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  First YMCA in North America established1851 - First YMCA in North America established in Montreal, Quebec.首个北美基督教青年会成立 1851年的今天,北美首个基督教青年会在魁北克的蒙特利尔成立(YMCA在全球130个国家有分机构,Pet Shop Boys-宠物店男孩的名曲‘YMCA’即来源于此)。China and Korea Declares war on Germany and Italy1941 - China and Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea declares war on Germany, and Italy.中韩向德意宣战 1941年的今天,中国和民主韩国临时政府共同向德国和意大利宣战。Tanganyika becomes independent1961 - Tanganyika becomes independent坦噶尼喀独立 1961年的今天,坦噶尼喀(坦桑尼亚的一部分,在非洲东部)独立。 The first gymnastics championship in China1979- Maliyam of China won gold in Women's Uneven bars Artistic Gymnastics at the 20th World Gymnastics Championships in Fort Worth.中国第一个体操冠军t1979年的今天,沃思堡第二十届世界体操锦标赛,中国马艳红获得体操女子高低杠金牌。seperation of Charles and Diana1992 - Separation of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales is announced.查尔斯与戴安娜分居 1992年的今天,查尔斯王子和戴安娜宣布分居。 /201012/120363


  Roughly a month after passing a law requiring adults to regularly visit their elderly parents, Chinese policy makers are considering legislation to encourage another activity the country’s people have neglected: ing. 在出台成年子女须定期探望年迈父母这一法律大约一个月后,中国决策者开始考虑通过立法鼓励另一项被国人忽视的活动:阅读。 The General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television announced that it had drawn up the first draft of a new Regulation on Public Reading Promotion, which it planned to submit to the country’s cabinet, the State Council, for approval by the end of the year. 中国国家新闻出版广电总局宣布,草拟了《全民阅读促进条例》初稿,打算在年底前将其提交给国务院审批。 The regulation, which has been in development since the country’s annual legislative conclave in March, is motivated by new research showing Chinese people ing books at a relatively low rate despite the country being one of the world’s most prolific book producers. 自从今年3月中国召开年度立法会议以来,该条例便一直在酝酿中,而这么做的动力来自一份新研究调查。调查显示,尽管中国是世界上最多产的图书生产国之一,但中国人的阅读率偏低。 Chinese people between the ages of 18 and 70 6.7 books on average last year, including paper books and e-books, an increase of roughly one book per year compared with 2011, according to a national public ing survey conducted by the state-affiliated Chinese Academy of Press and Publication. 国有机构中国新闻出版研究院对全国公众阅读情况的调查结果显示,去年年龄在18岁至70岁的中国人平均读了6.7本书(包括纸书和电子书),比2011年增加了一本左右。 American ers consumed an average of 15 books per year in 2012, according to a survey by Pew. Three-quarters of Americans at least one book last year, Pew found, which means that Americans 10.5 books on average in 2012 when noners are factored in. 皮尤(Pew)调查显示,2012年美国读者平均一年阅读15本书。调查发现,四分之三的美国人去年至少读了一本书,这意味着如考虑那些不读书的人,2012年美国人平均读了10.5本书。 China publishes more than 400,000 different book titles last year ─ a 14.4% increase from 2011 ─ according to official statistics. 据官方统计,以不同的书名来看,中国去年出版的书籍数量超过40万种,较2011年增加了14.4%。 Such a low ing rate is disturbing to leaders in a country that once chose its officials according to how well- they were. Yet social-media users haven’t taken kindly to the announcement of the law, details of which have yet to be released. 对于曾经根据学程度来选拔官员的中国来说,如此低的阅读率令中国领导人不安。但社交媒体用户并未对有关“阅读法”消息持欢迎态度。相关法律细节尚未公布。 “I totally agree with promoting ing, but doing it by law is totally crap and useless,” wrote one user of Sina Corp.’s popular Weibo microblogging service. 一位网友在新浪公司(Sina Corp.)旗下人气颇高的微上写道:我极度赞同全民读书,但是用立法推动阅读,纯属扯淡!净整没用的! “Will people get sentenced for not ing enough?” asked another. 另一位网友问道:看不够书要判刑吗? Even the Communist Party’s mouthpiece newspaper was skeptical about legislating better ing habits, though it defended the spirit of the proposed regulation. 就连作为中共喉舌的报纸也质疑是否能通过立法培养更好的阅读习惯,尽管该报为这一条例的用意进行了辩护。 “No matter whether (the law) can really improve the ing rate, it is true that more and more Chinese don’t ,” People’s Daily said in on its verified Weibo feed. 《人民日报》在新浪微的认账户发帖说,姑且不论能否提高阅读率,但“不阅读的中国人”的确越来越多。 Given China’s long history of valuing scholarly pursuits, it isn’t clear why Chinese people have such a weak appetite for the written word, though some say it is precisely the country’s obsession with education and stiff competition on the college entrance exams ─ that’s too blame. 考虑到中国人长久以来就有重视求学的传统,当下的中国人为什么对读书如此提不起兴趣还没有明确的解释,不过有些人说,正是中国人对教育的投入以及考大学竞争激烈造成了这种现状。 “To score high in exams, we are forced to something outdated and valueless,” said Kang Kai, editor of CS-BOOKY, a Beijing-based publishing company. “The painful experience leaves a negative impression on people’s mind and later leads to the popular idea that ‘ing is useless.’” 位于北京的出版企业中南集天卷文化传媒公司(CS-Booky)的编辑康慨说,为了高分,我们被强迫读一些没有价值的,过时的内容,这种痛苦的经历给人们留下消极的影响,之后导致了读书无用论的盛行。 Others point to censorship. The publishing regulator maintains strict control over the issuance of book numbers, which are required for a book to be published or sold legally, denying them to books it deems inappropriate. Topics that allude to violence, religion, sex and politics are strictly controlled. Some publishers say this year, novels about Chinese officialdom an immensely popular genre widely embraced by Chinese ers in recent years have been unable to get book numbers. 还有一些人把矛头指向了审查机制。出版监管机构严格控制书号的发放,不给其认为不适合出版的书发放书号,而一本书要合法出版、合法销售就必须要有书号。与暴力、宗教、性和政治有关的主题更是受到了严格的控制。一些出版商说,今年,官场小说也拿不到书号了。近些年来,官场小说在中国读者中大受欢迎。 “It’s not that Chinese don’t like to ,” said Wang Xiaodong, president of China Pioneer Culture amp; Media Co., whose company has many published books that later were adapted into films and dramas, including “The Flowers of War.” “It’s that Chinese don’t like to what the government publishes.” 新华先锋文化传媒有限公司总裁王笑东说,并不是中国人不喜欢读书,而是中国人不喜欢读官方出版的书。新华先锋文化传媒有限公司出版的很多书后来被改编成了电影和电视剧,包括《金陵十三钗》(The Flowers of War)。 The wide availability of pirated books online is another problem, according Mr. Wang. “It will be more meaningful for the government to try harder to curb online piracy and protect writer’s rights,” he said. 在王笑东看来,盗版书在网上泛滥是另一个问题。王笑东说,政府应该做打击互联网盗版以及保护作者的权利这样更有意义的事情。 Finally, there are the bad memories many Chinese have of the last time Beijing tried to force its citizens to . 而且,对于上一次中国政府强迫人们阅读的事,很多人还有着不好的记忆。 “It is fine to recommend good books to the public, but compelling people to may lead to mental oppression,” said Mr. Kang, referring to the Cultural Revolution when the public was commanded to works by Mao Zedong. 康慨说,向公众推荐好书是好的,但是强迫阅读会导致打压思想。他指的是文革中,人们曾被命令读毛泽东的文章。 /201308/252070


  ;It is very reassuring to learn that the government of China has set a target of 7.5 percent GDP growth while trying to keep inflation at a manageable level. It will not only maintain China#39;s prosperity, but also help spur the regional and global economy, which Indonesia can benefit from.;“中国政府将GDP增长目标设定为7.5%,并努力将通胀保持在可控水平,很令人欣慰。这不仅会保持中国经济的繁荣,还将促进地区经济和全球经济的发展,印尼也将从中受益。”Imron Cotan, Indonesian ambassador to China;We are quite interested in looking at China#39;s efforts and experience in combating corruption. It#39;s a problem we are faced with in South Africa, and one we are tackling with a lot of vigor.Recently, the South African government introduced new measures to combat corruption. This is interesting, because it was immediately after a visit by our minister for public services, who met with the minister here who is responsible for anti-corruption measures.So this is one of the examples of the usefulness of this interaction between our leadership and the leadership of the People#39;s Republic of China.;“我们对中国在应对腐败问题上所做出的努力和取得的成功经验非常感兴趣。南非也面临腐败问题,耗费了我们很大精力。”南非政府最近提出了应对腐败的新举措。此举令人关注,因为这正出现在南非公共职能和行政事务部部长(琳迪韦·西苏鲁)访华之后。中国国家预防腐败局局长(马馼)参加了会见。这也体现出南非与中国领导人互访的益处。”Dr Bheki Langa, South African ambassador;He (Premier Wen) underlined that China effectively countered the severe impact of the global financial crisis and has maintained steady and fast economic development. This allowed China to become the second-largest economy, almost doubling its GDP in five years.;“温家宝总理强调指出,中国有效应对了全球金融危机的严重影响,经济保持稳定快速增长。因此中国成为全球第二大经济体,在五年内GDP几乎翻番。”Luis Schmidt Montes, Chilean ambassador;Compared with previous years, this year#39;s two sessions are due to see the new leadership elected, and reforms of organizations will be discussed. They will also elaborate on detailed plans for implementing policies proposed by the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.;“与前些年相比,今年两会适逢领导人换届,还将讨论机构改革。会上还将讨论贯彻执行十八大政策的详细规划。”Lee Kyu-hyung, Republic of Korea ambassador;Premier Wen Jiabao#39;s speech had a big focus on economic and social development. It#39;s clear the government is working very hard to bring about the goal of building a prosperous society.;“温总理的讲话重点提到了经济和社会发展。中国政府为实现建设繁荣社会这一目标付出了巨大的努力。”Irene Giner-Reichl, Austrian ambassador /201303/228668A new website has been launched to allow university students to meet for casual sex and its designer claims it is being dominated by female students at Oxford.英国新建的一个大学生一夜情社交网站吸引了大批学生注册。其创建者表示以牛津大学女生用户最多。Tom Thurlow#39;s #39;shagatuni.com#39; encourages members to send each other saucy messages and meet up for no-strings-attached liaisons. It allows users to post a Facebook-style profile which explicitly advertises what they are looking for in a sexual partner.这家一夜情网站名为shagatuni.com,由汤姆·瑟罗创建,鼓励用户互相发送色情信息,并为一夜情见面。注册用户还可以拥有Facebook式的个人主页,明确说明理想的一夜情对象的条件。Mr Thurlow claims the biggest uptake so far appears to have been from young women studying at Oxford University. He says statistics show a whopping 722 women from Oxford signed up since the site launched in October.瑟罗表示,目前来自牛津大学的年轻女生注册人数最多。他说数据显示,自网站10月份创建以来,已有722名来自牛津大学的女生注册。But Oxford’s bitter rivals Cambridge University prove to be the most prudish - with the lowest amount of members in the whole country.但事实明牛津大学的老对手剑桥大学却最正经,在全国来看注册人数最少。#39;The site is aimed at 18-30s university students, college students and people who may be friends of students.#39; he said.他说:“此网站主要针对18至30岁的各大高校学生以及大学生朋友人群。”#39;I am not surprised. When I tour the country filming MTV Freshers the Oxford students are always the most wild.“我一点儿也不惊讶。我去很多学校拍大学新生的视频时就发现,牛津大学的学生是最狂野的。”#39;They are always uptight in the day but by night they were always the craziest. It doesn’t surprise me they have the highest proportion of women looking for sex.#39;“白天他们都学习紧张,晚上就变得很疯狂。牛津大学想找一夜情的女生最多,这丝毫不让我惊讶。”The seedy site advertises itself as a space for students to have sex without #39;the strings attached with dating#39;. It boasts 26,933 members with 18,400 men and 8,533 women signing up for membership since it went live two months ago.这家网站宣称自己是为了给大学生寻找一夜情提供空间。自网站建立两个月以来,已经吸引了26933名注册用户,其中男生达1.84万,女生达8533人。Some of the academic members even include naked self portraits and explicit details of where and how they like to have sex.有些学生甚至直接贴出裸照,详细说明了自己想在哪里,以及如何进行性生活。Mr Thurlow, who has never studied at University, said: #39;At uni it is all night parties, partying on a Monday, Wednesday never mind the weekends.瑟罗本人从未上过大学,他说:“在大学里整夜都是派对,连工作日都有,更别说周末了。”#39;People don’t go to university anymore to learn, they just want to have a good time - and part of that is having lots of sex. I think the reason the site is so popular is that students don’t want commitment and they just want a casual lifestyle.“大家上大学不再是去学习,只是想好好享受生活,包括很多性生活。我觉得网站如此受欢迎是因为学生之间不想要承诺,就想要轻松随意的生活方式。”Membership is a one off £5 for men and free for women giving users the chance to message each other, “wink” at each other and arrange to meet.会员费为男性一次性付清5英镑,女性免费。用户可以互发信息,互送秋波,并安排约会。 /201211/210664



  We all have those days when all we want is to crawl back in bed for a few more hours. Unfortunately, few of us have that luxury. The following hints may help you stay energized, or at least get you going until you can make the time for rest. 我们都有过什么也不想,只想好好地在床上多呆几个小时的日子。不幸的是,很少人可以享受这份奢侈。 下面几点提示或者可以帮你保持精力充沛,至少可以让你在找到时间休息之前继续下去。 1. Engage in a quick conversation with a high-energy colleague. Their positive energy may refresh you. (Just be careful not to drag them down!) 与精力充沛的同事进行短暂的交谈。他们积极的干劲会让你精神爽快。(只是要小心不要也把他们拖下水) /200911/90107

  Everyone hates to wait in lines. We get that gnawing feeling that our precious life is slipping away while we’re doing something so meaningless. But it’s not always the length of the wait we find so unbearable. Some people camp outside Apple stores for an entire night just to get their hands on the latest product. But waiting 10 minutes in a grocery store just to buy a drink? Forget it.人人都讨厌排队。我们为宝贵生命浪费在这些毫无意义的事情上而苦恼。但是漫长的等待并非总是那么让人无法忍受。一些人在苹果店外起帐篷,用一整晚的时间换来最新的苹果产品。而在杂货店里等上十分钟,只为买瓶饮料?还是算了吧。Our behavior when waiting is only partly defined by the length of the wait. “Often the psychology of queuing is more important than the statistics of the wait itself,” notes the MIT researcher Richard Larson. Larson, also known as Dr Queue, is an expert on waiting lines.我们等待时的行为在一定程度上取决于等待时间的长短。“等待时的心理状态通常比等待时长本身更为重要,”麻省理工学院的研究员理查德#8226;拉尔森说。拉森是知名的排队研究专家,被称为“排队士”。One apparent aspect of queuing psychology is that we get bored when we wait in line. This issue is tackled in many ways, from magazines in hospital waiting rooms to mirrors in elevators so that we can check our appearance.排队心理学的一个显著方面是我们排队时会感到无聊。有很多方法可以解决这一问题,比如从医院候诊室里的杂志到电梯里供我们整理仪容的镜子。We really hate it when we expect a short wait and then get a long one. But studies show that we are much more patient when we are given an idea of how long we’ll be waiting.我们非常讨厌以为只等一会儿但却等了很长时间。但是研究表明,我们在知道明确的等待时间时会更加耐心。Walt Disney Co knows this better than anyone else. It posts estimated waiting times for attractions in its theme parks. But according to Larson, these times are overestimated so that visitors get to the front of the queue more quickly than they expect. It keeps them happy.迪士尼公司比任何人都深谙其中之道。它在主题公园的景点前公布预计的等待时间。但是按照拉尔森的说法,这些预计时间会比实际等待时间长一些,因此游客比预期排队要快,这让他们非常高兴。But perhaps the biggest influence on our feelings about waiting in a line has to do with our perception of fairness. When it comes to queues, the universally acknowledged standard is first come, first served. Any deviation from this principle is regarded as unfair and can lead to violent queue rage. A simple search on Baidu news with the keywords “cutting in line” and “fight” throws up dozens of headlines in the past year.但是影响我们排队情绪的最大因素可能与我们的公平感有关。排队公认的标准是先来先到。任何违背这条原则的行为都被视为不公平之举,从而引发排队骚乱。只需在百度新闻上输入关键字“插队”和“打架”,便能搜出许多去年的头条新闻。Queue rage is not uncommon in Western countries either. The New York Times reported on an incident in which a man was stabbed last July in a Maryland post office by a fellow customer who mistakenly thought he had cut in line.排队骚乱在西方国家也很常见。《纽约时报》曾报道过一起事件,去年七月某男子在马里兰的一家邮局被另一名顾客刺伤,因为该顾客误以为他插了队。Sometimes, however, we are willing to make exceptions. For example, we are fine with the idea of an express lane at the supermarket - someone buying just a drink shouldn’t be forced to wait behind those with a full trolley. In hospitals, priority is given to those with a more critical condition - we can also understand that.有时,我们也容许一些特例。比如,我们欣然接受超市中的快速通道理念——只买一瓶饮料的顾客不应被迫排在那些推着满满一购物车货物的人的后面。在医院里,情况危急的人享有优先权——这些我们也可以理解。But in most situations, we demand fairness. You’ve probably experienced mild queue rage yourself in fast food restaurants, watching people in the other line zoom ahead of you, cursing yourself for having chosen the “wrong” line.但是在大多数情况下,我们要求公平。你之前可能在快餐店里经历过并不严重的排队怨气,看着其他队列的速度快过自己,便会咒骂自己选错了队列。In order to solve this problem, the serpentine line was invented. Slate magazine’s website explains:为了解决这一问题,一种“蛇形排队法”应运而生。《石板》杂志网站上解释道:“The serpentine line funnels all customers into one big snaking queue, demarcated by ropes or barriers. When you reach the head of the queue, you are directed to the next available server, or teller, or customs official. The serpentine line isn’t always faster than multi-lines before an array of cash registers. But it offers important solace: you absolutely never have to see someone arrive after you and get served before you.”“‘蛇形排队法’让所有顾客汇集在一条浩浩荡荡的蛇形队伍之中,中间用绳子或障碍物隔开。到达队首时,你将会被带到空闲窗口接受务人员、柜员或海关人员的务。在一排收银台前,蛇形队列并不比并列队形更快。但是它最大的慰藉在于:来得晚的人绝对不会排到你的前面。In life, waiting is inevitable. But a better understanding of the psychology of waiting can help make it a bit more bearable. When all else fails, bring a book or a smartphone will also do.生活中,等待是不可避免的。但是更好地了解等待心理可以让我们更有耐心。当这些方法都没用时,带上一本书或一部智能手机吧! /201301/220576


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