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A: I am checking out. Here is the key to my room.B: Thank you. I'll just print out your receipt, and then you're free to go. Here you go!A: Thanks.B: If you don't mind me asking, how did you enjoy your stay at New York Hotel?A: This hotel could use some insecticide, but my time in New York was thoroughly delightful.B: That's very honest of you. Rest assured that this hotel will have no insects next time.

  A Florida woman opened fire on her house guests because they were ;too loud; and had overstayed their welcome, police say.据警方表示,佛罗里达州一位女性向前来自家中拜访的客人开,原因是因为他们“太吵”、呆的太久Alana Annette Savell, 3, was hosting a couple at her Panama City home when the visitors apparently became noisy.阿兰娜·安妮特·萨维尔今年3岁,当时她在自己位于巴拿马城的家中招待一对男女,后来这两位造访者吵闹了起来Police say she ordered them to go, bee shooting the man and woman in the legs.据警方表示,萨维尔要求这两人离开,后来便开打伤了这两人的腿The victims went to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Ms Savell has been charged with aggravated battery by a firearm.好在受害人的伤势并没有生命危险,后来前往了医院而萨维尔则被指控持加重殴击罪Bay County Sheriff Office told the B the female victim had turned up with a male friend, whom she had just met in a bar, at the accused home at around 01:00 local time.海湾县治安官办公室向B透露称,女性受害人和一位男性友人在一起--她在一家酒吧碰到了他,两人大概在当地时间凌晨一点的时候来到了被告的家中Ms Savell told police her hospitality began to wear thin after her guests began drinking and raising their voices.据萨维尔向警方表示,在她的客人开始酗酒并高声说话时,她的殷勤好客就消失无踪了But instead of dropping a hint by yawning or loading the dishwasher, she armed herself with a -calibre handgun and shot at her guests feet, officials said.警方表示,萨维尔并不是通过打哈欠或者开启洗碗机暗示客人应该走了,而是用一把口径的手把自己武装了起来,并打伤了那两人的腿As well as shooting the woman, Kristy Jo Mohr, in both legs in the incident, and her companion, who went by name ;Cowboy;, Ms Savell own boyfriend was struck by a bullet in the leg.女受害人克丽丝蒂·莫尔法两条腿都被打中,她的男伴也受到了击,此外萨维尔自己男友的腿也被流弹击中Ms Mohr told police she believed eight or nine shots were fired in total. Ms Savell remains in custody at the county jail.克丽丝蒂向警方透露,她认为萨维尔一共射击了8到9发子弹目前萨维尔仍然被关押在该县监狱 8


  A: I was told to come to you to get a chest X-ray.B: No problem. Just take your clothes off from the waist up and put the gown on, with the opening in the back.A: Then what should I do?B: You will stand over here up against this plate.A: Should I just stand naturally?B: You will raise your arms up shoulder high.A: Is this all right?B: Yes, you are doing great.A: Where will you be going?B: I need to stand behind this shield. Now you will take a deep breath, hold it, and let it out.A: Is that it?B: That’s it. You can get dressed when the film is developed. 57

  A home furnishing store has inflicted a bizarre punishment on its employees: requiring them to eat live yellow mealworms in public.一家家居公司给员工们制定了一条离奇的惩罚措施:要求他们当众吃下活的面包虫At around 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 8, approximately 50 people wearing store unims gathered in a square in downtown Hanzhong, Shaanxi province.月8日下午6点半,在陕西汉中市区一处广场上,有近50名穿着该家居店制的人聚集在这里Soon, a man arrived with two bags in his hands. One bag contained chopsticks, cups and two bottles of liquor; the other contained live yellow mealworms.很快一名手里拿着两个袋子的男子赶到了现场一个袋子里装着筷子、杯子和两瓶白酒;另一个袋子里装着活面包虫After ing off the names of underperming employees, the man poured some liquor into each cup, added a worm, and then asked employees to drink the liquor.这名男子先是叫出了没有完成业绩员工的名字,然后再在每一个杯子里倒了一些白酒、放了一只虫子,要求念到名字员工把酒喝掉Five or six people accepted the man instructions and drank the liquor.有5、6个人遵从了男子的指示,乖乖喝掉了酒According to a store employee, workers are required each morning to report their work objective to the supervisor, and those who fail to meet their objective are punished the following day.据该店一名员工表示,员工们要求每天早上都要向主管报告工作目标,而没有完成目标的员工第二天就要接受惩罚;Today punishment is eating worms they bought from a pet market. Four worms losing one customer,; explained an employee.一名员工说道:“今天的惩罚是吃他们从宠物市场买回来的虫子丢掉一个客户就要吃条虫子”On Nov. , a local newspaper reporter interviewed Mr. Cao, the man in charge.月日,当地一名报社记者采访了主管曹先生;We set sales targets the next day and everyone signs a guarantee. If anyone fails to achieve the target, he or she will accept the punishment voluntarily,; Cao said. ;The targets are set by employees, with the purpose of self-motivation.;曹先生说道:“我们定下了第二天的销售目标,每个人都签了保书如果有任何人达不到这一目标的话,他们都必须自愿接受惩罚销售目标是员工们自己定的,目的是要激励自己”However, some citizens who observed the event expressed a different view. They said the company ought to respect its employees instead of resorting to demeaning punishments.然而,目睹了这一过程的市民们则发表了不同的看法市民们表示公司应该尊重员工,而不是采用这种惩罚来贬低他们Zhao Xiaodong, a local lawyer, noted that cing employees to eat live worms infringes upon the employees rights, giving them just cause to report the violation to labor inspection departments.据当地一位名叫赵晓东的律师表示,强迫员工吃活虫侵犯了他们的权利,员工们有正当理由向劳动监察部门报告这一侵权行为 9586Conversation 3A: What beautiful silk products they are!B: Have you found anything special? They are all made of pure silk.A: The colors are so brilliant and dazzling. I want to buy a piece of silk my eign friend to make ;Qipao;.B: If you want to make ;Qipao; you need the satin. These satin products are a bit thicker.A: Let me feel it. Ah, yes, I think this is what I want.B: How many meters do you want to buy?A: I dont know. She is a little bit taller than I.B: I think four meters will be enough.A: Is it washable?B: Yes. Madam, youre lucky. This has been specially polished by an imported technology. It is washable and will not shrink any more. Only years ago this new technology was invented.A: OK. Four meters, please. A:这些丝绸制品多么漂亮啊!B:看中什么啦?都是真丝的A:颜色真鲜艳,我都有些眼花缭乱了我想给我的外国朋友买一块做旗袍的料子B:如果你想做旗袍,还是买缎子好缎子面料比较厚一些A:让我摸摸啊,对,我就是想买这种料子B:你想买几米?A:我不知道,她比我稍高一点儿B:我想米够了A:耐洗吗?B:耐洗您很幸运,夫人这些料子是用进口技术特殊砂洗过的,即耐洗又不缩水这种新技术3年以前才发明的A:好给我来米吧


  The amazing sight of a fitness fanatic working out his washboard stomach by dangling upside down over a Brazilian beach was initially seen as a daring act of stupidity.一位健身狂人日前上传了自己在巴西一处海滩上空倒挂悬崖的惊人照,向人们展示了他如同搓衣板一样的腹肌大家起初纷纷赞叹他的勇敢,但也觉得这一行为很“作死”But after the heart-stopping shot was revealed to be a trick of the camera, tourists have been flocking to the rock to have a go themselves.然而人们后来却发现,这张惊险的照片其实是“错位拍摄”搞的鬼于是游客纷纷涌向岩石也要一试Visitors have appeared in a variety of poses on the rock, which all make them appear as fearless daredevils.游客们在岩石上摆出各种姿势,一个个看起来都如“勇士”一般Unbeknown to the naked eye, there is in fact a plateau directly below the rock where people can stand, making it perfectly safe.实际上,岩石正下方就是高原平地,人可以站在上面,十分安全,但肉眼通过照片无法看出The trend was started by Luis Fernando Candela, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who was photographed by his girlfriend perming what he claimed was his most dangerous stunt yet.这种玩法是巴西人路易斯·费尔南多·康代拉最先发起的,他那些所谓的“最危险的特技”照片都是他女友给他拍的He appeared to hang over a beach at Pedra Do Telégrafo with a 1,000ft drop below, as well as sweeping views of the Pedra Branca national park.他看起来像是挂在“Pedra Do Telégrafo”海滩上空,离地面接近00英尺照片上还可以看见佩德·拉布兰卡国家公园的美景At the time he said: This is by far the most dangerous stunt Ive tried. The only thing that was keeping me up was my strength - all the weights Ive tried in the gym were building up to this moment.当时他说:“这是迄今为止我试过的最危险的特技唯一的撑就是我的力量——我在健身房的所有努力成就了这个时刻”My girlfriend was terrified but I was determined to get the photo.“我的女朋友要吓死了,但我坚持要这么做,拍下这张照片”But he was caught out when a YouTube by blogger Raiza Marinari resufraced from earlier this year, which revealed the drop was only ft rather than 1,000ft.不过,今年早些时候,他的伎俩被YouTube视频主瑞扎·马丽娜莉识破了:那个岩石离地面的距离只有英尺,而不是00英尺Since then, tourists have been flooding to the beauty spot to create their own images.从那以后,游客们如潮水一般涌向那个景区,想拍摄一张属于自己的“惊险”照片In one, a father pretends to pull his screaming child up to the safety of the rock edge, while in another a couple share a kiss while appearing to perch precariously over the giant drop.其中一张照片里,一个孩子尖叫着,看起来就要掉下悬崖,而父亲正拼命拉住孩子;另一张照片里,一对夫妇分别抱着巨石的上下边,正在亲吻,眼看着就要跟巨石一同坠落了 6





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