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When it comes to weight loss, it often seems like men and women are from different planets. That’s the topic of my Today Show segment (check back later for the ). Does gender really make a difference in your ability to lose weight and keep it off? Read on, as I answer some questions I’m often asked. The answers are both biological and behavioral – not a surprise when it comes to Mother Nature. Do you have others? Let me know what you’re thinking!Is it easier for men to lose weight than women?It often can be. Men have more testosterone, which does two things: (1)supports greater muscle mass (so resting metabolism is usually higher); and (2) promotes more muscle mass with exercise – both which burn greater numbers of calories.Plus, women have a biological “yo-yo” – childbearing, where excursions of weight are normal, and it’s often a struggle to get exactly back to the same pre-pregnancy weight. Monthly changes in hormonal status (up to and including menopause) also can stimulate appetite.Do men and women accumulate different kinds of fat?The fat is the same, but it’s distributed differently. Men typically have “belly” fat – around the middle, and women tend to have lower body fat, around the hips, thighs, and buttocks.Is one kind of fat harder to lose than another?Belly fat, most common in men, actually is targeted first during exercise. So, if you’re an exerciser, the biggest changes first seen will be in abdominal fat. The lower body fat is often deposited during the child-bearing years – where it is meant to be used when the baby is born to nourish (via breastfeeding). There are female hormones that target this fat at that time.Do men and women eat differently for comfort?In general, women are greater consumers of fruits and vegetables than men. When it comes to comfort, women seek out sweet/fat foods – think ice cream, baked goods, candy and chocolate, while men tend to look for savory and salty/fat foods – think pizza and cheeseburgers.What about keeping weight off?Weight maintenance is the great equalizer! Both women and men struggle with long term weight maintenance. Both sexes are “yo-yo” dieters. It appears that the same strategies for long term weight changes are the same for both men and women. One thing for sure, no matter how it comes off, we all need social support as a key strategy to keep it off!!What do you think about this? 说到减肥,男人和女人似乎有着千差万别。今天节目就围绕这个话题。。。。。在减肥和保持体重上,性别真的起到至关重要的作用?继续听下去,我将回答一些我经常被问到的问题。引起这种差别的有生理上的原因和行为上的原因—如果归结到母性,那这些区别也就不足为奇了。你还知道其他原因吗?知道就请告诉我吧~男人会比女人更容易减肥吗?一般是这样的。男人有更多的雄性激素,这不仅保了有着男人更大块的肌肉,从而使得他们的新陈代谢旺盛,同时促进肌肉的运动。而这两者恰恰会燃烧大量的卡路里。再者,生育使得女人的体重变化不定。生育期间,体重增加甚为正常,想要减到生育前的体重很是辛苦。再加上一月一次荷尔蒙数量的起伏变化(包括升高或是更年期)又使得女人胃口大开。男人和女人堆积的脂肪是一类吗?一样的脂肪,不同的分布。男人的脂肪一般在腹部—在身体的正中间,而女人的脂肪一般堆积在下半身,比如在臀部和大腿、不同脂肪有难减易减之分吗?男性经常堆积的腹部脂肪,通常在运动中首先被消耗的。所以说,如果你是个做运动的人,你将发现,肚子上的变化将是最先注意到的。而下半生的脂肪一般是在怀期间对堆积的,因为这些脂肪将用于母乳喂养。这时雌性激素会作用于这些脂肪。在吃的方面,男女有没有不同的趋好?一般来说,女人会吃更多的水果和蔬菜。但说到喜欢吃什么,那么诸如冰激凌,烘烤的食物,糖果,巧克力等甜的高脂肪食物将是女性的首选,而男性则喜欢可口的,咸味的高脂肪食物,如匹萨和奶酪三明治。在保持体重方面有区别吗?在保持体重方面男女是完全一样的,他们都要为长期体重的维持而奋斗着,都是摇摆不定的减肥者。我们发现,同一种减肥策略对男女长期维持体重效果是一样的。。但有一点是毋庸置疑的,那就是无论男女减肥是又怎样的千差万别,别人的帮助持才是让我们保持体重最重要的战略。你认为呢? /200804/36815Seemingly harmless habits can affect what size you'll be five or 10 years from now. Peek into your future with our quiz. Then use this cheat sheet to target the most effective ways to make a difference. Want to see how you’re doing? 一些看似无害的习惯可能会影响到你未来5年到10年的体形。如果想为你的未来好好打算,那就来看看我的小窍门。有效运用这些窍门能够使你的未来有所不同。想知道现在的生活习惯对自己有什么影响吗?  Improve your eating 改善饮食习惯  Write off weight.  To lower BMI, keep a food journal. Jotting down all bites is the top predictor of weight loss.  饮食记录  如果想有效地减轻体重,那就做一下饮食记录。把你吃的每一口东西都记下来,然后计算自己的体重是不是会增加。 /201108/150289Watching television more than two hours a day early in life can lead to attention problems later in adolescence, according to a study released on Tuesday.Watching television more than two hours a day early in life can lead to attention problems later in adolescence, according to a study released on Tuesday.The roughly 40 percent increase in attention problems among heavy TV viewers was observed in both boys and girls.The link was established by a long-term study of the habits and behaviors of more than 1,000 children born in Dunedin, New Zealand, between April 1972 and March 1973.The children aged 5 to 11 watched an average of 2.05 hours of weekday television. From age 13 to 15, time spent in front of the tube rose to an average of 3.1 hours a day."Those who watched more than two hours, and particularly those who watched more than three hours, of television per day during childhood had above-average symptoms of attention problems in adolescence," Carl Landhuis of the University of Otago in Dunedin wrote in his report, published in the journal Pediatrics.Young children who watched a lot of television were more likely to continue the habit as they got older, but even if they did not the damage was done, the report said."This suggests that the effects of childhood viewing on attention may be long lasting," Landhuis wrote.Landhuis offered several possible explanations for the association.One was that the rapid scene changes common to many TV programs may over stimulate the developing brain of a young child, and could make reality seem boring by comparison."Hence, children who watch a lot of television may become less tolerant of slower-paced and more mundane tasks, such as school work," he wrote.It was also possible that TV viewing may supplant other activities that promote concentration, such as ing, games, sports and play, he said.Previous studies have linked the sedentary habit of TV watching among children to obesity and diabetes, and another study in the same journal cited the poor nutritional content of the overwhelming majority of food products advertised on the top-rated US. children's television shows.Up to 98 percent of the TV ads promoting food products that were directed at children aged 2 through 11 "were high in either fat, sugar, or sodium," wrote Lisa Powell of the University of Illinois in Chicago. (AP) 据本周二公布的一项研究结果,儿童时期每天看电视超过两小时会导致青少年时期出现注意力问题。调查发现,无论男孩女孩,老看电视的人的注意力问题多出约40%。研究人员对1972年4月至1973年3月在新西兰达尼丁出生的1000多个孩子的行为习惯进行了一项长期调查,得出了上述结论。调查发现,孩子在5岁至11岁期间平均每天看电视的时间为2.05个小时。而到了13岁至15岁,每天看电视的时间则增加到了3.1个小时。达尼丁奥塔哥大学的卡尔#8226;兰德胡易斯在研究报告中提到:“儿童时期每天看电视超过两个小时,尤其是超过三个小时的人青少年时期出现的注意力问题超过平均水平。”该研究报告在《儿科》期刊上发表。随着年龄的增长,儿童时期老看电视的人很可能会继续这一习惯,即使他们不再这样,但影响已经造成了。兰德胡易斯在报告中写道:“这说明儿童时期老看电视会对注意力造成长期影响。”兰德胡易斯为这一结论提供了以下几种可能的解释:一是很多电视节目中的快速画面切换可能会过度刺激孩子们正在发育的大脑,与电视中的画面相比,现实可能会让他们觉得没意思。他在报告中说:“因此,老看电视的孩子对节奏较慢和较“世俗”的任务,如做家庭作业,可能没什么耐心。”还有一种可能是,看电视可能会占用其它有助于培养注意力的活动的时间,如,看书、做游戏、运动及玩耍等。此前有研究表明,儿童看电视所养成的久坐习惯会导致肥胖或糖尿病,该期刊中的另一项研究指出,美国收视率最高的儿童电视节目中广告的绝大多数食品营养价值都很低。芝加哥伊利诺斯州大学的莉莎#8226;鲍威尔在研究报告中说:“多达98%的、针对两岁至11岁儿童的广告食品‘要么脂肪含量高、要么糖份多或者含盐量高’。” /200809/47534Ham and cheese toast火腿奶酪土司It’s a popular snack for students in the West because of its high protein content and simple, yet delicious flavor. Cheese and ham go well together, especially when the cheese melts into the b.在西方,这是一道点心极受学生的欢迎的快餐,富含高蛋白,制作简单,味道也可口。奶酪和火腿是不错的搭配,尤其当奶酪融入了面包中时尤其如此。Cost: about 10 yuan成本费:大约10元Cooking time: 3 minutes烹调3分钟Ingredients:配料:1 slice of ham1片火腿1 cheese slice1片奶酪2 slices of white b2片白面包1 spoonful of mayonnaise/ honey mustard/chili sauce (optional)1勺蛋黄酱/蜂蜜/芥末酱/辣酱(可选)1. Put the cheese and ham on a slice of b.1、把奶酪和火腿放到一片面包上2. Sp the topping on the other slice of b. Different toppings can help vary the flavor – try mayonnaise, honey mustard, even peanut butter if you want a real taste of the West. Or, you can add Chinese chili sauce or sesame sauce to vary the flavor.2、其调料铺到另一片面包上。不同的调料会产生不同的口味——如果想要真正的西方风味,可以试试蛋黄酱、蜂蜜、芥末酱甚至是花生酱。另外,你也可以选择加上中式辣酱或芝麻酱调味。3. Put the two slices of b together to make your sandwich and cut in half.3、两片面包合上,切成两半做成三明治。4. If you have a microwave (or a toaster), you could put the sandwich into the microwave for about one minute to melt the cheese.4、如果你有微波炉(或者烤面包机),可以把三明治放到微波炉里加热一分钟,使奶酪融化。 /201011/1174141.You don't have a goal. A lot of time we find ourselves "spinning our wheels", struggling through a day-to-day routine that isn't getting us anywhere because we don't know where we want to go. 你没有一个目标。我们发现自己转动轮子,终日和时间赛跑,却没有取得任何成就,这是因为我们不知道自己的目标是什么。2.You don't have a vision. If goals are the end results of the journey, your vision is the fuel to get there. 你没有一个远景。如果目标是一场旅行的最终目的地,你的远景就是让你到达那儿的燃料。 /201108/148135

Australia is the country most workers and retirees around the world would like to live in 20 years' time, an international survey found.However, most Australians are unaware of how they will fund their retirement, the poll concluded.The Retirement Scope survey conducted by French insurance giant AXA questioned workers from 26 countries, with two-thirds of Australian respondents unaware of the source of their retirement income or how much they would need.Australians ranked as more aware than people from France, Spain or Indonesia, but behind those in Malaysia where more than half of workers can "put their finger on their retirement income", Fairfax newspapers report.On the other hand, Australia's relaxed lifestyle and climate were its biggest attractions for retirees around the world, who voted it the most desirable place to retire to, although Australian respondents preferred New Zealand.Australia came out above the ed States and Switzerland.The survey of 15,000 people found the average income of Australian retirees was ,917 a month, while the cost of average household expenses is ,437 a month."The survey found that the average retirement age among Australians is 57 years of age, and that 'old' is at 80 years, giving Australians 23 'bonus years' in which to enjoy a healthy and active retirement," AXA general manager of sales and marketing Adrian Emery told Fairfax. 一项世界范围调查发现,澳大利亚是世界各地众多劳动者和退休人士最向往的晚年居住地。然而,多数澳大利亚人对于自己的退休金问题却一无所知。该项由法国保险业巨头AXA集团开展的“退休知多少”调查共对26个国家的劳动者进行了访问。调查发现,三分之二的澳大利亚受访者不知道他们的退休金来源以及自己究竟需要多少退休金。据《费尔费克斯》报业报道,澳洲人对于退休金问题的了解强于法国、西班牙和印度尼西亚人,但要逊色于马来西亚人。调查显示,超过一半的马来西亚受访者“对自己的退休金问题了如指掌”。另一方面,对于世界各地的退休人士来说,澳大利亚悠闲的生活方式和宜人的气候是最吸引他们的地方。然而,尽管澳洲被评为最令人向往的退休居住地,但澳大利亚本国人却更青睐新西兰。美国和瑞士位居澳大利亚之后。该项共有1.5万人参加的调查发现,澳洲人的退休金为平均每月1917澳元,家庭平均月开为1437澳元。AXA集团营销总监阿德里安#8226;埃默里在接受《费尔费克斯》报业的采访时说:“调查发现,澳洲人的平均退休年龄为57岁,而(多数人认为)80岁才是老年阶段的开始,所以澳洲人可享受23年拥有退休金、健康而有活力的退休生活。” /200803/28877

BicycleNecklaceStylish bicycle shapednecklace designed by Rachel Pfeffer. 自行车造型项链Rachel Pfeffer设计的自行车造型项链。 /201101/122838

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