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全球关于南海问题的舆论 --6 :0:36 来源: 美国怀着非法目的闯入南海,导致该地区局势紧张没人相信美国会不远万里来到南海地区,为周边国家及人民谋利益中国的南海问题需要本地区的国家来解决,美国没有权利干涉In a statement released Tuesday, members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) stressed that the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea and other international laws should be the basic principle when addressing the South China Sea issue. All disputes should be addressed through negotiation and consultation, without intervention from the outside. The statement also called on all relevant parties to abide by and implement the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea.上海合作组织成员国在周二发表的声明中强调,解决南海问题应以联合国海洋法公约和其他的国际法规为基本准则我们应通过谈判和协商解决各种争端,外界请勿插手该问题该声明还呼吁各国遵守并实施南海各方行为宣言By opposing external intervention, the SCO explicitly stands with China in the South China Sea issue. It shows the real opinion of the international commy when the US and Japan attempt to pressure China at the G7 summit and to ge a scenario that all countries are against China.上海合作组织反对外界干预,持中国在南海问题的立场此举显示出国际社会对美国和日本在G7峰会上向中国施压,四处煽风点火,挑拨离间的举措的真实态度While the US has started early to rope in other countries and build a favorable international climate over the South China Sea issue, it would have been surpassed by China since China has always objected to turning the issue into an international one. Between the tworsquo;s claims, which is more credible?美国早已开始在南海问题上拉拢别的国家,试图打造一个良好的国际环境;中国一定能够成功阻止该局面,因为中国一直坚决反对南海问题国际化这两个声明,哪一个更加可信?Although China is overwhelmingly more powerful than the other claimants, it never resorts to ce. China controls fewer islands and reefs than the two countries and they both conduct construction work in the South China Sea.虽然中国比其他的索求国要强大许多,但是我们绝对不会诉诸武力中国占领的岛屿和岛礁数量比日本和美国少,而且美日两国经常在南海建设问题上指手画脚However, the US has stepped in with an illegitimate purpose and flared up tensions in the waters. No one would believe that the US would come all the way to the South China Sea to benefit the countries and peoples in the region. Instead, what they are more familiar with is a bossy US in noble disguise.然而,美国怀着非法目的闯入南海,导致该地区局势紧张没人相信美国会不远万里来到南海地区,为周边国家及人民谋利益反而,他们看到的是一个专横又道貌岸然的美国China has more island disputes with Vietnam than with other countries, but meanwhile they have ged a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.中国和越南间的岛屿争纷最为激烈但是两国间又形成了全面的战略合作伙伴关系There is a slim chance that conflicts will break out between China and the Philippines. Yet the biggest risk of military clashes in the waters comes from the US, and the risk is rising.中国和菲律宾两国间爆发冲突的可能性微乎其微最大的军事威胁来自于美国,并且风险日益加剧Over the South China Sea issue, China will outperm the US in garnering support worldwide as it safeguards national security while the latter sustains its hegemony.在南海问题上,中国将超越美国,争取全球范围内的持因为中国维护的是国家安全,而美国只是维护其霸主地位The US probably garners most support from the G7, its Asia-Pacific allies and several claimants, but China can be backed by the SCO, other BRICs nations and countries in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Apparently the US can find little benefit in escalating the dispute.美国也许能获得G7成员国,亚太地区的盟国和一些索求国的持,但是中国可以获得上海合作组织成员国,其余金砖国家和非洲、拉丁美洲及中东各国的持显然,这次争端升级对美国并无益处Nor can the US militarily threaten China since in essence it is merely a paper tiger.美国军方也无法威胁中国因为本质上,美国就是一只纸老虎All in all, the South China Sea issue needs to be addressed by countries in the region, with no space the US to weigh in. China has the determination and patience to help the US figure out the reality.总之,中国的南海问题需要本地区的国家来解决,美国没有权利干涉中国有足够的决心和耐心帮助美国理清事实。

  • 英医学研究:人死后“灵魂出窍”确有其事 -- 3:18: 来源: 英医学研究:人死后“灵魂出窍”确有其事 Life after death? Largest-ever study provides evidence that 'out of body' and 'near-death' experiences may be real One man who was clinically dead - then brought back to life - accurately described what had been happening in the roomThere is scientific evidence to suggest that life can continue after death, according to the largest ever medical study carried out on the subject.A team based in the UK has spent the last four years seeking out cardiac arrest patients to analyse their experiences, and found that almost 0 per cent of survivors described having some m of “awareness” at a time when they were declared clinically dead.Experts currently believe that the brain shuts down within to 30 seconds of the heart stopping beating – and that it is not possible to be aware of anything at all once that has happened.But scientists in the new study said they heard compelling evidence that patients experienced real events up to three minutes after this had happened – and could recall them accurately once they had been resuscitated.Dr Sam Parnia, an assistant professor at the State University of New York and a mer research fellow at the University of Southampton who led the research, said that he previously that patients who described near-death experiences were only relating hallucinatory events.One man, however, gave a “very credible” of what was going on while doctors and nurses tried to bring him back to life – and says that he felt he was observing his resuscitation from the corner of the room.Speaking to The Telegraph about the evidence provided by a 57-year-old social worker Southampton, Dr Parnia said: “We know the brain can’t function when the heart has stopped beating.“But in this case, conscious awareness appears to have continued up to three minutes.“The man described everything that had happened in the room, but importantly, he heard two bleeps from a machine that makes a noise at three minute intervals. So we could time how long the experienced lasted .“He seemed very credible and everything that he said had happened to him had actually happened.”Dr Parnia’s study involved ,0 patients from hospitals in the UK, US and Austria, and has been published in the journal Resuscitation.Of those who survived, 6 per cent experienced a broad range of mental recollections, nine per cent had experiences compatible with traditional definitions of a near-death experience and two per cent exhibited full awareness with explicit recall of “seeing” and “hearing” events – or out-of-body experiences.Dr Parnia said that the findings of the study as a whole suggested that “the recalled experience surrounding death now merits further genuine investigation without prejudice”.Dr Jerry Nolan, editor-in-chief of the journal which published the research, said: “The researchers are to be congratulated on the completion of a fascinating study that will open the door to more extensive research into what happens when we die.”人们的灵魂真的会出窍吗?据英国《独立报月7日报道,由英国研究人员开展的一项医学研究表明,在人死亡(心脏停止跳动)之后,生命其实并未停止,“灵魂”还在活动研究人员在过去四年里致力于对心脏骤停患者的经验进行分析结果发现,有0%左右的幸存者描述称,他们被宣布临床死亡时存在某种形式的“意识”研究还获得了令人信的据,明患者在心脏停止跳动后仍经历了长达两到三分钟的真实事件,且恢复知觉后患者能清楚回忆起发生过的事情目前,专家认为大脑在心脏停止跳动后的到30秒就会停止工作,这意味着死者不可能再意识到任何事物此项研究涉及来自英国、美国和澳大利亚家医院的名病人,研究成果发表在医学杂志《复苏上在幸存者当中,6%的人经历了广泛的精神记忆,9%的人的经历符合濒死体验的传统定义,另有%的人表现出充分的意识,可清楚回忆出“所看”和“所听”到的事情,也被叫做“灵魂出窍”的体验纽约州立大学助理教授萨姆·帕尔尼亚是此次研究的牵头人,他表示自己此前认为濒死经历只是些幻觉事件,但一名男性患者给出了“非常可信”的解释,他所述的一切确确实实发生过这名患者是57岁的社会工作者索桑普顿,他说,在医生和护士尽力抢救他的时候,他感觉他正在房间的某个角落在注视自己的知觉复苏过程“我们知道,心脏停止跳动后大脑就无法运作但这个案例中,患者的自觉意识似乎在心脏停止跳动后持续了3分钟他描述了发生在病房的所有事情,更重要的是,他听到了一台机器的两次信号声,而该机器每隔三分钟响一次我们可以推断意识持续的时间”帕尔尼亚说《复苏杂志主编杰里·诺兰表示,这项研究为将来对这个主题更广泛的研究开启了一扇大门(译者 闻竹 编辑 Julie 本文为编译)。
  • 世界排名前的最优美的英语单词 --30 18:01: 来源:chinadaily 根据对万名海外投票者和英国文化协会在世界各地英语中心的学习者的调查显示,“母亲”(Mother)是英语当中最优美的单词此项调查为庆祝英国文化协会成立70周年而举办 英国文化协会在华作为英国大使馆文化教育处开展工作为开展上述调查工作,英国文化协会征求了6个国家7000多名英语学习者对英语中最优美单词的意见此外,英国文化协会还通过自己的网站在网上征求了非英语国家的意见非英语国家中35000多人参加了投票,其中包括3500份来自中国的选票 根据投票的结果,排在前名的最优美的英语单词为: 1.mother母亲 .passion 3.smile微笑 .love爱 5.eternity永恒 6.fantastic奇异的 7.destiny命运 8.freedom自由 9.liberty自主 .tranquillity安宁 .peace和平 .blossom花丛 .sunshine阳光 .sweetheart情人,爱人 .gorgeous绚丽的 .cherish珍爱 .enthusiasm狂热 18.hope希望 19.grace优美 .rainbow虹 手机上也能学英语?还有机会和外教互动? 搜索微信订阅号:英语天天练(ttabc365)长可复制 关注后即可口语测评+免费试听!。
  • 台风尼伯特袭击台湾,死66伤 -- :9:6 来源: 该风暴将于周六早晨袭击中国福建省,目前风暴已减弱为中等强度台风,在抵达中国大陆时应该会是热带风暴 Typhoon Nepartak hit Taiwan’s east coast on Friday, leaving two dead and 66 injured, as well as cing evacuations and disrupting services.台风“尼伯特”周五袭击台湾东部海岸,造成死66伤,目前已强制疏离,各种务中断More than ,000 people had to leave their homes as hundreds of flights were cancelled and offices and schools shut.超过1.5万人离开家园,几百个航班取消,各部门停止办公,学校停课The typhoon packed winds of up to 198kmhour (3mph) and made landfall just bee 00 local time in eastern Taitung.台风时速达到198kmh(3mph),并与当地时间00登陆台东东部The storm is expected to hit China’s Fujian province by Saturday morning.该风暴将于周六早晨袭击中国福建省The storm has now weakened to a medium-strength typhoon, according to the island’s Central Weather Bureau and should be a tropical storm upon reaching China.根据该岛的中央气象局,风暴已减弱为中等强度台风,在抵达中国大陆时应该会是热带风暴"The wind is very strong," a resident of Taitung told the Reuters news agency.“风力很强,”台东居民告诉路透新闻社说"Many hut roofs and signs on the streets have been blown away," another resident said.“许多屋顶和街道标志被吹走了,”另一位居民说Some 70,000 households have been affected by power cuts, Li Wei-sen, Taiwan’s Central Emergency Operations Center spokesman told news agency AP.台湾中央应急行动中心发言人Li Wei-sen告诉美联社说,约有7万户居民受停电影响He also added that railway services had been suspended, and more than 500 domestic and international flights cancelled.他还补充说,铁路设施已被暂停,超过500个国内和国际航班被取消Nearly ,00 soldiers have been deployed around the island, with 35,000 troops on standby to help with evacuations and disaster relief.已在该岛部署近00名士兵,还有3.5万士兵待命,以帮助疏散和救灾A storm is classed as a super typhoon if it reaches maximum sustained 1-minute surface winds of at least 65 ms (5mph), the equivalent of a category-five hurricane in the Atlantic basin.如果一场风暴保持65 ms (5mph)的风速至少1分钟将被归到超级台风类,等同于大西洋盆地五类飓风的等效Taiwan is often hit by typhoons, with super typhoon Dujuan killing three people and leaving more than 300 injured in Taiwan in .台湾常有台风袭击,年曾有超级台风杜鹃造成台湾人死亡,0人受伤。
  • 别人家的学生宿舍:影音室、健身房、游戏室-- :36: 来源: 别人家的学生宿舍:影音室、健身房、游戏室一应俱全Is this the most luxurious student accommodation ever? Stylish apartments boast flat screen TVs and en-suite bathroomsIs this the most luxurious student accommodation ever?这就是史上最豪华的学生宿舍吗?As students begin flocking to the city the start of the academic year, Vita Student residence onFirst Streethas just been voted luxury accommodation of the year by the Design Curial.新学年伊始,学生大军来到曼彻斯特,坐落在该市第一大道的Vita Student宿舍最近刚被权威设计网站Design Curial投票评选为“年度最豪华宿舍”The block boasts a VIP-style check-in, a concierge service, movie rooms, gyms and games rooms. The rental rates start at £696 a month, Manchester Evening News reports.据曼彻斯特晚报(Manchester Evening News)报道,这栋宿舍采用VIP式门禁,配备门卫,还有电影放映室、健身房和游戏室每月租金696英镑(约合人民币6880元)起Each of their studio apartments contains a double bed, desk, two wardrobes, a bookcase, dining table and chairs, and an en-suite with boutique styling.每间一室公寓房配有一张双人床、书桌、两个衣柜、书架、餐桌以及椅子,还有精心设计的独立卫浴间On top of that, students get their own high-gloss kitchen, complete with pans and utensils, and 3-inch flat-screen Smart TV with a licence included.此外,入住的学生将拥有私人厨房,厨房台面选用亮光漆、自带锅和餐具,另外房间还配备3寸的平板智能电视,并已办理电视执照Students don"t even have to clean their own apartment as it comes with a weekly cleaning service.宿舍还有每周清洁务,所以学生甚至不用自己动手打扫ManchesterandSaldhave been at the heart of this transmation with blocks of luxury student apartments being thrown up across both cities.曼彻斯特和索尔福德是学生宿舍向豪华宿舍转变的中心地,两市都有大量的豪华学生宿舍区兴起SaldUniversitywill next week be welcoming their first tenants to the brand new Peel Park Quarter in their student village.索尔福德大学的学生村中的皮尔公园宿舍区(Peel Park Quarter)将于下周迎来首批入住的学生According to developers, students don"t want to be confined to the traditional areas like Rusholme and Fallowfield.开发商称,学生们不想被局限在传统的地区:比如鲁什尔姆(Rusholme)和法洛菲尔(Fallowfield)They want everything on their doorstep in the heart of the city.他们想要住在市中心,在家门口就能享受所需的一切务Trevor Moore, chief executive of Vita Student, said there was a huge demand high-quality student accommodation.Vita Student宿舍的首席执行官特雷弗?尔(Trevor Moore)称,优质的学生宿舍需求量很大He said: "Today's modern-day student expects more than a single bed and shared bathroom in digs that are miles away from the university campus.他说:“那种离校区老远、还只有单人床和公共浴室的宿舍已经满足不了如今的学生了”"They want luxury, state-of the art facilities in the heart of their chosen city.“他们想要的是位于自己选择就读的城市市中心、拥有豪华、先进设施的宿舍”"Our residence not only delivers on this but is equally committed to providing a level of customer service that is previously unheard of in the student accommodation sector.“我们的宿舍不仅能达到这个要求,还能给住户提供学生宿舍市场中前所未有的客户务”"The fact that we achieved 0pc occupancy last year and are fully booked this academic year with a waiting list of students wanting to live with us shows that our proposition is perfectly aligned with what modern students want from their university accommodation."“去年我们实现了百分百的入住率,本学年也已预订满了,还有一长串的学生排队等待入住,这明了我们的主张完全契合当代学生对大学宿舍的期望”Vocabularyconcierge:守门人digs:寓所proposition:主张英文来源:镜报译者:陈爽审校编辑:刘明。
  • 美国传奇歌手Prince去世 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:他是歌手、词曲作家、音乐家、演员,他拥有超全面的音乐才能,他是舞台上最炫目的歌者,更对全球流行音乐的发展产生了不可磨灭的影响流行音乐史永远都会铭记这位叫王子的传奇巨星!April 1 was a sad day many music lovers. Another pop icon, Prince Rogers Nelson, passed away at the age of 57 of unknown causes.对许多音乐爱好者来说月1日是个悲伤的日子又一位流行音乐巨星普林斯?罗杰斯?内尔森去世,享年57岁,目前死因尚不清楚On the streets of Minneapolis, US, Prince’s hometown, thousands of fans in purple outfits lined up to pay tribute to their favorite native son. Tears fell freely, as they blasted his famous songs like Purple Rain.在普林斯的家乡美国明尼阿波利斯,成百上千名歌迷身穿紫色装聚集在街头悼念这位他们最爱的明尼阿波利斯之子他们一边高唱普林斯的代表作《紫雨等,一边痛哭流涕Over the course of more than 35 years, Prince won seven Grammy awards, was inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in , and sold more than 0 million records. He revolutionized the music industry by successfully blurring the boundaries of rock, RB, funk, pop and soul. But Prince is mostly remembered as an outlier in the music industry.在35年的音乐生涯中,普林斯获得过7次格莱美奖,还在年入选美国摇滚名人堂,唱片总销量超过一亿张他成功打破了摇滚、蓝调、放克、流行乐和灵魂乐之间的界限,给音乐产业带来了一场大变革不过更多时候普林斯是以音乐界的异类被人记住的Prince’s passion music was atypical. According to The Wall Street Journal, he could hold marathon recording sessions that lasted 8 hours with good quality control. After finishing multi-hour permances on tour, he sometimes visited local pubs and kept playing until dawn.普林斯对音乐有着异乎寻常的热爱《华尔街日报称他能持续8小时的马拉松式录音,还能保录音的质量在结束数小时的巡回演出后,他有时还会去当地的酒吧,一直玩到天亮“There’s not a person around who can stay awake as long as I can,” he said in an interview in 1985. “Music is what keeps me awake.”他曾在1985年的一次采访中说:“我周围没有人能像我一样保持清醒这么长时间唤醒我的是音乐”Prince also taught modern audiences the importance of ownership in artwork. In the 1990s, Prince declared an open battle against his record label, Warner Bros, control of his music.普林斯还教现代听众要尊重艺术的自主性世纪90年代,为了争夺对自己音乐的主动权,他公开叫板自己的唱片公司——华纳兄弟He wrote “slave” across on his cheek and changed his name to an unpronounceable “love symbol”, as a means of protest. “When you stop a man from dreaming, he becomes a slave. That’s where I was,” Prince told Rolling Stone in a 1996 interview. “If you don’t own your masters, your master owns you.” Gradually, fans started to refer to him as the “Artist merly Known as Prince”.为了表示抗议,他在自己的脸颊上写上“奴隶”二字,还把自己的名字改为一个极难发音的“爱的象征”1996年,在接受《滚石杂志采访时,他说:“当你剥夺了一个人做梦的权利,那他和奴隶毫无二致那就是我当时的处境如果你不当自己的主人,就会成为他人的奴隶”此后,粉丝们开始称他为“曾经名叫普林斯的歌手”In recent years, streaming has become one of the most popular ways of accessing music. But Prince saw this trend as a new way tech companies to exploit musicians. Prince took legal actions to remove pirated s of him on YouTube. He refused to put his music on major streaming services like Spotify and iTunes. Prince’s actions have influenced some of today’s highest-selling artists, like Taylor Swift and Adele. In other words, he helped reshape the landscape of modern music.近年来,流媒体逐渐成为最受欢迎的获取音乐的渠道而普林斯则把这种趋势视为科技公司剥削音乐人的新手段他采取法律手段,清除了油管上自己的盗版视频他拒绝将自己的音乐放在诸如Spotify和iTunes这样的大型流媒体务器上普林斯的行为影响了一批现在高销量的歌手,比如泰勒?斯威夫特和阿黛尔换言之,他为重塑现代音乐界的格局做出了贡献Prince’s sudden death is a great loss in the world of music. On social media, dozens of US celebrities, including Katy Perry, The Weeknd, Justin Timberlake and Madonna, expressed their condolences. Even US President Barack Obama praised Prince his great contributions to music.普林斯的意外离世是全球音乐界的重大损失凯蒂?佩里、The Weeknd、贾斯汀?汀布莱克、麦当娜等许多美国明星在社交媒体上悼念他就连美国总统巴拉克?奥巴马也高度评价了普林斯对音乐界做出的杰出贡献“Few artists have influenced the sound and trajectory of popular music more distinctly, or touched quite so many people with their talent,” Obama said in a statement. “‘A strong spirit transcends rules,’ Prince once said – and nobody’s spirit was stronger, bolder, or more creative.”奥巴马发表悼文说:“很少有歌手能对流行音乐的唱法和发展轨迹产生如此重大的影响,也鲜少有人有此才华能感动这么多听众普林斯曾说过‘坚韧的意志超越一切规则的束缚’,没有人的精神比他更强大、更勇敢、更富创意”。
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