这一事件时并未用到“恐怖”这一字眼The ed States condemns the horrific and despicable acts of violence against innocent civilians at the train station in Urumqi in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China, she said, using the regions full official name. We offer our condolences and sympathies to the victims, their families, and all of those affected by this tragedy. 她说,美国谴责发生在中国新疆维吾尔自治区乌鲁木齐火车站的针对无辜平民的可怕与卑鄙的暴力行径。美方向受害者、他们的家人以及所有受到这一悲剧影响的人表示哀悼和同情。In addition to faulting China for limiting information flow on acts it labels terrorism, the State Department said Beijing often fails to back up public statements in support of international cooperation to combat terrorism. 除了指责中国对其所称的恐怖主义行动提供的信息不足外,美国国务院还表示,对于持展开国际反恐合作的公开声明,北京方面经常不予持。The U.S. report also charged that recent Chinese legislation widens authorities remit to arrest suspects for endangering state security or crimes of terrorism and that authority has been used to detain dissidents, human rights activists and religious practitioners. 美国的上述报告还指称,中国法律扩大了“危及国家安全或恐怖主义罪行”的定义,同时有关部门据此扣押异见者、人权倡导者和宗教人士。Such assessments are irresponsible, Chinas Foreign Ministry said in response. 中国外交部回应称,这种论断是不负责任的说法China falls victim of terrorism, and always firmly opposes terrorism in any form and terrorist acts conducted or backed by any person under any name, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang said in a statement published on the ministrys website shortly after the U.S. report was released (in Chinese and English). 发言人秦刚在上述美国报告发布不久后中国外交部网站刊登的一份声明中表示,中国是恐怖主义的受害者,一贯坚决反对任何形式的恐怖主义,反对任何人以任何名义实施或持恐怖主义活动。Despite Beijings accusation that the U.S. has a double-standard when it comes to terrorism in China--a criticism repeated by Mr. Qin--Chinese are also conflicted about how to characterize violence with political overtones. Only days after the fiery car crash in Tiananmen Square was labeled terrorism, authorities declined to use the term when a middle-aged Chinese man was arrested for detonating explosives outside a Communist Party building in the city of Taiyuan. 尽管中国指责美国在中国的恐怖主义活动方面存在双重标准(秦刚在声明中重复了这一批评),中国人自己在如何界定有政治色的暴力行为方面也自相矛盾。就在天安门撞车事件被认定为恐怖主义之后刚过了几天,中国一个中年男子因在太原市的山西省委大楼前引爆爆炸物被捕,但有关部门拒绝使用“恐怖主义”这一表述。On a tour of Xinjiang this week, Chinese President Xi Jinping spent much of his time signaling he has all the proof he needs about the threat faced by his country. Following the Urumqi explosion, he was ed by the Xinhua news agency saying the anti-separatism battle in Xinjiang is long-term, complicated and acute. 中国国家主席习近平本周视察新疆时强调了他深刻知晓中国面临的威胁。在乌鲁木齐爆炸案发生后,新华社援引习近平的话称,必须深刻认识新疆分裂和反分裂斗争的长期性、复杂性和尖锐性。来 /201405/294057

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